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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 44 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Pleo, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Pleo

Smart company cards that work with Xero. Get full control over company spending, eliminate expense reports and simplify your bookkeeping. For more information, check out Pleo.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Pleo, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the Pleo help centre or email support@pleo.io.

Pleo has really helped us out by giving us an easy way to manage day-to-day expenses of our employees. Our employees find the app very easy to use and the interface is great. We are also a big fan of the Xero integration! Also would like to say a big thanks to our wonderful account managers, Hakon & Marie

Rohit Kumar  

Pleo is the perfect system for organising expenses as well as all business purchases! Integrating Pleo with Xero saves so much time in my business where every second counts this only takes a few seconds to sort everything out and to integrate is so easy. Aoife is also really helpful and friendly and always there if you need to ask any questions. I couldn't recommend her service or the use of Pleo enough!

Jason Cairns  

Keeping a track of our teams personal expenses and purchases they require to to do their job was almost a full time job in itself. Pleo has revolutionised the way we do things and has made our accounts so much more efficient. The Pleo team are also extremely helpful and our queries are always dealt with promptly. It's an excellent product / service and have no hesitation in recommending it to other businesses!

Lisa Coffer  

I was introduced to Pleo thanks to the Arrival team, and it's been a game changer for us since we have multiple teams that travel and often have high monthly spends.
The traditional way of doing things through cards from our banks was painful and never addressed the obtaining of a TAX receipt that can be uploaded into our General Ledger system, at the time of purchase negating the need to keep the paper receipt.
The willingness of the Pleo team to visit us on several occasions and hear about our feedback in person has also been incredibly refreshing and allowed us to trust this service for the longer term. Thanks, Marie & Hakon.
I'm looking forward to the new features we've been discussing, and I couldn't recommend Pleo enough.

Andrew Reid  

We've been using Pleo for a few months now, it's awesome. We've issued our entire team with cards and it's made managing expenses so much easier - no more scrabbling for receipts or trying to figure out who spent what, it's just done. We now use it for all our card transactions and subscriptions as well. As for the Pleo team, they're great. They were really hands-on with our on boarding and making sure everything worked for us and we were using things in the best way.

Jan Rust  

Collecting receipts and coding transactions at the point of sale has removed a bulk of work at the accounting end of our business. Without the export feature into Xero it wouldn't have had the same impact.

Matt Dunkin  

Responsive team, great product - slick, easy to use and more importantly for us, significantly transformed and improved the handling and visibility of expenses. Bravo, big fan!

Jamil Khalil  

Pleo has really been a useful tool with staff expenses. The team are incredibly hands on and truly listen to customer feedback to such an extent that they will roll out changes to suit our needs and enhance their product. Modern and adaptable. Great partner for any business.

Nigel Sanders  

Pleo has been amazing for our business, it was our company aim to go paperless and Pleo is really helping to that cause, Our employees are loving the concept of not keeping paper receipts with them in order to claim. Great initiative guys. Best of Luck,

Finance Team Arrival

Hasnain Tariq  

This is truly an amazing product!

Pleo has been a game changer for us as a start up growing in size. The cards allow great visibility and management of expenses. The support staff are on the ball and very happy to help you set up your company correctly to get the most out of it.

I highly recommend Pleo to any one considering it.

Matthew Stevens  

As a FC I could not live without Pleo . A card combined with an efficient expense recording apps was meant to be a successful venture . User experience is great , the recording of the expenses is a doddle for the Finance team . Pleo experienced staff is a pleasure to deal with and their road map includes all the improvement i want to see without having to ask for it .
First class company with a great product that I an only recommend


Catherine Russell  

Nicholas and the rest of the team at Pleo have been super helpful in getting our bookkeeper up to speed, and ensuring the onboarding process is completely painless. Having these cards for reporting expenses just makes life so much easier.

Staff don't have to fork out cash when out of office for work.
Online purchases can be made without as much risk since you can simply turn off the card from your Pleo account if the details are hacked from one of your supplier websites.

Super helpful team if you have an issues. It's a solid system and we've had no down time so far. Our issues have been in getting staff up to speed.

Good if you're a data driven business. I hope we can make use of it all when we're a few months into this year and we can look back at where we can make efficiencies.

Cheers guys!

Darren Eggenschwiler  

As usual the mainstream banks are rigid and slow to keep up with advancements, it's companies like Pleo that help businesses progress and move forwards these days. Just being able to give employees the ability to make purchases and as the employer to control that spending has saved many hours of work. That and the simple integration with Xero means it's a perfect solution.

Robert Rowland  

Pleo has changed the way we work dramatically, they have allowed us to manage company spending with complete ease and clarity, giving us more time to focus on what matters. The fact their product speaks with Xero is a huge bonus for us and the more streamline this becomes the better! Hakon and Marie have provided amazing support from word go despite the fact we are one of their smaller clients. I strongly recommend Pleo to anyone who runs a business, big or small and hope this is the future for company spending for everyone!

Hazel Moran  

Pleo is absolutely amazing! Our company has quite a few transactions and this has been essential in saving us time in order to focus on the more important tasks. I definitely recommend it, it will not disappoint!

Rositsa Dimitrova  

Adopting Pleo and linking it into Xero was one of the best decisions we made in 2017.
We've saved time (lots of it), reduced admin burden, created transparency and increased accountability.
I can't speak highly enough about the workflow, the systems and the support.

Lyndon Nicholson  

Pleo is a great idea, really well executed. We've found it to be a huge improvement in the way we handle expenses - staff don't have to pay for things on their own cards, we don't have to do a lot of admin for expenses, and everyone is happy. Their customer service is great too. The Xero integration so far is good, but could be a bit more tightly integrated.

Steve Parks  

Great product and more importantly Pleo are willing to speak and support direct with our clients. Great on boarding process and so far happy clients.

Masaud Shah  

Fantastic product and company to work with. The team love the cards. It is a great alternative to credit cards or traditional debit cards. Receipt processing is easy and encourages prompt upload. I’m confident that the product will get better and better with customer feedback encouraged and promptly incorporated.

Emma Blackburn  

Love Pleo!! We have been using Pleo for a few months with several clients - it have saved us huge amounts of time chasing staff for their missing receipts - the Pleo App does that for us!!

An excellent integration that brings the card spends and the copy of the receipt straight into the Pleo Card Account in Xero.

We've set up very specific account codes in Xero to map to the account codes in Pleo which means we have a much clearer idea of what the staff member has bought - so no more checking if that spend was subsistence, client entertainment or a travel expense that needs recharing to a client. Brilliant!

Lisa Dickson  

Pleo and Xero works really well - the integration makes life so easy, we treat Pleo as if it's a bank account. Highly recommend it!

Stefan Manku  

Pleo is great! It has saved us a lot of time and everyone is really pleased with the way it's running. It was extremely easy to set up and the Pleo team were amazingly helpful. We used to spend a lot of time chasing for receipts and trying to find out who had spent what but this has all stopped now. A couple of good features have been added recently too - best one is the increased control over VAT treatment. I would definitely recommend Pleo, both the service and the actual product.

Jen Thompson  

Great product. Very easy to use and integrates well.

Richard Wood  

Pleo is an amazing system and helps us save a lot of time while updating expenses and records on Xero.Interphase is very intuitive and user friendly.Hoping that later Pleo updates will enable a forced transaction completion or prompts to ensure data is entered correctly and completely by users, such as right VAT amount is noted on the spend and all the transaction entry fields are filled in.Also would be helpful if Pleo exported data will establish a direct link between the departmental codes on Xero.All in all, highly recommended.

Usman Khan  

Pleo has been a revelation! Since we even showed interest in rolling out cards to our small team for managing expenses, Hakon and his team have been there to help every step of the way and have been amazing! The ease of the integration to Xero is amazing and we just love the fact that its really helped us from having to chase receipts off the users. I fully recommend Pleo to anyone trying to streamline expenses and save hours of admin!

Nofil Hydri  

I would like to say how much I am a fan of the Pleo Card. I am working in accounts and monitoring employees expenses has always been a bit of a headache! I have to say since my CEO suggested we signed up for Pleo it has made a nightmare job become so easy! It really has made a substantial difference in a very positive way. Once you have trained your staff to use the app (which is very easy to do) and upload their receipts “on the go” you are more than half way there instead of spending unproductive time aimlessly chasing staff for their receipts after the event! It is really easy to use and is so well supported by the Pleo friendly team who are always available to help! A big plus is that Pleo is already integrated with Xero which is the accounting software we use already and each month so far there have been very welcomed updated beneficial functions that are continually improving the system working together with Xero that really saves so much time on a monthly basis! I was delighted to meet the wonderful Hakon in person who visited our office last week providing fantastic customer service - Hope to see you again soon Hakon - we love Pleo and do highly recommend your product whenever possible.

Christine Fricker  

I have started using Pleo in my bookkeeping practice in anticipation of recommending it to our client base. We use a whole range of cloud based expense management tools - Concur, expensify, webexpenses, Skovik, Receiptbank - so we already recognize that different tools suit different clients. I love the fact that Pleo reminds you to image the receipt as soon as the transaction has occurred and then periodically reminds you if there are missing receipts. This is a huge advantage over corporate credit cards and indeed debit cards, which continue to be a challenge for back office support staff. Anything that helps to drive good expense habits among client's employees can only be a good thing. I look forward to the feature enhancements which I am sure are on their way. Great start Pleo!

Louise Partridge  

We all love Pleo! As a 20 person start up we've been struggling to find a solution for both people's out of pocket expenses as well as the heavy admin process involved in reconciling expenses. Pleo and the team are a game changer, forever improving the product and creating a great user experience. Pleo is a must for any organisation that wants to save time and engage your employees. 👍

Matt Halsey  

We were looking to eliminate or minimise the concept of expense claims when we came across Pleo. It is a new platform but it is relatively seamless and the best part is it is continuously evolving - new features being added month on month. For example, the Xero integration began as a manual upload with no historical record of last upload but now it gives last upload details so you know where to begin. The process of upload is super easy, quick and effective - cuts down on admin time by many hours. Different VAT rates have been introduced within Pleo so now we correct everything within the app and then export on to Xero - 100% correct. All that needs to be done is bulk reconcile. I would like to see if it is possible to schedule an export daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on the usage, this will introduce a discipline in export and a regular schedule. Thanks Hakon, Marie and rest of Pleo team. Great work.

Nishtha Kalyani  

We have been using Xero for many years and we were looking for a way to avoid expense claims (which isn't the best feature on Xero, tbh) then we stumbled upon Pleo, which has been a really exciting new way of helping our team to get out and around to our clients without having to worry about waiting for the month-end to claim the money back.
It's really simple to use, really easy on-boarding for staff using them and makes it really simple to pay for things, upload the receipt straight to the app which makes me life as the finance manager a lot easier. I can also now top up the card through an easy and instantaneous bank transfer.

Having met Hakon and a couple of the team I can see that they are super keen to improve all aspects of their product and we have regular meet-ups to discuss any issues we have or suggestions that they can potentially correct in the upcoming updates to the product, which is an excellent way to keep their clients up-to-date.

I can't wait to see what's next and I hope that Pleo and Xero can work together to make the integration even better than it is currently.

Leanne Garvie  

Pleo has been a revalation for our company. The seamless integration with Xero has made reconciliations for expenses an absolutely painless process. Have reccomended to anyone who would listen.

Oghenovo Abakare  

Pleo is an integral part of our recommended Xero set up for clients.
Before Pleo, ciients paid £300-500 per month for a bookkeeper to chase up all receipts and match to payments after month end. This took weeks to complete.
Now it's coding as you go. When making the purchase, the card user chooses the code, scans the receipt (until that becomes digitised in 2019-20) and selects the customer if recharging the cost.
The bookkeepers role is now to monitor & adjust the coding, receipts & VAT allocation of the expenses imported into Xero which in turn teaches Pleo to anticipate the right codes/ VAT in future.
As well as cutting out a huge swathe of bookkeepers cost, it means faster month end turnaround.
Our clients can have accurate Xero numbers within 5 days so we can then work with them on dashboards to forecast ahead.
So Pleo is a critical part of our process in cutting admin time & cost & delivering real value to clients.

Martyn Hodgson  

Working for a small start up, we rolled out Pleo cards to the management team mid 2017. From a finance perspective it has significantly reduced the amount of time I have to spend processing expense requests or purchasing items for the rest of the company. The management team also appreciate having budget responsibility themselves. The app is really user friendly and well designed.

From Pleo, Hakon has been brilliant, I spent a lot of time discussing our needs with him before signing up and then we have regular check-ins now. Pleo certainly care about their customers and listen to feedback.

The integration to Xero is really helpful and again cuts down on admin time.

Couple of product developments I would really like to see are:
- Ability to schedule automatic export from Pleo into Xero at the end of each month
- Ability to rename or recode the Pleo account line in the chart of accounts (so I can make it fit with my very particular way of setting up my chart of accounts!)

Sasha Budzynski  

Working in a 60-employees startup, I can greatly recommend both the product and the team behind it - we had a very good experience.

From the first contact we had with Pleo's business developpers, all the way through a full phased company roll out, their team was very supportive, responsive and helpful. Pleo made our finance team save a lot of time & the product is built in a very smart way, solving daily pain points for accounting/finance teams f.i. in growing startups. Online support is one of the most reactive and professional I've experienced in a while.

The integration with Xero is still basic but definitely helpful as it helps us attributing receipts directly to the right nominal accounts within Xero and have an upstream management on missing receipts. End of month reconciliation process is much quicker and easier now.

Claire Bothorel  

Pleo and Hakon have been fantastic.

During our test run, we were happy with the service and have rolled out to all the teams within our company. The integration with Xero works seamlessly and helps us save time having to chase invoices or receipts.

We are awaiting new features that can make our experience with Pleo even better!

Anh Phung  

PLEO has been fantastic for our Finance Team. We are saving so much time because of how the system has reduced the volume of processing.

The card holders are over the moon to not have to keep hold of every receipts and being out of pocket for travel expenses.

The PLEO team are really responsive to any issues or new ideas.

Alex Duffy  

Pleo all the way! Awesome app and even better team. The integration with Xero means hands-off all the way from expenses to reporting. I would recommend Pleo to everyone and look forward to further collaboration between Xero and Pleo!

Tao Mantaras  

Pleo has made a huge change to our company. The staff are very excited about the ease of use of the app and the fact that they don't incur expenses anymore, nor have to fill out fiddly expenses reports! From an administrative point of view, Pleo has really simplified our expenses and has therefore freed up time for more billable work. The output from Pleo can be completely tailored to any company's needs. Furthermore, the Pleo staff have been incredibly helpful and friendly. I would recommend Pleo to anyone!

Marleen Crabtree  

Very good service, I have reccomened it to 3 different companies.

Eaglehill Limited  

Pleo is amazing! It has completely transformed the employee expenses process and the ease with which an accountant and employees can manoeuvre on the Pleo site and app is second to none; it is a revolution in employee expenses. Long gone are the days of credit card and the mass of paper receipts. As the accountant, this has saved me a considerable amount of admin time, time which can be spent on value added activity within the organisation. Could not recommend this product highly enough. But even better than the product, is the Pleo staff! They always go above and beyond to ensure our needs as a finance function are met, whether it's helping with the functionality of the Pleo site or providing updates on upcoming developments. Would highly recommend Pleo to any firm looking to make the expenses process as easy as possible!

Shiva Vagani  

I love Pleo - it saves the team and I a canny amount of time every month, it's super easy to use, our employees love it and they really like the autonomy it gives them. Our accountant thinks it's fantastic and the customer support from Pleo is 10/10. What's not to like!?!

John Ryder  

Highly recommend this Xero add on! I have used Expensify before but feel Pleo is much easier and quicker to use due to the instant notification of any spend. All that's needed is a quick photo and a few words description then it's done. We have about 12 users on the platform currently and it has drastically reduced the monthly time spent processing expenses and setting up reimbursement payments to staff. Pleo support are also very quick to answer any queries and questions. Keep up the good work!

Neil Terry  

I work at a startup and Pleo saves us a lot of time! No more admin time spent sorting faded receipts. Our Human Resources are limited and this time is very precious, so it’s great to know that we can also always count on their excellent customer service if we have a un question. A seamless experience for us and our accountant.

Marie Krebs  

Pleo is a great system for streamlining expenses (and pretty much all business purchases). Integrating Pleo with Xero means that we now save hours of admin per month and no longer have to hunt around for those stray receipts. It's also really well supported by a friendly and helpful bunch of people at Pleo HQ.

Adam Castleton  

I fully recommend using Pleo and Xero integration. We are now saving time with our finances, each transaction made with our Pleo card is automatically designated to the correct nominal in Xero - No more monthly audits. The Pleo card is a saviour to all our staff expenses. Please check Pleo out, you won't regret! Service is amazing!

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