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Peoples Pension integration very poor

Started by Edmund Sturdy -   in UK Payroll

I generally love Xero, but our experience in setting up The Peoples Pension (TPP) has been terrible.

We followed these instructions:


After the Pay Run the pension filing showed "Requires Attention" so I raised a support case with Xero.
They first said

"I can confirm that even though you're connected through Pensionsync, you'll still need to click Submit in your Pension Filing tab to send the information to your pension provider. Xero doesn't do this automatically.

Please note that the first pension file generated in Xero will need to be manually uploaded to The People's Pension using a CSV pension file.
To download this go to Payroll > Pension Filings, click on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the pay run you want to file and select Download CSV. Once the file has been uploaded to The People's Pension and processed, you can then select Mark as Filed from within the 3 dots option menu.

Once the next pay run has been posted, you'll see the option to Submit the pension file electronically from within the Pension Filings page."

I tried to do this and then found that the Xero CSV file is in the incorrect format to upload to TPP.
I went back to support and got this unhelpful reply:

"Thanks for your feedback, however we cannot advise on how this should be uploaded to The People's Pension. You will need to contact them directly for the format they require the csv file to be in."

We choose TPP as our Pension Provider as they advertise as being compatible with Xero. However it's clear from the above that this doesn't work "out of the box" and frankly doesn't look to me like it's ready for production use.

The help article really need to be updated to reflect the steps actually required to get TPP filing working.

Hi we had a lot of problems with auto upload of pension details between PP and Xero. Strange error messages etc.

Turns out it was all down to the Employee ID being different in Xero and PPension. I updated Xero with the same PPension employee ID's and has been running great since.

Worth a look for any mismatches! (NOTE: People Pension does not like special characters in employee ID's - numbers and letters only!)

Andrew Smith  

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