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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 28 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and EzyCollect, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About EzyCollect

Stressed chasing your late paying customers? ezyCollect helps you to automate your current manual process so that you get paid faster. Get started for free.
For more information, check out EzyCollect.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with EzyCollect, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact EzyCollect online or call them on:

  • 1300 780 524 (Australia)
  • helpdesk@ezyCollect.com.au

We have implemented EzyCollect for a number of clients and they all said "it's like switch!, customers just start paying!" We love the automation and knowing that the moment invoices are overdue, reminders are sent promptly to customers. The Thank You for Paying email is such a great touch! Makes your business looks so professional with your clients.
Cash flow is a fundamental part of the business and Debtor Management is the key to positive cashflow. EzyCollect just helps the hard task of following up all your clients for money. The support is great and the guys are so friendly. So happy with this product!

Paolo Coniglio  

We’ve had excellent support from the ezyCollect team. It helps that they are Sydney-based so we are doing business at the same time. We got training as we started our trial period, and the team is always on hand and respond to any questions or issues really quickly. They prioritise their customers better than any of our other providers. Well done!

Brodie Rembert  

ezyCollect has been a great new tool in our business. I’ve found that customers no longer ignore our email reminders because we now have a system to keep sending reminders. Customers know we always follow-up for payment. The email tracking feature shows me when a reminder email has been opened, so I feel well-informed whenever I respond to my customers.

Because we’re on the front foot with sending payment reminders, I’ve found that our customers are more open with us, and willing to have a conversation about payment. Before, it was easy for them to hide and pretend they never got our invoice.

I really like this product. It works for our wholesale business because it saves time and now cash flow is more predictable which is really important in a seasonal business like mine.

Katie Stott  

ezyCollect gives our business a lot of options when it comes to managing debtors. Even though it’s an automation system, the thing that differentiates ezyCollect from other software on the market is how personalised you can make it.

All my email reminders have my logo and come from an email address in my business. I rewrite the templates so my customers know it’s me and they respond and we can start a discussion about payment. I can also reach my customers by SMS reminders now and that was too hard to do manually.

A feature that they’ve just introduced is being able to remove a particular invoice from the reminder schedule. I love this! This means I don’t have to stop the whole reminder schedule for a customer just because one invoice is in dispute.

I wish I had started ezyCollect sooner. It’s an excellent product and the team is great.

Logan Desmond  

ezyCollect gives our business a lot of options when it comes to managing debtors. Even though it’s an automation system, the thing that differentiates ezyCollect from other software on the market is how personalised you can make it.

All my email reminders have my logo and come from an email address in my business. I rewrite the templates so my customers know it’s me and they respond and we can start a discussion about payment. I can also reach my customers by SMS reminders now and that was too hard to do manually.

A feature that they’ve just introduced is being able to remove a particular invoice from the reminder schedule. I love this! This means I don’t have to stop the whole reminder schedule for a customer just because one invoice is in dispute.

I wish I had started ezyCollect sooner. It’s an excellent product and the team is great.

Bianca Jackson  

Love it...!

Agnes Nguyen  

EzyCollect automates the tedious process of following up with clients that have not paid on time. It is easy to use and we have been fully maximizing its functions in the past year making our collection process a lot more efficient. Users can also customise the reminder templates with the preferred tone of urgency so that it is still appropriately client friendly. Highly recommended for businesses that need focus high value jobs or companies with difficulties in receivable management.

Mylene Lazaro  

I love the system. It took us a while to update some of our contact details for our debtors but once we did that, the system worked really well for us. We had more options to reach our customers because we started sending SMS reminders too. We sent our very aged invoices straight to the demand letter stage and that helped to do a clean up also.

ezyCollect has really prompted our business to take control of the cash we have tied up in unpaid invoices. It feels like we are on top of things now and won’t let overdue debt get out of control again. I’m happy to recommend this software.

Declan Wight  

We tried EzyCollect on a trial basis and found that its ease of use and effectiveness was something we had to use full time. Over the last 4-5 months of use we have found that our office down time had reduced dramatically for chasing debtors and our collection rates greatly improved. We have over 100 customers so the automation of statements and reminders was a no brainer. The staff at EzyCollect were also a breath of fresh air where you actually talk to a "real" person here in Australia. I would definitely recommend EzyCollect to any business looking to ease the pain of debtor collection and improve cash flow.

David Boertje  

I have been very impressed with this software. Our debtors has decreased by 50% since implementing this software, and has drastically decreased the work we need to do to maintain that.

The help and support is great.

One of the biggest things I wanted to see just went live, which is the ability to exclude certain invoices. So that's great too.

All in all, it's cost is far outweighed by the benefits, and I highly recommend this to others.

Beau Rheinberger  

I tried out EzyCollect at the same time as another debtor add on and went with EzyCollect as they were local and could offer superior support. Since then I've realised what a great decision it was as it has cut down on labour as well as reducing debtor days.

Simon Birdsall  

Ezycollect is one of the most economical, cloud based Debtor Management System that we have come across. There are other providers in the market, however what sets Ezycollect apart is the fact that it is a set and forget system. Once the internal debtor follow-up policy and procedure has been finalised Ezycollects customisation is an immense advantage it has over other systems.

A centralised all encompassing true debtor management system to manage

1. Credit Checks
2. Reminder Text customisation
3. Multiple reminder delivery options
4. Call management
5. Historical Notes entry
6. Payment acceptance
7. Reminder Exceptions for specific clients
8. Automated Task List for User actions
9. Demand Letter
10. Debt Collection

The list can go on. As a services provider we have confidently recommended Ezycollect to our clients and also incorporated it as a part of our services.

This is a great product with a great team behind it!

Shaun Bist  

Review: ezyCollect, Changing the way you collect your money

ezyCollect is an online accounts receivable management system that helps you get paid faster with a huge range of reminder options, flexible customisation features and the ability for customers to pay their owing amount straight from the reminder email.

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

EzyCollect is the best debtor management software we've found and the solution we recommend to clients. Having explored all major providers in detail we found some key features only offered by EzyCollect to be critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of any collections processes. These unique features include how EzyCollect handles:
- multiple invoices outstanding and can group (ant table!) these in reminders
- multi-channel collections, allowing for emails, posted letters, text messaging and phone calling, all of which form part of an effective strategy
- the customer wide view inherent in its design (rather than invoice by invoice) which reflect how most businesses view their relationship with customers
- simple one-click referral to EzyCollect's legal and debt collection partners, where all case notes and contact logs are available to assist the process.

It has dozens of great features including:
- integrated Stripe payment processing
- ability to attach and send invoices and statements with reminders
- ability to send ad-hoc emails, text messages and statements to customers
- customer contact logs, critical if matters are referred for legal action or external collections agencies
- whole-customer and specific invoice "Pausing"
- great service and support.

Michael Kent  

Jimmy and the team at EzyCollect have made the job of automating what previously were quite laborious, time-consuming tasks seamless allowing our internal staff to better direct time actually focusing on the customer relationship as opposed to taking care of administrative tasks which their system has taken on-board admirably. Have been extremely happy with the ad-hoc solutions which they continually come up with to further tailor the system to our needs. Keep it up guys!

Phillip Pham  

After trialing a few other debtor management software providers I found Ezycollect to be the most relevant and user-friendly application for our busy accountancy practice. Ezycollect has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business, knowing that reminder emails are being automatically generated behind the scenes and prompting me to take action when necessary. The fact that the system is fully customized means I can edit the settings at any time, add manual reminders, notes, pause particular clients and send to debt collection with a simple click of a button. The service provided by the Ezycollect team have been nothing short of outstanding and my only wish is that I had been utilizing this service a few years earlier!

Wardle Partners Pty Ltd  

We use ezyCollect within our business, and in fact as Xero Cloud Integrators have partnered with ezyCollect to install into multiple customers.
Our experience, and our customers' experiences, have been outstanding. Great product, great support. Frees up an unbelievable amount of admin time, and greatly reduces stress, by reducing your outstanding monies. Professional approach, combining multiple invoices outstanding into a single reminder.
Great job guys!
Lawrence Pelletier
Inov8 Technology

Lawrence Pelletier  

Ezycollect has been the best way to pull our accounts back into line. We no longer need to worry about any customers slipping through the cracks as we have set it up to email all our customers on a regular basis. Once up and running, we saw immediate success with getting payments in. We now have a major turn around in outstanding debtors, and has allowed us to has tight control our accounts. We have the payment link set up for all the emails allowing people to pay credit card instantly. Also, all the bad debtors we have had, we used either the demand letter function or used the debt collection function which worked perfectly.
This is definitely the best tool for any business to keep on top of their accounts. Has been worth every cent. We have practically saved ourselves one full time employee wage by running this behind the scenes. The other bonus is this is an Aussie run company and they guys help set it up and get it running efficiently.

Chris Collinson  

This product is the best. In a world where customer service is on the decline I am happy to be finally able to give some positive feedback.

As a small business with no admin staff I can relax in the knowledge that ezycollect will follow up those unpaid invoices. It has actually created more sales for me in the long run where a customer will call and apologies for the non payment and after I explain that it is automatic, the customer is not only impressed but there was no damage to my relationship with them.

The team at ezycollect are extremely professional and flexible to meet you needs. As a new starting business they understood my position and have been accommodating ever since.

I don't often give a glowing endorsement like this, and I must say it is a pleasure to give this one.

I can say that with no doubt that this product has saved me money.

Cheers guys

Garth Barber  

Fantastic product, works well.
Great for debit management and better than the other products out there.

Droyt Robb  

Really impressed with the system and the team at EzyCollect. Very professional and highly responsive team and love the fact it amalgamates all outstanding invoices for each client in one email along with the one stop shop effectgiven its connections with Solicitor and Debtor Collection firms. A firm can run their whole collection process from the one system with an audit trail of activity. I have personally found that I have a better control on my outstanding debt and reduced number of outstanding debtor days. I highly recommend anyone looking to free up time via automation and assistance in reducing their outstanding debt.

Diana Siddall  

A great low cost receivables option which treats all outstanding accounts at an account level rather than invoice level, ensuring you don't over communicate to your clients! It incorporates email, SMS, Post as well as scheduling calls for you to make at the right time. It can also send client statements for you automatically every month at a time of your choosing, taking the headache out of this process. Attach overdue invoices to your reminders which drastically removes the repetition of sending clients copy invoices that they claim to have "not received". At the touch of a button you can also send on a bad debt to a collector together with all notes and communication history with the debtor, saving valuable time! All round a fantastic cash flow solution for small and medium sized business that pays for itself in a very short space of time, highly recommended!

Kate Phillips  

ezyCollect has been a massive time and cost saver for us. It's taken away the stress around calling and emailing customers that don't pay on time and now (after using ezyCollect for 3 months) my receivables are looking somewhat more respectable! We also love the automated statements that get sent each month - such a time saver.

Gina Craparotta  

This is a fantastic addition for business owners who want to automate their account receivable process and reduce the cost of admin tasks.

The setup was easy and the support offered to get things up and running were excellent. I'd highly recommend giving this a try, particularly as there is a free trial period anyway.

Mark Faulkner  

Ezy Collect is not only a cost effective solution to debt collection but a great time saving tool. No more manual emails, it is all done for you automatically and you choose how often you want reminders sent. Automatic reminders are sent to you daily for calls that need to be made. We have had a great decrease in our debtors in just a few months of using it.
It is a complete package where you can store your notes and email customer straight from the system.
Great support is given from Ezy Collect if required and always in a super fast manner.

Jennifer Pedersen  

The EzyCollect add-on for Xero is an innovative and low-cost accounts receivable solution that is easy to set up and use. It's impressive dashboard helps us find key information at a glance and allows users to then click into particular account for further activity and information. Workflows for follow-up and reminders are also easy to 'set & forget', such that reminders about outstanding invoices are sent at regularly set intervals until they are paid.

We've been impressed with the product and the highly responsive support from the EzyCollect team and strongly recommend this add-on to all Xero users.


Shai Desai  

This is a great tool to help manage debtors accounts with multiple outstandings, as it doesn't generate multiple emails chasing each invoice. All outstandings are communicated and chased based on the oldest.

Can be used as set and forget but even better is its ability to support the user with a good dashboard that focusses on the big picture and provides drill down into the detail for all accounts and all their collection communication and activity. Workflows are flexible and can include reminders for manual tasks.

Good one on one customer service for onboarding to get you going with the minimum of fuss.

Ian Oldham  

Really intuitive software!

I think this is a great replacement for an individual accounts receivable person. I am reminded directly when and whom to call. And I am doing it at the fraction of the cost!!

The system allows me to set up the reminders as I would like - so I am able to customize my follow-up with all my accounts

Also I have all the history without having to keep separate notes.

I can instantly call or email and even send consolidated or individual invoices along with statements.

If anything this system has given me a significantly improved level of communication with all my customers.


Sam Morgan  

Best way to describe the software is "It Works". Automated and easy to use with minimal setup and day to day management. Great time saver and productivity gain!

I really like the consolidated reminders (i.e. one email for many invoices), and the different types of reminders (e.g. emails, call scheduling , SMS etc. )

Simple incorporation of invoices/statements into reminders works well, and the communication logs are useful for the very slow paying customers.


Raj Kuckreja