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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 36 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and MyTrucking, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About MyTrucking

A simple and practical online transport management application that flows from data entry to
reporting, to invoicing. Saves time, money and paperwork.
For more information, check out MyTrucking.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with MyTrucking, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact MyTrucking email support.

Hi we have found My Trucking really great and saved alot of extra work over the last few years. Only just started using the App which the guys will get into slowly. Also have Eroad but dont feel we are fully utilising these systems to full potential. Sara and team are very helpful and ready to assist. Have just rolled over to Xero from our old system and love it. So easy and compatable with My Trucking. Look forward to furthering our knowledge with systems

Wendy Clement  

We have been using My Trucking for about a year now and find it great. Our business is a little outside the square and the team have been able to adapted in most cases to suit. Invoicing is easy and it is a great backup tool if the customer has a concern.Our Drivers also find it easy use.

Shirley Mennell  

My Trucking is a great tool and makes things simple. It brings countless benefits for dispatchers and drivers through to admin. We did not use Xero initially but there was still a simple integration process from My Trucking into our existing accounting package.
However the combination of My Trucking and Xero is so much better and with ERoad integration as well, there is just so much information at your finger tips.
The team are great and the regular upgrades are well communicated and continually add more value, so it keeps bringing more benefits and ease of information.

Janine Boniface  

I have been using My Trucking for about a year now. Fantastic is all I can say about this package. Sara and the team work closely with me to help me get the most out of the it for our business, and I can honestly say that everything I have thrown at them, they have come up with a solution, or adjusted it slightly to accommodate what we need. I also signed up to Xero at the same time as advised by my accountant. The invoicing process from my trucking to Xero is seamless, and makes my invoicing a pleasure to do now.

Corina Mee  

These 2 programs work so well together. Great for time saving and easier invoicing.

William Storey  

Since starting with My Trucking we have found our business has run so much more efficiently, it's given us the ability to keep our information accurate and provide immediate and current data to our clients. It's simple but effective and the integration with Xero makes the accounting side just as efficient. Highly recommend.

Nicki Hammond  

We have been using My Trucking for nearly a year now and it has been a valuable tool for us to manage job allocation simply and easily. Their communication is second to none they are always there with a solution immediately if ever I have a problem. It's integration into Xero works very seamlessly and makes billing so much easier. I highly recommend it.

Melanie Bennett  

I thought we were going well ,,Then we got My Trucking!!! Our fleet has never been so efficient, And this happened pretty much over night.
Not only that they are very easy to deal with if you have any questions when you start they are more than happy to help, Also the time saving fator is Huge.
I would not run this business without My Trucking now.

Louise Beale  

My Trucking has been awesome, easy to use, all information is at your fingertips when sourcing past jobs. My Trucking team give great support and are always looking at improving their program to give us customers optimum usage. Highly recommend.

Terimay Mann  

My Trucking has been a great addition to our bulk cartage business. Simple to use for both admin and drivers. Invoicing time has been significantly reduced, no more sifting through paper dockets! Would highly recommend!

Jessica Bayliss  

Love using My Trucking- The team are awesome and always get a quick reply or phone call if I need help. Love that it is always being updated with awesome features to help and they are always happy to listen to any feedback that we have! Great work

Allayne Wallace  

Being Computer illiterate (dumb) it took some getting used too. The folk at MyTrucking made changes to suit my type of Business and lead me through each obstacle I managed to create. Now I don't spend my weekends at the end of each month doing Invoicing. Just press SEND STATEMENTS and its done. O for awesome

Murray Gibbons  

We have found My Trucking an easy way to keep track of all jobs, and they go straight into Xero without a problem so we never can miss an invoice. Very easy to use, and truck drivers are loving it.

Simone Amos  

Integration between MyTrucking is great, easy to setup and use. Thanks

Raylene Wright  

Very happy with MyTrucking and how it integrates into Xero. They make it very easy and simply.

Accounts Accounts  

We have been using the invoicing to Xero part of MyTrucking for a few months now. I have found it very easy to use and saves a lot of time!! Set up of clients so they match what we have in Xero will take some time, then we just need to train the driver to pick the correct on!

Jill Lott  

My Trucking is awesome. So easy to use. We have a high volume of jobs with a lot of products. Entering them is fast and simple. I can TAB through each box quickly as I enter. No hassles going backwards and forwards from a mouse to the keyboard. It integrates well with Xero, making the whole invoicing/accounting process super easy and efficient.

LK Transport  

I am an IT consultant working closely with an international transport company based in Ireland. We have generally 12-20 trucks, usually with refrigerated travelling between Ireland and Europe mainland every week. We've tried a number of applications and Mytrucking is hands down far and above anything else we've seen. We all love the fast and simple user interface and yet it manages everything we need it to do. Each screen just has what you need to see on it and the assocatied printouts are clean, informative and nice to look at. As for the support and staff at Mytrucking we continue to be impressed at how friendly and supportive they are. They are always back to us quickly with either a solution to our query, or a useful workaround for cases where we are trying to do something unusual.

Shane Keenaghan  

We have been using MyTrucking for about a month now, and it is so easy to use. The way it integrates into Xero is really good, it saves time chasing who did what job. Well done guys

Angela Austin  

We highly recommend My Trucking it has cut out a lot of unnecessary paper work for both my husband and I and has also helped him transition easily from hand writing everything to using
the My Trucking on the computer and especially the app. He loves the ease of the app and the updates that are constantly being made to enhance it makes it easier every time... can't wait for notifications! The app is easy and simple to use for our drivers.
The interface from My Trucking with Xero is awesome, although I would like to see the option of being able to send it to more than one Xero account
The app and the web system are so easy to use and any questions are always answered almost immediately.... Love it well done My Trucking Team!

Anna Hannasky  

The ease with which MyTrucking and Xero integrate together is fantastic. We were initially skeptical about whether using MyTrucking would be suitable as it didn't offer all that we required. They listened to our concerns and created and installed various functions specific to our business. We are rapidly expanding and believe we would have extreme difficulty keeping up with our workload, had we not changed over to a MyTrucking system. The fact that they constantly review and update their system is another bonus. We have found the people at My Trucking absolutely incredible to work with...thanks guys from all of us here at Handystacks Ltd

Linda McNaughten  

I find My Trucking very easy to use and am getting more confident with Xero now.
Still a lot to learn, but a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for the help when needed.

Kay Jenkins  

Already being users of Xero, we wanted something which would integrate with it and MyTrucking does so seamlessly. MyTrucking transformed the running of our business and I couldn't recommend it enough!

Anthony McGuinness  

My Trucking / Xero has been a great move for our company. It has taken away a lot of the manual work that we used to do. Sending out accounts as the end of the month is a whole lot faster. Also the support we receive is great.

Debbie Williamson  

My Trucking works well for us. It has eliminated a lot of admin and leakage. With it linked to Xero it makes invoicing a quick and simple task.

John Campbell  

My trucking has simplified our day to day running
of our bulk transport operation, all our trucks are fitted with anroids so the drivers have got their jobs at their finger tips, its sped our efficiency up to provide our customers with 2nd to none service , its magic.

Kelly Ellison  

My Trucking had it's faults early on in the peace but I find that they have improved it to a 5 star level and are always updating and putting new features in. I highly recommend this program especially if you use XERO. Two amazing programs.

Glennis Bradley  

Thank you MyTrucking,
This program was key in taking our business from paper to the Web, reducing our revenue leakage, cutting administration backlog and made it so easy to communicate important information with our drivers. Fabulous!

Melanie Ditton  

What a great program My Trucking is, the quick easy process ensures we never miss invoicing a load. The drivers App also ensures drivers have all the details they require, then after a few quick entries they upload the actual load details back to us. This has made our administration process more streamlined. My Trucking and Xero make a great combination and invoicing is now a breeze. We highly recommend My Trucking!

Pauline Kearney  

We moved our software supplier from a generic supplier who ticked 'some of the boxes', to MyTrucking which largely tick 'all of the boxes'. Our transport business sits outside the usual trucking brief, so we worked with MyTrucking to allow their system to benefit us to the same degree as other transport companies - now we love it! Our admin time has been cut by over a third because MyTrucking integrates so seamlessly with Xero and data input is so easy.

Mike Sheehan  

Hi Tom Allen, thanks for your comments. You can easily have the vehicles going through from MyTrucking into your Xero. Go into your settings page & select the Xero tracking category and choose vehicles. Just make sure your vehicle name in MyTrucking matches the name in Xero. This is a great feature! Especially if you want to do Profit & Loss reports by vehicle.
Thanks for your suggestion re dockets being automatically attached to Xero invoices. This is on our development plan & we hope to have this feature in the future. Thanks for your feedback. Sara - MyTrucking

Sara Orsborn  

MyTrucking has improved our administration efficiency immensely! the integration with Xero is great, however we would like to see vehicle identification pushed through to Xero and displayed on invoices as well as the option to automatically attached dockets to Xero invoices.

Tom Allen  

Highly recommended, My Trucking has cut out a lot of unnecessary paper work for both our drivers and admin staff and improved the way we run the business.

Terry Edwards  

My Trucking is a brilliant tool, it has made the day to day running of our business more efficient, our communication more effective and saved us hours of time. I have also found the MT team awesome to work with, always looking for ways to improve the system and assist with making developments relevant to the individual business.

Nicola De Jesus  

MyTrucking has made dispatching our fleet and doing our administration so much easier - it is easy to use and has saved us a lot of time from the old system we were using.
Reports are great and full of relevant information. The programme is being updated all the time and help is only ever an email away.
Invoicing thru Xero is time saving and our Accountants are very happy with it all
We are very pleased to have come onboard with myTrucking back in August 2015 and will never look back.
Everfresh Transport are very proud to be associated with using MyTrucking

Andrea Hall  

MyTrucking is great, so simple and easy to use. We had an old system designed specifically for us back in 1999 and we have recently changed. MyTrucking gave us the same results but quicker and easier to use. It also linked up with Xero which was fantastic! MyTrucking is also evolving all the time and really happy to assist with any suggestions!

Rachel Marfell  

My Trucking has been an invaluable took for our Business - it's current upgrades and improvements work well for us. The My Trucking team are currently moving forward in line with our business types and it's great to have these add ons available.

Annabel Pittman  

This exceptional program deserves the magnitude of a seven star rating. It has aided my business in a plethora of ways, as its efficiency and time saving ability has allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business and successfully manage these in the most effective way. Invoicing has become a breeze, and the integration it offers allows me to streamline my business applications whilst alleviating hard tasks and time consuming jobs. Overall magnificent from an employers aspect as well as an employees aspect, allowing me to further spend more time with my family. Highly recommended to all. -Business Owner of PC Transport Sydney Branch


MyTrucking has changed our lives. We now run a much more efficient business. In a world where it is hard to make money, we find staying efficient is key. MyTrucking has improved us beyond doubt. Its ease of use is big key component for us. Thanks MyTrucking - Dannevirke Carriers is continuing to improve in every aspect thanks to you guys!

Lina Castles  

MyTrucking has revolutionised dispatching at Martinborough Transport Ltd. Integration between MyTrucking and Xero is easy to do and has simplified our invoicing process.
We highly recommend MyTrucking!

Vivienne Malneek  

My trucking is simple and easy to use. As the company who helped design this program and the original users we hope that everyone who uses it finds that a lot of time is saved by using this program. Administration has never been easier

Julia Bingham  

MyTrucking has been fantastic for our company. It saves lots of admin time and is very easy to use. Well done Guys

Julie Mains