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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 60 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Syft, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Syft

On-demand reporting add-on that tracks business performance and enhances decision making.
For more information, check out Syft.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Syft, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the Syft Xero Integration guide or email info@syft.co.za

have tried a demo and looks great, look forward to using it in the future.

Zacharia Oubid  

Easy and seamless integration with Xero. Looking forward to use the Consolidation function, which I haven't tried yet. Has increased the quality of our Management Accounts.

Anton Claassens  

Had demo of Syft. I think it is something that will help me manage my business going forward.. the fact it syncs with xero is extremely helpful.. looking forward to exploring it further in the coming months

graeme murray  

We love Syft and so do our clients. Customisable reporting that is simple to set up and run each month. You can design the report pack to answer your clients biggest questions and all very quickly and with ease.

Claire Grimes  

Love Syft, we find it much easier to use than other reporting apps and integrates with Xero really well. Just enough functionality - many apps have too much customisation which we do not need for our clients of small to medium organisations.

Sandy King  

Very cost effective and I'm saving a few hours each month using Syft. Swantje is super helpful too!

Rakesh Nairn  

I have really enjoyed using Syft. Definitely the easiest package to use and links so well with XERO. Keep up the good work.

Ian Pamensky  

Syft has been a game changer in terms of producing cost effective, fast and quality management reports that give insights into business that are not apparent from the financials alone. Syft leads to better quality conversations and more advisory engagements. 5 Stars!

Adrian Acheson  

Syft provides straight forward and easy to understand monthly reporting.

Mark Beehre  

Using Syft has not only taken hours of management accounts production time away; it has also given me a fantastic service offering to my clients. The software is affordable and the support and help I have received has been fantastic. Well done guys

Paul Cain  

Simple yet insightful tool. Highly appreciated by my clients.

Tanjong Tajocha  

Wow this is amazing reporting.....it's taken our company to the next professional level. Thanks Syft!

Kim Pretorius  

Had a demo recently and looks to be quite good bit of software. Looking forward to putting to good use.

Jason Sweenie  

Syft is an exceptional reporting add on for Xero. Clear and simple reports which are easy for our clients to interpret and understand, highly recommend.

Edward Peters  

This reporting add on is awesome! The graphs are exceptionally easy to read!

Jack Osman  

Brilliant tool to assist clients with evaluating their business.

Glenn Ekron  

Very good bit of kit. The reports are pretty intuitive and fit in well to many business types.

Give it a try!

Stuart Higgins  

I use Syft for my business reports and found I've been able to spend more time of the Analysis and commentary than on the creation of reports.

Luke Stevenson  

I have been using the Syft platform for a few months now. The visuals and graphs gives an amazing breakdown of exactly what the figures mean. Even on the free platform you derive great benefit from the reporting and graphs. The automated commentary is possibly one of the most helpful features. I love using Syft for my clients and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing reporting integration in their accounting practice.

Victoria Modise  

Very satisfied with all the features of Syft. Use for multiple types of clients.Very user friendly.

Seth Swain  

This is truly an amazing piece of software, integrates perfectly with Xero, produces the best graphs and saves a lot of time preparing reports.

David Farnsworth  

This is truly an amazing piece of software, integrates perfectly with Xero, produces the best graphs and saves allot of time preparing reports.

Gerhard Huysamen  

Great product. Easy to read graphs and reporting for multiple types of clients and industries.

Lauren Hickey  


That's my description for this product.

First of all, they connect amazingly with Xero which is a huge plus since my team and I are moving our portion of the client base of the firm to Xero.

Secondly, they produce a very thorough report if you want or you can choose to simplify it if you like. You can group accounts like other much much more expensive reporting tools which shall not be named, and you can also create automatic talking points from the data as an executive summary.

Both these would be amazing on their own but then you couple in a flat fee for firms with unlimited clients and users and you have a product that swings way above it's pay grade. And I mean WAY above.

Our firm is just stepping into advisory services and after my time with it on a few of my clients, I am now recommending it to the firm to have as a part of our app stack for the future. It has the right amount of information to keep a conversation about the business going and also looks amazing, You feel proud handing over these reports to your client.

Well done Syft.

Joshua Veldman  

Syft is an amazing tool. User friendly and time efficient.

Shayan Patanwala  

We use Syft for our clients business management reports. Have great features and graphs which looks very professional from our side.

Amjad Batliwala  

A hit with clients who would rather want something visual over the actual numbers. Great for supplementary reporting!

Ian Minnaar  

We have been using Syft for sometime and we as the company and customers says its friendly and very nice layout for our reporting requirements.

Thanks for everything Syft, we do appreciate your good work :-)


Philip Jansen van Rensburg  

We use syft for various clients the reporting functionality is amazing. Graphs are a good visual aid. A real timesaver as we all know time=money

Barry Smith  

Rather than reading reviews sign up to a free syft account and experience the magic.
Simply by linking your Xero account you get instant great looking reports based on live data.
If you find you need the advanced features eg budget, tracking reports, it's very keenly priced compared to competitors and it does an amazing job of having sensible defaults meaning you are likely to get instant insights.

Rob Tigeir  

Love it! Syft is easy to use, cost and time efficient and the reports are beautiful.

Chanell Schultz  

We have just started to use Syft and couldn't be happier with the results! What an amazing piece of kit, would thoroughly recommend!

Mathew Crane  

We use Syft for our clients and they all love the reports! Love the new feature releases aswell.

Paul Swinton  

Using Syft has really added a new dimension to our business. It is great tool to be able to automatically prepare a professional looking report for our clients. The graphs are very user-friendly and easy for clients to understand, and our clients find the reports to be a great educational and revision tool. They have helped us point out ways to help our clients manage their accounts and increase cashflow - our clients are very grateful to have this service and Syft has enabled us to do this.

Kimberly Madden  

Syft adds a whole new dimension to reporting - and it gets better all the time.....

Kevin Salter  

Been using Syft for a few select clients to trial - great product - now looking at implementing the auto send function for cleints on a monthly or quarterly basis - so we can "have the discussion".

Mark Scott  

A fantastic reporting add-on that leaves my clients impressed each and every month!

John Macmillan  

We have been using Syft for some time now are very happy with the time saving and the service from Van and the team. The developments coming through are very exciting!!!

Jarred Barnard  

Syft is a great reporting tool we use for many of our clients. Very user friendly and if you have any problems the support is always quick and efficient. I would recommend Syft to anyone looking for a great reporting tool.

Maisie Emans  

Syft has fundamentally changed the way I am able to share insights with my clients. The automated reports are client ready and look amazing. Aside from the many hours saved, Syft has allowed my business to improve our service and offerings to clients - a must have tool.

Duran Hamer  

Very user-friendly and it really adds so much value to the management reports given to clients in so little time. Definitely a must have for every company!

Renalta van Marcke  

Syft is an amazing sporting add on that brings value to the clients whilst simplifying the process fro accountants

David Smith  

As someone who can appreciate the old fashioned things in life, Syft is a welcomed addition to our firm. Both my team and our clients get tremendous value from Syft and I have no doubt that you'll have a similar experience.

Elios Rossolimos  

We have been using Syft for more than a year. It has simplified our reporting and saves us hours each week by automating the reporting for our clients.

Frans van Eden  

We are extremely please with the reports we are getting out of Syft. Fantastic and quisk to use. very valuable tool for our practice.

Matthew Wren  

I have been using Syft for over a year now, it is great, turns numbers into graphs, charts and trends. I am a visual person so seeing how the business is going is so much easier than just reading some numbers.

News features are always coming out and i am looking forward to the TB upload feature coming soon.

The team are on hand to answer any questions.

A must have app.

aaron McLeish  

Our firm's been using Syft for almost a year now with great success. Full client management reports including graphs etc can be run & emailed to clients within 5 minutes. Beats the hell out of excel reports and we can truly recommend it!

Michael De Koker  

Syft is a top-class reporting add-on! Syft has saved me countless hours in terms of my monthly management reporting process. It's really easy to use! Looking forward to the new features :)

Dionee Rossolimos  

Been using Syft Analytics for a couple of months now and it really lifted the productivity of our team.

Further more our clients are really happy with the level of professionalism of the reports.

Can suggest this application for any accounting firm. You won't be disappointed.


Willie van Dyk  

Syft makes everything so much easier, no need for manual management accounts anymore!! Love this programme.

Claudia Lindeque  

Syft makes it easier especially with the graphs and reports that most of my clients understand and prefer and its very much easily to pull reports for management accounts

John Uzwilenkosi Mhlanga  

Such a great way to present information to clients. These reports prompt conversations with clients and allows us to see any anomalies in the the data. The integration is seamless and report packs can be customised to be unique for each client depending on their requirements and time period.

Richard Howlett  

Syft is easy to use and it makes my life when generating reports a walk in the park.

Niel Pienaar  

Great software, very easy to use, in fact very little effort on our part plus our clients love the reports that they receive. Highly recommended

Jess Brooks  

Really impressed with the easy integration and impressive report packs. An awesome tool to help us help our clients. Graphics are so helpful to clients and really improves their understanding of their business performance.

Belinda Voigt  

I use syft for all my clients, they enjoy the easy to understand graphs contained in the reports. It generates a comprehensive report pack at a click of a button and saves me a lot of time. Highly recommended.

Peter Chakanyuka  

Very straight forward and easy to use but produces powerful reports.

Brian Gibb  

I recently discovered Syft and I am blown away by the reporting and great business analysis that it generates. It is so quick and easy to use and they are adding more features and reporting regularly. Be sure to produce the comphrehensive report pack first when you go in on your free trial and if you invoice your customers through XERO you will be wowed by customer reports it generates. There is also great support from the team at SYFT if you have any queries or recommendations for more features. Check it out today!

Nicola Bouchaud  

Even as an "old-dog" I still enjoy new tricks and Syft beats any you find in Vegas

Steve Pearce  

So user friendly saves us so much time, will recommend to any business.

Tina van Wyk  

This is an awesome reporting add on! Exceptional graphs.

Ilze van der Merwe  

Use Syft for all my clients. Saves me tons of time, highly recommended.

Dominic Bauer