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US Payroll - NYS-45 Incorrect Unemployment Insurance Rate on Generated Form

Started by Will Ellis -   in US Payroll

Xero uses an incorrect UI tax rate to determine my UI tax due. The automatically generated NYS-45 worksheet uses a rate of 4.025% but my correct rate is 3.525% according to the NY Dept. of Labor. When I mark this return as filed and paid, there is a discrepancy between the actual payment and the Xero transaction, which does not seem to be editable. Any way to remedy this?
Best to come into Support if you need help fixing the tax on the transactions in Xero, Will.
It's possible to change the UI tax within the Tax tab of your Payroll Settings. However, this will only apply to future pay runs, but with a payroll invite the team can help. Just give them some detail so they can locate the pay runs you need help adjusting. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)