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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and EasyCars, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About EasyCars
EasyCars integration with Xero will take care of all the accounting needs for automotive car dealers - like calculation of GST, BAS Reports & Notional Input Tax Credit entitlements. For more information, check out EasyCars.

Remember if you have questions or need assistance with EasyCars, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the EasyCars help centre or email support@jeal.com.au.
The best administrative move we have made in the last few years was to upgrade to the new version of Easycars and its integration with Zero. It is so simple and our book keeper absolutely loves it. Well done Julie, Michael and team.

Reay Nicholls  

The entire system - with Easycars and Xero is incredible. It really makes life easy. Like anything new there is a time that must be put into learning and becoming familiar, but I can say in all certainty that it is well worth the effort. If only I had these two systems synced together years ago when a BAS would take me half a weekend of non-stop, tedious data entry and then analysis. This new system is brilliant and Easycars is to be commended for making their system integrate with Xero!

Trevor Walshe  

Hi I have been using Easycars for approx 13 years and work for various dealers using both Xero and MYOB.
I found in the beginning Xero was difficult as there was no support and emails i sent not replied etc. Fortunately the business changed accountants and he was so helpful with fine tuning it for me and showing me how to use it to its full potential. The staff from Easycars were fantastic as always to the point they could with the xero program.
I am used to it now and find it syncs wonderful with Easycars.

Kim Hitchcock  

Really simplifies the process, easy to use

Alex Rodov  

Great Easycar software options and save a lot of time. Thank you!

Sergey Kochenkov  

Great Organisation, Makes life so simple and stress free.

Mohamed Dandan  

We have been using various DMS over our time, however since moving to EasyCars 2 years ago due to the integration with Xero we couldn't be happier. The support any time there is an issue is first class, and the integration works so easily saving lots of time. Our sales staff love it to for the ease of uploading vehicles, photos etc
It's definitely a game changer.
If you're looking at making the switch, definitely do it!
Simply Automotive

Stacey Dart  

Easy Cars works well with Xero. Syncs well together and is user friendly.

sandra mcmillan  

Simple to use and less hassles, the integration between Easy car and Xero helps the month end process become easier.

Yan Chen  

We have been using easy cars for 5 or more years and recently upgraded to the new web version and adopted Xero as our accounting package. The two work very well together and my monthly BAS is much easier to complete and saves us many hours each week.
Mark Barnier
Jesmond Light Commercials.

Mark Barnier  

Easy Cars and Xero work together really well to give me a pretty seamless stock control, advertising, and accounting package that covers all the bases. Excellent

rod whittaker  

Have been using Easy Cars for a couple of years now and changed to the new platform with Xero integration from the beginning of this financial year. It syncs perfectly every time and makes doing our monthly Reconciliation & Business Activity Statement so easy. Wont be much work for my bookkeeper & accountant to do at the end of the financial year which will save me $$$. The staff at Jeal are a pleasure to deal with and are knowledgeable & responsive to our needs. Keep up the good work guys. McMahon Auto Sales - Gold Coast

Craig M  

Just moved over to Easy Cars and find it so easy to use and navigate around. Does all the work for me and my bookkeeper loves the way it all syncs to Xero seamlessly. Should have done it years ago. Paul B. Gold Coast Prestige.

Paul Bushnell  

I've used EasyCars for over 10 years as a bookkeeper in the motor trade. It's an excellent stock management system and syncs seamlessly with Xero.

Michelle L.  

I've been using Easy Cars since Q4 of the 16/17 financial year.

Not only is it a great stock control program that also pre-populates Qld Transport forms, it also syncs with Xero to make life super easy.

Richard Comer  

Easy to use and integrates very seamlessly

Dave Garner