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Statements defaulting to everything outstanding

Started by Jeff N in Feature Requests | Done!

I am very wary of using the statement function, and it is another thing on Xero which needs too many more clicks than should be necessary.

If I send a statement to a customer it is because they owe money, and I want to see - and I want them to see - them to see everything they owe without havig to guess how far back to start the search - and also without having to click another date box to get it to show up to today's date.

I cannot think of a single reason why the statement function should not default to this. Better still, adopt the method used by a competitor of Xero, and that is to show everything outstanding, and also have two options - a) to only show invoices on which there are outstanding amounts and b) a date chooser.
Official Xero Reply
Hi all - we've just released outstanding statements (all outstanding invoices) in addition to the activity statement already there (just invoice activity for a given period). Thanks so much for your patience waiting on delivery of this. Here's the information on statements in Help Center - View, email or print a customer statement.

I'm going to mark this request as 'Complete' - all your votes will be returned to you and the voting element of this thread will be closed. If you have any new requests you'd like to be able to collect votes on, please raise a new feature request. Thanks!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)