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Xero integration with WooCommerce

Started by Harold Broese van Groenou -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce plugins for Wordpress. It would be great to see an integration with Xero, specifically:

- Automatic raising of invoices from WooCommerce to Xero
- Inventory data from WooCommerce to Xero
- Customer data sync from WooCommerce to Xero
- payment sync from WooCommerce to Xero (WooCommerce is already integrated with many payment gateways so this would be very useful)

There's many more and I haven't had time to think the integration through clearly. If anyone else would like to see this please vote and add comments suggestions here!

Hi there - we collect ideas and votes for add-on integrations on our UserVoice site - integration with WooCommerce has already been raised there and is being voted on. Your votes for the integration would be better submitted there, freeing up votes on this Community for new or improved features to the Xero product. Thanks.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi There

There is a Xero to Woocommerce integration that you can get already. We have een working with the developer to iron out some bugs and they are very open to suggestions:


Accounts Team  

Any further comments on the Woocommerce integration ?

I can see they are selling it for $49.

Are they an add-on partner with Xero?


Heather Smith  

Hello All,

I'm the developer of the WooCommerce for Xero plugin. The current features included are:
- Automatic or manual sending of Invoices and Payments from WooCommerce to Xero
- SKU sent from WooCommerce to Xero will reduce inventory items
- Customers are created in Xero

If you have any other feature requests please contact me.

I am currently working on getting the plugin certified with Xero.


Praveen Selvasekaran  

Merged: woocommerce/wordpress add on?


Just wondering if there is any work inprogress for a WooCommerce/Wordpress add on?


Tamara Ilic  

Hi Tam. Xero doesn't create plug-ins or integrations directly. It is up to developers to create add-ons that the market wants to use. Check out Zapier - they list a WordPress connector.

Peter McCarroll  

There is a WooCommerce extension that does this: http://www.woothemes.com/products/xero/

Nicholas Andre  

With respect to this plugin,

If your account numbers start with a zero, or include a decimal point - does that cause a problem?

In the API Previewer what am I supposed to put for Application Name



Heather Smith  

Hello I recently purchased this add on & had a question regarding how to enter discounts.

1) I use a lot of discount codes in my store, there is an option to apply all discounts to a discount acct. When creating the acct in my chart of accts. there is no option for a contra revenue account. Are there any suggestions on how to efficiently set up a contra account?


Misfit Incorporated  

how about about a product sync with reporting. syncing direction should be selectable, so a base minimum to start would be engineering a sync to send product info to xero to ensure that it is available for invoice matching. Later you can add option to sync from xero for that prefer to manage inventory on xero side.

Reporting: A simple reporting tool to indicate which products qualified for importing and were sent to xero. This in turn easily creates a list of all products that either had missing required data for sync, or any other reason that causes it not to advance.

Geek Nerd  

You can always use a tool like Veeqo to sync your woocommerce store with Xero.
Veeqo syncs sales invoices, purchase orders and many more with Xero.
Plus you can manage your orders and ship from within Veeqo.
Try it and let us know how you get on http://www.veeqo.com/xero-integration

Prince Appah  

Hello there,

You can check out Workato for your integration between Xero and WooCommerce. It is easy to use, yet powerful enough to support complex business logic, data manipulation, and error and exception management. You can easily customize what your integration does using our drag-and-drop interface, or choose from our library of community-built integrations on the platform.

Try it out here: https://www.workato.com/

Mai Phuong Nguyen  

Hi Harold,

I am trying to integrate WooCommerce and Xero. I would like:

1. Have Xero automatically generate invoices for online orders from customers (direct orders from end customers)
2. Have the invoices be itemized- it shows precisely with the individual items bought, on each invoice.

How do I do this? Is it having to do with codes in the Xero system correlating with the WooCommerce system?

Thank you so much- I really need help with this!


Zimt Artisan Chocolates  


We also have a Xero integration. It syncs customers, products, and orders between the two systems:


Joseph Anderson  

Hi Harold, Emma,
Stock&Buy can definitely help you out with those tasks. We seamlessly connect WooCommerce to Xero and instantly send invoices to Xero right after orders are created in WooCommerce.
You can give us a try and let me know what you think (you get 14 days free trial which we can extend if there is a need to :) )

Kind regards,
CEO, Co-Founder.
Stock&Buy, WooCommerce / Xero Inventory and order management simplified.
Oslo, Norway.

Mohamed Benaichouche  


We have spent a lot of time developing a plugin called Xeroom that integrates Woocommerce with Xero. It will post all your WooCommerce orders invoices (or a selection) to Xero creating new invoices. All the order data is synched including customer details, product line items, SKUs, descriptions, prices, coupons, discounts etc. Payments and inventory are integrated with full SKU synch for all products. There is full flexibility in the way you manage the integration with lots of settings including posting sales by product or geography to different sales accounts in Xero.

The integration is two-way and either Xero or WooCommerce can be made the Master so you can choose how to run your system. We are accountants and offer a free trial and the plugin is available with no monthly fees and a low annual or lifetime cost that is cheaper than competing offerings such as WooCommerce, OneSaas and Veequo.

For further info please see: http://www.xeroom.com

Peter Lloyd MBA, ACMA

Peter Lloyd  

I'm having problems with the setup of the Xero WooCommerce plugin. It all seems to be configured ok, when I complete an order in WooCommerce, it now hangs as I set it to send to Xero on completed order. The setup looks simple, just not sure where to turn to work out where the problem lies. Anybody have this working ok?

David Gaven  

Which Xero WooCommerce plugin are you using as there are 3-4 out there including ours (Xeroom)? You should go to the appropriate vendor or plugin site for support and raise a support ticket, as that is who supports them not Xero.

Peter Lloyd  

Thanks Peter for the reply. The developer is WooThemes. https://woocommerce.com/products/xero/

David Gaven  

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how you sync a refunded order to Xero? There doesn't seem to be a a way to do this. Do you have to manually issue the refund from Xero?


Keith Bogard  


If you're using Connex for Xero, our tool would sync refunds automatically. We query a list of recently cancelled orders, find a matching order in Xero, and create a credit memo. Please try our software at connexfx.com/trial.

Joseph Anderson  

I am using Xero with WooCommerce. Is this possible to send xero invoice to customer when order is placed ??

Nitesh Kumar  

Hi Nitesh - at the moment Xeroom cannot do that but it is a very good suggestion that we will consider adding to our plugin that integrates WooCommerce with Xero.

Peter Lloyd  

Means it cannot send xero invoice to customer automatically ??

and what should i used https://woocommerce.com/products/xero/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/xeroom/(Xeroom) for woocommerce integration.

Nitesh Kumar  

It is for you to compare the 2 plugins but Xeroom is a dedicated plugin with much more functionality and it is also much cheaper. The WooCommerce one you have to renew the licence each year, is not available as a free trial doesn't have inventory synch or historic dataloading etc .

Peter Lloyd  

Hi Nitesh,
Connex for Xero (https://www.connexfx.com) by JMA Web Technologies (http://www.jmawebtechnologies.com/) integrates with Woocommerce and can email and/or print invoices automatically from Xero.

Joseph Anderson  

Once the invoice is created in Xero from any app it can then be emailed automatically. I think Nitesh wanted to send the Xero email from within WooCommerce not Xero?

Peter Lloyd  

I believe Woocommerce has the ability to email the invoice to the customer.

Joseph Anderson  

Yes it can but not an invoice from Xero.

Peter Lloyd  

i am trying to integrate xeroom plugin with xero.
It's giving me error (Internal Server Error),when i am to trying to place oreder.

Nitesh Kumar  

Hi Nitesh - please follow the installation instructions given here http://www.xeroom.com/installation-instructions/ and any if you have any issues please raise a ticket at the plugin support site for WordPress which is here https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/xeroom.

Peter Lloyd  

Hi there,

I>';m wondering if I;'m doing something wrong - I'm integrated WooCommerce into Xero but the sales don't appear as sales in the App - just as customer entries with invoices and payments coming in via the bank. Strikes me that the integration is only limited??

Colin Ives  

Hi Colin - If you are using my xeroom plugin to do this then the sales will appear in the Xero sales account. The next version due out in a few weeks will also post sales by geography and product category into separate sales accounts in Xero. Please go to xeroom.com for full installation instructions and contact me if you still have a problem.

Peter Lloyd  

Ok, so I need to give that a go - thank you! DO you/they plan on doing a similar ebay integration as I have the same problem there!!

Colin Ives  

No nothing being planned at the moment but there are some plugins that link ebay to WooCommerce so you could add that piece to integrate it in.

Peter Lloyd  

Hi Peter - I would like to invite you to come on the Cloud Stories podcast to talk about your woocommerce integration. Here is the link: https://heathersmithsmallbusiness.com/podcast/

Heather Smith  

Peter Lloyd, I see the Xeroom plugin is not compatible with the current WP. Is it being updated or tabled?

Lea-Ann McGregor  

Hi Lea-Ann - Yes we have a major update being tested at the moment for release next week with many new features, bug fixes etc. The current version will work with the latest versions of WP and WooCommerce and the new version features are listed here https://www.xeroom.com/planned-enhancements-known-bugs/.

Peter Lloyd