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Ability to order pay run items and employees

Started by Nicole Foster -   in AU Payroll

There are quite a few things about the payrun system that needs to be modified.

1. To order the pay items in correspondence with the company's payroll summary. Each month that I do payroll, I have to reorganize the way that each pay item is stored. Even when I arrange them, they are still never saved in the same way. This adds at least an additional hour to the process. It also complicates verifying the information since it is not saved in the way I arranged it and adds even more time to the process since it cannot easily be looked over.

2. Each employee's name should be categorized first name, last name with the last name being alphabetized.
I agree, though I would have an option for categorizing by first name.


Hi Nicole,

Not sure if you're in Australia, but all those features are available in the soon to be integrated payroll functionality.



Stuart McLeod (Xero Staff)  


Unfortunately I am in the US. Using the pay run feature would be such an easier experience if these changes were integrated into the US version.

Nicole Foster  

Hi Nicole and Stuart: I will have a program linking the top rated U.S. PayrollRelief program to Xero in a few days. It will give us the complete e-pay and e-tax-return-file PayrollRelief program for less than $17 a month (plus 50 cents a "check"). This includes web, phone, fax and email input, plus unlimited free CPA support. That support gives us an automatic recurring option, for repeated weekly or monthly payroll, which is not in PayrollRelief itself. I have been using this, outside of Xero, for more than a year. One recent email let me fully automate the complete e-pay payroll (including debit card loading) and e-file tax returns for 20+ clients. Only year-end tax planning needs may make me look at payroll for these clients again.

We also should have name and Social Security number verification, plus mag filing of W3, W2, 1096, 1099s forms soon. I do not yet know the cost of the mag filing option, but it should be very inexpensive and not require additional data entry. Please let me know if you want this.


Mike, I am interested in your program linking Payroll Relief to Xero. Do you have that up and running?

Dave Willson  

Hi Mike,

Yes, I am interested in the system and would love more information about it.

Nicole Foster  

Hi there
THe Xere integration is not yet ready, but you can get a payroll trial from http://www.10dollarpayroll.com/. Please tell Steve I sent you. Anything done now will integrate soon.


I would like to see payroll with tracking categories instead of making multiple wages accounts for different branches or divisions.

Michael Nayan