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Started by Dave Polcino -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Just getting started with this great combo, Xero and shoeboxed. Wondering if anyone has tips and tricks they've learned along the way? For instance I want to correlate my receipts I store in shoeboxed with my bank ledger item that matches it. Do they come in as a double-entry? What's the best process to get this all working together?
I was really excited about this combo a while back, but then realised that a lot of information is missing from the Shoeboxed data.
1) Contacts are not always accurate, often creating a few different contacts for the same supplier.
2) GST is often not correct, especially in phone & electricity bills where unpaid amounts might also show.
3) Whether an invoice is unpaid or paid (and where from) is not there in any reliable form.

That is why I now use Shoeboxed only as document storage (and scanning service) and code everything from the bank feeds which are much more reliable. This saves time in not having to fix things and it still gives me a quick way to find invoices in digital form.
I agree with you that the ultimate would be to easily match the created transactions in Xero with the receipt or invoice in Shoeboxed, but for now only download and upload seems to be able to do that - too timeconsuming for me.

Very interested to hear whether others had more luck in making this work.

Jet Convert  

I upload all of my receipts into Shoeboxed and code them with the proper Xero categories. Then I do a batch export to Xero, which will make them appear in the A/P. I click each one and do a payment on the day the receipt was actually paid. (I have tried to do a batch payment, but they won't show up in the bank feed to match). After I have them all marked as paid, they show up as a match when I reconcile.

Let me know if this helps. By the way, I am in the US so not sure about GST.

Magen Smith  

Hi Magen,
What is the benefit of doing that when you get the same figures from the bank feed? So why not just create the purchases when you reconcile your bank transactions?
Also do you find that the contacts coming from Shoeboxed work well?

Jet Convert  

Well, the main idea is to get rid of that box of receipts and move it into the cloud. Then for future reference if you need to show your receipts for a transaction, it's linked up nicely in Xero. That's my understanding at least

Dave Polcino  

It is to get rid of the box of receipts. Once they are in Shoeboxed, I shred them.

Magen Smith  

At Receipt Bank, we offer a similar service to Shoeboxed but specialize completely on receipts and invoices.

They way we deal with the correlation issue is that we have a Payment Methods function whereby you can link your bank accounts in Xero with Receipt Bank (only the names of the accounts, no data nor information regarding the account is shared) and therefore Receipt Bank is better able to correctly place a transaction in Xero. As we also publish across the image of the receipt / invoice into Xero this enables Xero to be the only repository you should need!

However, we are always looking to further improve our service so if you have any suggestions as to how a service such as ours should link and reconcile with Xero then please do let us know!

Michael Wood  

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your inquiry!

It looks like Megan is using our Xero integration in the most efficient manner and is one of several hundred doing so.

That said, we're constantly updating our integrations and are always looking for ways to make them more useful for our users. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback on how the Xero integration can better serve your needs, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can reach us via e-mail at help@team.shoeboxed.com or by phone at 1-919-687-4269.

Stay Organized,

Jake Brereton  

just tried both Receipt Bank and Shoeboxed and it looks like Receipt bank is better (it picks up usd and nzd differences and also actually pushes the pdf into the transaction on zero). It does seem to take Receipt bank a long time to process though (perhaps because I am on the free trial)

Stuart Mitchell  

Hey Stuart,

Glad you had an opportunity to try our Xero integration and found one that is working for you.

I just wanted to let you know that we are rolling out some exciting new features in the next month, some of which will greatly improve your experience with our Xero integration. We're very excited about these new improvements and will certainly let you know when they're live.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach us any time with questions, comments or feedback. We're always here and happy to help!

Stay Organized,

Jake Brereton  

+1 for receiptbank, although I'm currently trying to work how best to stop Xero adding VAT to things I import when the nominal has a default of VAT 20%.

Haven't tried shoeboxed, so couldn't comment.

Iain Gray