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AU Payroll - Show when payslips have been emailed

Started by Daniel Hardy in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

I would like to see a really simple feature added within a pay run that tells you that payslips have been emailed to employees. Perhaps in the screen that appears when you click 'send payslips' there could be a count next to each employees name for how many times they have been sent. I'm processing payroll for several clients and occasionally get sidetracked and then forget if I've sent them or not.
Official Xero Reply
Hey team - sorry for the delay in updating this one (thanks Fiona for commenting this update!). You can indeed now see when Payslips have been sent to an employee. Within the Pay Run, there will be a tick if an email has been sent. If you then hover over the tick it'll display who sent it, and when. Please note that if you've sent multiple emails, it'll only display the most recent.

Brittany H (Community Manager)