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Exports - Formatting in Excel downloads

Started by Michael Welbourne in Feature Requests | Idea

Hi. I can't see another topic about this, but your existing topics is getting so big now.

When info is downloaded into Excel can you tweak the formatting a bit? Bringing the date in as (d)d/mm/yyyy means the list of dates looks untidy/busy with the different number of characters for days 1 - 9 of the month. Plus we all know which century we are in so the 20 of the year is again just busy and unnecessary. A much tidier format is dd/mm/yy

And these are accounts reports and the vast, vast majority of them are going to be in the local currency. Having a £ before every single money amount is again very busy/untidy.

Also, merging and centring stuff is fine if for some reason you simply want the report as is, but the main reason I suspect most people do an Excel import rather than a pdf is to use/manipulate the data (or to do their own formatting). To do this means getting rid of the merged cells at the top.

Also, just a personal preference here, Ariel looks quite dated. Calibri is a fresher font. Unless you use Ariel for specific legibility reasons.

Thanks so much xx :) :)
Understandable, Michael. The Community is getting pretty big, with so many different requests!
Appreciate that the current export isn't formatted how you'd like to look atm. Once exported, you'll be able to use the tools in Excel to adjust formatting to suit your business needs.
While we don't have plans for this right now, we'll keep an eye on demand and let you know if there's any word of change - Remember to come back and add your own vote. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)