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Rethink Xero's overall approach to expense claims

Started by Yannick Audet in Feature Requests | Idea

There are currently multiple feature requests asking for improvements to expense claims but I think the situation calls for a more important intervention here. The overall approach to expense claims needs to be rethought, because in its current iteration expense claims are: 1) very time-consuming to create (no templating, or copying from past claims), 2) time-consuming to review (grid summary instead of opening each line one by one), 3) cannot be kicked back to users for corrections when not approved (workflow needs to allow for this possibility), 4) cannot be edited once approved. It is sufficiently bad for some Xero users to use invoices instead of the expense claim function (as invoices can be both copied and edited). I would suggest that instead of trying to implement each feature requests it would be much better to take them all in and consider reengineering the whole expense claim function. (I have not seen a similar request made, but if so: thanks for merging this one with it.)
Official Xero Reply
Thanks to all that signed up to the beta, and gave the team all your valuable feedback. Release day is here, so if you haven’t already you can all take a look at new Xero Expenses within Xero.

This wider release is open for all and will have a per user charge, but we want you to have some time to play around with it first, so it’ll be free until 28 September 2018. Before you dive in, do check out our blog for more info on all the cool new features you’ll have access to.

I want to confirm that classic expense claims will be turned off on 31 January 2019. Although you will no longer be able to enter new expenses from this date, you’ll still have access to previously authorised claims via reports in Xero Business. Do understand that the new Xero Expenses won’t be for everyone. In this case, you can still reimburse your employees using Bills.

We’ve worked hard to revamp Expenses and make it as awesome as possible. Do give it a go and let us know what you think. :)

Kavi S (Community Manager)