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4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Datamolino, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Datamolino

Automatically extract the important data from bills, invoices and receipts and push it straight to Xero. Say goodbye to manual data entry forever!
For more information, check out Datamolino.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Datamolino, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit the Datamolino support centre or email them at Datamolino support.

Datamolino is the best! I have been using it for over a year now, staff love it and clients love it.
Easy to use, fast, reliable and accurate. A good pricing model means its cheap to use, and it can process sales invoices too. The support is probably the best I have come across with any Xero add-on. Quick response rates, and they are happy to pick up the phone to you too, and a really nice team as well. Couldn't recommend this strongly enough.

Andrew Perrett  

Always great service - fast responses and quick turnaround.

Jigna Dave  

Good software and responsive customer service via the online chat. The top features for me are: the ability to import sales invoices as well as purchases (which the competitors I've looked at don't do), the VAT summary which is useful when dealing with invoices that have different VAT rates and that you can import a number of documents in one pdf.

Rachel Davis  

Rufiz was a great help today! So patient and detailed! We are impressed! Thank you Rufiz:)

xSource | VP  

I love it! I especially love the fact that I can process expense claims seamlessly as well as all of my invoices. It's fast too, once the initial document has been processed.

Jaine Wills  

I love Datamolino. Datamolino has made bookkeeping much more efficient, more accurate, and less tedious. Also I found the support team very efficient and helpful. Keep up the good work! Look forward to other features for banking transactions relating prepayment, etc.

SJ Shin  

Really great app, smooth integration with Xero, generally does a very good job of extracting data from files and really helpful and friendly support. The folders approach is also really useful for controlling where and who can put invoices into the system and who can see the data. Not perfect, I'd like to be able to edit the fingerprint myself, I'd like to be able to import sales credit notes through it, and I'd like to be able to rotate images in the window. But far, far, far better than Entryless which I was using before. I also like that the billing structure is more flexible than other providers.

Russell Ellis  

Very impressed with the speed of the response. I was unsure if VAT is shown on the invoices whether it would import it with VAT for a company not registered for VAT. Although it shows VAT on the invoice in Datamolino (it the invoice states NO VAT as tax status in Datamolino) and it imports it with NO VAT into Xero.

Sue Wood  

Datamolino is great. I particularly like the finger printing process, making data extraction very quick from your usual suppliers. If you have any queries the support team are there to help you out within minutes. Very easy to use and navigate around the website!

Richard King  

Had a technical issue with my datamolino folder and the support desk were very helpful, very quickly and I was back up and running within an hour. Great service.

Rosanna Meyer  

I have had a very good experience with Datamolino so far. I've been using it for about 6 months. I like the fact that you can have as many folders as you like, so potentially can use it for very small clients as well as larger. It's easy to understand and use, and their support is brilliant. They invariably answer very quickly in the little chat box. It makes it a joy to use and it cuts down on boring and repetitive invoice processing.

Jane Lynch  

I have tried other software out for processing invoices for clients and DM is by far the best. The support team get back to any queries which you have very quickly and they have features which other systems do not have, I would thoroughly recommend it.

Carl Palin  

Very impressed with Datamolino, having used it for 18 months now, and the support when needed is very good too :)

Caroline Burns  

Very impressed with the level of support and aid provided through the IM panel. Great tool to work with.

Erin Stevenson  

I have been surprised how quick I received the response with the screenshot and how easy I could make amendments. Excellent staff and software.

Larisa Segurova  

I am a new user to Datamolino and still navigating my way around the system. However, so far so good, the software is flexible and easy to use and has streamlined the processing of my supplier invoices. I love being able to email the invoices directly into Datamolino, no more scanning off invoices for me. It's quite remarkable how Datamolino captures the detailed information and exporting into Xero is so quick. My boss is longing for a paperless office and loves the fact that he can approve the invoices in Xero. The online support is excellent and any questions have been answered immediately, I've found all the support staff to be very helpful. I would definitely recommend Datamolino so give it a try.

Shirley Lewis  

Amazing software. Saves a lot of time. Reduces the chances of error to Zero. Wish i knew about it earlier. But the best part is their support staff. Always ready to help. Amazing service.

Umair Ahmed  

Still trialling the system but very pleased so far.
The support is brilliant and much better than any other online system we use.

Tony de Jong  

I'm loving Datamolino it has streamlined the processing of accounts payable for many of my clients and saves me so much time scanning invoices, entering and attaching. I find their support fantastic, they are very quick to respond and have always been able to solve my problem or point me in the right direction. Fantastic add onto Xero!

Kate Jarman  

Very happy with the Datamolino solution - it has certainly help streamline our A/P process across multiple entities into a much smoother operation whilst substantially reducing the time involved to input data.

Thomas Botha  

Top tool!

Louis-Marie AUBE  

I have just started using Datamolino. They have just recently added the ability to add in a custom description which is wonderful :) I also like that it has the ability to automatically enter in descriptions as per the invoice and use multiple lines. The quickness and accuracy with which Datamolino extracts data it brilliant it saves me a lot of time on the keyboard. It is very easy to use and to set up. I like that I can also up/downgrade my package as needed or pay for the 1 or 2 extra invoices without paying for a set number and not using it. It is very flexible and as a small business I need that.

Jenny Neale  

I've been using Datamolino for the past three months. I have 6 clients using it. I subscribe on their behalf. My clients love it because it's easy. They just photograph their tax invoice and email it to Datamolino, often while they're sitting in their car. It saves cash register receipts getting lost or fading in the glove box! The support from Datamolino is great, Extracting data and exporting to Xero is speedy and accurate. I love it and so do the clients.

Kate Underhill  

Love the quickness and accuracy with which datamolino extracts data. I can send pdf in foreign languages. Datamolino does the job as expected. Works with purchases and sales invoices, which was a requirement for me. Very easy to use. Very good support team; special thanks to Adam Milnes

Laurent Magniez  

I am very happy with this app. There are a few things I wish I could customise more, but compared to the others on the market this is fantastic! Customer service is FABULOUS!

Jessie Payet  

Loving Datamolino, I've trialed many other options and this is by far the best on the market to date. To be honest I was wary of another app that claimed they could extract data accurately to Xero. Support was amazing when I discussed my concerns. I have some clients needing multi-lines, different currencies, some with tracking and so far I haven't been able to fault a thing.
Highly recommend to all.

Ivana Dryland  

I have trialed Entryless and ReceiptBank but have gone with Datamolino as 1) it was cheaper for me (multi but small companies) 2) It does sales invoices as well as bills. I am very glad I did because the after sales service / help desk is second to none

Ian Hudson  

Just started using Datamolino and so far I think it is excellent. I ahve had a few teething problems (user error, naturally!) and the support team are superb. I highly recommend this add on.

Tessa West  

Datamolino is an absolute dream. They reduce the processing time for invoices by 100x. I hope that Xero acquire them and integrate the service into the main app.

Richard Burton  

Datamolino is BRILLIANT! I have found this the best add on for processing invoices by far. Datamolino do not make mistakes, which I have found happens with other invoice processing providers. I cannot rate Datamolino highly enough, great software, and really great support. Thanks Datamolino!

Emma Hall  

DATAMOLINO IS FANTASTIC! I tried quite a few other add ons for importing purchase ledger invoices but this one is by far SUPERB! You have to be patient and allow Datamolino to set up your suppliers which can take up to 24hrs but once its done, its actually BRILLIANT. We are going paperless and I save so much time as I no longer have to key anything in. I have found the more I use it the better it is. Now it remembers repeat invoices and codes them correctly, it even works with different currencies. The customer service is great and the on line chat feature works very well when you first start using it, so any little queries are sorted out straight away. I would totally recommend this add on. So easy to use, accurate and saves loads of time.

Natalie Bell  

I love DATAmOlinO. It is simple the best software by far!!!

Samantha Sam  

I love this software, it makes things so much quicker. I forward invoices on the go as they come in on my smart phone and then they are all there waiting to be checked & approved when I sit down at my computer to work on a client.

Back office support is quick and helpful.

Sophie Cutter  

Great software and even better help from the back office team!

Miguel Calabrese  

I find Datamolino great! It's very easy to use without complicating the options as found in others. Once the fingerprint is set for a supplier the documents are often available shortly after, so no lengthy delays, and the supplier automation is fantastic! No hands! The best part is the customer service AROUND THE CLOCK via chat! Very friendly and helpful staff who obviously take pride in their work and product.

Bianca Sellar  

I've loved the Datamolino App from the day I started using it. Yes you have to do a little setup for the fingerprinting process to begin with, but that didn't take any longer than manually entering the invoice as normal. After that, processing time was reduced by more than 1/2. It's easy to scan multiple files and I have done groups of 20 at a time with only minor infrequent mistakes. The support is alway very quick in their response time and works very hard to promptly answer any questions, and follows up to make sure all is going smoothly. It's very affordable with one fee that covers multiple different files making it very easy to split the cost among all my clients. Thanks Datamolino!
Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper  

Been using it for nearly 6 months now & very impressed. As others have said it takes a few months to work at it's best till "fingerprinting" is done on all suppliers or customers. Once they're set up processing can take as little as a few seconds. I still get the occasional error but I'm sure that is common place amongst this type of add-on. Can confirm support is excellent & pricing structure for a bookkeeper is far better than the opposition.

Noel Porter  

Fantastic application, we have been immersed in cloud solutions for the past 5 years and used to use receipt bank but we find datamolino is far more efficient, accurate, quicker and there support team are exactly what you need.

There payment structure is far more sensible also. Great work and thank you

Brent Morrison  

Paul, thanks for the 5 star review. I am happy that the service gives you value for money even if charged in euro at this time. We will be transitioning to a billing system that supports multiple currencies. Ask on our support chat, I am sure we can work this out. Thank you for your support and trust!

Jan Korecky  

This is an excellent system which has enabled us to speed up the input of sales and purchase invoices considerably. The staff at Datamolino are brilliant, always doing their best to answer any queries or sort out any problems quickly. My only word of caution is that the prices they quote in GBP are for guidance only, as they invoice in Euros and the sterling equivalent will depend on the exchange rate on the day you pay the invoice.

Paul Clark  

Cracking application! Datamolino has allowed me to go paperless across multiple companies and process multi currency invoices in a much more efficient way, the year end audit will now be a breeze with all invoices attached and posted correctly. Plus the processing of invoices gets quicker and quicker.
The line item function works really well even with large data invoices, the support team have been brilliant and quick in fixing any teething issues we've had!
I've integrated Datamolino with ApprovalMax so now have a seamless paperless process from beginning to end which is fully ready for the audits!

Can't recommend it enough!

Tom Barrett  

Good format for processing receipts, very versatile for different clients.
The support team are the best around, always get a fast reply with good results whenever I've contacted them!

Andy Hawkins  

Saves lots of time when inputting purchase invoices, great customer service with fast replies to any queries you may have. Would strongly reccomend

Abigail Brooks  

I've changed over to Datamolino recently and wish I had changed earlier. It is accurate, very quick once up and running, saves times and is much easier to scale up according to your business needs. I have only a couple of clients that want bookkeeping and other solutions were working out costly. Customer service is also fantastic.

Rebecca Taylor  

Really loving Datamolino, it's taken what was an onerous weekly task of adding bills to our system and made it practically frictionless and easy. I auditioned a few similar bits of software, but Datamolino was the cleanest and most configurable I found.

The delay when the first invoice from a new supplier is uploaded while its fingerprinted is a little annoying but actually results in a much better more reliable service over all so is well worth it!

Jon Davies  

Awesome service, would recommend to anyone

Charlie Edwards  

Very helpful setting up a partner account - enabling us to have the whole team working on Datamolino much more effectively.

Julie Angell  

The extracts work well and are very fast once the templates are set up (12-24 hrs for new suppliers/formats) Easy drag and drop interface or you can forward emails to an address. I like the fact you can choose if it posts immediately, or as a draft. Support is very responsive and cheerful. I'm definitely considering using it for more than one client now.

Liz Fisher  

Still a newbie but just wanted to add a review on their customer service - so far it has been absolutely great, really impressed with how quickly they respond to queries!

Francine Porter  

Datamolino captures bill descriptions and line items which makes it a pleasure to use with Xero. It is easy to use and has a great accuracy of data capture. The support staff are very responsive and always happy to help, no question is too big or too small. I would highly recommend Datamolino to anyone who is looking for a straight forward simple solution to automating their invoices.

Tony Loneragan  

To think I only started talking to them because they had cool pens at Xerocon... and now they are one of my favourite software programs at work! Woohoo! Excellent software! Makes entering invoices/receipts so easy! Lovely helpful service too!

Ellie Hegarty  

I have been using Datamolino for a long time now and it is a powerful tool which saves a large amount of manual time entering invoices, The data capture is very accurate (and if not can be sent back for repair), the Xero interface is seamless and almost immediate and the customer service from the Datamolino team is outstanding. They reply within minutes to any query and are quick to resolve any problems that occur. There have also been quite a number of improvements since we started using it which have made it much more powerful. Definitely give it a try on the free trial and you probably won't look back

Katie Hathaway  

I was using receipt bank for a while but switched across to Datamolino to check it out. I soon moved across to Datamolino exclusively after a successful trial. It takes each new invoice a number of hours to process what they call the fingerprint, but once this is done, all subsequent invoices for the same supplier go through almost instantly which means that there is no stop-start to the bookkeeping process. I am particularly impressed with the line item function, which breaks down invoices into line detail so that I can easily split off each line into different accounts or cost centers. It also has an app that we use when I'm on the go.

David Channon  

I know it sounds cheesy but I love this app. It makes our life so much easier. Our clients, currently 13 actively using our datamolino account, also love how easy it is to scan invoices and upload them them 50 at a time in one pdf file and have them processed and checked for duplicates within minutes.

I was a little concerned about one haulage client of ours that I had been trying to convert to using Xero for some 5 years and then they suddenly decided to move to Xero in the middle of their financial year. They had some 700-1,000 invoices per quarter, both sales (self-billing from various quarries) and purchase. How would datamolino cope with these quantities on top of everyone else they were dealing with. I can report it is simply brilliant. The client scans batches of purchase invoices and forwards them by email directly to datamolino where we simply check the extraction and push them into Xero. The self-billing quarry invoices are emailed weekly to the client by the relevant quarries who then forwards them on to us. We manually upload them in batches and almost instantly they are ready for Xero. It makes a huge client very simple to keep on top of and exceptionally cost effective.

The only minor criticism of datamolino is that we can't, yet, email sales invoices into their system as it currently defaults to purchase invoices. That is why we upload the sales invoices manually - but still in batches of 20 or 30 at a time.

I would never go back to doing this sort of thing manually. The clients are impressed at the speed and accuracy with which their invoices appear in Xero with a clear digital print of each and every invoice.

The fact that datamolino also checks for duplicates before processing helps keep all the client books clean and accurate - to the point now the clients have mostly adopted a mantra with their own suppliers - if the invoice isn't in Xero then no payment will be made.

I am constantly trying to get more of our clients to take up datamolino but unless there are significant quantities of invoices involved - they simply don't "get it" yet. Those clients that have "got it" are saving money on staffing (as are we) and have clean and accurate books with minimal effort.

Xero and datamolino are a simply unbeatable, powerful, cost effective combination that every accountant and bookkeeper should embrace to raise their own profitability and ability to handle more and larger clients.

Ray Stewart  

Datamolino are a fantastic add-on partner to Xero, - I have been using their system for 6 months now and it has saved me many hours of data entry. I find the data extraction is accurate and it will also check for any duplicate invoices.

The Datamolino team are very helpful and supportive and I would highly recommend them to any business, bookkeeping or accounting practice to create better workflows.

Thank you Datamolino, you make my job so much easier!


Nicola Trett  

Very impressed in the speed and accuracy in invoice are processing and highly recommended,
When there are any errors in reading the invoice, you can send it back and it will be read correctly the next time.
Queries are also replied to very quickly

Thomson Lau  

Datamolino is easy to navigate & clear information. Staff is very helpful, efficient and solved any problems quickly.

Mihaela Cavaleru  

Datamolino is proving to be a real plus to my workflow, having processed for the first time over 300 invoices/receipts in less than a day. The accuracy is superb and the support, when you have a question or two, is absolutely amazing! Thank you guys for your help in getting me up and running. I have used other similar systems but support was always slow and the accuracy not good and seemed to get worse the more I processed. Datamolino definitely beats those.

Barry Coles  

Datamolino has been extremely easy to implement throughout our organisation. The amount of labour time we have saved by using Datamolino has been significant.

Don Graham (Accounts)  

We've been using for a few weeks and it's very good - we save a lot of time that was previously spent typing invoices in manually.

It's also meant that we're much clearer on cash flow and we're much more reliable at paying people because now we just forward supplier invoices to the Data Molino email address and the invoices get processed into Xero. Before this it wasn't uncommon that a supplier invoice would get lost in an inbox because someone didn't have time to go into Xero and create it.

matthew Constable  

I'm now using Datamolino for two brands and it's saved us loads of hours and made both our lives, and the lives of our bookkeeper easier.

Support is amazing, and the software is quick to set up, easy to use and extremely good value.

John Hubbard  

Great software, great value, great support.

The software is so easy to use, the layout is great so you can see everything you need on one page. There is no flicking between pages all the time, very time efficient.

The pricing of Datamolino was the biggest selling point, it is priced on the number of transactions you use which makes perfect sense. You can have unlimited amounts of clients on here, if you don't use it for a month for one client then they don't charge for that client because there are no transactions. The common sense approach is great and appreciated.

The support is second to none. They use a live chat system and always respond straight away. If you struggle to understand something they will walk you through the process and are always happy and willing to help.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Datamolino to anybody.

Andrew Liston  

Easy to use software and very impressed with the support given.

Royston Parkin  

Excellent software! Receipt processing now takes merely few minutes, even seconds the more you get used to this software because of its easy to navigate and simple functionality.

I have to also give kudos to Datamolino caring and wonderful support team!

Sarang Mandke  

Great product, once initial setup is done invoice entering is easy. UI need some work, but functionality is spot on.

Warren Durling  

We have been using Dataolino since February and we havent looked back, its such a great add-on, it takes alot of pain out of data entry and allows us to deal with bulk very efficiently.
The software reads all of the key information on an invoice and the first line of the description which is adequate for my needs, the accuacy is very good and turnaround time is quick, If the fingerprint is in the system invoices are read promptly and can be ready for Xero almost instantly. If it requires manual intervention at Datamolino's end things can take a bit longer but its still within the timeframe that is published. There have been a few enhancements that have come on board since I have been using the service and this has been helpful, paticulrly if you send the invoice to the wrong folder (client) you are able to switch the invoice to another folder without having to re send it. I also use this function when I get invoices for mutiple sites on the same email I just forward it to one folder and then separate the invoices post scanning in Datamolino, doing it this way saves me time because I dont have to open every attachment that I receive from my clients via email and then forward it to the correct email address in Datamolino, this can take a fair bit of time if you have for example 10 attachments coming in from clients.
The in app service is excellent and the team always respond very quickly to any of my queries and do their best to resolve any issues that may arise in a professional and freindly manner.
I would highly reccommend.

Ruth Howe  

I'm so happy I found the add on. We invoice off a different CRM system so rather than type out invoices again we send them over to Datamolino and they export them to Xero for us. What is pretty impressive is even if I change the format of the documents slightly (i.e multiple invoices per pdf or multiple pages per invoice) the accuracy of the data remains the same.The support is also very decent. I tip my hat :)

Joe Bryant  

I have found Datamolino very easy to use and quick to set up. What I liked about it as an add on to Xero is the pricing. There is no pricing per client, it is based on what you, in my case a bookkeeper uses. It links quickly to Xero. There is a Datamolino app to download for mobiles so that you can scan and sent your receipts and also those of your clients to Datamolino for processing and export into Xero.
A real time saver.

Katriona Richardson  

These guys have technology that no one else has been able to match. We thoroughly reviewed all competitors to match our users unique needs. Not only could they deliver more, they constantly are developing and improving the platform, resulting in better constantly evolving technology. They also hit their timelines and milestones for development, which is very rare!

Justin Davey  

At Real Estate Investar we have worked with Datamolino for almost 12 months to help streamline data, transaction and paper flows for our clients. Datamolino have been flexible, responsive and extremely supportive of our goals and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solution in this area. David Hows, Founder Real Estate Investar

David Hows  

Have been using Datamolino for a little while now after trying some other options and this far out performed that I had previously tried. I was really impressed, but then today I discovered the app, I had never realised I was able to use it on the phone. I am blown away by the ease of it. I have a garage client who sends oily and torn papers to me regularly, my scanner just hates that work, and we have a once a month battle with the poor thing. But my phone can cope, and I am now a lot less stressed as I no longer need to battle with the scanner. Thank you Datamolino.

Carol Webb  

Incredible software. It saves me hours of work!

Gregorio Pellegrino  

Datamolino is one of the Add-Ons that our business has embraced and is one of our core in-house Add-ons. Our Purchase invoice and receipt processing time is greatly reduced, templates are quickly created and support has been excellent - thank you Samantha!

Margaret Crawford  

excellent app, really impressed so far, everything I sent was read quickly and accurately - just hope I wasn't lucky with my first batch ;)

Dylan Murphy  

Great App. In Jan a great, responsive, head. We have used Datamolino to include in Xero lots of invoices on sales side - eg where invoices raised by contractor clients by their customers under "self-billing".

Malcolm Veall  

I just want to quickly highlight the excellent service I have experienced and not one support staff wasnt more than helpful. Great customer experience

Florian Kulina  

I have been using Datamolino for two months, before we fully came on board we ran comparisons against other like software. Datamolino came out on top with faster extraction and most of all more accurate extraction than the rest. The user interface is easy and very clear. Now with their ios and Android apps, the system gets even better. With a few tweaks to the App's regarding data entry the whole system will become the system to have. The customer support is great & responsive.

Neil Holden  

A truly astounding piece of software!
The accuracy and speed of the invoices produced from PDFs is second to none, and coupled with the "Line items" function and exceptional customer support, I can't find any other data extraction software that beats Datamolino.
Brilliant software! Brilliant support! Brilliant Company!

Matthew Ashton  

Datamolino is a great Xero add on, we use this for all our clients for both purchase and sales invoices and the time it has saved myself and my colleagues is amazing. The accuracy of the information extracted from the invoice once you have set up the defaults is flawless. We would recommend Datamolino to anyone.

The customer support is second to none, no matter what the query the team at Datamolino are always quick to respond. Great system, great company.

Vicky Allan  

Customer service from Jan and his team has been first class. Very prompt responses and always happy to help. A great app that works very well for us and we can see the more we use it the more it improves.

Tommy McAdam  

Datamolino is a brilliant app. I use it across 6 companies on Xero and it saves so much processing time. The functionality is truly impressive and it is very cost effective.
The support desk is excellent too.

David Altman  

Datamolino's app has been a game-changer for our invoice processing systems. We've been using the app for several months and would never go back to manual processing now. Significant time savings, error-free entry and simple to operate systems mean that the app has greatly improved all-round efficiency. We would have no hesitation in recommending Datamolino to any of our clients and we now use this as an added-value service ourselves.

Andrew Wilson  

Love this app! Its saved me so much time as i'm behind in my bookkeeping and it really helped the process. Manual is so 2014!

Mark Purvis  

This is a really helpful tool which improve your work. In the first 3 months of using Datamolino, we spent more time to setup a correct template for purchases invoices. Now we see a progress. Clients receive quicker results of our works. Thanks Datamolino, we can accept a new customers without the involvement of additional employees. Very good support. I highly recommend their.

Robert Wrobel  

We have been using Datamolino for processing purchase invoices for a few months now. Once the software has a "fingerprint" for a particular supplier's invoice, the data is processed really quickly. The software is easy to use and the support is great, too.

Michael Hawes  

I have been using datamolino to input purchase invoices into Xero for several months and it just keeps getting better and better with each upgrade. It has saved a lot of time as I no longer have to manually input the majority of invoices. - Jane Mitchell Mitch Consulting Ltd

Jane Mitchell  

I would like to join Damien in his verdict about Datamolino. In my case I had to process all invoices since January 1st 2015. Manual input would have cost me a lot of time. Now it went in a breeze! Also the helpdesk of Datamolino is very swift and correct. They offered me quick and adequate support with a problem I encountered. All in all: if you're looking for an impressive tool for digitizing your invoices that integrates fully with Xero, Datamolino is definitely top of the bill.

Wil Peters  

So far I'm impressed. I've been surprised by the quickness and accuracy with which datamolino extracts datas. I was worrying because I have complicated pdf in foreign languages but results are beyond my expectations and Datamolino already saved me a lot of time. So far integration and transfer to Xero is fast and without any issues to report. Works with purchases and sales invoices, which was a requirement for me. Very easy to use.

Damien Astolfi