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Invoice Templates: DocX - Show tax subtotals above 0% field code

Started by Stuart Twigger -   in Using Xero


Is there a field code to enable me to only show taxes above 0%?

I can set this within the standard templates in Xero. But when adding custom docx versions, that setting is not showing in the edit menu.

Currently im using this field code...

"TableStart:TaxSubTotal"Total "TaxCode" - "TaxTotal""TableEnd:TaxSubTotal"

This shows a line "Total No Tax 0% - 0.00" when tax exempt is selected. Id like to only display if anything above 5% is entered.

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Just figured this out...
I'm on a Mac so getting the field codes to show may be different on a PC.

First step is to display the field codes since this is the 'actual' information the document is looking for. On a Mac:
check 'Field Codes Instead of Values' and close box

Then replace TableStart:TaxSubTotal with:

on both the Table Start and Table End sides.

This worked for me though wether it's the "correct" way to do it, I can't say unfortunately.

Good luck!

Kris Cox