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Contacts - Allow for multiple details within contact record

Started by Craig Pamment in Feature Requests | Idea

Would be good to be able to have multiple contacts under the one company name. Some of my clients have up to 10 people working for them, the quotes get sent to the individuals involved in each particular job but then all invoices get sent to the same accounts department. So basically need to be able to add the company name, accounts email address, phone number etc, then also need the ability to add individual contacts under the same contact/company with their own contact emails, addresses, phone numbers etc. Would also be useful for contacts that have different delivery addresses. Need to be able to choose which contact for the company to use on invoices.
Contacts - Multiple email addresses on invoices that can be chosen or remembered against Contact
Official Xero Reply
Thanks to everyone for your feedback. Firstly, we’d like to acknowledge you’ve been heard and we apologise for the delay in delivering this feature in invoices. We understand many of you have waited so long for this update. We are also disappointed that we haven’t been able to deliver to previous commitments and your expectations.

To be transparent with our customers - multiple contact details and addresses is no simple and fast fix, and our teams require more time to deliver this. Why? Because while the feature update seems simple, it actually requires a major architectural revamp.

The contact functionality will not only be incorporated into the invoicing feature. We have 12 different products within Xero that rely on contact data as well as many of our app partners. This means that contacts need to seamlessly flow across technology, products and all connections on Xero.

We don’t like to make excuses about the delayed delivery on any of our features and I want to reassure you that the Xero team has tried. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the architecture challenge, we haven’t been able to deliver the ultimate solution. We do hear you on how important this is and are exploring what’s possible. We have formed a new cross functional product and architecture team that will attempt to find a solution.

I have directly spoken to a number of you over the last week and would like to thank you for your insights. I will be touching base with you as soon as we have options to evaluate.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing patience. We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of this much sought-after feature. 💙

Simona T (Xero Staff)