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Faster editing of transactions especially to re-code or change tracking etc

Started by Peter McCarroll in Feature Requests | Done!

I'd like to see a faster way of editing transactions. As an accountant I do LOTS of editing of transactions and it is frustrating to have to find the transaction in a report or screen, click the transaction link to go to the source transaction (not all links take you to the transaction - and it seems to vary between screens as to what you have to click on to actually see the source), then click to edit the transaction (which has to cycle back to the server). This is where web-based systems loose steam compared to desktop-based systems, and when that slows down accountants it starts costing money. I've got two possible solutions to the speed up the last step. (1) allow the user to tell Xero that they are in 'edit mode' - which means that anytime a transaction screen is displayed Xero will go straight to the edit mode rather than view mode (I would be inclined to leave this on permanently as there is no harm in entering a transaction in edit mode). (2) make the edit function a client-side java script option so that we don't have to wait while the screen is refreshed with the edit screen (I like this option).

Other related features here include putting an "edit" link/button beside all transactions in reports and query screens; allowing payments to be deleted from inside an invoice (using an "x" button like on the bank transactions screen) (right now we have to delete payments first before we can edit an invoice that has already been paid - VERY common; best solution here though is to allow invoices to be fully edited even after they have been paid, just like spend/receive money transactions can).

Would be keen to hear whether others feel this is useful or have workarounds.
Official Xero Reply
Hi all

Just wanted to let you all know that Find & Recode is now live - this new feature will allow you to add or edit tracking on transactions (as well as change contact, account and tax rates) in bulk. You can read more about it here.

Also be sure to check out help for more info on what you can and can't do.

CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)