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Payroll Journal (UK)

Started by Margaret Crawford in Feature Requests | Idea

Please may we have a tick box in Payroll if we DO NOT want Xero to process the journal. The payroll set up is very limiting in its choices of posting nominal codes and we would like to post our own journals so that we have accurate information. thank you
Appreciate why you'd like this option, Margaret. With the way payroll currently works in Xero this isn't possible. You'll either need to choose to use Xero payroll, or simply record the wage/salary payments as journals in your org using another software to process payroll.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Hello Kelly
This is not a good enough response - sorry. We HAVE chosen to use Xero Payroll so that for our clients benefit, all their information is in one place and for the purpose of GDPR employees can access all their payroll information. My point is that when Xero gives us new functionality it should have been tested with all sectors of their clients including those who want accurate reporting ie payroll gross split between Direct Costs, and Overheads. This is a normal bookkeeping posting. All I am asking is for a small tick box that i can tick to say I don't want Xero to post the journal. This should have been thought through

Margaret Crawford

Sorry, Margaret I could have been a bit clearer here - What I'm trying to say is that payroll accounts in Xero are restricted in their use. This is to make sure that calculations and the balance of the account is in line with the payroll transactions that have been processed in Xero. It's not possible to simply post payroll manual journals, as well as use Xero payroll and reflect an accurate record, so Xero doesn't allow journal postings to these accounts. The team really did think this one out, but I understand it may be different to how you're used to working. It would be possible to create a secondary account, and then group these in reporting - more detail on that here.

If you'd like to allocate Employees to different wages expense accounts (eg marketing or admin expense accounts), or split their earnings between accounts, you can set up new earnings types pay items coded to the appropriate account, then assign that earnings type to the relevant employee's Employment tab by creating a new Salary and Wages line or adding the additional earnings Pay Item to the employee's Pay Template. Just come into the team if you'd like to discuss more.

Kelly M (Community Manager)