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Fast? Cash Coding Query

Started by Trish Langbein -   in Small Business

I have looked at several You Tube tutorials regarding Cash Coding - the fast way to reconcile bank account transactions. Or so it should be. My problem is that I have all the columns as seen in the tutorials but the information isn't migrated like they all show. So it's not time saving at all for me.

Under the Payee column, it is blank. This means I have to type in the payee name every time.
Under the Reference column there is the same 4 digit number which I have to delete as it's not relevant to the transaction.
Under the Description column it shows (in upper case) the payee name as per the payee's bank set up.

Any ideas on how I can fix this so it simplifies things when I have to reconcile 100+ items at once, many repetitive? I have all the permissions (Advisor, Manage Users, Contact Bank Account & Administration).

Thanks in advance.

Bank Rules are the key. On the main bank rec screen setup a bank rule for all the repetitive transactions. Then on the cash coding screen they will all be precoded and you can merely click Save at the bottom.

Margaret Haines