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Convert MYOB Essentials to Xero

Started by Rob Ryan -   in Small Business

I'm sure this has been done to death however I cannot get a confirmed answer anywhere.

I currently use MYOB Essentials, I want to move to Xero.

Can I convert my MYOB Essentials data across to Xero YES or NO.

If I cannot then I remain with MYOB, no problems. I have spent days trying to find a confirmed answer to this questions, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Hello Rob,
You can convert your data from MYOB Essentials by using Xero's easy to use import tools. Xero provides import templates for every item such as invoices/bills,chart of accounts,Inventory etc. You can check for the guide here.: https://help.xero.com/au/ImportExport

You may also check the Conversion partner add on's that can help you in migrating your data to Xero. You may see this link for the list of the Conversion partners. : https://www.xero.com/au/marketplace/app-function/s/conversions/1/?orderBy=LISTING_FEATURES

Hope this helps,Rob.

Kriesel Gaspar  

Appreciate the response. I had previously checked th conversion partners none of them convert Myob Essentials to Xero. I am also not certain that Xero tools import the date from Myob Essentials.

The issue is the version of Myob it is he cloud based Essentials program and it all intents and Kris loses it cannot be converted to Xero.

I have now spent several hours attempting to find out cosjvily the answer to my questions and have sent numerous emails Toby Azeri support have not had an answe form them or any informed answer for elsewhere.

It so appreciate your response


Rob Ryan  

If you can get the various sets of data from MYOB Essentials out to a csv then you can manipulate the csv file in Excel and import into Xero. The amount of work you then need to do in Xero depends on how far back you want to import down to transaction level.

Margaret Haines  

Thanks but that would be, well beyond my skills set. I was (sadly) misinformed that it could be converted automatically.

Rob Ryan  

Thanks for the info here, Kriesel and Margaret :)

Sorry to see the bit of a run around to get the answer you were after, Rob. Michelle from Support has replied to your email, this should be with you now. To confirm here for you and others viewing this thread, Myob Essentials data can be converted in bulk using CSV files - more details on this in our Help Centre.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

I am interested as well for a client. They want to transfer from MYOB Essentials to Xero and they would like to have all the data for the past year transferred into Xero.
Is there a company that can do migration and transfer all the data, all transactions?
Thank you for your help,


TO convert MYOB to XERO and if the costs does not stop you looks at these services:
JetConvert has yet to offer any conversion of that version of MYOB to Xero
Check with Click2Convert (https://www.c2convert.com), they may offer you assistance

Other options would be exporting out your clients data from MYOB, and then use Xero's importing tools. You can check more details here: https://help.xero.com/int/ImportExport

Sylvie Eymin  


MMC Convert is the listed partner on Xero Market Place in Conversion category.

We have recently launched MYOB Essentials to Xero migration service.

Happy to assist with any questions.



Ankit Mehta