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Xero HQ - For Group Companies / Consolidation

Started by David Wieseneck in Feature Requests | Idea

Xero HQ is cool, but we need a version of this for internal accounting teams that have multiple companies & need to do consolidation and month-end close.

- Report Templates
- Consolidation reporting
- Month-end close check lists
- Locking at the Xero HQ level
Hey David, have you thought about becoming a Partner? :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Hey Brittany- is that an option? Can we talk offline?

David Wieseneck

Getting the right people in touch with you now, David! I see you've raised a case too, so I'll be following that. Cheers

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Thanks Brittany - let me know how I can help make this happen :)

David Wieseneck

This should be easy for Xero to add as a standard feature.
Everyone with more than one company will find this very usefull - come on Xero this is a no brainer


Merged: Xero HQ - Bulk update Lock dates

I like that on MY XERO you can manage
- staff tab and manage staff's access levels to all xero files
- home tab and manage individual xero file's staff access, subscription, etc.

all this via a single page.

I would like the same feature, but for locking financial periods. Its annoying having to go into every single xero file to change the lock date. Surely you can make something similar to what a mentioned earlier, under a single page.

Christopher Le

This is a fantastic idea. If there is anything I can do to help bring a Xero HQ Group Wide Dashboard to Xero just let me know.

Anthony Grant