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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 35 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and G-Accon, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About G-Accon

Work with your live Xero accounting data and reports directly from Google Spreadsheets. For more information, check out G-Accon.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with G-Accon, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the G-Accon support centre or email support@accon.services.

Why Xero doesn't just buy this company and create better dashboards, forecasting and data analysis tools is beyond me. But I'm so glad they are here. They stand behind their product and it works. When you combine G Accon with the power of sheets you really can make Xero's data into the financial dashboard of your dreams. Superb, responsive, and helpful team. Thanks, Yelena, for all your help!

Melinda Byerley  

The team does an exceptional job. We requested a customer/supplier analysis in foreign currency and they build it as an standard feature.

Customer Support is the best of all the applications we tested. We are rolling this out as an standard add-on to all our clients.

Juan Visser  

We are testing this software and can say that we are enjoying using it more and more. The team are very helpful and friendly too!

Rayhan Aleem  

I've only been using this a few weeks, it's been very useful so far but still discovering how it works. I wanted to post some quick feedback for the team though. I had an issue where a report field wasn't pulling through, so I emailed the support team and they fixed it on the next update - very personal service!

Luke Carroll  

Very useful productivity tool. Also a simple way to connect to the database so you can access more information than through native reports. Powerful when used with Google Query commands. Support also very good: responsive and fix bugs/extend features willingly. I recommend it.

Rich Ingram  

This has become an essential tool in our business over the past year. Very quick, easy and versatile to use as part of the reporting process and general data extraction from Xero - highly recommend!

Louis Phillips  

Started using this add-in for clients to have a live view of financials. Support team have been quick and responsive to my queries!

Chris Vos  

I cannot be happier with G-Accon app and team. They are super helpful with any question suggestions you have. I use their app to extract data that XERO doesn't really deliver in their reports. But recently I contacted them because the company I work for has a SAAS product and we have lots of credit notes to allocate each month to the invoices. For invoices integrations and payments I use Zappier but credit notes aren't available for automation so I had to do it manually and the process of allocation to invoices was incredibly time-consuming. So I've reached out G-Accon to understand if I could do it with G-Accon add-on uploading template. Yelena replied promptly saying that they didn't have that feature yet but they were going to add it as the suggestion for the development roadmap. After 1 month the functionality was released. I ran into some bugs that I was not sure if it was XERO's or G-Accon's so I've reported it to the team and they were super helpful trying to understand the problem and afterward solving it. Now the all process takes me 3 or 4 clicks....THANK YOU for your customer service!!!! You guys are amazing.

Andrea Gonçalves  

Hi all,

I cannot overstress/-sell how this add-on has helped us! We have 3 entities in a group that needs to be consolidated and reported on on a fairly regular basis. Thanks to G-Accon, we've managed to live-link our TBs in Google Sheets, consolidate them and viola - "live" management accounts. This saves so much time each month and enables us to see the effects of transactions on the reports and forecasts, as they happen.

Super-easy to use: set it up, automate it and walk away. I've been training staff on how to pull custom reports beyond the management accounts as well. So now we can project cash flows based on invoice due dates, collect on debts, calculate sales commissions, etc all in mere minutes.

Can't wait to see what future developments there will be!

Jacques le Roux  

I work as a consultant to a number of companies using xero (Retail and Real Estate)

I think this is an essential app if you are working with more than one xero entity where you need to compare data. Working in retail i need weekly data so being able to schedule weekly reports from all companies is a lifesaver. Until recently I only used it to retrieve data ( P & L, Aged payables etc). Now I use G-Accon to upload data to xero and this saves me hours each week. Working with different companies and departments where not everyone is capable of entering data onto xero it is great that that they can update a google sheet that can then automatically update xero.

I rarely write reviews but this app works a lot better than it looks...ESSENTIAL!

willie Murphy  

I've been using G-Accon since it was in beta. A great tool, particularly since I now apply it to various templates in Google Sheets for reporting I want to use for clients when preparing my end of year reports and monthly/quarterly reviews.

Greg Borchard  

great toll helps makes my life much easier for month end thanks G-accon.

Alon Bernstein  

We use this to consolidate multiple Xero entities over different countries and currencies, automate a lot of our month end processes (including uploading journals), and pull out Xero data to run analytics on (in PowerBi and in google sheets). It does a great job and as it becomes more user friendly (and allows us to copy pull/push templates to different sheets) then it will be a better, more polished solution. Does a lot of what we require at this stage really well though!

Sam White  

GAccon allows me to prepare the most requested report NOT in Xero - profit and . loss by tracking category with filters. Without it I would be lost in excel for hours pulling this report together. GAccon is a crucial and indispensable tool for Xero

Sue Binney  

This is fantastic, in the sense of having a tool that actually does this, and it's easy to use and has made my life a lot easier. So thanks! I've only been using for around 2 weeks and it has undoubtedly saved me hours in efficiencies already, but I have 2 points of feedback I'd love to see put in:
1) being able to be logged into multiple Xero accounts at the same time rather than constantly having to login to each one each time that you want to import a new data range to a sheet
2) would love to be able to import custom reporting, no idea how feasible that is given Xero's own limited ability to create custom reports.

Will Richards  

Hi Guys, this is a super cool solution. Well done! It has saved me hours of recons and work which now just takes 5min to complete.

I do have a feature request: Can you please look into filters when pulling data. For example, I would like to pull all invoices for only certain accounts and also perhaps just for invoices that are under Acc Receivables.

This would make the app even more powerful. Thanks for the awesome work so far, it's great seeing all the improvements you're building into the platform.

Ross Fitzcharles  

Good Afternoon Andrew Brown,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your feedback. If you have technical questions, we will be happy to help you. You should also understand Xero has its own limitation, and if this is a case, we can suggest a solution for you.
Secondly, regarding G-Accon functionality, we have a lot of unique features that no one in the current market offer. Especially, one that allows to reach multiple Xero accounts for data retrieval, reports generations and uploading financial data back to Xero accounts.
Our product price includes unlimited number of Xero Organisations. We also offer a Lite plan if you are just using the basic data and reports retrieval with manual one-click refresh.
If you feel you need a free live Demo and free technical support, please contact support@accon.services.

G-Accon Team

Andrey Kustarnikov  

The app is ok, but only has one basic functionality - exporting reports and data from Xero.

Added to this, the hourly refresh automation has a way of disabling itself every couple of days - very frustrating.

At this price point, we have a full Zoho Analytics subscription which can also pull data from Xero, but gives us 100s of other useful features, links, and insights.

We'd advise switching to Zoho if you're looking for something more comprehensive - this would be a great app if the price point wasn't so high for such limited functionality.

Andrew Brown  

Great app I think but my problem is that I have so much data on Xero that G-Accon invariably times out before it can present the results. I'm sure though that for a user with normal amounts of data it would be one of the best Xero reporting apps available.

Richard Hayden  

Fantastic app and really useful tool for our business. Support is also great in case you run into problems. Highly recommended.

Andrew Hemphill  

Really enjoying it. A great solution which makes the ability to use the API into Xero so much easier. A great usage case is in setting up clients and bringing clients up to date. One feature which I would really like to see it the ability to schedule upload.

Mark Sclanders  

It is a great tool and helps me with my reporting very much. I would like to have more flexibility regarding in filtering of reports and I have some problems with my hourly auto-updates. Not sure if this is because of G-Accon, Xero or Google Sheets though.
The support is very responsive and helpful. Bugs are fixed, the personal situation is considered and the team is responsive to my requests for product updates.

Otmar Kottwitz  

amazing tool, we count on it for pretty much all financial reports,

the only thing that can make it better is having better filters (per account, per keyword), then it will be perfect, team please keep it in mind!

Idan Kfir  

It's stable and almost everything from Xero can be synced to Google Sheets. G-Accon is a must - have service who use Xero for accounting.

Yoshiki Kuraki  

Fantastic add-on!

I've been able to remove a lot of monotonous work that needed detail and I've been able to setup alerts when changes occur on my reports.

Very efficient and forward thinking.

Andrey is brilliant and on top of all my queries.

Fred Wagenvoorde  

Great add on, which had allowed me to automate a substantial part of my workflow.

There was a report I needed that was unavailable however I spoke to Andrey at G-Accon and the report was added to their feater set within 2 weeks.

Would definitely recommend.

Frankie Feast  

G Accon helped me create the daily report I wanted in 10 minutes and get the insights I need to properly run my business.
And all that happened using only 5% of the features.
Great tool and great team.

Pantelis Zirinis  

Great to see G-Accon building out (they also do Hubspot integration too!).
We're steadily building out our G-Accon powered set of Google Sheet based reporting systems across our CFO clients. The automated Xero report pulls feeding into our weekly and monthly reporting are saving us a whole lot of time so that we're more real-time and proactive than ever.
Haven't braved the data pulls or updating yet but look forward to using that to auto-create invoices too.
And if you've got any queries, the team has been super-responsive.
Think this is our killer App for 2019

Remco Marcelis  

G-Accon is a fantastic plugin! As a cloud integrator specialist I can't express how magical this plugin has been in delivering important and relevant data to my clients all with a click of a button. Andrey is a fantastic developer and excellent at taking feedback and providing quick fixes to any bugs you may come across. You can't go wrong with this plugin

Bryan Fernando  

Without the functionality of G-Accon, the Purchase Order component of Xero is very limited. With G-Accon, it becomes powerful. I have had a fantastic response from the G-Accon support team, when needed.

Gillian Dale-Jones  

We've been using this for a while now and it's brilliant. Provides us with detailed reports and is really easy to use. Very quick response from support team should you ever need them.

Vicki Gilbert  

G-Accon is a great tool which has made my life easy. All the reporting expectations are fulfilled by this one simple and user friendly tool. Even my migration projects are now not that difficult and bore... Thanks to G-Accon !! And the good thing is G-Accon listens to our requirements and try to come up with new functionalities in new releases..

Jinesh Shah  

G-Accon has significantly improved my reconciliation workflow. I ran into a few bugs, contacted the developers and not only did they respond, but they fixed the bugs! Very pleased with their service and very impressed with the product.

Philip Minnich  

This is a great app which makes my reporting so much easier. It continues to get better and better with each release. Keep up the good work.

Alan Norton  

More, more, please!!

Louis-Marie AUBE  

Loving it so far and I've only used it for about 2 weeks - a few tweaks here and there required but their support team is responsive and delivers results!

Lucinda Viljoen