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Manual Journal to Wages Payable Control Account

Started by Juan Addison -   in Using Xero


I would like to do a manual journal to the WAGES PAYABLE control account.
I like using the pay-run on Xero to allocate the expense and so forth.
I would however like to be able to do a journal.
Reason for me now is that I need to allocate the payable amount to the director's loan.

Can someone help?
It's not possible to manual journal to Xero's locked system or control accounts, Juan. Xero uses these accounts for specific purposes, and you're restricted in their use to ensure the account is always balanced.
If needed you can create secondary payroll accounts, and then group these on the Profit & Loss and other financial reports, using the layout editor.
Bit more discussion of this on this thread, as well as some detailed help in our guide. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Kelly

I actually figured out a solution.
You can pay the bill (outstanding amount on salary control) and use the loan account of the director as the "bank".


Juan Addison  

Oooh good idea, Juan! Awesome to hear you found a solution, thanks for coming back to share :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)