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Change codes in chart of accounts

Started by Susie J -   in Using Xero

I have inherited a messy coding system in my chart of accounts as a result of the JET convert process from Quickbooks.

I would like to edit all my accounts in the chart of accounts and give them meaningful codes but am concerned that it will mess up any linked accounts, eg. payroll items are linked to accounts and so are organisational settings and payroll settings.

Will I have to relink all payroll items and linked accounts, or will it flow as it was and just show the new code I allocate??

Has anyone done this already? any problems?

Thanks in advance
You should be fine. I've changed account codes in the past and had no problems with reports or data.

Nancy Leach  

You can export the Chart of Accounts to csv, change the codes in Excel and import back into Xero. As long as you DON'T change BOTH the code and the name it should work ok.

Margaret Haines