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Favourite Xero Add-on - WorkflowMax

Started by Melissa North -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

What is your favourite Xero Add-on? Do you have tips & tricks to increase efficiency for it?

One of the best tools I've found at the tutorial videos for all the ones I use.

I LOVE the Workflow Max add-on but to get started, I definitely need to attend a webinar or 2 and watch a video. Now I'm getting the hang of it but I'm sure there are ways to make things work quicker within it to keep on task with jobs.

Any ideas people? What do you like / dislike most about WFM or your favourite add-on?
We've just engaged a young analyst for the business (we have business consulting and bookkeeping services) and have decided that as he is young and tech savy, to get him to become our WFM champion, and develop it for our own internal use, but also as a potential resource for our clients.

What he has managed to do in only a few days (and not full time!), has been brilliant. That much so, that I have now managed to issue my first fixed price quote from within WFM, but I have now (using the wonders of .docx), got my Letter of Engagement auto generating.

We're still learning lots about WFM, but it would be fantastic if we can get more discussion going on this product, particularly now its come under the Xero banner.

Cassandra Scott  

I thought about the Engagement Letter but the services listed will always be changing and wasn't sure if it was worth it. Or can it be edited within WFM to suit each client's needs?

Melissa North  

I use a generic list of services (eg: general bookkeeping, BAS Agent, etc), and you can make adjustments as you go.

I use the Job Description area to be more specific about the scope of works. For me the services are what I deliver within the specified scope.

Cassandra Scott  

Oh yeah, that's what I mean. OH! So you have specific categories and under those, specific tasks? I.e. data entry without coding GST is general bookkeeping? BAS Agent = gst coding, bas etc?

But what if the client only wants specific tasks of those categories?

Melissa North  

I use Affinity Live as my job/ issue and project tracking tool. The learning curve is steep but it's very powerful.

I'm also looking at http://www.getting-paid-system.com/price.php. for automatic AP chaseup and advance reminder when invoices come due (not signed up yet though)

Rory Breen  

I have list of generic task (ie BAS Agent Services, General Bookkeeping, etc). Under each task you can further define activities that comprise those tasks. When preparing a quote, you can select from any or all of the tasks, and then you can edit the activities under each task to suit specific requirements. You can also select costs (which are deemed to be things that you get from a third party [supplier] rather than from your internal human resources.

Cassandra Scott  

Oohhh, I getchya! I will have a fiddle :)

Melissa North  

I was using workflowmax for about eight months, intially I found I was having trouble with the whole thing, but then found my way to navigate through the whole system. For me I found, over time, that wfm was a bit of an overkill for me and was not using it's full potential for me needs. So I changed to minutedock, which is also a xero add-on. and I absolutely live it. It saves me heaps of time compared to wfm, very quick and easy to use and the month charge is considerable cheaper. I just found wfm was to over complicated for me needs, but I appreciate it would suit a lot of businesses, like anything it just depends on the users' requirements.

Anne Burgess  

Hi there! I have just started using Workflow max (about 3 weeks), and I love the lead generation module. You have given me inspiration to look into the Letter of Engagement, thank you!

Claire Georghiades  

Is workflow Max any good as a project Management type system.

e.g. want to keep up with where everyone is up to with a project or not???

scott humphrey