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Add-on for detailed budgeting and cash flow forecasting

Started by Bryan Stevens -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

I am looking for an alternative to Winforecast that will "add on" to Xero. If you don't know, Winforecast is a very comprehensive program that produces P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow forecasts including variance reporting. Sage no longer support it and I am looking for an alternative to use long term in conjunction with Xero.

I can't find anything in the Add Ons list. - Most options seem to be about short term cash flow planning rather than longer term budgeting.

H There, we use the Float app as it integrates well with Xero.


Mark Crompton  

Hi Bryan,

How many years of forecast data do you need to build out?

All the best

Hannah Dawson  

Ideally three though even one would be better than nothing. Am looking for ability to budget multiple revenue streams (product lines) as well as GP%s and overheads. Actual v Budget reporting too.

Bryan Stevens  

Hi Bryan

There are lots of good add-ons for CF forecasting.

Each have their strengths, and could be relevant for you based on your needs.

Most of the add-ons do more than just forecasting. So I've focused my notes below just on the forecasting component (per your requirements)

ProfitSee (US$40 p.m. per account)
+ 3 way forecast
+ forecast up to 3 years
+ can track actual vs budget

Spotlight Forecasting ($29 p.m. per account)
+ 3 way forecast
+ forecast up to 3 years
+ can track actual vs budget

Floatapp ($25 p.m. per account)
+ CF forecast only
+ 12 month forecast

Crunchboards ($50 p.m. per account)
+ Hannah (above) and her team has created a really cool add-on that does way more than forecasting
+ 3 way forecast
+ forecast up to 3 years?
+ can track actual vs budget
+ use ratios (like GP %) to drive forecast (I think)

Vistr ($ = Free)
+ Disclaimer: Vistr is my company
+ only CF forecast
+ 3 month forecast (releasing 12 months soon) on a DAILY basis
+ completely focused on operational CF forecasting
+ automated forecasting of when customers pay, seasonality in business cycle, etc through use for Forecast Rules
+ if you are interested in having a really quick snapshot of whether your business has enough cash for the next 3 months, that's what we do

Hope that helps. Also interested to get your thoughts on these add-ons once you have had a play around w them


Jeremy Kwong-Law  

Did you find what you needed?
We are building a retail-specific budgeting/forecasting and merchandise planning tool in Targetta.
+ 3-way forecast
+ retail specific (KPI-s, stores, merchandise planning built-in)
+ driver-based planning logic
+ automatic actual uploads and comparison vs forecast, vs budget, vs last year etc.
+ weekly and monthly planning units

More information: www.targetta.net

Märt Parker  

Thank you Mart (and Jeremy whose post I had not seen before).

I have see the various products mentioned by Jeremy and will now have a look at Target too. I am about to have a concerted effort with Crunchboards too.

Bryan Stevens  

I have tried crunchboards and it still doesn't have the feature set of sage winforecast. But the replacement of Sage is http://forecast5.com/faq/what-happened-sage-winforecast. They are going to have a web hosted version of the product and a download capability from Xero

David Russell  

Hi folks does any one know if a forecasting xero add on exists that allows for building up forecasts/budgets @ a tracking level. I have researched crunchboards, spotlight & Calxa with minimal success.

My client base is tracking specific and building the budget/forecast from a tracking perspective is the only way we can build (without taking it offline back to excel) which in the end defeats the intention.

Any wisdom from users that have used the software prior would be greatly appreciated.

Jeremy Gleeson  

Forecast 5 integration with Xero was completed over a month ago, and forecasts and reporting is done at the tracking level. You can view a quick YouTube video on how the integration works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBZHy-5myIA&feature=youtu.be


Melissa Dryden  

Hi All,

We're also looking for a budget model tool to replace excel. As well as c/f, B/S and P&L forecast we want to be able to build a business model which has multiple business areas.

For the modelling we need to create our own formulas which are sometimes based on non-financials, eg days in the month.

Anaplan and AdaptiveInsights have been suggested. However, they offer more features than we need and we would prefer a tool which is suitable for an SME (including pricing).

Any suggestions from user experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Kate MacDonald  

you could use Futrli

If the separate parts of the business come under the single legal entity then you could use tracking codes in xero. you would need to build seperate budgets in futrli for each tracking code. the down side is that looking at a consolidated view is slightly more difficult.
what i have have done is kept a single gl and seperated it into the business units.

I futrli you can group gl accounts to a particular business unit for reporting in seperate cards and still have a consolidated P&L and cash flow as you only have a single budget file.

Non-financial data can be imported to use for formulars.


David Russell  

Hi All,

I'm looking for an add-on to replace Excel for doing our yearly budget.

Once the budget is done, it's imported back into Xero, but the actual Excel spreadsheet ends up being pretty big - close on 450 lines on the Main sheet (the one which gets imported into Xero), with about 15 other sheets that feed into the Main one - for example a Salaries sheet with all the details and calculations for each staff member, and the totals from this link to about 5 lines in the main sheet.

I’m just wondering if there’s some software solution to make the process simpler and less prone to spreadsheet errors. And that can be repeatedly used moving forwards with future budgets.

Mark Greening  

Hi Mark
There are many add on's that manage budgeting
Futrli, Spotlight, Reep, Calxa to name a few.
Check out the add on marketplace and filter to the financial section

Jeremy Gleeson  

Hi Jeremy, yep done that. Unfortunately most of them seem to cost a lot more than Xero does! And the reporting in Xero is fine for our needs. I'm mainly just wanting to get rid of using Excel for the yearly budget.

Mark Greening