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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 15 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and A2X Accounting tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About A2X Accounting

A2X Accounting imports your Amazon data to Xero simply and automatically. A2X supports amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca amazon.de, and amazon.fr.
For more information, check out A2X Accounting.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with A2X Accounting, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email A2X Accounting support.

Great service, even BETTER customer service. Highly recommended!

Mark Zhang  

Excellent add on - Effortless piece of kit one you've sorted the mappings out, spend minutes rather than hours, well worth the money and I would recommend this software!

Ben Allen  

I run a small (minuscule?) business, but definitely don't want to have to spend my "sales" time worrying about creating invoices to match my Amazon sales with my payments received in Xero. This product simply - and efficiently - saves me time.

Ok2Win Company  

After years of processing complex Amazon payments manually including separating them into months so that our P&L correctly reflected sales for each month (and financial year), I was at first sceptical when I was told there would be an app to do this for me. Maybe, but I expected it to be fiddly and tricky and possible not accurate. We found A2X and I decided to give it a go. I couldn't believe how easy it turned out to be. The setup took literally minutes and I had settlements from my five marketplaces through almost immediately. I now need to spend only minutes instead of hours on this process now. Where a payment overlaps two months (why does Amazon do this!!?) two perfect invoices are sent to my invoice drafts. All invoices are perfectly accurate and dated correctly. This really is a life-changing product. Well done A2X. (PS, this is the first real product rating I have ever done -I didn't think twice to give feedback for a product that is giving me back my weekends).

Marina Gower  

A2X service is no doubt a great one saving much time for me and my accountant. The invoice is way easier to come in Xero through A2X. As a business, we usually have the regular business situations where we need to recheck the transactions and review its integrity. But when it comes to Amazon records, at first we were worried so we reviewed the invoices processed by A2X for a possible mistakes. Now, we hardly ever go back to recheck. So much time and efforts are saved!

Amjad Safa  

Spot on - Saves us so many hours, it doesn't bare thinking about :)

Simon Heraghty  

After researching for 2 years for the most time-saving an efficient way to keep up with the "Speed of Light" eCommerce world, we have found the pinnacle in the Xero add-on software, A2X! The training time was minimal because A2X is so user friendly. The customer service is timely and top-notch! Our clients are so excited to have the real-time data and reports so needed in the fast paced on-line marketplace!

Donna Gillespie  

I don't know how we'd manage without A2X, great customer support too. We love A2X, saves us so much time!! Keep up the great work.

Steve Hammond  

I've been using A2X for clients selling on Amazon for about 6 months now, and love this software that pushes sales and fulfillment data form Amazon to Xero. It is a great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers. A2X support has been fantastic in the very few times that I've needed it, and their recent options to push product-level sales data in Xero are a great enhancement.

Challen Edwards  


Just started using A2X, was put off by having no telephone helpline and initially had some teething problems. The help emails were always within 24hrs and even got a call from Ashley who was brilliant and talked me through the problems. All working well now, excellent help.

Paul Manning  

Hi Rob,
Did anyone ever send you an example Chart of Accounts that makes sense for A2X and Xero together?

Stan DeMarta  

Hi, Could anyone using A2X give me an example of how their Chart of Accounts are set up to allow for the settlements. I am unsure where to direct the breakdown of each settlement in the off the shelf xero.

Rob McCartney  

What a great bit of cloud software that has to be on your must have list if selling on Amazon.
The amount of time A2X can save you manually entering Amazon sales into Xero more than covers it's monthly cost. Support is good too answering our query in detail and quickly.

Keith Conkey  

As Brittany mentioned above, this is a review thread for A2X Shankar - so not really the place to ask questions! As these questions relate directly to A2X functionality, you'd be best to contact them directly (using the link in the original post above).

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I wish to try A2X for my clients, however I have the following doubts as this has not been discussed in detail..

1. When my client uses Amazon warehouses in other EU countries, the sales will have to be declared in those respective EU countries, VAT return needs to be filed & appropriate VAT need to be paid. Can this be filtered out from the total amozon sales & reported appropriately using in A2X.

2. When sales take place from UK to a country out side EU, that needs to be treated as zero rated. How this can be dealt with in A2X. Will the software identify the delivery address & treat VAT appropriately.

Shankar Sharma  

Hi Stavros, this thread is just for the review of A2X - so you're only able to comment once. The best place to get an answer regarding an Add-on is the Using Xero Add-ons section of Community. Try your luck there, thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hello. I want to use thi ADD ON but if a costumer ask me for Vat invoice? This program send to xero summarised payments.

Stavros Moutrikas  

A2X is Fantastic!
If you sell on Amazon this app will change your life. The support is incredible and the app 'just works'. No thrills, easy to pick up and it really saves so much time so you can focus on making money.
A2X is the first Xero add-on that we used and it is very much recommended to everyone!


As a Xero Partner who specializes in ecommerce and online businesses and specifically Amazon Sellers, we could not provide the value we offer without a few key cloud technologies: Xero.com and A2X.

A2X connects to Amazon’s seller API service to import all of the transaction data then turn that data into an invoice for each Amazon deposit or settlement statement. A2X breaks out the gross sales, shipping charges, consolidates the dozens (literally dozens) of Amazon fees, and the sales tax included in the settlement statement. When the invoice is created, it is mapped to the appropriate chart of account item so your costs are applied properly as income, expense, sales tax liability. Using Xero’s reconciliation process, it is a few clicks to apply the payment and reconcile the invoice.

A2X’s capability is unique in that it maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches exactly to the money deposited into the ecommerce businesses bank account. They even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so you have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales.

I prefer the A2X approach by providing a single invoice per settlement statement compared to many other Amazon to accounting integrations. Most of these push in every order into the Xero and is an issue because it creates lots useless data, contacts, invoices and exceeds Xero’s daily data limits. This causes more work for the business owner or bookkeepers to manage and doesn’t provide the same level of detail that A2X provides.

A2X works across the Amazon marketplaces around the world, including Amazon.com (USA), Amazon.ca, Amazon.jp, Amazon.uk (including the EU countries). Then Xero’s amazing multi-currency functionality kicks in, and when the invoices are posted in the main currency, Xero automatically enables applying the payment made in another currency to the invoice. Xero handles the currency conversion based on the date and time of the payment. It’s really slick and only needs a couple clicks before everything is done.

A2X understands how Amazon works and is building solutions that help ecommerce sellers keep track of their finances easily with Xero. A2X has a platform that will support accountants who are working with multiple ecommerce clients. They have built these tools for their own ecommerce and export business and are committed to providing solutions that enable online businesses to be more efficient and successful.

Scott Scharf  

A2X is a fantastic solution to reduce the admin and pain with Amazon marketplace data. The support is first class and Ashley was very quick to address queries that we had when getting the first batch of data completed. I'd highly recommend this for anyone with sales on Amazon as the price point is very competitive.

Niall McGinnity  

Excellent product and top notch support. If you're an Amazon reseller like us, A2X is a life-changing product. It saves time, money and headaches. Ashley is a pleasure to work with and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy. I look forward to watching this product evolve.

CharityMagnets Support  

I have been using A2X for almost a year now - it really cuts down the time it takes to reconcile my Amazon transactions - really amazing service and follow up. I can't imagine doing my books without it.

Jin Chon