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API for Farmers?

Started by Bruce Johnson -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Hey guys, when are we going to see a brilliant API that will truly allow the farming sector to fully utilise Xero?
Hi Bruce

If by an API you mean an Add-on application that uses the Xero API, then yes, I certainly agree we would love to see some, and have been talking to many software providers in the farming space.

At the moment, the only sure one that is coming down the track is IFarmer (http://www.ifarmer-app.com/ifarmer.html) which is a livestock inventory application. The team are currently working on integrating this with Xero.

There is lots more we are keen to do in this space including a number of feeds into Xero for the agricultural sector.

Keen to learn more about what you specifically would like to see - always great to hear some suggestions.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  


At a minimum we would love to see livestock trading accounts so that we can calculate Profit/Loss from Livestock Trading. This would require Xero to handle quantities which it already does.

A very simple way to do it would be add it in as a module like Fixed Assets, where any transactions posted to a pre-set livestock sales/purchases accounts show up in the livestock module and then at period end you put in the calculation methodology and run calculation. The module could then post the details back to the main ledger (much like what happens with depreciation).

I think it is great to support this type of add-on, an important thing to keep in mind about farmers is that a lot of them don't have smart phones etc. and just want one program to deal with. They see add-ons as confusing additional things that they have to deal with (even though many of them would make their life simpler).

Happy to discuss more about how this could work.


Heath Nankivell  

Would be great to see this, as a rural accountant with majority farming clients I too am keen to see some development in this area.

Forsyths Chartered Accountants  

Looking forward to the launch of Farming add-ons in Feb 2014. Any chance that MISTRO will be getting on board with this as well? As we have a number of clients who use this www.mistro.ag

Shelley Beilharz  

@Shelley - it doesn't look like they have been in touch, but feel free to let them know we are happy to chat. Our blog post is a great link to give them some initial detail: http://blog.xero.com/2013/10/a-blueprint-for-farming/


Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)