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Corporation Tax Forecasting UK

Started by Andrew Cousins in Feature Requests |


I was wondering if it is possible to see anywhere on Xero a Corporate Tax forecast amount based on reconciled data on my account? i.e mid way through the year to know what you tax liability may be come the end of the year based on data entered to date - is there any feature that can display this figure?
The only way to do this right now would be to run your P&L, and add formula columns for future periods. Not inbuilt atm unfortunately! I can change this to a Feature Request if you like? Let me know.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Hi, thanks for the reply and suggestion. Yes if you could raise it as a feature request that would be great. I’ve seen another cloud based accounting system offer this and think it is a good feature for businesses to know what the expected tax bill is!

Andrew Cousins

Sure thing, make sure to come back and add your vote, Andrew :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)