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Send Invoicing Emails from a Different address to Xero Login

Started by David Summers in Feature Requests | Done!

Our Xero logins and email addresses are based on our registered company domain / email address, but we need to send invoices using the domain for our Trading name - it does not seem possible to do this - it should be part of invoice branding. Our customers are confused when the email comes from our other domain.

Also, if different Xero users send invoices then the invoices are sent from that individual user email address.
So even if we were to change our Xero login to use an email address using our trading name domain, invoices would come from multiple different email addresses depending upon who is processing them.

We require a common email address be used for the "from address" no matter who is processing the invoices - ie accounts@domain.name

There have been a large number of suggestions regarding email templates and default signatures, but I have not noticed any regarding the requirement for common shared email addresses between users.

The workaround of saving a PDF and creating a new email is very tedious, especially where we are doing large parts of it from an iPad.

In response to this request we've changed the 'From' name on emails with customer invoices to be something you can control. For the issue of having emails come from your own company's domain - please vote on this request: Email Send As @company-name.com Thanks, Catherine
Ditto on this feature! I create and send out invoices on behalf of one of my clients. Not only is this confusing for her clients (my email address does not make any sense to her clients) but if anyone has an issue with the invoice, or wants to let it be known it's been paid, the response comes to me. I then have to either deal with it (thank you response) or forward it to my client with an explanation. This add quite a bit of unnecessary cost to their monthly bookkeeping and clogs up my already over-flowing inbox. Just because you send an invoice does not mean you are the person who's responsible for the charge.
Having a common accounts@... email address would be fantastic. My client could then monitor the responses (or have her assistant do this) and I could get my inbox back.

Kim Maine

We definitely know we need to do this!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)

I requested this over a year ago!!! The workaround is to have a separate log-in that you use to send out invoices. It's a pain, but solves the problem. You do have to have an email account or forwarder associated with it (as Xero doesn't support alias user names). You invite the accounts@...com user into the ledger with standard rights, and then when you want to send invoices you log in as this user. It is important to ensure that when you set up repeating AR invoices you are logged in as that user as well.

Peter McCarroll

This is a major issue for us. We have two separate companies that in some cases have the same customers - it confuses the hell out of them seeing invoices from two different companies but from the same email address.

The workaround mentioned above sounds like a good idea and we really must stop this problem, however it just directs the problem from the customer to us. Not great.

Tim Miller

I've been asking for this since I joined Xero a couple of years ago. At the moment I have to log in on different email addresses when I want to invoice on behalf of clients which is very messy and isn't the same address the bank feeds need refreshing on so I am constantly logging in and out all day. Whilst I'd love to be able to personalise email signatures I have these all stored in evernote so it's a case of copy/paste but the email address is the biggest issue I have.

Helen Stothard

I agree with the above comments. Look forward to Xero taking some serious action here and start rewarding their loyal customers! I am sick of all talk & no go!

Joshua Wiggins

+1 thanks

Duncan McGill

Can we get a date when this will be implemented please.

Michael Pavletich

@Michael Work has started on addressing this but there's no firm date as to when it will be completes at this stage, sorry.

Jules Desmond (Community Manager)

+1 for this.
It's something we've been requesting for a long time too - we have to use the workaround of having a separate log-in that you use to send out invoices

Richard Bysouth

+1, would make life so easy to have one login to manage all our companies! Also to allow our accountant to send invoices from the companies address rather than her businesses address...

Luke Burrell

+1 on this feature, would be really handy!!

Nick Wilkinson

Hi there - it would be great to be updated on this please. We are in the same situation. While we are coping with the workaround of using a separate email account, it's a long way from ideal - especially when we are running integrated workflow apps that interface with xero.

Two updates since this thread was started in March seems a little light on. Since the last update said that it was being worked on three months ago, I suspect a firm release date can't be far off ...?

georgi mack

I'm just about through getting everything migrated to Xero and just realized this issue. This could be a dealbreaker for using this tool. Absolutely this needs to be added to the Invoice Branding section. I understand you're working on this already, but I'm totally stuck, so this is just another voice begging for this feature...

Ryan Phillips

After falling inlove with Xero and making the switch, I've had to partially switch back to my old system because lack of this feature, I have several contractors who send out invoices,
Sometimes these contractors are unavailable for weeks at a time. I Can't have a customer replying to there personal email address and risk not answering there email.

This is a pretty standard feature and from a programmers perspective a very easy one to implement.

I'd love to switch back to full time Xero, Please get this happening ASAP

Braydan Willrath

Yep, I need this as well

Todd Lane


Luke Burrell

Just how long is this going to take to put it right? So far, we have seen 0.1% action from Catherine in March, a community manager, but nothing more than that. Qdos to her for her response, but shame on Xero for doing nothing about it while still taking our money!. We'd like some commitment to this issue and to see it escalated to a much higher priority at the developers site, and to get some real feedback please.

Michael Pavletich


Have to agree here with Michael, it's a common issue. Little talk, little action. Not even sure why they have the forum, it only tends to spark more frustration in the lack of action. I think they have one part time programmer and 100 sales, PR and marketing people.

I hope that Xero do see my many comments and understand that I speak on behalf of many small businesses who have not had the time to comment or who have abandoned Xero or simple been wiser and not even started.

Luke B (w)

+1 more.

Brook Powell

Hi all, we know you're still waiting for this and we're getting to it. This discussion has been raised again on our blog recently with the introduction of online invoicing ... this excerpt from Andrew on our online invoicing update blog explains some of the challenges:

"We are planning to add the ability for you to control the “Reply To” address in a future release – this will default to the logged in user but can be overridden to be any email address (e.g. accounts@mycompany.com).

Allowing users to control the “From” address has some challenges – we are getting reports, even now, that an increasing number of mail servers reject emails as spam if they are sent from Xero’s servers but are marked as coming “From” a different domain. To avoid this we could have all emails come “From”, for example, noreply@xero.com and still allow you to control the Reply To address. While this does depersonalize your emails, at least it guarantees they arrive.

Would be interested in any thoughts on this.

What do you think?

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)

Less than stellar IMHO, but I would be willing to at the very least have the option to trial it for a month or so.
How about 2 options, one to invoke the operators mail transport mechanism on their own machine and another option to try one of the proposals on the table, such as that outlined above.

If you can implement an option to invoke the users MTS on their own machine, make doubly sure you do not attempt to restrict the types of applications invoked to those only belonging to Microsoft as do other application providers, as there are now many players in the OS userspace, such as Windows, Apple, IOS, Linux, Android and other Unix type systems. What that means is any code produced must be fully compliant with the ICG guidelines.

Michael Pavletich

Michael, I dissagree, the idea of cloud is the user does not have to do/have ANYTHING on there "PC". As a System Administrator, IT Professional & heavy Xero user, this is what i love about it.

If one of my customers computers breaks, they can simply logon to another computer, or from home and not have to worry about setting up outlook to there company email settings etc.

My Sugestion is this: (See Post Below)

Braydan Willrath

Thanks Catherine for keeping us updated.

I think what Xero has now is excelent as the default option, but i feel a "Advanced Email" option would benifit many of us. By default, xero will behave in the way it does now.

Under the "Advanced Email" option, maybe have the option of noreply@xero.com (although i personally dislike this idea, some might), then have a option to add your own eMail servers and/or addresses as mentioned.

I Check the option "Use my own SMTP Server", add my Google Apps SMTP settings (or any server SMTP settings) and have Xero send the email using that.

Maybe a option to set this as default across the Xero Company
(to solve the issue i originaly posted for.)

What do you think?

Braydan Willrath

If I can send from my address now, what difference would another address be?

Luke Burrell

@ Braydan, did you miss what Catherine said about email relaying?

The most reliable method I can envisage for cloud based apps such as this one is to use browser plugins/widgets etc, but once again, fully cross platform, native to all, no compatibility layers, in other words, provide code for all major platforms as I alluded to in my earlier post.
Email transport from within a users system is always less likely to cause issues with sendmail transports because they are most likely to be connecting through their own provider.

Take a leaf out of the remote desktop systems book. 4-5Mb self contained apps residing on the users system, takes care of security too and maybe we can rid ourselves of unnecessary time-outs while we're at it. Random Key exchange within the file itself, similar to a banks password protected security token, but no hardware required

Michael Pavletich

This could also apply to the remittance advice feature. The ability to send remittance advices from an email address other than the logged in user would be useful.

Fergus Macdonald

Why don't you look into a cloud based mail service like Sendgrid? After all, I am sure you don't really want to be worrying about email servers. I am sure you could work something out with a provider like this to make email easy for your clients without becoming an email service.

Scott M

I could also use the ability to copy the invoices to a different email address to the logged in account. Thinking about the wider problem I don't think its unreasonable to have to log in and out of clients' "accounts@...." to do work like this. A bit of a pain but keeps it simple.

The noreply@ could work if:
a) there is a configuration or run time choice to either use it or the login email
b) for the noreply option there was a link in the email to the address you want any replies sent to (which is determined by a configuration or runtime option)

Chris Dixon

+3 (for all our staff).

It is a privacy breach to have to send as a particular person.

Perhaps allow the ability to relay email via our own email servers.


Skeeve Stevens

+1 from me and another +1 from our Bookkeeper!

Lee Haskings

+1 for this feature.

We have a generic email address for accounts issues and want to be able to send from this address, not my personal address.

Jeremy Graham-Cumming

Not a fan of any invoices coming from an @xero.com address. Image is important, but also when someone is seaching for the invoice they know currently to search for accounts@.

The workaround i have is to have a generic accounts@ user setup and i login as that user to send out invoices. Not the end of the world though.

Perth Systems Pty Ltd Accounts

Is this in the pipe-line? It has the most votes?? Do votes count for anything?

Luke Burrell

This is a HUGE deal breaker. We have a company accounts email to which all invoice issues need to be sent , individual staff create invoices BUT the company is the entity sending the invoice NOT the individual. We have 1 x temp staff comes in twice a week , it is absurd that she gets emails in reply to the invoices she generates and not our main accounting staff.

This needs to be fixed

Russell Brown[work]

+ Heaps

Joshua Wiggins

+1 Would like the feature.
The Email Invoice function is not usable for me without specifying from address as it would just confuse clients. They are used to hitting reply if they have a question and they would not be able to do this.

David Murch

I'm a new Xero user. A bookkeeper working from home for many of my clients. Was just starting to like Xero until I discovered this issue. Add me to the list of votes to fix please!!!
For now I've put an additional signature at the bottom of my client's details ... "Sent by my bookkeeper, etc." Not ideal but hopefully clients will be less confused. Please fix!!
Thank you

Tricia Tassell

In Xero's feature release notes with today's update they listed "Controlling the From address of emails" as "Coming Soon". They don't usually do that until it's imminent!

Peter McCarroll

We are desperate for this to be working. If you have 2 companies under the same log in, the email goes from the wrong company name

Joanna Rich

Hi Catherine,

we understand about the relay issues and spam, but having a generic email such as sales@mycompany.com is not going to affect anything with the current setup. You are already sending emails using the logged in users email address which could be myname@mycompany.com.

This is not going to solve the spam/relay issue. But is 1 step towards a better email system.

Have you considered what MailChimp does? The sender email is their server, with all the rest branded as the customer. The email can be replied to and mailchimp then bounces to the correct recipient. As the outbound emails are from their domain/servers, the spam and relay authentication all work absolutely fine.

It does mean you reinvent what mailchimp does, or you could use them.

Minal Gulabdas

I understand that if xero is to send email on behalf of a company's email address then that companies domain must not have an SPF record defined or have a record of 'ALL' allowing any server or xeros servers as a 'sending' server.
This would alleviate the spam issue.
To give an option of third party SMTP servers would be great too.


David Murch

Just looking at moving from saasu to xero for my main software (pty ltd) company, and I'm trialling xero out on a little side sole trader business I have selling electronics kits.

I registered with Xero using my main company address (as this is my main email address) but it's really annoying that I can't put the address of the little business in there as the from address.

Why not just allow you to add secondary email address (which are verified by email challenge to prevent spam), this email could not be used for logging in, but you could select it as the from address for an invoice (providing it's been verified). Exactly the way it works in gmail when you add additional from addresses.

Steve Dalton

You can set up another user and use any email address they (you) have. When logged in as that user, emails will be sent using the email address the user is logged in as. That is both a benefit and a curse. When I first set up my users, I invited the first 2 using their personal email addresses, only to find invoices etc. were sent using the email address they signed in with, which was not associated with my company, and customers were replying to the email address from which they received their bills, not my primary business email as it should have been.
That is the reason for this thread and it shows a tremendous failure on Xeros part in the design and building this application in the first place and I can't believe how much Xero has dragged their feet on this and another long-standing issue I have. The application itself is quite good, but it has some design flaws that need to be addresses, this is one of them, another is no distinction for inactivity timeouts between administrator accounts with banking access, if the option is used, and limited accounts with no banking access, where there is significantly less potential for security breaches.

Michael Pavletich

Please let me know when this feature is enabled.

Tamsin Parry

I'm glad this is scheduled.
Coming from a not for profit organisation, we give people access via their personal email address.
That means ditzychick69@......com can send out invoices which people just think is spam!!!

Matt Mason

The excerpt from Andrew in Catherine's latest reply suggests that adding the option of sending from another address may introduce problems to do with email relay issues when sent from Xero's servers. But the problem already exists when invoices are sent with a "From:" containing the logged in user's email address: Xero's servers don't have relay "permission" to send from the user's email address either, so allowing users to send invoices from an addres other than their user address is no more of a problem. But if the problem is going to be resolved effectively, I'd suggest offering two options:
1.SMTP log in details stored at Xero for an address at another domain, so there is no relaying and the invoice is actually sent from the address it says it is. Notifications for when an invoice failed to send due to problems connecting to third-party SMTP server would be needed in this case.
2. A guide for "advanced users" to tell them what SPF info to add to the appropriate TXT domain zone record for their own domains so that SPAM filters can approve emails sent from Xero's servers.

But no matter what your solution is, I think some action is desprerately needed here. It's been over 9 months since this thread was started and there doesn't seem to be any concrete progress-- just a more thorough description of the "hurdles" from Andrew.

Rich MacDonald

Really need this to be working soon.. very frustrating that this function is not yet operational in Xero. We have 3 entities operating, and each has unique domain-names... please XERO, sort it out so we can send invoices, statements to our customers using online service through Xero.

Nick Hall

We are well through our solution for this - don't have a date, may just miss our next planned release but it won't be too long after that. We will be giving you complete control over the reply-to address and allow you to set the name of the sender that will appear in your clients' inboxes.

@Rich - relying on SPF records has helped some of our clients but using impersonation restricts our ability to make use of third-party email providers should we decide to move in that direction. Collecting SMTP creds would work but would have taken longer to deliver and we think our proposed solution is simpler and still addresses the issues around using the logged in users email address.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)


Can you please update us on the following link? Despite many posts we have not had any recent feedback...is Xero too ashamed to inform us of the lack of progress?


I look forward to your haste reply....

Joshua Wiggins

Would love this feature!!

Cate Forbes

Just moving from QB and the ability to control the from address is a must have..... Can't wait for this update,

Steve Cole

Out of interest.. how does the From address work in regards to repeating invoices? Is it sent from the address of whichever account was logged in when it was created?

Perth Systems Pty Ltd Accounts

@Troy - good question. You will get to choose. If you choose the default email settings then emails you send will work in a similar manner to now. Repeating invoices will be sent using the email address of the creator of the invoice template and other emails will be sent as the logged in user. However, in email settings, if you select a specific email address (e.g. accounts@mycompany.com) then all emails, for both repeating and standard invoices, will be sent using this email address.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

To Andrew Tokeley @ Xero,
There are many people waiting for this feature to become available. Reading back through this blog it looks like the request has been open for about 2 years. The ability to operate multiple entities through the single login is fantastic. the inability to change the FROM email address is NOT FANTASTIC are requires a range of work-arounds.... making Xero become more of an unhappy face in my books.
Please give us a date for this to be in place.

Nick Hall

Just registered to add my interest in this feature. Would be very useful and far more professional if we could email from accounts@ or creditcontrol@

Darren McCabe

I have set up a dummy user called accounts@ I just have to remember to log in as that user when sending invoices/statements.
It is a pain but I don't want customers contacting me directly.

Leah Cooper

Unfortunately that option is no good for us as we have a 3rd party bookkeeper who does some invoicing and credit control for us. She has her own Xero account under which she manages many companies. So she would have to log out and log in as different users to do this which is impractical.

Darren McCabe

We often send invoices to a couple of different people at the same company. Can you make it possible for us to keep different email addresses for the same company stored in our contacts list so that we can select the relevant one from a drop down list when we go to email out the invoice? As it stands now, if I put in a different email address from the last time, it overwrites the last address which we may need next time. Its a bit frustrating to have to look up email addresses each time. Thanks

Suzanne Hayward

@Jane - thanks for the feedback, you're not alone in wanting this feature. To make things easier for us to track, I'd suggest you add your weight to this issue, https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/51781/.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Please implement this feature. I think its possible to add Xero to your DNS settings to stop it being tagged as spam.

Divyang Mistry

Another basic feature which is not implemented in Xero yet. Come on people, buck up!?

Chris Keeble

It's been almost a year since the post above "work has started on this...." - how long is this gonna take?

Mr Sol

Yes please, I run three sets of accounts through one login and it is driving me insane to continue to log in and out to send invoices from different email addresses. If I could just set one email address for each business then that would be fantastic, rather than logging in and out as a work around!

Emanda Bertwistle


I run two companies via one Xero login... Came as quite a shock to see that when I sent an invoice from within Xero from my 2nd company it was addressed from my 1st companies email. This is a massive over-sight in my mind. Quite embarrassing and doesn't really maximise on getting those invoices paid!

For now I will export the invoice and email it manually but doing this makes all of the great work Xero has done on email invoice workflow and payment useless.. maybe sould have spent that time supporting one email per company profile ;-{

Laurie Barker

Hi All - good news, we have this functionality ready for out next release, 17 June. Functionality has been described in my earlier comments and should cover what you all need to control how emails are reviewed by you customers.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Great, but from everything requested on this USERS forum... this is the only thing tagged for the next release?

Please listen to your users... progress is far too slow! (or you have some massive things in the pipeline keeping you busy)

Luke Burrell

Good one - about time too ;-) Thanks for the update!

Mr Sol

looking forward to the 17th of June release + 1 for this feature

Steven Cox

Wow over a year for such an important issue, and the original post said he requested it over a year before that, Is Xero run by a one man band? Looks like Andrew is the only developer.

Chris Boehm

Here you go folks - released today. Check out the video overview on our blog for what you can do with customer email settings, plus more details in Help Center.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)

I also agree this is a great feature but I HATE the way this was implemented!

Invoice emails now appear as "Joseph Hanna <message-service@post.xero.com>" in my customer's Outlook Inbox. This has wrecked our branding. If we want the emails to go out as "accounts@company.com", then it should appear like that in the customer's inbox. It is NOT enough to have the "Reply-To Email Address" set as accounts@company.com.

This is worse than not having a generic company email address to send invoices from. I would rather go back to the way it was.

Joseph Hanna

Agreed. This request should be re-opened until properly implemented.

This is appalling! Many other cloud services we use work perfectly fine, not sure why its an issue for Xero, maybe its because you've only got one part-time programmer.

Luke B (w)

I agree it would be nicer for the sender email address to be our own domain, and that it might be seen as essential for some Xero users.

However, if the option is there to send from an email address in a user's own domain (which was / is currently the default?) the question of SPF (sender policy framework) records should be resolved...

1. xero.com's own SPF records are reportedly invalid (other forum users have raised this previously but no fix yet, Xero?)

2. invoice emails are being sent out from the subdomain post.xero.com - which doesn't have any SPF records configured

3. when Xero users are configuring how to send out their emails, Xero does not provide easy (any) access to information about SPF records. If a user's email domain uses SPF records this could cause emails sent on behalf of the user to fail to be delivered.

Once Xero have resolved points 1 & 2, they could also be very helpful to users for point 3: checking the desired 'send from' email domain for an SPF record and if one exists ask the user to confirm they have updated it. At the very least, mention SPF to the user with an "If you're not sure please be sure to ask your email administrator before continuing" message or similar.

Chris Keeble

@ Chris Keeble does the way this has been implemented make it any more or less likely the emails will be treated as spam? Is it better to stick with the previous method of logging on to each account separately?

Chris Dixon

@Chris Dixon - I could argue this either way, but for our company sending out emails from @post.xero.com is less likely to cause us problems at the moment - because our email domain uses SPF records. My reasoning for this:

1. Receiving email servers which implement SPF record checking are rarely set to block emails from domains with no SPF record at all (although some more restrictive organisations do) and @post.xero.com doesn't currently implement an SPF record

2. If your own email domain uses SPF records, and doesn't accurately permit post.xero.com's mail servers to send email for your domain, any receiving email servers / anti-spam systems which implement SPF record checking should reject the email (because, in effect, you've told them to).

That being said someone with a more detailed knowledge of SPF may be able to enlighten us all further?

Chris Keeble

Agreed this is a shambles! Are you listening Xero dev team? We appreciate your efforts, but this seems rather half hearted. Please allow users the ability to send via our own smtp address / server. This is the best solution, just as can be done in gmail, and will not only look more professional, but ensure the email does not land in spam folders.

Mr Sol

To clarify my own position I like the solution implemented so far, though there are still things that can be done to improve this and provide all the options some customers require.

I think some of the shouting and screaming going on here is unhelpful and unwarranted - you don't have to implement this feature, so those of us that want to use it are better off, and those that don't want to use it will no doubt encourage Xero to continue to develop the feature further.

Chris Keeble

Hi everyone - thought it would be helpful to repeat a comment I left on the blog (http://blog.xero.com/2013/06/more-control-over-your-emails)...

"We certainly haven’t ruled out adding SMTP support at a later date. It was something we considered and I had some conversations about this with people on Community and elsewhere. However, in the end we decided against it for this release.

The solution we have chosen is the most reliable approach to ensure all our customers’ emails get to their destination. Email comes from mail servers that we manage and monitor. What’s more, most recipients of these emails will be completely unaware that it is now (truly) coming from a Xero address. Certainly for me, on Outlook and Gmail, I only see the display name (that you can control) and have to drill in further to see the underlying sender’s email address. This was also true for other email clients we tested. And when I reply, it’s your email I would see.

I’m interested to know how others have experienced this, because it wasn’t our intent, as @Claire puts it, to have “Xero branding all over the place”!

One of the issues with the SMTP approach is that it takes the control away from Xero and places it with another mail provider. This would make it more difficult to know where a failure occurred should an email not arrive. Delivery is everything when you want to get paid! However, I appreciate these risks could be measured (by yourselves) against the advantages some of you have mentioned. So, my approach at the moment, is to measure feedback and see whether the concerns raised are widespread before committing to adding this support."

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Also, regarding updating SPF records to allow Xero to continue to impersonate email address. Yes, this technique does work but for some of our larger clients, their IT departments would not always allow these records to be created. This was a real problem for these clients. Our approach now is the best we can do to guarantee delivery.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Thanks for your reply Andrew.
I think the best solution would be to offer both options to users - either send using Xero SMTP or send using your own SMTP server - a similar approach to that used by Gmail when "send mail using another address". This will give users the option and cater for those that want the simple (send using Xero) or users wanting the advanced approach.

Mr Sol

Just noticed that if I have selected an alternative email address I can't get a copy of the email sent to it. Logically if I choose to send an email from an address other than my logged in user account I want copies sent to that address too, not mine.

Chris Dixon

I've added a feature request for:
"Email Send As @company-name.com not message-service@post.xero.com"

This is to help clarify the scale of the issue for Andrew's benefit (your response was appreciated) and to separate it from this thread which is currently ticked as "done"!

So PLEASE VOTE for it if you think it's important!

Chris Neophytou

@ChrisDixon - well spotted, I agree and hadn't noticed this. I'll follow up with the team.

@ChrisNeophytou - thanks, good idea. Here's the link, https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/2007592/

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Andrew Tokeley - Andrew based on the original feature request by @David Summers can you describe specifically how Xero can claim to mark this as "Done"?.
For example in the 3rd paragraph he says "We require a common email address be used for the "from address" no matter who is processing the invoices - ie accounts@domain.name
". Can we do this? As far as I can tell, no we cant.
Or "Our Xero logins and email addresses are based on our registered company domain / email address, but we need to send invoices using the domain for our Trading name" We can't do this either right?
and then he mentioned "Our customers are confused when the email comes from our other domain." Therefore will be confused if the domain is changed to @post.xero.com.
and Finally a quote from yourself in response to a question about recurring invoices "...in email settings, if you select a specific email address (e.g. accounts@mycompany.com) then all emails, for both repeating and standard invoices, will be sent using this email address." but that is not what I see when I'm using xero, am I missing something?
So please indulge my ignorance here but specifically what has been "done" from the original feature request?

Philip Duncan

@Philip - the issue we have solved is that the emails leaving your Organisation don't have to be identified as coming from the logged in user. This is no longer a problem, as you can chose how emails are presented to your customers by controlling the display name and reply-to address.

As discussed, some of you don't like that, despite emails appearing to come from a display name you control, the underlying email address is from xero.com. Great to see another, more specific, thread spawn from this and we'll be monitoring this. However, for a lot of people, our solution has completely solved the issue raised by this thread, hence the status update. Hope this clears things up.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Andrew - My name is Philip, I'm not your butler. The original request was talking about "From addresses" not simply the "From name". And as I pointed out you directly contradicted yourself when describing how it should work
"...in email settings, if you select a specific email address (e.g. accounts@mycompany.com) then all emails, for both repeating and standard invoices, will be sent using this email address".
If you still claim this is done, then I claim shenanigans.

Philip Duncan

Updated the name - my bad

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Philip Duncan

I saw that reply with your surname and I'm pretty sure he just made a mistake. Nothing wrong with being called Duncan, mind.

With this latest release I've currently got all emails being sent from ONE ADDRESS regardless of who on my staff logs in. In my opinion, this job HAS ACTUALLY BEEN DONE as asked. (Regarding the technicalities of the email system, I could be wrong, but as I understand it the only thing Xero doesn't do is have a deep level <<insert tech here jargon blah blah>> email server having the same address as the sending address. It's not ideal, but I would probably wager that 95% of recipients won't notice and the others won't care.)

Duncan McGill

I agree with you in a general sense. Most people wont notice or care, and personally it's not a huge issue.
I'm just over Xero saying one thing and doing another, claiming something has been implemented when it has not been, or claiming something as fixed when it's still broken. Then when people question them they avoid giving straight answers and when pushed for specifics they go quiet on the subject. Not just this thread but I've seen it happen a lot. It's like communicating with a politician sometimes.
The original request did mention sending addresses more than once. They could start a new feature request and mark it as done for all I care but if they are going around claiming something is done, i.e. complete and final, they should take care to get it right.

Philip Duncan

Just clarify, this change appears to have affected ALL Xero users, regardless of whether they use this new feature or note. Previously the user's email address was displayed in the email header as <accounts@abc.co.nz>, now as described in other comments, it's showing <message-service@post.xero.com>.

This is a step backwards in our opinion.

eCargo Accounts

"Not fixed"
I am sure Xero would develop an immense amount of trust from their user base if they were to hold their hands up and say "oops, we got it wrong and we will re-open the request". But since @Joseph started his response to this thread on June 21 it has seemed unlikely this will happen. Hence I started the "new" feature request https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/2007592/.

Ultimately I would like this resolved in the most efficient manner possible and if Xero will un-tick this feature request and start work on a satisfactory resolution from enough people commenting "not fixed" then I would be very happy with that outcome too.

Chris Neophytou

@Andrew Tokeley
Thanks for your reply, and sorry to take a few days to get back to you.

I think you should look at the issue of SPF records again as I think somehow there is a misunderstanding within Xero about how this does / should work.

Check out, your own (since you acquired it) WorkFlowMax service for how they deal with it. On their configuration page they state:

By enabling this setting, all emails you send will be sent using your email address (as configured in Admin - Staff) and not the default notifications@workflowmax.com address. If you enable this setting you might want to consider adding an SPF record to lower the risk of your emails being marked as spam, read more about SPF.

(They appear to have implemented just what I was looking for from you - and it works).

Kind regards


PS - when editing a posted comment, can you get your developers to expand the box more than 2.5 lines or put the "resize" css to vertical as it's currently a bit awkward! :-)

Chris Keeble

@Chris - thanks for the feedback, Chris. One of the challenges was that some of our (significant) organisations, for whatever reason, refused to allow the appropriate SPF records to be created. We did let our customers know how to do this and still had issues in these situations.

I'll let the Community team know about the editing issue ;-)

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Andrew - I think you must be mixing up the facts here.

Your client organisations would not be impacted at all by any other client organisation choosing to implement an SPF record or not. Xero wouldn't (couldn't) implement SPF records for client domains, which is what you're implying.

There must be more to the story - whatever your client(s) were refusing to I'm sure it wasn't anything that would prevent you offering the solution to the rest of us.

Back to basics for a moment: An SPF record applied to client1.com provides information on which email servers are permitted to send email for the client1.com domain. That SPF record can only be set up by client1.com and can have no impact on client2.com or any other domain. Xero would not have to make any edits to its own SPF records, and any clients choosing not to update their own SPF records could use the previous solution.

I'm sorry to say that I feel we're being palmed off a little with mis-information / lack of knowledge. I've provided you with information and evidence that your argument for this position simply can't be the case, but you seem to be clinging to your position regardless.

This is a trend I am seeing throughout Xero's support forums, many other customers are expressing their frustration at Xero's response to its customers lately too.

What's going on?

Kind regards


Chris Keeble

@Chris - sorry that I haven't been clearer and that you feel like I'm palming you off. Totally not the case and I am (obviously poorly) trying to explain some of the reasons behind the change.

I wasn't trying to imply that Xero would have to implement SPF records or that one organisation's SPF records affected another's - as you say, this is up to individual organisations to do to allow Xero to impersonate against their domains. However as some organisations can't/won't do this we wanted to come up with a (single) solution that would work for everyone.

You're right though, we could have allowed some of our clients to continue to allow Xero to use email impersonation (and set up SPF records if they needed to) and have others use the newly implemented approach but this sort of fork in behaviour, while certainly possible, adds to the complexity of Xero's underlying solution.

Feel free to ping me offline (I'm easy to find) if you want to talk about this more - don't want to mislead anyone if I've got something wrong.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Andrew, you don't really need to significantly fork behaviour. Just let us authorise our own domain email address to use as the from address, but also pre-authorise the Xero address for each account.
We are 100% against the new way you are handling this. It makes it look like we've downgraded to a free service supported by you advertising yourselves by forcing us to use your domain.
Imagine if Microsoft decided to do this with Office365 email just because some clients can't set up their SPF records and started sending customer company email from hotmail.com!

Big step backwards.

Andy T

I had meant to reply to this thread - +1 for Andy's comment. Technically there is no reason to have taken this backward step and customers are asking you to resolve as suggested allowing us to choose the option requiring our own SPF records if we so choose.

Please raise the priority of this rather than arguing against what customers are saying they need .

Chris Keeble

So, while this feature has been delivered in a form that works, albeit not ideally for some users, who else is waiting eagerly for the ability to store multiple email addresses for a contact so additional people can be automatically cc'd on invoices? Hopefully that's not rocket science!

Chris Dixon

@Chris - yep, you're not alone. I just left a comment on https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/51781/ - we know "what" we want to do, now need to coordinate "when"...

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)


I am not technical but this whole sent from email thing is a big problem for me. I send c.200 invoices out per month and now suddenly loads are going into customer junk or spam filter. What a backward step this is. It also looks very unprofessional that we are forced o have xero branding on the emails we send out.

I can't stress how much of a problem this is and that it actually has the ability to slow my cash collection!

Please, please, please XERO put it back to how it was.

Vaioni Accounts

@Manish, this is extremely ironic. It has created the very problem Xero attempted to fix. My customers see my invoice in their inbox but treat it as spam due to the email address. They think its bogus.

I don't know about anyone on this forum, but I previously never had a customer's email system reject my invoices, and I deal with big retail companies with sophisticated mail systems. After this change, MOST of my customers think my invoices are spam.

@Andrew - Incidentally, how many customers screamed about the old method of sending emails and what percentage were being caught by spam? It is abundantly clear on this forum that the "enhancement" has actually "broken" more than it has "fixed".

Joseph Hanna

I'm wondering what the forum is for? Xero, you are very slow to respond to big issues and concerns raised. Please listen and respond quick, do not wait any longer! Please unmark this issue as completed.

Luke Burrell

It really is mind-bogglingly simple. As mentioned previously - if only Xero dev team would enable the ability for users to actually specify their own SMTP server - then all outgoing emails will go via the users' own company server e.g. joe@bloggs.com not from Xero - and no more junk folder issue.

I appreciate that it's a bit of work to implement - but really, come on team, I'm sure you have the resources!

Simple fix - why not implement it ? Or is there a hidden agenda here - namely Xero trying to gleen free advertising - albeit in a strange, subtle manner.

Mr Sol

Before we muddy the water further with various additional solutions, the original posted problem ("Send Invoicing Emails from a Different address to Xero Login") is marked as resolved, but it is not resolved.

The original requirement was to be able to send from a different email address belonging to the Xero customer (not a Xero email address).

At the very least, Xero, please re-open this issue while you are pondering whatever it is that you are pondering.


Chris Keeble

For what it's worth i personally don't find it a big deal how the email is sent, if i had a choice i would probably prefer it to come from my business accounts address, but if not so be it. I've spoken to a few customers and everyone appears to be receiving invoices directly to their mailboxes without getting trapped by spam filters or junk mail in outlook.

I do however find it interesting that this is the second (possibly third depending how you count it) instance in the last few months where Xero has essentially added their own branding onto the product - the first being the links to the web based copy of the invoice, the second being in the web portal itself, and now emails coming from a @ Xero address.

Whilst i'm happy to promote Xero and by all means i tell most of my customers about how great and easy to use it is, i'm not liking the direction Xero appears to be heading in with this enforced branding. At the very least it should be optional.

Xero - is there any plans to implement proper branding options, like the ability to configure a subdomain (which would also be used in the email URL's) and brand the portal with our own logo's, colours and other info?


@Troy - can I recommend you raise a new topic rather than risk 'hijacking' this thread with a separate (albeit related) requirement? (You could then post a link in your comment above to attract support if you wanted)

Chris Keeble

Hello Xero ... are you listening to what we are saying? This is a fundamental issue that needs fixing ... what are you going to do about it?

Just to clarify ... I DO NOT (and it sounds like a lot of other users) want my customers seeing emails coming from my accounts system with a from address "message-service@post.xero.com"

I do love the system and think its really good and always recommend and speak highly about it but this issue has somewhat changed my opinion indeed.

Vaioni Accounts

The original request that started this thread has certainly not been addressed. The original requestor David stated - "We require a common email address be used for the "from address" no matter who is processing the invoices - ie accounts@domain.name". This is not what has been delivered

Vaioni Accounts

Ok I have started my own specific discussion on this issue and hopefully I can generate some activity.

If you don't like or even think its generally not a good addition for emails to come from <message-service@post.xero.com>

then please comment, vote and share your thoughts at https://community.xero.com/Business/discussion/2277981/

Now merged with existing request here.

Vaioni Accounts

@Manish - good idea, however @Chris beat you to it - https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/2007592/

Catherine has the power to merge these topics

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Please get it merged then ... Andrew, you can't mark this request as complete.

Please respond.

Vaioni Accounts

Dear Mr Xero... please let us know what it takes to get action around here? We'd really like some.

PS. You're about to get a heap of big established players start competing with online accounting, you'd better get you stuff sorted and start listening to the users. There are plenty more who may not engage in the conversation who are either walking away or waiting till something better comes up.

Luke Burrell

As mentioned above, this is now a duplicate. Please see


(and vote if you agree!)

Chris Keeble

Hi - I appreciate the solution we have delivered isn't what some of you on this thread want, and we are listening. I'm getting more information from our support team and other channels to understand how widely this dissatisfaction runs in order to make a decision about what to do next. We send between 50 and 120 thousand invoice emails a day (depending on the time of year), so I would have expected more heat from other sources if this update was widely unacceptable. However, as some of you have mentioned - it could take people a while to react. As I've said above, we haven't ruled out anything at this stage, but I can't yet give you a definitive commitment to specific enhancements.

Regarding the status of this topic - as I mentioned in an earlier comment (28 June) the status change reflects that, for many people, we have solved the underlying problem of relying on the logged in user's email address. This status does not indicate that we have closed the door to further work - it's good to have the more specific topics created.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@ Andrew - I think the dissatisfaction is more over the way this was handled and Xero's belligerent attitude towards it's users. For example you are still arguing about the status of this topic, I agree that you have solved a problem, the solution is mostly good apart from the send address. But it has not resolved "this" request, this is only partially resolved and the message we are hearing is start an entire new request and go to the back of the queue. Also some peoples emails are ending up in spam as mentioned earlier in this thread, so there is that to consider too.

Philip Duncan

"I would have expected more heat from other sources if this update was widely unacceptable."
As a majority of people don't email themselves from Xero I wouldn't be surprised if they are unaware that emails come from message-service@post.xero.com

Leah Cooper

+1 to Leah's comment. If you are that confident then Xero Inbox message everyone and point out exactly how this works and see if that affects feedback levels. We didn't notice for weeks.
Ask your own marketing team how they would like this happening to them (or was it all their idea?)

Andy T

Emails prior to the update came from my email address, where as now with either email 'setting' they come from message-service@post.xero.com (displayed quite clearly in Outlook).

Why not let people choose which email address is shown. For those who are having trouble with the from being their own domain, they can choose the Xero email. For those having trouble with spam filters on the Xero email, let them choose their own domain based email.

Personally I would much prefer it to come from my own email address rather than message-service@post.xero.com.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed in the new email feature and would have preferred it to stay as it was.

Steve Ready

Is there any movement on this yet? I'm sure most subscribers would NOT want their invoices coming from a post.xero.com domain.

The new way invoice emails are going out makes our businesses look very amateurish.

This is a definite risk of using Software As A Service (SaaS) - a really bad change implemented that you cannot do anything about. Well apart from look for something else...

Xero - why don't you email all of your subscribers explaining the change honestly and in detail and let people vote with some buttons??

Andre V

@Andre - I agree. However I suspect that Xero do not care, at all. Cant even have a reasonable discussion with guys like Andrew Tokeley. It seems Xero staff like to start arguments over small details while blatantly ignoring valid questions and comments and when pushed for specifics they go all quiet. If you look at the original request they have picked a small part (an easy part) of it to implement, then claimed the whole entire request as finished as if we cant read or something.

@Andrew Tokeley - Is frustrating people on this discussion part of your strategy or is it just personal? I could ask you to explain a few things but I would be repeating myself. All dodging questions does is make you guys look bad.
Right now the relationship between Xero's staff and Xero's customers is an us and them situation.

Philip Duncan


As mentioned multiple times above, this is now a duplicate. Please go to


to continue the discussion (and vote there if you agree).

Chris Keeble

Very disappointed by the response I've received from Ben Tate, Xero's UK Customer Experience Manager - I'd go so far as to say he's in the wrong job.

Perhaps he'll listen to his customers about their experiences with Xero if they contact him directly: ben.tate@xero.com

Good luck though, he commented that he thought I might end up "throwing my keyboard at a wall" on reading his last email. Perhaps he has issues.

Chris Keeble

Despite sharing some of the frustration here I'm concerned that some of the comments to Xero are a bit personal, which won't help fix anything. As this is an online forum, remember the old saying "attack the post not the poster". Now I sound like a bloody moderator .......

Chris Dixon

Hi Everyone,
I make the Outlook and Excel Addons for Xero. I just came across this discussion today and I've put together a bit of a workaround that might help some of you out. I've released a new update for my Outlook addon that lets you issue your invoices direct from Outlook (See http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/?p=4991).
You'll need my Outlook addon; there's a free 14 day trial and you'll need Outlook 2007-2013. Also, due to limitations of the API, I can't add the payment link.

If you have any questions or issues, just send me an email on ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com

Ruairi M

I've only just realised this week that this change was implemented. This came to light because I was getting stroppy with a late payer who hadn't responded to my requests for payment. It was only when I'd navigated my way by phone through their accounts department that I realised had the company's email address wrong but I didn't know that. It always used to show a bounce if the mail didn't get through.

So this change is not only affecting my cashflow but also my customer relationship. They can't pay a bill they haven't received.

I'm really disappointed in this, especially as we weren't warned about it. This needs to be changed urgently.

Tania Houston

I vote the so called community managers should get the sack for keeping users in the dark about this issue. For the record, a Xero employee admitted to me in private that they knew full well this was a problem in late July.
While they are at it they should sack Andrew Tokeley he is struggling to get anything done in a timely manner and his lack of basic knowledge around how emails work is obvious.

Philip Duncan

@Tania - apologies for this. What you've experienced is definitely a bug and we're working to get a fix out as soon as we can - it's actually not directly related to the change in email behaviour. What should happen is the bounce email should go to the reply-to address you specify.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Tania, Andrew has known about this since June and Xero refuse to inform users. It's not really a bug - it's just email working as designed, the problem is with Andrew's (lack of) understanding of email systems.
Despite what Andrew says you can prove that it is directly related to the change to using message-service@post.xero.com by Xero's own 'Invite a user' process.
Go to Settings, General Settings, Users. Invite a User and in the email address field put in an address you know to be wrong - say invalid@dodgyaddress.com

Once you've invited this user you should soon get an email back from Xero saying:
This is the mail system at host mail2.go.xero.com.
I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients.
invalid@dodgyaddress.com : Name service error for dodgyaddress.com Type=A: Host not found
Their own systems are perfectly capable of informing us when messages aren't delivered but they have decided for some unexplained reason to inflict message-service@post.xero.com addresses on us which also ruins our branding and conveniently advertises Xero to all of our customers.

To get a bit more technical..
All Xero need to do to resolve this is to set the Mail From address to be the same as the Reply-To address we specify and everything will work nicely again.

Also Andrew's excuses about the new system stopping messages going to spam filters is absolute rubbish. There's no reason this can't be implemented successfully using our own domains - Microsoft do exactly the same thing with Office365 - a service that Xero use for their own email!
If he was at all concerned about deliverability he would have set up SPF records for post.xero.com. Strangely his excuse for setting up post.xero.com in the first place was that a few customers weren't setting up SPF records themselves and that Xero hijacking out email addresses would stop them needing to do this.

@Andrew - When you talk about 'Spoofing' our emails, how does the recipient's mail server know which server is our own server and which is the 'spoofing' server? Without SPF it probably doesn't, therefore without SPF records email is no more likely to get rejected from our own server than from yours. The only time 'spoofing' would be a problem is when SPF records ARE set for a particular domain and Xero's servers are not listed in the SPF record, even then only if the record is marked with -ALL.
Please please set the 'Mail From:' record to the same as the Reply-to.

Andy T

@Tania - I got an update from the team today and the fix is scheduled to be deployed next Tuesday, Oct 1st.

@Andy - as you know, we're working on putting a document together that covers the more technical aspects of sending emails. It's a complicated area and I'd really like your feedback on that. I'll post a link to it as soon as possible.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Andrew - I think you should be in politics. (I'm referring to your constant fielding and dodging and your obvious lack of ability to deliver anything in a reasonable timescale.)

For everyone else reading this, the truth is that this is NOT a complicated issue. Andrew has already demonstrated he does not understand the finer technical details of email and specifically SPF records.

In addition, WorkflowMax (a lead management system owned by Xero) ALREADY implements the solution customers are crying out for, but Andrew has claimed it is not possible.

What a complete load of rubbish Xero spews out.

Chris Keeble

@Andrew, I'm certainly looking forward to reading that. Will it be this week?
If you were to decide to let us send invoices from our own email address again would it be a significant rewrite of your code? You already customise every other email field and you used to send them correctly configured.
It still looks bad that our invoices come from another company, our clients tell us they don't like it. As you know we don't like it.
The NDR issue is a side effect of a badly designed system, I'm disappointed both that you refuse to publicise the issue and that you claim it is a bug when it's not.
Why no SPF records yet?

Andy T

@Andrew. And the reason Xero has refused to inform all it's users of this problem is?...........
However, glad that it's getting fixed, this was causing me a bit of grief with our customers.

Philip Duncan

@Philip. Andrew didn't say the problem will be fixed, just that the NDRs will be forwarded on. They are still stopping us use our own domains, still haven't set up SPF records and have yet to come up with a good reason for either of these.
At no point have we ever knowingly given permission for Xero to send our customers emails from their domain, we were not even told it had changed let alone given warning or asked for permission. Is gross misconduct the right term here?

Andy T

@Andy. Good point, I was being a bit optimistic. Just had the NDR issue on my mind because it directly affects me. You also make a good point about permission, they need to watch out for that because different countries may have different laws around email use.
What I don't get is why there is such resistance from Xero over this issue with little or no justification why.

Philip Duncan

I understand the frustration and agree that the "solution" is terrible, but calling for the sack of Xero employees seems to be a little over the top. I don't think this type of reaction is going to help get the issue addressed any sooner, in fact it may have the opposite effect.

Scott M

@Scott - I guess calling for them to be sacked is taking it a bit far, but I have known people to get the sack for less. At this point I'm just trying to get a reaction (any reaction) from them since they refuse to listen to reason.

@Andrew Tokeley - feel free to speak up at any point. Why has Xero refused to tell all it's users about the NDR's when you have known about it for many weeks now?

p.s. You can choose to ignore me and others here who are asking the same thing, but everyone can see you ignoring us and that shows how seriously you are taking this.

Philip Duncan

I was not going to comment but I am commenting on behalf of the many users who read but don't comment. We are watching, reading and waiting for a decent response and for a fix. As mentioned WorkflowMax (which we also use) and MANY MANY MANY other cloud based software can achieve what people are asking. I REALLY can't understand why Xero with it's huge investments cannot be capable to implementing such a simple important functionality. (or give a reasonable answer to the many upset users).

Can I also say this is not the only matter in which Xero is dropping the ball and it's competitors are able to implement. Xero, we're all hanging for a decent and massive update to the software on many fronts. I hope that you're working hard and we'll see a BIG new release VERY soon.

Luke Burrell

@Andrew. WRT the NDR "bug": this is a major failing of the system resulting in many undelivered invoices going unreported. This is causing some of your customers to have serious cash flow issues and probably also damaging their client relations.
The numbers are likely small, but your refusal to inform clients of the issue could cause a business to fail. You need to be more open about these problems. Your self-serving denial and failure to report these issues is unethical.
We are not stupid, we are judging you on how you deal with issues. I can honestly say that I have never dealt with a company who have refused to acknowledge problems in quite the way you do. When I say "company" I am including British Telecom and large groups of two year olds I have also had the privilege of supervising.
What other bugs and design flaws are you hiding from us?

Andy T

I admit, had we known how long it was going to take to address the NDR issue, we would have made a more pubic announcement. Fair call, and I apologise for this.

Regarding the wider email delivery concerns, it's frustrating that my attempts to answer direct questions about why we have changed the way emails are sent have been interpreted as being evasive and that I'm ignoring your concerns. It's also disappointing that many of you are resorting to personal attacks that add nothing to the conversation.

We certainly aren't ruling out implementing any of the suggestions you've made but, at this stage I want to get the technical document published and then take it from their. Resorting to the way emails were sent before or leveraging your own mail servers are both significant pieces of work, so this isn't just Xero being difficult.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

@Andrew - all your last response does is convinces me that you really are just ducking and diving, and that we should be moving over to an alternative system.

BTW it's "... take it from there" not "their".

Chris Keeble

@Andrew - thanks for checking me out on LinkedIn.

You can always get in touch if you want to discuss how to resolve this. No need for covert operations ;)

Chris Keeble

@all - as promised, we've just finished writing up a document, to help explain how emails are sent from Xero and to address the concerns several of you have raised on this thread.

As I've stated before, while we have no immediate to make changes in this area, nothing has been ruled out regarding future enhancement.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Thanks Andrew. The key sentence is in the last line of the PDF

Correct emailing practices, but which require the customer to set up SPF and DKIM records in their DNS, and don’t allow email impersonation until the SaaS provider has confirmed these settings are correct.

We now clearly hear that some of our customers would like the second option, and to be able to opt-in to the extra configuration work to configure their SPF and DKIM to allow us to send on their behalf. We are currently evaluating the provision of this feature, and the engineering and support effort required to provide it. We have run some analysis on the number of customers we expect would be able to do the required configuration to make this work correctly.

Can you answer these questions...
1. You have the answer, why no immediate change? Do you not understand the seriousness of this bungle?
2. 1000's of other SaaS providers (much smaller and ill funded ones) have managed to implement. What exactly are you "evaluating" and "analysing"? It sounds all technical and stuff but can't you just get it done?

Luke B (w)

I was going to say "innovate or die" but we're not asking for innovation, just that Xero will catch up and get with the basics of business requirements.

Luke B (w)


1. Yes, we understand that you and others don't like what we've done. However, we have to make sure that our limited resources are working on the most pressing things. As you can imagine, that's a tough gig, with over 1000 feature requests in Community alone. We can't possibly do everything all at once so have to make really hard choices - at the moment that is to keep the foot on Purchase Orders and a new Reporting infrastructure, and the list is fairly long after these features.

2. Despite the above, we are continually evaluating whether our current priorities are right. For better or worse, implementing what you're asking is not a trivial task and would definitely take resources away from other projects. I wish there was a switch I could pull to "just get it done" but it's more involved than that and would take time.

As I've stated before, at this stage we do not have an immediate plan to change the way emails are sent from Xero. Of course, if the demand for change increases (beyond the demand for the things we're working on), this may change.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

There are lots of feature request yes, but there seems like very little work happening on the top 10. How limited are your resources? Doesn't Xero have $100's millions from investors and the highest paying subscribers in the world? How do small competitors with little investment progress faster than Xero? How many programmers do you actually have working on the updates and feature requests, one?

Can you explain how much more demand is needed?

Luke B (w)

Unfortunately, money alone doesn't guarantee you can grow your product team at will. It's a competitive market and hiring good people is a challenge for everyone, even Xero. At the moment, most of our available resources are committed to Reporting, Purchase Orders and BAU - we can't take the foot off these and if we did (or are seen to) we would (are) criticised for a lack of focus!

Measuring demand is a combination of a number of things but is a balance between Community votes, impact on our support teams, direct contact with users and partners and of course, our own sense of how important a feature is for the wider Xero community.

Regarding this specific feature - it was/is number 6 (hence why we tackled it) and we know that the current solution is sufficient for a large number of our users. Negative feedback up to now has been strong from a relatively small number of passionate users. The resulting, more specific request, to return to impersonation (or alternative) is currently at number 80 in the list of features (granted it's new, so not entirely reflective of demand).

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

Thanks, I understand. It's just extremely frustrating as an end user (deep in the Xero world) and seeing competitors progress with a lot less resource.

Sure finish what you've started, but perhaps get another team onto the others if it's going to be a long wait.

Also I'm not just referring to this feature it's many.

I think the other being at number 80 is that many (like myself) are still following this one. IS this the one you're referring to? https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/496357

Luke B (w)

@Andrew "Regarding this specific feature" how do you know it is sufficient for most users? I know I gave good feedback when it was launched because you didn't happen to mention the bit about changing the email address, Six weeks later I happened to copy an email to myself and that's when I found out about the change to message-service@.
I would still argue that this change has not been completed in the spirit it was requested, Catherine asked for feedback about using @xero.com earlier in this thread, but all feedback was either negative or 'you could put it in, as long as we didn't have to use it'.

If you are really confident that everyone knows exactly what you have done and how, then why not prove it by messaging all users, apologising for the NDR problems and making sure they know that their own domain is no longer being used?

Andy T

@Andrew Tokeley

Ditto to Andy Tristram's comment above.

THIS feature request has certainly not been completed in the spirit it was requested (over 18 months ago). Requiring your customers to register their vote against a 'new' issue is awful.

How you have handled this issue is very disappointing, as I've expressed previously. And having read your document I have even bigger concerns than I did previously about Xero's technical competence in this area, which makes me concerned about your ability to keep our sensitive financial data safe.

These are the reasons we are looking at alternatives to Xero and recommending to our business associates that they avoid your service.

Chris Keeble

So after spending over 50 mins reading this thread and trying to find other posts I still have no clue if this is about to be resolved. Emailed invoices are not being opened by my clients and I need to be paid. Emailed invoices must come from my business email address not XERO. Any help or feedback would be greatfully accepted. URGENT

Angela Winters

I wouldn't waste your time. It used to work the way you want it to, but they deliberately changed it so that your invoices come from a xero address. We don't use xero for sending invoices any longer and this year may move away from xero all together as the features we liked have gone.

Andre V

I have no idea whats so hard for Xero ??

We use several cloud systems and THEY ALL send emails to customers as if the email is coming FROM our company ... its not rocket science

Russell Brown[work]

what is going on ? this is such a basic thing!!!!! i have multiple companies registered and it all goes from my log in email address!!! xero has so many basic functions MISSING !!! EG QUOTING !!!! seriously looking at a more professional accounting system. I have read back in 2012 this was requested and still nothing has been done, poor effort....

Global Systems Australia

Just dropping in to confirm a few things here. The invoice email your customers receive will come from message-service@post.xero.com, there are a few reasons for this which are outlined here.

You can, however, set the email address your customers reply to, following that invoice email. This can be either be from the user logged in, or a specific email address eg invoicing@testcompany.com - more details here: Control the email address on emails you send to contacts.

David when you log in to Xero tomorrow you'll find a pretty exciting new addition!

Brittany H (Community Manager)

I am not a current Xero customer but I came here to understand why emails from multiple customers are coming from the same email address. I can see that there is some frustration about this by Xero customers.
The problem for us is that our CRM links incoming emails based on the email address and so these emails are getting linked to the wrong contact records.
I am certain that most CRM packages work in the same way so this is going to become an increasing problem as Xero expands.
I accept that not being a current Xero customer may make this enquiry seem less significant however our frustration in turn becomes our/your customers frustration when we can't locate emails that have been sent to us with invoices attached.
PS - the reason why you do this "are outlined here" link doesn't work.

Gordon Smart

Sadly, Gordon, Xero don't appear to care what their customers think, let alone their customers' business associates.

The reasons they have given for not doing this are absolute rubbish. They even now own another online system which does exactly what we are asking for here, but still claim it's not technically possible.

Chris Keeble

In addition, we've been testing KashFlow with some of our clients since July last year and overall have been delighted. Neither system is perfect, but KashFlow do appear to at least care what their customers think, and the system works very well.

Chris Keeble

Hey Guys, has this feature been fixed? Can you now change the email address to send out invoices? They are getting sent from my personal email address instead of admin and its unprofessional.

Dane Christison

Dane - yes. Goto Settings, Email Settings.

Peter McCarroll

I don't understand this, as far as I am aware invoices come from xero, not from any personal or configurable email address - <message-service@post.xero.com> it does show a user name but that isn't any good as far as spam filters are concerned - 90% of which think message-service@post.xero.com sends junk mail.

Ben Linker

This feature is useful, but I really would like to see the ability to choose which email address is specified as the reply-to address for a reoccurring invoice, as I need to handle these payments differently to any other regular emails that are processed.
The 'one blanket email' approach is quite limiting.

Brence Coghill

Going back to QuickBooks over this!!! I just started using Xero last month and this has by far been the biggest letdown of all. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to go back to QuickBooks. We can't select from email address we want at the point of invoicing? Really? What if we have multiple DBAs under one Organization and they are totally different businesses/names? Absolutely ridiculous.

Jon Prue

Hello everyone in this thread

How many of you are using Microsoft Outlook?
We have thought about creating an Outlook app where you can send quotes, invoices etc. directly from Outlook and with you own choice of templates and email adress sender.
We give you the opportunity to brand your own company with our solution.

If you think this sounds interesting then send us an e-mail on dkabi@gmx.com or reply in this thread with contactinfo and we will get back to you.

/The solution makers and Outlook nerds

James Bond

No Mr Bond, I expect Xero to provide a proper solution, as other providers have managed to.

Chris Dixon

Hi Chris, now I have just seen that it has taken Xero a long time to do this and I am not sure they will do it for you. So that's why we ask if we should help Xero users. :-)

James Bond

Hi James I appreciate your willingness to help and there is a burgeoning Xero add-on industry out there but my view on add-ons is they should extend the functionality not provide sticking plasters for gaps Xero can't be bothered to fill. This is core functionality and Xero should fix it. Whether they do is another matter.

Chris Dixon

I just went to http://mxtoolbox.com/

I tested "post.xero.com"
It resolved to the following domain records
Type Domain Name IP Address
A mxa.mailgun.org
A mxa.mailgun.org

Then checking for problems

It showed one DNS warning
It showed five Mail Server warnings

Category Host Result
dns xero.com SOA Serial Number Format is Invalid
smtp aspmx.l.google.com Reverse DNS Resolution FAILED! This is a problem
smtp alt1.aspmx.l.google.com Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
smtp aspmx2.googlemail.com Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
smtp alt2.aspmx.l.google.com Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
smtp aspmx3.googlemail.com Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

Could these be the reasons why "message-service@post.xero.com" emails are not getting through?

Warwick James

I have also checked "notifications.xero.com" and "Xero.com" with the same results, and also the following indication
Your email service provider is "Google Apps"
Could this also contribute to our invoices not getting through?

Warwick James

Yet another reason it should be at least an option for us to take care of our own email. I've seen a lot of ads for Quicbooks lately, maybe I should start checking that out; it would take a few months to change over and a lot of pain, but with year end at Christmas its now or put up for another year. What a shame it has to come to this.

Ben Linker

I don't know if this will solve others problems, but it will solve mine if (option 1:) each user could select the email address they would like replied to in email settings or (option 2:) in quote, invoice, etc there is a 'reply to' dropdown, currently we are using personal email addresses to log in as our company runs from only 2 email address's and we have 6 users, so the user email reply option doesn't work and we run 2 companies under one operation so certain users need to have certain email address's as reply options. I'm hoping option 1 would be minimal coding as opposed to option 2 but it would be nice to have at least one of these options instead of having to go into email settings every time we need to send invoices and statements from the one side of the company.

Hope to hear back soon

Grant Gillespie

I wish to add my request for a custom outbound SMTP server for sending emails from Xero. My client has tasked me to make sure that their email has their centrally managed signatures on it - currently not possible on Xero so the branding doesn't match.

If I could set the SMTP server to the client's Office 365 or Exclaimer it would solve this problem.

Tom Brook

How is this marked as "Done"?

Emails are still going out with the Xero branded sender. This is nothing short of a branding exercise for Xero to get its name out there. Well guess what you are going to your brand?

I contacted a customer to see why they hadn't paid my invoice. They replied with "I didn't get your invoice". "yes - i sent it blah blah". Then they replied "oh wait, is it from Xero? All invoices from Xero end up in my spam folder". Nice branding work.

You say you do this so we can get paid, well, we are not getting paid.

Enough already - this thread is 5 YEARS OLD! This has dragged way too long - LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Please give us custom SMTP settings so we can send from our own mail servers as an option for those that want it and leave the existing half-baked method for anyone that *may* still want that.

I can't believe we are still begging for this.

Joseph Hanna

I see that since this thread was started it's now possible to add multiple "from" email addresses. But is it possible for the same user to select which is used for different functions, whether that would be manually or automatically?

As an example, if I'm sending out a quote I'd want that to come from my personal email address, so that responses come back to me. But if I'm sending out an invoice I want it to come from accountsreceivable@mycompany.com, so that any responses go to the bookkeeper who handles AR.

Obviously I could go into Settings > General Settings and constantly change the email back and forth, but that's not practical.


David Haddad

OK, so it looks like it's not possible. That being the case, it sure would be nice if Xero offered a simple drop down menu at the top that allows the user to quickly change the from email address as they performed different functions. I won't be entering a feature request though - when it happens in 5 years I'm sure I'll have other issues I'll be attending to :-p :-D

David Haddad

In order for emails to be sent to and from an alternate account, it has to be selected and saved in Settings -> General Settings -> Features -> Email settings. That is if the email has been approved by the administrator

Niventhan Manisegaran

All this does is change the display name and reply-to address.
All emails are sent from a xero.com address, you can't change this.

Causes multiple issues, but xero don't care.

Andy T

I am fed up with having the following conversation....
I notice we haven't received payment of our invoice, is there an issue we` have not addressed?
- After some chat
Oh - there it is in spam, I'll get right on it!!

Please can we have emailed invoices, statements etc. go out from our own domain?

David Smith

The above post is for tech support scammers, do not use the link or call the number on the page.

Tom Brook

Thanks for jumping on here and pointing this out, Tom. I've now removed the comment from this post.

For anyone else here, if you receive anything suspicious, please do take a look at our security notice board for any notices or forward the email to phishing@xero.com before clicking into any links or attachments in the email.

Kavi S (Community Manager)

I too have this issue of not being able to send invoice emails via another email that I have configured and activated in xero. All emails go out via the personal email address of the currently logged in user. This is for our office products store at https://discountoffice.co.nz. The integration between our store and xero was difficult enough but this is frustrating.

So we ended up configuring one of our users with the email address we wanted to send the invoices from. Only this user was allowed to send invoice emails. This is a workaround that worked for us.

Faizal Mohammed

Hi, has this been solved yet? We have had so many clients delete invoices because they think it is spam. It really doesn't look professional either.

Suzanne Lee

Still the same, no change. This has become such a nuisance that after our year end at June 30th we will look for a replacement product. Pity as much of Xero cuts it for us.

David Smith