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Choose who to send invoice reminders to

Started by Paula Cockram -   in Using Xero

I have to send invoices to higher level management i.e. CEO's, SVP's etc. who do not want to be bothered by invoice reminders, which means I have to edit the contact details when I create the invoice and then remember to change the details of who to send the reminders to afterwards.

It would be extremely helpful to have a tick box against the contact names within the company details which could be selected or de-selected as required, instead of having to copy and paste the details, which is time consuming.

Please, please please make the lives a little easier for those of us who have to do this on a regular basis.
Hi Paula!

If you’ve set up invoice reminders for your organisation, you can stop sending them for a particular customer or in your case the higher level management.

You can follow these steps:
1. In the Contacts menu, select Customers.
2. Select the checkbox of the customer you want to stop reminders for.
3. Click Invoice Reminders, then select either:
-Turn off to turn reminders off for the customer.
-Turn reminders on to turn reminders on for the customer.

However, the option to select or de-select whom to stop sending invoice reminders to via a tick box is a feature not yet available in Xero.

Hope this helps! :)


Maui Banag  

Thank you Maui, but we use this already. I would like to be able to choose who to send the reminders to in a particular organisation once the invoice has been sent, as you can with Chaser, I'm constantly having to edit the contact information which is a bit time consuming and relies on me to remember to do this in the first place.

Paula Cockram