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Real Estate Investar

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 7 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Real Estate Investar, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Real Estate Investar

Property investors use Portfolio Tracker to manage, build and optimise their portfolio. See market values, capital growth, equity, income, expenses and cash flow in real time.
For more information, check out Real Estate Investar Australia or Real Estate Investar New Zealand.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Real Estate Investar, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit the Real Estate Investar knowledge base or call them on +61 1300 737 782.

I have been a member for over 12 months now. The product is fantastic the many tools available make it easy to research future purchases. One of the products Xreo is by far the best accounting software I have used. The simple to use program is very powerful and will do more than what most property investors will utilise. I feature I find absolute fantastic is the bank feeds to reconcile your ban accounts. This program is cloud based so can be used any where in the world with internet access. The program will also substantially reduce your accounting fees as you can simply give your account access and they can run the required report and submit to the ATO. There is a lot to lean by heaps of videos and support to help you along the way.

Heath Wootton  

Hey Real Estate Investar, are you making a review of Xero or Real Estate Investar?

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Zero appears to be a fabulous accountancy package... although as a novice book keeper I have found using the system challenging. Reconciling is a sinch, just like the videos indicates... although after breezing through this... the only part I found easy.... nothing balanced... where are my errors... no clue!
Setting up the bank feeds seemed easy to, to start with.... but then finding that not all loan accounts are able to be feed into Zero. And that only one account from the many set up is actually automated... still have to manually import the others.
Finding that a conversion date needs to be added in order to balance is also another learning... then finding it still doesn't balance! Why? I don't know! Having accounts which should have a positive balance having a negative balance are all part of my challenges.
It is a lot of process given that we have a number of properties & our fair share of loans & bank accounts which at the moment property expenses are amongst all our personal expenditure... If property expenditure was segregated into specific accounts it maybe easier but this is how we have evolved to date.
So after even having tuition from an experienced accountant on Zero I am still learning.... All this may seem basic if you are a book keeper but if you aren't be prepared to be confused! My Excel spreadsheets look much easier for me at this point.
So for a novice trying to use a professional package.... it is a fail for me.... although not for the package... it is very clever!

Real Estate Investar Member Camden  

I am a new Xero user and still learning to use the software. What I found the easiest was to watch the Xero related videos on REI to give myself a crash course on how to use the programme. I sent an e-mail to Xero with questions and it was not long before Xero phoned me to discuss my questions. I was pretty impressed with the service. Xero was one of the reasons why I subscribed to REI and I highly recommend the software.

Antonio Streczynski  

Real Estate Investar and Xero are an awesome match. I us Xero for my business and now with integration for my investment portfolio. It is so much easier at the EOFY. Highly recommend

Shayne Betreen  

I find Xero fairly easy to use and have managed to sync it with Property Investar without too many problems. Xero seems good except for not being able to get seperate bank feeds for my various loan accounts which means I cant use seperate bank accounts for my loans and have to use a shadow account which receives all of the bank loan account transactions so I get double transactions feeds for each Loan Payment and have to delete these payment transactions from my Shadow Account so it therefore does not balance. The other option to get round this would be by entering each transaction manually which is too time consuming. I also can't track loan bank account balances for the different properties easily as the interest payments are recorded in an interest expense account and the loan principle is recorded in the liability accounts so a way of reporting these Loan Account balances for each property would be good. Love the way it is so easy to process the transaction feeds as it does save a lot of time. The reporting section is not so easy to use so still getting my head round that.

Karen Standen  

I've been a member of REI and Xero for the last 12 months and use both products to manage my 3 properties. As a busy mum and working full time in a busy management role l love the way Xero allows me to access via an app and reconcile my reciepts via my bank feeds...Simple!
If I could get portfolio tracker to update using actuals from Xero both would be invaluable.

Tanya Somerton  

I have been using xero for 5 of our properties and find it not too bad so far. Still trying to understand the links between accounts. Haven't used it to build portfolio as it seems dear to me??? so far though 4 stars

Paul Hughes  

I have about 10 properties loaded into REI Portfolio Tracker. I find Xero be a great tool however the syncing between REI and Xero is still not working correctly. I've sent a number of emails to REI but no luck so far. Would actually appreciate some help. 5 stars for Xero!

Jason Pegley  

I have found REI and Xero to be an extremely valuable tool for property portfolio management. However, I am still trying to get my bank to feed data automatically to Xero, in which I have limited success so far. If that happens, I will be able to pull out a real time snapshot of my property portfolio transactions faster. Kind regards, Anil Warrier

Anil Warrier  

Both REI and Xero together are invaluable tools that I use to manage my property portfolio. It allows me to get a quick insight into my property business and is extremely valuable when end of year tax time approaches.

Trevor Iverach