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Need bank feeds to match only against payments

Started by Derek McKinnon in Feature Requests | Idea

Most of our work gets invoiced outside of XERO. When payments for these items come in, XERO attempts to match the payments against raised invoices. This doesn't work for us and is causing errors and delays in processing.

We need a setting to say only match against recorded payments, not invoices. Preferably this would be able to be set either on or off for each bank account.
Hey so just confirm that you're wanting them to match only to Spend Money transactions? I'm just a little confused by your situation as, if you don't raise invoices, how are they being matched? If you can give me a little more info I'll be able to help you out here :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)

We invoice the majority of our clients through a third party application. They pay against that invoice directly to our bank account. This information then comes through bank feeds into our XERO account. We then actually export these payments from XERO into a file that is imported into the third party application to match up the payments.

The parts of our business that do invoice through XERO will always know when a person has paid (mostly done via phone conversations). So after the staff member has taken the payment, they will go into XERO, find the invoice and record a payment against that invoice. The next day the bank feed comes through and we want to make against the payment that has been recorded, not the invoice.

One option is that you change XERO so that each bank account is associated with a particular location (which we use to separate out the different parts of our business). Then it would only match bank feeds against the invoices raised for that location.

As general feedback, I had been informed before switching to XERO that XERO and MYOB were on a par with each other, but my impression now is that XERO is actually designed for companies slightly smaller than what MYOB is designed for. Not a huge difference, but noticeable. We appreciate we are stretching the upper limits of your software with our complexities, and perhaps we will need to move to software designed for bigger companies, but that is also a big leap in price which is why we have avoided it till now.

Derek McKinnon

Hi Derek,
What is the third party application you use to create invoices. It might be possible to automate the creation of the invoices in Xero, automate a lot of the reconciliation process by using an accounts receivable automation tool and pushing reconciled payments back into the third party application.
Promis does a lot of that. But we would have to look at the invoice system you are using.

Alexander Kohl

The third party app is actually owned and controlled by us and is called ChildCareplus. I am a software developer by trade and do appreciate there are other ways to connect XERO and ChildCarePlus. However we have no other reason for that so I was hoping there was a simple solution. I plan to move the transfer of data from XERO to ChildCarePlus (about payments) away from a file and across to API, but that won't happen till much later in the year.

Derek McKinnon