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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 210 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and A2X tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About A2X

A2X automates e-commerce accounting for Amazon marketplace merchants and Shopify stores worldwide. Trusted by hundreds of leading e-commerce accounting firms.

A2X takes out the guesswork and gives you full visibility of your Amazon and Shopify e-commerce sales and costs. A2X gives you accurate accrual financials, automated and reconciled

A2X for Amazon and A2X for Shopify are designed for e-commerce sellers and their bookkeepers and accountants.
A2X is the missing piece connecting Xero to your e-commerce sales channels, to streamline your back office and unlock opportunities in the e-commerce sector.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with A2X, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email A2X support.

A2X is an amazingly accurate software. I use it for my amazon account and it's a lifesaver. I've used other software before that wasn't nearly as accurate. Amazon is becoming a margin game so having extremely accurate information is so important.

Jarrod Herscu  

As a new Shopify user who was manually entering my old Stripe payouts, I knew I had to try and find a better way. This app has already saved me hours of work in the first full month. Well worth the cost, and very friendly customer service as well. Thanks!

Polly Hutchison  

I had been looking for several months for an app that would connect the accounts from Amazon to Xero which didn't have to be FBA related. As we already had accounts set up for Amazon on Xero it took me a while to get my head around how to map the different areas but the A2X team were really great and I got there. Did the first settlement to check everything went to where it should VAT etc but it works great. Just had to add the next settlement in and it was so easy. I don't have to think about it now.

Rowanne Foster  

I tried so many tools for importing Shopify sales into Xero. A2X is the only tool that works.

Steve Kuan  

A2X has the best customer service. They have very informative tutorials and also the response time is excellent. So far I am super impressed. The versatility and ease of use is excellent.

Carol Molamure  

A2X has made our integration between Shopify and Xero so easy to navigate.
I highly recommend A2X to any new (or experienced) users!

Scott Cameron  

I started using A2X to systemise processing for our online clients selling via Shopify etc. The time saved has been excellent. The mapping process was quite involved although the customer support helped along the way and continue to go above and beyond whenever we have any queries or issues with this app.

Heather Palmer  

I was spending alot of time manually importing each sale into xero, after finding A2X i can basically forget about and let it do its thing, was easy to set up and when I did have issues the team was fantastic. They replied quickly with simple and easy to follow instructions that solved my problem instantly!
I find this cost effective and efficient and would recommend to everyone looking for a simple solution linking shopify and xero!

Renee Thomason  

A2X has basically meant we can now act for a client which otherwise we wouldn't be able to due to the very high number of orders feeding through from Shopify. These previously needed to be manually reconciled and the fees calculated manually. A2X has been a bit fiddly to set up but, thanks to advice from support team on messenger, this is now up and running automatically. Overall a complete game changer!

Olivia Openshaw  

I'm a recent switcher from Kashflow and another app to connect to Shopify and to put it quite simply a2x and Xero have changed my life.

I run my ecommerce business by myself, and the seamless integration that a2x provides has literally saved me hours of bookkeeping. The fact it pulls through all discounts, tax AND fees is a game changer for me, I couldn't be happier.

Yes its pricey, but can you put a price on time gained back to invest into your business? I know which I prefer!

Laurelin Wilkins  

A2X is a great solution to reduce the amount of time spent reconciling transactions on xero. Also, Customer service is great always ready to answer your queries. Gamechanger!

Mohsin Omarji  

I've been using A2X for my e-comm client for several months now. It makes my job a breeze - super quick to get all the Shopify info in there, in a way that doesn't bog down my client's bookkeeping file. It's a total gamechanger and worth EVERY PENNY!!

Chelsea Monk  

A2X is an absolute game changer! I have a Shopify store which sells worldwide using 4 different payment providers (Shopify Pay / PayPal / Klarna & Clearpay). This has presented countless accounting issues (as a result of payouts being grouped, VAT & Non-VAT orders being combined, payment provider fees being taken before the funds arrive in our bank etc) which has caused several headaches.

A2X intuitively splits orders and exports the information to Xero in a recognisable format, removing the headache and enabling a novice like myself to manage my own Xero account.

The setup for this app is quite in-depth but extremely important which I recommend doing so alongside your accountant, to ensure funds are allocated to the relevant accounts with the correct tax allowance. Providing you take the time to integrate the app correctly, all future accounting will be extremely simple and I promise you'll never look back.

There is also a very helpful customer support team who you're able to contact via the online chat feature. These guys have always responded quickly to any queries I've had as well as providing detailed, step by step literature.

Ross Constant  

I have been very impressed with A2X and the ease with which it works. The service is fantastic and any questions are quickly answered.

Jack Wenham  

I am very impressed with A2X. If you use this software you will no longer have to waste your valuable time continually reconciling ecommerce payments

Steve Phillips  

A2X is fantastic! I highly recommend it to anyone who works in the ecommerce sector; it revolutionises the entire way bookkeeping is done! The ease and speed of reconciling settlements (in my case, Amazon) - is incredibly quick. It's a no brainer - A2X solves many problems and makes a huge difference! The service is also second to none - they make sure you're looked after and should you have any questions they're very eager to help get everything fixed up and sorted out for you! Thank you A2X :)

Deanna Simpson  

One of the most time efficient and sophisticated software I have worked on. And the support is second to none. Highly recommend if you have a client that is selling on Amazon.

Anna Tokarska  

I just set up a shopify store in June and xero has mede my accounting so much easier. I can keep track of my accounts, invoice customers keep track of VAT. i'm a total novice and this has my monthly accounting easy for my accountant.

Harpal Singh  

I am an accountant and started using A2X on a client a few months ago. A2X is extremely easy to use and the support team are excellent. We are using it for Amazon EU, US, AUS and Shopify. It is extremely difficult and very time consuming to accurately manage the accounting and tax just with Xero. Now it takes seconds to reconcile a month of Amazon and Shopify payments, everything matches to the penny and it is accurate with a full audit trail. A2X more than pays for itself in time saved and we will be using it on all Amazon/Xero clients going forwards.

Julia Allnutt  

A2X is a must have if you are an Amazon seller. Makes Amazon sales and fees easy & quick to import. We also use A2X for Shopify. Great 5 star app.

Julie Klaus  

A2X link into Xero is a game changer! It has taken hours off my accounting and the integration was very easy! 5 Star!

josephine Blunck  

Great product and customer service. A2X saves lots of time.

Adrian Pubrat  

Great product that simplifies ecommerce accounting in xero.

Paul Tesoriero  

I have found A2X massively helpful when used in conjunction with Xero also the support I have received from A2X in getting set up correctly has been fantastic so I cannot recommend this enough.

Sara Stone  

A2X is simple to use and robust. I'm now using it for both Amazon and Shopify and compared to other apps it requires far less effort. It simplifies all the data into one invoice (or invoice and bill for Amazon) which significantly reduces admin and doesn't fill your accounts with unnecessary data. I recommend it highly!

Kate Whitegroatt  

Very easy to use. Great support service. It was very easy for me to integrate all platforms.
I would recommend A2X to any e-commerce business.

Marek Lasisz  

I was beginning to lose hope with manually reconciling our revenue from our Shopify stores - it was taking so many days per month just to reconcile manually! then I discovered A2X and this is just brilliant, saving me several days out of my month which I can now use to get on with more important tasks. Also, I can not fault their customer service who are friendly and always willing to help you out! Thanks again for making my life so much easier!

Hannah Corstorphine  

A2X is a game changer for Amazon sellers. The support team are a pleasure to deal with

Cotuni Limited  

We have been maunally downloading and manipulating csv files to import into Xero from Amazon seller central. After much searching I came across A2X. Initially it was minorly difficult to set up and map codes. However, once up and running the time saving is immense. I was spending a day to download and import transactions from 5 Amazon regions. Now it takes aboiut an hour. Amazing! Highly recommended. The A2X support team are also really helpful and quick to respond in my experience.

Richard Manning  

We've just started using A2X alongside Xero, our inventory management and Shopify and it has massively streamlined the process. Saving lots of man hours from slow and fiddly reconciliations so wishing we had done it years ago! Support has been brilliant throughout.

Emilie Holmes  

A2X make syncing Amazon & Walmart into Xero such a breeze - certainly takes away a pain point for selling in mulitple locations.
Customer support is really good too!

Dave Alexander  

A2X is awesome! Installed it for my Shopify business and it has been great and my accountant is Happy!

Sam S  

A2X for Shopify or Amazon can save a business owner or an accountant/bookkeeper hours of work in recording all of the transactions necessary to understand the profitability of your eCommerce business.

Trinity Scott  

Recently started to use A2X and it has made our life much easier. Great software for e-commerce merchants. Speedy customer service, great experience!

Janis Reinsons  

A2X is a necessary app for all of our Amazon Seller clients. We have been using A2X for the last four years, and it's allowed us to report our client's Amazon activity faster and more accurately. The integration with Xero is beautiful, and the ability to map the different Amazon fees to ledger accounts works perfectly. Additionally, we have also used the Shopify to Xero integration with A2X, and that has the same results, beautiful! A2X is part of our recipe for success that we use with all of our Amazon Seller clients.

Michael Levy  

When starting a Shopify business I was seeking some type of integration to Xero for accouting data. I found A2X and it has saved me a great deal of time and effort. The initial setup was not diffictuly, but it was different than I expected. However, they had great support for me and got it set up quickly and right the first time. With the COGS integration it make my overall business accoutning pretty seamless for Shopify. Thanks A2X!

Grady Trew  

A2X has saved my life, reducing drastically the number of hours to work on the accounting. The staff has been very suportive, aswering all my questions and having more than 5 meetings at the beginning to set everything correctly. Thanks!!

Guillermo Iñigo  

A2X has completely simplified our Amazon and website channel in terms of financial reporting. Its very quick and the customer service is excellent. I'm very happy that they are constantly innovating and opening up to new sales channels as well. Thanks!

Eli Kim  

A2X is a no brainer for any Amazon Seller. Given the cluster f$%# (excuse my language) that is Amazon's fee and payment reporting, it's been impossible to accurately reconcile my books every month and then along came A2X. Thank the heavens A2X exists and I am so happy I discovered it. It has been invaluable for my business and they will be a partner for a very long time to come.

B's Supply Co.  

I was looking for Amazon Seller reporting tutorial online to figure out reporting for my client, and found a link to A2X software. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give A2X benefit of a doubt and scheduled a demo. I really liked what I seen and decided to run this by my client to make sure they were onboard. A2X did a second demo for my client and we got interested!!! We were looking to automating invoicing part and having timely accurate data. A2X gave us both. Onboarding was a breeze! Currently, my client is not utilizing cost part of the software, but everything else works great! Time savings on booking all these entries are huge! I highly recommend this software!

Olena K  

I've run a few a couple of large global online stores over the last 10 or so years on the Shopify platform and getting accurate sales data into our accounting software has generally been a right pain, not to mention time consuming! We've done it manually, we've used a plethora of different apps and NONE of them (really none) have been able to do it correctly and more importantly, accurately. There was always issues with one thing or another that made us still have to manually do things. This defeated the purpose!

I thought I was finished trying to find an automated solution, but when I launched my latest venture I came across A2X and thought I would give it one last go!

After signing up I started to work through the connections and then (honestly) immediately thought this is too complicated (it is very in-depth but I suppose if you want it to work correctly it needs to be). I thought this was going to be another waste of time but I reached out to support. The response I got was AMAZING and a video call was set up where I worked one-to-one with someone on the their onboarding team who worked through each and every part of their app and made the right selections and connections that were appropriate for my business and the platform / accounting software and payment providers I use to ensure all the date mapped correctly into XERO. Even received a follow up a couple of weeks later checking if everything was fine! This is the way onboarding and customer support SHOULD work but rarely does. I was very impressed.

And since then everything has worked, mapped and transferred correctly. no issues at all.

So, I can't speak for users on all platforms but if you are on Shopify then this is the ONLY company I would use. Don't waste your time on anything else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Greg Watson  

A must for Amazon sellers!

Jeremy Sallie  

A2X has simplified my life as an Amazon seller. I am so happy that I can see all my transactions being organized in a proper accounting and financial format. It makes it so easy so that I dont have to waste ANY time categorizing expenses or worrying about insignificant transactions that take brainpower away and add no value.

Thank you Xero!


We've been using a2x for about 4 months now and it has made a huge impact on the business. It saves time and gives a detailed look at what's happening in the business

Oscar Sinclair  

Took a bit of trial and error to get things working correctly, but the support was very good and it definitely makes life much easier

Giles Whitman  

Been using A2X for about half a year and couldn't live without it at this point. I recommend this software wholeheartedly!

Ben Andrews  

Small business owner here, based in the UK, who do most of our bookkeeping in house. We've used A2X for both Shopify and Amazon feeds for a few months now, and have found it consistently excellent.

My onboarding experience was the best I've ever had, and particularly the support provided around setting up our automated rules in the right way, means I've so much confidence in the accuracy of the numbers we're submitting for our VAT returns. Plus, everything just 'works' which is amazing.

It's saved me a massive headache each month, and, for my money, easily earns five stars.

David Falkner  

Im really pleased with A2X both for shopify and amazon integration. If im not sure on anything the team are really quick to respond which is great too. Im finding it a brilliant time saving tool and it also gives me more confidence around the correct tax treatment of foreign amazon sales.

Nicola Wiggins  

I love A2X, even though I am not a big seller on Amazon it helps me breakdown and easily connect everything. I can't imagine how people did all this without A2X! Saves me lots of hassle so far. I still have to get more in depth into it but there is no way I would be leaving it. It connects pretty easily. Highly recommend!

Leonie van Hofwegen  

I love A2X! I have sold on Amazon for over 10 years but only found this recently. It is saving hours and hours each month - if I only I had known about it earlier. For anyone selling on Amazon, you just have to use Xero with A2X.

Adrian Meakin  

Having a website hosted by Shopify and needing to integrate with Xero, I went looking for a solution - luckily it looks like I picked a good one. Like others here, it took a bit of setting up but support was great and now seems to be doing just what I need it to.

Hayley Willmott  

Amazing software, the value it adds is great. It works seamlessly and undoubtedly saves us a lot of time which is worth the monthly cost. That said if I compare it directly to other pieces of software I use I believe it to be a touch pricey.

Jeremy Jacobs  

If you're running an amazon business at scale then A2x is a must. Amazon's financial statements are fiendishly complex and A2x makes the whole process simple. Initial set up takes a little time (make sure you involve your accountant) once this is done you can sit back safe in the knowledge that your amazon invoices are taken care of.

Aziz Tarafder  

I have recently inhereted a client who uses 5 shoppify accopunts and 2 Amazon ones with paymemnts via Stripe, Paypall and direct through the channel in multi currencies. Moving them to A2X has allowed me to give the client significant analysis on their sales split and associated costs, to a level they hadn't had before. The set up was quite detailed but teh support guys at A2X were brilliant which has made all the difference.

Jane Godfrey  

I discovered A2X because one of my clients uses it. We have to do the work manually with another client so I have experienced doing the work with and without A2X. It is definitely a time-saver!

Lyne Essiembre  

Love how seamless and accurate the integration is. The details are all well thought through and implemented. Ability to differentiate tax posting for different countries to tracking categories. There is nothing that needs to be touched up in the Xero integration - love it!
Looking forward to seeing other selling platforms so I can move away from the spreadsheets for those.

Chaim Korik  

I was using quickbooks and it wasn't working for me with my online store. I switched to Xero and A2x and it has made posting so much more efficient and accurate. I use 1 A2x for the shopify store and another for my amazon acct and they collect all sales data and transfer to Xero. Very Happy would encourage all to use.

Jeff Schard  

Very easy to use, has saved me a heap of time with reconciliations, no errors or discrepancies, highly recommend :)

Cactus Accounts  

Super easy to use and set up (if you have some accounting knowledge). Brings all the data through seamlessly. Should probably be a little cheaper at the bottom end of usage. I use it for Amazon and Shopify.

Craig Anderson  

Have been a seller on Amazon US for a few months, and finally got around to setting up Xero... I had a look into the various options, and A2X made pulling data from Amazon and into Xero SO, VERY, SIMPLE.
It's a little expensive (ie, more expensive than Xero), however the time it will save me each month is considerable.

Scott Player  

I configured my own Xero account and worked to connect A2X. The A2X team is amazing. They answer questions super quickly and provide the information needed to make sure everything works. The A2X product is great. But what really makes a difference is that A2X has hired a great support team to answer customer questions.

Ellena Bondesson  

Been using A2x for a few years now with Amazon and it is fantastic. I used to have to download and parse the Amazon deposit reports manually and they were over 10,000 lines long! It was brutal and it was never possible to get them to accurately reconcile with the revenue reports on Amazon. A2x completely redefines the process and removes my input altogether! So thankful and so much time saved!

Dan Cates  

A2X -Shopify-Xero integration so seamless it just save 99% time spent on accounting for Shopify settlement into Xero using spreadsheet or whatever shortcut we deem best. We just have our A2X - Shopify activated and the payouts automatically come in. Setup is very easy - especially the settlements accounts and taxes. Owners should consider this if they want to scale their business to grow instead of spending precious time to account for the payouts. Two thumbs up to both A2X and its awesome customer support.

Baby Quinte  

I have started using AX2 for Amazon and Shopify for one of our clients. The support has been excellent and I recommend this product to anyone who uses Amazon or Shopify. It makes life so much easier once this is up and running.

Michelle Goddard  

Just started using A2X and its been great so far! Very easy set up and helpful customer service!

Victor Omameh  

I love this app. It makes my accounting so much easier. Accounting with Amazon can be a nightmare and using a2x has solved my headache with that.

Kevin Stafford  

In the accountancy practice where I work we have been using A2X for around 3 years now. It has helped us immensely and is so user friendly. The support team are also brilliant and are quick to help when you have a query. Would definitely recommend.

Emily Ireland  

We recently acquired two clients who sell products on Amazon. After trying to do the reports manually, and frankly wasting a lot of time doing so, we looked to automate the process. We quickly found A2X and we are thrilled with our decision. The time saved on manually running the reports vastly outweighs the cost of the software.

One has since started using Shopify to sell their goods directly. I have previous experience manually doing Shopify sales, and was hesitant to use A2X for the Shopify sales. However, now I wish I'd been using it all along.

Thank you A2X!

Adam Hutton  

I had only vaguely heard of an app that was available for Amazon that made the accounting easier. But when I suddenly had an Amazon seller client who wanted 3 years of accrual accounting catch up done, I went and found A2X via the Xero marketplace. It was remarkably easy to sign up, and integrate and send all historic settlements across to Xero. What could have been an absolute data entry nightmare turned into something so easy. Client is happy, I'm happy (the accountant), and I would highly highly recommend to anyone doing accounting for Amazon sellers! The customer support is also great! 10/10!

Alicia Sizemore  

A2X is a very efficient and effective software that gets the work done. It helps you avoid using spreadsheets that take a lot of time and make the work very complicated.

A2X Simplified Amazon and Shopify Accounting and helps you maintain clean books for your clients.

I love using A2X to automate my clients' Amazon and Shopify Accounting.

Kyei Baffour  

I am using A2X for more than 2 years with Xero and Quickbooks online. It's really amazing app that helps us to support our customers. It's helping us to show accurate number for our customer businesses. It is saving our lot of time to enter data manually. I really like it. I can't work for Shopify and Amazon business bookkeeping without A2X

Abdul Ghaffar  

I Love how easy bookkeeping is now all you have to do is just click on one button and Wallah it's done for you. Great job Xero!

Jaylon Nichols  

Started using A2X a couple of months ago for my Amazon seller account. It has been great. Excellent documentation and responsive support team. It was good enough that I switched managing my shopify store to A2X from another system, and I'm pleased I did!

Sandy Lamond  

Love it! A2X helps us save a lot of time. We use it to help us reconcile Amazon and Shopify Sales and COGS accurately. Highly recommended.

Laura Ortiz  

I find the correct way and now the xero account looks much better using a2x than add everything manual. Easy to sure and I find very precise.

Ciprian Iojica  

A2X for Amazon and Shopify are must haves for every accountant who works with eCommerce sellers! It saves me hours worth of work and headaches. Customer support is the best!

Lisa Corbitt  

I very highly recommend using this software for anyone who is an amazon seller. I use this to integrate my Amazon financial data into my Xero accounting software. I am a chartered accountant and this system works exceptionally well. The simplicity of importing all the detailed financial data each month saves me hours and hours of time. Also their support team on the set up and understanding on how it works was really really good.


When deciding early-on to manage my accounting or outsource, the A2X tool took on one of the early challenges for managing my Amazon integrations and the longer I use it, the more I appreciate the consistency. I had many questions in the beginning and received positive feedback quickly from the team and continued to follow up. Looking forward to another great year working with the team.

Mark Stevens  

Using A2X for both shopify & amazon and it makes accounting for these business channels a breeze! Highly recommended

Frank Claassen  

Just gone live with A2X and Shopify with a client. It's a beauty, I'm thrilled with it! Took me no time to setup and link with Shopify and Xero. Lovely to see the Sales Invoices fly through from Shopify into the Sales Ledger in Xero and then beautifully matching payments to the Bank Statement lines.
100% recommend!

Vicky Dryburgh  

A2X for Amazon into Xero is an absolute must have. I use to spend days trying to reconcile my Amazon sales and couldn’t believe how hard it was. After finding A2X my life became much simpler. Their support is great and the integration is super easy. You cannot go wrong unless you don’t go with A2X!

Mike Moore  

A2X and Xero - a duo that not only saves me time but also my sanity!

I am so happy that I decided to go with A2X alongside my clients selling on Shopify. It is a huge timesaver for myself and my team.

The support through the setup and beyond was stellar!

I love that I can have control of pushing the data manually as I please or having it automatically send. I have different use cases with different clients where this comes in really handy.

And it is giving us COGS!

Thanks, A2X for a great product

Kelly Christian  

A2X is a time saver for Amazon Sellers and Bookkeeper like me! Customer support is fast and awesome!

George Mikhail Aurelio  

A2X is an absolute must have for any Amazon seller. Seriously, it is that good! We were doing what it does manually, wasting many hours each and every month. A2X is saving us an awful lot of time and headache, meaning we have more time to grow our business than be stuck in admin. Only wish I had found A2X earlier!

Michael Grzywacz  

I have been using A2X for years with my FBA clients. The only way to make it better is to add Shopify into the mix. Simplify your process and make it scalable!! A2X is the only tool for e-commerce revenue accounting.

Jay Kimelman  

A2x is a lifesaver! It saves us a huge amount of time in reconciling our shopify transactions back to Xero. It's very easy to use and makes bookkeeping simple. It has greatly increased our accuracy and decreased the time we spend on bookkeeping every month. A2X understands the unique bookkeeping problems posed by Shopify and Amazon FBA and I happily recommend A2X to anyone running a business on these platforms. I can't imagine ever going back to our old bookkeeping methods!

Wayne Goodwin  

Fantastic product and love the fact that it's consolidated, summarized reporting. We have cleaner, reliable financials and we can leave the data analysis outside of Xero!

Cameron Browne  

I've recently started using A2X and Xero for my Amazon FBA business. It took a bit to figure out how to deal with periods that had negative amounts and showed up as a bill instead of an invoice. Once I figured that out though it's now just a 2-3 minute process every two weeks to match up my imported invoice/bill from A2X with my bank deposit in Xero. Doing this manually would take at least an hour, probably far more. Well worth the price, even for a small seller like myself.

When I contacted support I receive a response within a few hours, or sometimes much faster.

Michael Simpson  

Excellent product, excellent value. The amount of time that A2X has saved me makes it worth its weight in gold. Without A2X it would take me hours and hours each month trying to reconcile Amazon transactions and I would definitely end up getting it wrong. A2X makes it seamless and gives me peace of mind that everything is correct.

Oliver Codling  

Brilliant product, it is really helpful especially if there's multiple seller ID!
It really helps and reduce time in dealing with the settlements from Amazon to Xero and the tax mapping option is great!

Selina Cheung  

I started using A2X / Xero intergration 2 months ago and it's life-changing for my business. Saves so much time and effort, meanwhile data is clean and accurate. My accountant is also very happy. It's a no brainer if you're serious about growing your business.

Merissa Cohen  

A2X has made reconciling Shopify Payments through multiple payments gateways a breeze. The app makes it way faster and easier to see where seller fees are coming from. So much that was being done manually before is now automated.

Dan Quigley  

A2X is definitely a great solution for Amazon sellers who are searching for an easy way to do bookkeeping.

The support team is very responsive. The onboarding process for accountants is very quick.

I was able to easily set up a new client onto A2X and clean up 6 months worth of bookkeeping in just a few hours.

I'm definitely looking forward to adding more ecommerce bookkeeping clients.

Alana Bryant, CPA  

A2X has been incredibly useful and has saved us considerable hours when reconciling payments.

Tony Ng  

Well, all I can say is this: Sliced bread move over because you have just been replaced again with another "Can't live without tool" from A2X. Accounting for Shopify and Amazon sales has never been so easy. Thanks, again.

Richard James  

As a Website Design company, we find this an excellent integration that benefits many of our clients' ecommerce websites.
We have received a lot of positive feedback from all clients that use it.
Quikclicks has no hesitation recommending it to future clients

Ronnen Moses  

A2X has been been the missing piece for our Amazon clients. Not only does it save us and our clients plenty of time, it ensures transparency and accuracy within our reports. We would never go back.

Cameron Macdonald  

Stressless Amazon and Shopify Sales reconciliations!

After a year of spending days manually working out the Amazon Sales, I was excited to find A2X. They did not disappoint! A2X posts my sales, seller fees, advertising costs and monthly fees perfectly every payout. It also posts the Cost of Goods Sold and takes it off my Inventory.

We are loving the green boxes in the Xero bank reconciliation and just click "OK". What a time saver! Like others in this Community said before, it is a must have when you are selling on Amazon and if you sell volume on Shopify.

The Customer Support is great, as they always get back quickly. You are treated like an individual and no question is too much. The live chat and email conversations are getting you on the right track swiftly.

We more recently setup the Shopify Integration, so we're excited to not have to reconcile them anymore either.

Can't wait for an Ebay integration... Hint ;-)

Purchase this Software: you won't regret it!

Iris Meijer  

I've been using A2X for a cpl if mos now, it has cut my processing time down significantly and the work is coded right everytime. Which I knew about this yrs ago. Time saver and the work is done correctly the 1st time a true win-win

Laurie Seligman  

Way to go A2X do not know what I would do without this s/w to reconcile my Amazon account and transactions.It makes life so much easier for bookeeping my Amazon business

Mario Cannalunga  

I've had a very good experience using A2X. The clean user interface makes it easy and efficient to get my work done and the accuracy is great.

Timothy Styne  

I had questions regarding a discount for multiple Amazon accounts, A2X support got back to me very quickly on the same day.

I love A2X features for the cost of goods sold, sales tracking, and inventory report. I don't think there is a similar app that has inventory valuation features.

Please make sure you have an accountant or bookkeeper to check the accounts and tax rates mapping to ensure they are correct. If you are based in the EU, you will need an experienced accountant / bookkeeper on EU tax rates.

Fran Montgomerie  

We have been using A2X for a while now and are trialing the version for use with Shopify. This is a really great piece of software and is a must for Amazon Sellers. The set up takes some time because the settings are so detailed, which they need to be for Amazon, once this is done it takes away so much time and hassle. The difference in processing for Shopify is also huge. Xero with A2X is now the standard setup for our Amazon client base.

Alys Stuart  

A2X accurately pulls in data for each Amazon settlement and allows for quick account mapping and bank reconciliation in Xero. The integration is robust and the odd exception is easily resolved. Great for tracking sales by channel and SKU. The only piece that could be improved is Canadian sales tax.

Julia Tomkins  

Loving A2X - once it's set-up with all the right mapping it's super simple to use and integrate with Xero to ensure pain-free accounting

Sam Gore  

I'm new to the eCommerce business via Amazon FBA and found out in my research that A2X is a must-have service that I believe all Amazon sellers need to have. With its integration with Xero.com, it made my decision much easier to do. But stand alone, the A2X service is in my opinion priceless. Thank you, Hubert

Hubert Castro  

Takes a bit to setup right. But once it's working, makes importing amazon financials into Xero so easy!

William Grant  

Prior to finding A2X, our Amazon settlements were a nightmare, it was like pushing a string uphill on a slope. A2X has really saved us time and energy with our Amazon accounting. We love A2X !!! thank you.

Kevin Anderson  

A2X is a essential tool when doing business on Amazon, I can't remember how to do this without this awesome sollution.

Richard de Boer  

Great add-on app. Amazing support. Would recommend to all my Amazon clients. Works on all currency and market places. Love the way it links with Xero.

Joanne Saunders  

Our account manager Iona Bird is amazing. The A2X team has made it really easy to set up and made the accounting a breeze. We would recommend A2X for anyone who simply want seamless easy accounting integration with Amazon!


I am the external accountant ( years qualified) to an Amazon reseller and trhus have vast experience. A2X is a great integration tool and not only makes Xero use much easier, but also allows for examination of COGS in a very detailed fashion.
Life without A2X would like living without my wife - I would be lost:)

David Birdwood-Hedger  

I have been using A2X for just over 2 years. It is easy to set up, collects the sales, product costs for COGS, and inventory on hand counts, at the very least.
A must have tool for Amazon sellers.

Cathleen Jungreis  

The first half a year of selling on Amazon we did the bookkeeping ourselves, which was terrible. Fortunately, we heard about A2X. This had a great impact on our time. Where calculating invoices and sales from Amazon took hours before, we are finished with reconcilliating in Xero in just a couple of minutes now. Big game changer for us as a startup. Would recommend it to anyone!

Jochem van Heek  

A2X is an essential tool for your Amazon business. It made keeping records of each Amazon payout and cost of goods sold accurate and doable. It really helps to automate the most complex part of accounting for an Amazon business and it will save you a lot of time. Highly recommended.

Herbert Carroll  

Big fan of the A2X - Xero integration. Finally after long last I'm able to get a complete picture on my P&L statement. Has been a major game changer and I can't recommend it highly enough.

John Beaton  

I have been using A2X for a little over two years now and it is one of the best tools that I have. It has saved me a ton of time by creating the Amazon invoices instead of me having to go through many manual steps. In addition, the people at A2X and customer service is amazing -- they are quick to respond, fast in fixing errors and provide great communication. I highly recommend their service if you are an Amazon seller.

Eileen Schreiberg  

It would be impossible to accurately post Amazon sales without A2X. They make it amazingly easy and have great support

Abby Cleckner  

I don't know life without A2X, but it makes everything SO easy compared to what I have to do for all other sales channels. I can't imagine working without it and trying to have to compile all of the data manually - I'm sure it would take a few days every month instead of a few minutes!

Jo Schroeder  

I have been using A2X for one of our clients for over a year and it is such a time saver when it comes to bookkeeping and processing of the numerous transactions our client has, especially using multiple amazon country platforms. Everyone at A2X are really quick to respond to any problems and always provide helpful advice.

Maddy Dorrell  

I am using the A2X from last 2 years and It is really Great solution for FB Amazon E-Commerce Business. I was facing a really big issue before using A2X that how to sort out all fee and deduction from amazon but A2X help me to sort out.

Abid Ali  

I am very happy with all the time A2X saves me. When I started my Amazon business I was worried how I was going to be able to keep track of every transaction and put them into my books. With just a click A2X does that for me. It saves time and it is very easy to use.

Michelle Sasso  

I suggested my first E-commerce customer to start using A2X over 6 months ago after him and me struggling for the last one plus year and I, were was downloading Reports form AMZ and creating complex xls with formula. Now my customer and I both love and I am also focusing on e-commerce niche.

Gary Tasser  

I have only recently started using A2X but already i can see the benefits. Being able to have all of the transactions from Amazon in one place and be able to clearly see what is going in and out of our account is well worth the cost. A great product.

Scott Dobie  

I've been using A2X for almost a year now. The price versus the time saved complting the bookkeeping tasks makes A2X well worth the money spent. I'm not sure how I would be able to keep track of the Amazon fees without A2X! It's a must-have software for any Amazon seller.

Analyn Gajo-Shaw  

A2X is a great solution to my client's Amazon FBA business, it's easy to set up and configure and saves so much time and heartache trying to reconcile the Amazon transactions, thoroughly recommended.

Chris Kemp  

I've been using A2X for our Amazon business for almost a year. It is truly a time-saver and allows me to focus more time on my business. It's very streamlined and integrates easily with Xero. A2X is a valuable business tool and also provides awesome support.

Judy Chien  

I started using A2X nearly 4 years ago and love the way it creates an invoice for my Amazon payouts. Makes bookkeeping so much easier. I’ll be a customer for as long as I sell on Amazon.

Travis Ross  

A2X is a great solution to my client's Amazon FBA business. The system is easy to navigate and the online support is fantastic. My client started using A2X from 1st July 2018 and its a whizz and so easy to set-up from mapping codes to integrate Amazon Sales data seamlessly to Xero. Tracking inventory is also a good feature. I can't wait for them to develop their system to support the entire Inventory Management System in the near future.

Liezel Portelli  

A2X is the perfect solution for Amazon Accounting!

Pros: The best part about A2X is the automated integration between Amazon Seller Central and Xero. Once you set it up and configure it the first time, it automatically captures and codes every line item the way you want it going forward.

Cons: The most challenging part is the initial set up process and mapping the codes appropriately.

Overall: A2X for Amazon accounting is the most seamless tool that integrates and automates all of my FBA sales into Xero for Amazon accounting. I save so much money by not having to hire a CPA or book keeper because A2X has does most of the heavy lifting!

Eric Chen  

I like the simplicity of the program and the information gained from connecting FBA to Xero.
Their team is nice and good to work with.
If you need better information between Xero and FBA, use A2X.

Disclosure: I have used A2X for 3 years. I was prompted to write this review today to get a $10 Amazon gift card. Regardless, my opinion is not affected by the gift card.

Chris Hibbs  

Having launched the company on Amazon and immediately looking for an accounting solution, I found A2X had everything I was looking for and at the time it was what introduced me to Xero as well. I can't imagine doing Amazon related entries without A2X--once it's setup according your desired settings and mappings, the automation of pulling in settlement reports is an extreme time saver.

Melissa Bagley  

I've used it for 3 years and it keeps improving/adding new features. I can't imagine the business without it. The importing is a breeze and highly automated.

Finance DEOCCO  

Extracting accounting data from Amazon is easy, but actually using it to update your own books is incredibly time consuming and difficult, certainly for a start-up selling in different currencies. A2X makes this a breeze. A2X subscription is an absolute no-brainer.

Henri David von Franquemont  

After months struggling to find a right solution for Amazon accounting, we found a2x and xero. both services help my accountant to figure out Amazon data. Thanks

Jiri Studnicky  

We tried a few different options for syncing Amazon to Xero, and A2X was both the easiest to use and the most affordable. We've been using it for about a year now with zero issues. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Alexander Milan  

Saved me hours.
Such good software.
Really works well with Xero

AZ Returns  

A2X and Xero are a great combo. Been using it for 3 years. Is definitely worth the monthly cost as I have saved hundreds of hours.

Matthew Chan  

The absolute best Amazon accounting solution. I have run through a lot of other options and there is really no better way to integrate Amazon with Xero than A2X. It is the time-saving life-hack everyone needs.

Francis Frost  

A2X is an extremely helpful tool for detailing invoices and payments originating from our clients' Amazon Seller account activity. I highly recommend A2X to accounting and bookkeeping professionals grappling with the task of detailing your client's Amazon seller activity.

Jeffrey Ralston  

A must have for transferring your Amazon sales data into Xero.

Lore Bruner  

From an accounting standpoint, A2X is very helpful. It really eases the process of entering Amazon settlement information into the Xero account. My clients and I love how easy it is to use!

Sean B. Winkel, CPA  

Used A2X for sometime and it excels with Amazon. My accountant recommended it and I now wouldn’t b without it.

Buy with confidence

Michael Sharman  

Before A2X , we had a long drawn out process of exporting Amazon details, trying to classify the multitude of fees and discounts that they make up each month and just generally spending hours being frustrated. Once we implemented A2X, we regained ALL of that time. With just a click of a button, all the information carries over for us automatically - perfectly formatted, perfectly coded. In the event of a glitch, A2X support is top of the line, responsive, helpful, clear and quick. If there is a single app that amazon sellers need, it is A2X , without question.

Jillian Heisler  

A2X is essential IMHO. Saves me so much time! Can't imagine not having it.


Great piece of software, invaluable for Xero Amazon reconciliations - especially VAT.

Nathan O'Hanlon  

Great app. Not sure what I would do without it! Support is fast and efficient too. Would highly recommend!

James Pearlman  

Good app, never had any issues, helps us cut down the time taken to reconcile with Amazon.

Louis M  

I like this apps.
It simplifies the process of analyzing Amazon reports in Xero, saves time, it is very easy to use

Julia Hudoley  

Having struggled with the Amazon financial reports and interfaces for so long, it was a revelation to discover A2X. Although it has taken mew a little while to set it up I am extremely grateful and happy with the product. It will save many many hours going forward.
I have also had excellent help and support from the team who have been friendly, helpful, understanding and professional. Definitely recommended!

Simon Goddard  

I was lucky enough to learn about A2X in the beginning stages of my business. It works great! Because Amazon is always changing, you do need to make sure the accounts are mapped correctly every time. It is very easy to use and I am very pleased with their service.

Shawn Severinsen  

This app makes bring the relevant data from Amazon into Xero easy!

David Bucienski  

It is a previledge to use A2X. It makes my work much easier. I really can't imagine how to do my client's amazon book without A2X.

Sheng Skimins  

For me I could not be without A2x now, it just works. It sits there and imports not just my sales invoices, but my purchase invoices aswell ready for easy reconciliation! To perform this process manually is unthinkable!! So what's wrong with A2x? eBay, they have not created the same product for eBay and that is very frustrating!

Stuart Cameron  

I have been using A2X for about 3 months now and am glad I did not only is there customer service the best I have dealt with out of any company but it simplifies the process of posting settlements to Xero

I think I will be user for sometime to come

Daniel Upton  

A2X makes the absurdly complex Amazon Seller account really simple to review and post.

Great product! What's even better, GREATER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

Wayne Spivak  

I could not imagine the amount of time it would cost me to manage my Amazon transactions without A2X. Great product and great support!

Riccardo Ferrari  

If you sell on Amazon, A2X is an absolute no brainer. It took be maybe 10 minutes tops to setup, and has saved me hours (if not days!) of time. Can not recommend this program enough and they have great customer service to boot. Hip Hip, Horrray!

Dustin Remy  

Previously, we were rigging complex spreadsheets using Amazon seller central reports in order to enter our sales and inventory journal entries. The Inventory Lab feature set was too bloated when we only needed inventory and cogs data.

A2X has exactly what we need to automate sales, costs and inventory data to our accounting system. A2X has saved us hours upon hours of tedious work. This is a no-brainer and very reasonably priced.

Reagan Lembke  

A2X works flawlessly and saves me hours at every Amazon reconciliation. Implementation was easy and the little support I've required was fast, professional and spot-on. No regrets or reservations at all!

Martin Phipps  

Last year I was pulling my hair out managing all of my Amazon sales and COGs data outside of my accounting package. Each month took me about 2-3 days to process - and it's just me!! Now with Xero/A2X it really is click of a button stuff. I've saved so much time. Highly, highly recommended.

Mark Hodierne  

A2X accounting has saved us countless hours when reconciling our Amazon payout transactions. It took us a few hours in the beginning to map all the transactions the way we needed . But once we finished setting up, it takes only seconds for us to review each payout and import them over to Xero. Highly recommended for any Amazon seller wanting to stay on top of their financials.

Brian M Kim  

I recommend A2X to any client that is an Amazon seller. It greatly reduces the amount of time I have to spend making adjustments and is very beneficial for clients who like up to date financials for their business.

Xavier Hamilton  

A2X is great for reconciling transaction from Amazon quickly to Xero. I higherly recommend the product.

Kevin Brown  

A2X is very helpful. It is easy to use and the mapping integrates well with Xero. It can really save a lot of time and resources. I am excited to see what new features they come up with next!

Noah Maldonado  

A2X has been like a dream. It's given me back so many hours that previously, were spend in navigating Amazon's terrible accounting and reporting. Couldn't think of selling on Amazon without using A2X. The only thing they can maybe improve on is suggesting how to set up certain accounts in Chart of Accounts.

Monil Kothari  

I am an Amazon seller with no accounting background whatsoever. A2X is a simple tool that allows me to easily import my transactions into my accounting software (Xero). I love simple tools that save time, and A2X meets my needs perfectly.

Melinda Bess  

I've been using A2X for close to 1 year. I give it high marks for a few reasons:
1. Customer support is quick and they try to answer my questions specifically (not just with canned responses).
2. It makes my life easier (let's face it, this should be reason #1)! I just import the report to Xero and BOOM - all my Amazon FBA info is right there.
3. COGS feature. It was a few months before I started using this - SO wish I had started earlier. This feature imports my COGS info into Xero. This actually saved me $$ because this (coupled with AMZN's improved inventory features on Seller Central) enabled me to say goodbye to InventoryLab. IL is a very good product, but became redundant.

Very glad A2X is there!

Clint Darby  

Love A2X!. Been using it now for almost 2 years and it is such a time saver! Spend the time necessary to properly set up your client at the start and then it does all the heavy lifting. Absolutely love A2X. Have also found their customer service chat to be very helpful and responsive. Highly recommend!

Mick Lindquist  

It's very efficient and effective for reducing bookkeeping time for Amazon Accounting.

Bryant Akonjang. FCCA. M.Sc  

Its very very good. Saved many hours of bookkeeping!

Ashley Peat  

Amazon can be very time consuming if you want to accurately record transactions, taxes and fees. A2X not only looks after this automatically this but gives you a monthly summary of FBA stock value. We can not accurately see the costs and returns of selling on Amazon- Thanks A2X.

Neal Smith  

Fabulous app that has saved me hours and allows me to reconcile all the settlements for 7 companies. Amazing! Very happy customer.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I would have liked a "Demo Company" A2X so I can practice with the stock features and cost of sales features. I'm just not sure that the training for these modules is readily available or as neat as the Xero training was.

Nathan Sobel  

We are using this software since 2015 and it is doing well for us from Xero Thank you a2x

James Allen  

I was looking forward to launching my first product on Amazon, but at the same time I feared the moment I would have to start picking Amazon's statements apart. And then I heard about A2X...such a godsend!

It is a breeze to work with, and even setting up is easy. I had one question and the support team was fantastic.

Highly recommended.

Jeanne Ward  

Besides A2X been an excellent product which can save you countless hours of work, the A2X team provides unparalleled support.

Karen, Iona and Ashley have been nothing but supportive from the setting up of the account, to the mapping and integrating the app with both Xero and Amazon and their response time is almost instant!

Brilliant App & Brilliant Support, would definitely recommend to Amazon sellers and to Accountants and Bookkeepers that have Amazon Sellers as clients.

Lena Moustaki  

Genuinely a 5* experience. Given how complicated Amazon make things, this thing is nothing short of miraculous!!

Customer service is off the charts - super fast live chat (really puts Xero's response times and email system to absolute shame!), super knowledgeable team.

I was able to seamlessly take in months of back data and now everything is ready to go in real time and uploads with the click of a button. Boom!

PS: Despite their website pricing giving the impression you can only access one marketplace, it seems to count Europe as one market so everything feeds in! Awesome!

Brian Lennon  

I have been using A2x for a couple of months now and it is superb. Saves us hours of time. We have eight countries we sell through Amazon and all different currencies etc, A2X makes the process so smooth and stress free. I took time setting it up so it was exactly right and have never looked back. The only regret I have is that I didn't find this application earlier! Would recommend this it anyone who sells on Amazon.

Anne Burgess  

A2X is a no brainer for your Amazon customers. I would say it costs more money to not use A2X than it does to use it to automate posting of Amazon sales and the myriad of fees.

Catherine Fogarty  

A2X is an efficient and time saving software. Pays for everyone to try it out

Mordechai Tannenbaum  

Simply put: an indispensable connection tool between Amazon and Xero. We have been using A2X for about six months now and cannot imagine doing the same type work without it. Amazon fees and invoices are extremely complicated and fragmented in a myriad of transactions that would be nearly impossible to reconcile in Xero. After months of research and after trying a number of alternative tools we finally landed on A2X which not only is the best in its category but also the only one that allows accounting individually for each and every Amazon fee. When you add to this multiple European marketplaces you come to the conclusion that A2X is an absolute must for the serious seller! Many thanks (and two thumbs up) to all the support staff for the excellent service received setting up our account.

Vigoria Ltd  

What can I say, reconciling Amazon transactions across all the marketplaces is impossible or it is possible but it takes hours. They have so many separate fees to contend with. No much wonder they pay little taxes, nobody can understand what they are doing. I almost gave up selling on Amazon purely based on the administrative headache. Luckily I found A2X, now all I have to do is click a few buttons. Worth every penny!

Stuart Duncan  

Hello, whenever I had problems or questions, A2X was quick to help. Ashley is very competent and solved all my questions within very short time. Thanks for that.

Sonja Groneweg  

We have been using A2X for a few months now. We had problems on our end understanding how to integrate it into Xero but the support team at A2X were stellar - very very patient and they walked us through every issue we had. Now it is working very slickly and we are happy.

mat Pep  

we have been using A2X for 1.5 years and we are super happy regarding all the time that we are saving, we are a small company in we do not have 1 person dedicated to our taxes so this saves us incredible time and money,

Before we have to go Reports in amazon pass it to Excel spreadsheet, do the math and then classify the accounts in Xero, etc. all these steps were headaches, all this process take before 2-3 hours, now with A2X it takes about 5-10 min, you just set up one time and that's it. is magical. we are so happy that we found A2X, our Amazon accounting is organized and what we like most, so quick simple and fast, we love A2X features, and we love the price. 10000... thumbs up,

Simplicity, Fast, Reliability, Quick, Easy to understand, we love it pretty, Enormous Time saving, Great price, Excellent customer support

Daniel Quintero  

Have been successfully using A2X for several months and i am extremely impressed with their world class customer support. We always get a quick and detailed response. It may take a little time and effort when setting up but now i wouldn't be without it

Dave Griffin  

Great App!! A2X helps a ton with coding AMZ invoices. Thanks so much for this powerful, affordable, and time-saving tool.

Martin Barnes  

Great App. Makes reconciling Amazon a breeze. Had a little difficulty at the start with 'Chart of Accounts', support was quick to help. You need to get Amazon to push payment transactions in a 'V2 Flat File' format to your seller account for the app to work but Amazon are happy to do this free of charge. A2X works across the Amazon marketplaces - we are currently using the App for the UK & Germany.

John Baker  

I've been using A2X for about a month now, I'm very happy with it :) Saves me a lot of time and they're very quick to respond if you have any issues. Highly recommended!!

Jo Eriksen  

Makes my life so easy! I am using the COGS beta and really helpful. Iona and Ashley are great support.


William Mairs  

I've recently started with A2X and couldn't be happier. I've had a number of questions regarding settlements etc and have found support to be hyper-responsive. I've used Xero for a few years and love it but cannot figure out why I haven't connected A2X before this as it will save a lot of time, expense and frustration. If you're selling on Amazon and not using A2X you need a check up from the neck up.

Doug Terry  

We've been using A2X for the last couple of years now and have just added Europe & Canada to the mix. Not only is the software seamless, the support is fantastic. Any questions I've had have been promptly answered by Ashley & his team. Great software that saves a MASSIVE amount of time, I don't even want to think how long this would take us without the software. Highly recommended. Thanks Ashley! :)

Rhett Lewis  

We've used A2X for two years. Bullet proof so far.

Bill Miller  

Great service and product!

E Clay PRICE  

I have recently started using A2X for a new client, who sell internationally on Amazon. A2X is an excellent product. I was happy to see the amount of detail it brings into Xero, such as sales, tax, shipping costs and fees breakdown, as well as adjustments for the Amazon reserve. It took me a little time to learn how everything flows, and I was able to go back and fix the client's entire year of improperly posted sales. More importantly, A2X team was amazing to work with. Carmen, Karen and Ashley were very responsive and proactive in helping me get a good grasp of the product. I thoroughly enjoyed nerding out with Karen over trouble-shooting a few items in prior reconciliations. These people are simply awesome!

Alena Pauliuchkova  

I needed to use their complex Regular Operations but I don't know how to. So I made a quick chat to Ashley, their support, explained my problem and what I needed to achieve.

(I want to group SKUs with the word "phone" in the middle of it + some other SKU which doesn't have the word "phone".)

In a matter of seconds she helped me. They said they rarely get these question, as there are only few who needs the function but this is a timesaver. Especially to accountants.

Danzyll John Quiogue  

There is simply no better way to get the same type of reporting, by SKU for each sale on Amazon, linked up automatically to an accounting software. A2X has made a big part of our business run on auto-pilot so that we can focus on expansion.

I am using them in Amazon EU, USA, and in JPN now and am very happy. The support is amazing and they are always willing to help.

No Brainer!

Mehran K  

Worth the monthly subscription fee - This makes my accounting a breeze when reconciling with my Amazon Seller Account. Without A2X I'd be spending a lot more time at this task, so anything that frees up my time is worth the investment.

Geraldine Centonze  

A2X is a great product absolutely worth the money.

As a good Dutch person - to save money - I have tried doing the Amazon settlements by hand, with Excels and to be honest many errors.
Now I have A2X and once it is setup (which is very easy), it just runs by itself. I get an email that a settlement has been read and transformed into one or two invoices. Just review it and press the button and then it lands in Xero perfectly.

It is a great product, works all the time, has a great customer service and it takes a real lot of work out of my hands.
I really wouldn't know what to do without it.

Hans Verhoeven  

My bookkeeper reviewed A2X a couple of years ago and we got stuck on the Zero Rated items that we sell. We don't have a SKU pattern and items change so we figured it wasn't worth it. We also didn't realise that settlements would split at the end of a month so thought that our monthly reporting would go skewiff.

Well, looked into it again recently and very glad I did. Has hugely simplified and speeded up our Amazon accounting and the support from Ashley was superb. He offered to jump on a call at 8pm his time (being in New Zealand and me being in the UK) and helped me work through the setup to ensure that we were handling all the VAT situations in the best way.

Now Amazon accounting takes 20x less time than it used to!

Fergus Macdonald  

I've been using A2X since 2015 and I don't know where I would be without it. We have 15 Amazon accounts and each month I would spend countless hours manually transferring data from Amazon to our Xero account - A2X has saved me at least 20 hours each month. This saving of time has allowed me to concentrate more on what I'm best at - creating new products to sell on Amazon. Our business would not have grown as much as it has had it not been for A2X.

I recently ran into a billing issue (my fault) but it was quickly resolved by Ashley who is always a pleasure to deal with - the customer service is seriously the best around.

Kerin Lee  

Great service, even BETTER customer service. Highly recommended!

Mark Zhang  

Excellent add on - Effortless piece of kit one you've sorted the mappings out, spend minutes rather than hours, well worth the money and I would recommend this software!

Ben Allen  

I run a small (minuscule?) business, but definitely don't want to have to spend my "sales" time worrying about creating invoices to match my Amazon sales with my payments received in Xero. This product simply - and efficiently - saves me time.

Ok2Win Company  

After years of processing complex Amazon payments manually including separating them into months so that our P&L correctly reflected sales for each month (and financial year), I was at first sceptical when I was told there would be an app to do this for me. Maybe, but I expected it to be fiddly and tricky and possible not accurate. We found A2X and I decided to give it a go. I couldn't believe how easy it turned out to be. The setup took literally minutes and I had settlements from my five marketplaces through almost immediately. I now need to spend only minutes instead of hours on this process now. Where a payment overlaps two months (why does Amazon do this!!?) two perfect invoices are sent to my invoice drafts. All invoices are perfectly accurate and dated correctly. This really is a life-changing product. Well done A2X. (PS, this is the first real product rating I have ever done -I didn't think twice to give feedback for a product that is giving me back my weekends).

Marina Gower  

A2X service is no doubt a great one saving much time for me and my accountant. The invoice is way easier to come in Xero through A2X. As a business, we usually have the regular business situations where we need to recheck the transactions and review its integrity. But when it comes to Amazon records, at first we were worried so we reviewed the invoices processed by A2X for a possible mistakes. Now, we hardly ever go back to recheck. So much time and efforts are saved!

Amjad Safa  

Spot on - Saves us so many hours, it doesn't bare thinking about :)

Simon Heraghty  

After researching for 2 years for the most time-saving an efficient way to keep up with the "Speed of Light" eCommerce world, we have found the pinnacle in the Xero add-on software, A2X! The training time was minimal because A2X is so user friendly. The customer service is timely and top-notch! Our clients are so excited to have the real-time data and reports so needed in the fast paced on-line marketplace!

Donna Gillespie  

I don't know how we'd manage without A2X, great customer support too. We love A2X, saves us so much time!! Keep up the great work.

Steve Hammond  

I've been using A2X for clients selling on Amazon for about 6 months now, and love this software that pushes sales and fulfillment data form Amazon to Xero. It is a great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers. A2X support has been fantastic in the very few times that I've needed it, and their recent options to push product-level sales data in Xero are a great enhancement.

Challen Edwards  


Just started using A2X, was put off by having no telephone helpline and initially had some teething problems. The help emails were always within 24hrs and even got a call from Ashley who was brilliant and talked me through the problems. All working well now, excellent help.

Paul Manning  

Hi Rob,
Did anyone ever send you an example Chart of Accounts that makes sense for A2X and Xero together?

Stan DeMarta  

Hi, Could anyone using A2X give me an example of how their Chart of Accounts are set up to allow for the settlements. I am unsure where to direct the breakdown of each settlement in the off the shelf xero.

Rob McCartney  

What a great bit of cloud software that has to be on your must have list if selling on Amazon.
The amount of time A2X can save you manually entering Amazon sales into Xero more than covers it's monthly cost. Support is good too answering our query in detail and quickly.

Keith Conkey  

As Brittany mentioned above, this is a review thread for A2X Shankar - so not really the place to ask questions! As these questions relate directly to A2X functionality, you'd be best to contact them directly (using the link in the original post above).

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I wish to try A2X for my clients, however I have the following doubts as this has not been discussed in detail..

1. When my client uses Amazon warehouses in other EU countries, the sales will have to be declared in those respective EU countries, VAT return needs to be filed & appropriate VAT need to be paid. Can this be filtered out from the total amozon sales & reported appropriately using in A2X.

2. When sales take place from UK to a country out side EU, that needs to be treated as zero rated. How this can be dealt with in A2X. Will the software identify the delivery address & treat VAT appropriately.

Shankar Sharma  

Hi Stavros, this thread is just for the review of A2X - so you're only able to comment once. The best place to get an answer regarding an Add-on is the Using Xero Add-ons section of Community. Try your luck there, thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hello. I want to use thi ADD ON but if a costumer ask me for Vat invoice? This program send to xero summarised payments.

Stavros Moutrikas  

A2X is Fantastic!
If you sell on Amazon this app will change your life. The support is incredible and the app 'just works'. No thrills, easy to pick up and it really saves so much time so you can focus on making money.
A2X is the first Xero add-on that we used and it is very much recommended to everyone!


As a Xero Partner who specializes in ecommerce and online businesses and specifically Amazon Sellers, we could not provide the value we offer without a few key cloud technologies: Xero.com and A2X.

A2X connects to Amazon’s seller API service to import all of the transaction data then turn that data into an invoice for each Amazon deposit or settlement statement. A2X breaks out the gross sales, shipping charges, consolidates the dozens (literally dozens) of Amazon fees, and the sales tax included in the settlement statement. When the invoice is created, it is mapped to the appropriate chart of account item so your costs are applied properly as income, expense, sales tax liability. Using Xero’s reconciliation process, it is a few clicks to apply the payment and reconcile the invoice.

A2X’s capability is unique in that it maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches exactly to the money deposited into the ecommerce businesses bank account. They even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so you have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales.

I prefer the A2X approach by providing a single invoice per settlement statement compared to many other Amazon to accounting integrations. Most of these push in every order into the Xero and is an issue because it creates lots useless data, contacts, invoices and exceeds Xero’s daily data limits. This causes more work for the business owner or bookkeepers to manage and doesn’t provide the same level of detail that A2X provides.

A2X works across the Amazon marketplaces around the world, including Amazon.com (USA), Amazon.ca, Amazon.jp, Amazon.uk (including the EU countries). Then Xero’s amazing multi-currency functionality kicks in, and when the invoices are posted in the main currency, Xero automatically enables applying the payment made in another currency to the invoice. Xero handles the currency conversion based on the date and time of the payment. It’s really slick and only needs a couple clicks before everything is done.

A2X understands how Amazon works and is building solutions that help ecommerce sellers keep track of their finances easily with Xero. A2X has a platform that will support accountants who are working with multiple ecommerce clients. They have built these tools for their own ecommerce and export business and are committed to providing solutions that enable online businesses to be more efficient and successful.

Scott Scharf  

A2X is a fantastic solution to reduce the admin and pain with Amazon marketplace data. The support is first class and Ashley was very quick to address queries that we had when getting the first batch of data completed. I'd highly recommend this for anyone with sales on Amazon as the price point is very competitive.

Niall McGinnity  

Excellent product and top notch support. If you're an Amazon reseller like us, A2X is a life-changing product. It saves time, money and headaches. Ashley is a pleasure to work with and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy. I look forward to watching this product evolve.

CharityMagnets Support  

I have been using A2X for almost a year now - it really cuts down the time it takes to reconcile my Amazon transactions - really amazing service and follow up. I can't imagine doing my books without it.

Jin Chon