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AU Payroll - Unable to do Unscheduled payrun

Started by Michelle Wearn -   in AU Payroll

I am a new user to Xero and have found that when trying to do an unscheduled payrun (bonus payment) not able to do it if there is any future leave in the system.
Xero has told me that at this stage there is no fix for this.
Has anyone got a work around - deleting all future leave not an option.
Hey Michelle - welcome to Xero!

You can only do an Unscheduled Pay Run for two periods forward, or eight backwards - based off today's date (not the last processed pay run date). If you need to run a Pay Run outside of these dates, you'll need to create a new calendar and assign it to your employee.

Remove any unprocessed leave (future dated), change to a new calendar, process the Unscheduled pay run, revert back to the original pay calendar, and re-enter the future leave. Note that you'll need to delete and re-enter any unprocessed timesheets as well.

A lot to think about here, so let me know if you need any more help with this. Cheers

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi Brittany
I'm trying to do an unscheduled pay run for an employee outside the fortnightly pay run calendar.
I have gone into settings/payruns /add calendar but it gives me several choices if time frames to do a pay. None of them are applicable, I only want to do a one off for a single employed who has resigned. Any suggestions would be welcome

Vikki Cole  

Vicki, welcome to Community! :)

The schedules have had a bit of a change - you can now go back further or go forward. If the employee record's been terminated, you'll need to undo the term date before you can include them in an unscheduled pay run. Let me know if you need a hand with this, and I can arrange for the team to reach out to you.

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

Hello, I'm trying to do an unscheduled pay run in the previous 2017-18 Financial Year to correct a test Pay Run that was processed and then locked after Super payments were made.
I've done the following:
1. Made a pay calendar for that period
2. Reinstated employees who had been terminated since
3. Changed the Pay Calendar to the new one
4. Made the draft pay run
BUT - no employees show up in the pay run
5. Made a time sheet, but still NO employees show up in the pay run.

Any advice?

dane huitfeldt  

I am having the same problem Dane. I can't seem to find a solution to this either?

Tim Blackburn  

Hi Tim, this topic (and a few others) are now read only here, as we've now released Discussions on Xero Central. If you've not found the answer to this already, feel free to start the Discussion over there, or reach out to our Support team who can take a closer look.

Lauren C (Community Manager)