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Bpay Integration (with Reference Numbers)

Started by Melissa North in Feature Requests | Idea

Someone else asked if there's a way to use BPay Reference Numbers. I don't think so. The only way I can see is using invoice numbers as reference number which means it will always change for the customers.

Have Xero thought about utilising the BPay reference fields?
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, just wanted to quickly jump in here (as @ end of Oct 2019) and give you an update on where we're at with this.

As per Brittany's last update, BPAY integration for AR invoices through Macqaurie was released in 2017 via DEFT. However, as those of you who were using this integration would've come across, with change in direction this integration is no longer available. Do want to keep you looped in on what's happening in this space, though it's not the happiest of news.
That's not to say we aren't tracking demand for this here though. Please make sure to keep adding your votes and any context around how this'd be useful for you. We'll be sure to let you know if there are changes.

If you're after this for AP invoices, follow the conversations here.

Kavi S (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Melissa North (Original Poster)
I shall post this again:

I was astounded/appalled BPay was not available for use in Xero. Unfortunately we discovered this after we had committed to use Xero based on book keeper recommendations.

However we did create a workable solution that allowed us to offer invoicing with a BPay solution.

BPay uses two types of CRN, a new number each time an invoice is generated (hence the discussions above) or a unique CRN allocated to each customer.
Our workaround is based on the later.

CRN list
Our bank provided an excel sheet that generates BPay CRN. After creating your list of CRN you will need to allocate each customer per CRN. We then used the CRN from the list in the Xero Account Number field for that customer.

On the invoice template you need to add the BPay logo as supplied by your bank. The template has two fields, one will hold your biller code (unique to you so fixed value) and other the CRN (this is variable to each customer so is an invoice template field, <<ContactAccountNumber>>) If done correctly each invoice will hold the CRN for that customer.

when the customer makes a payment to you via BPay you will see the CRN allocated to that customer on your reconciliation page (bank feed). Unfortunately Xero is not capable of recognizing the Account Number and allowing you to search on it to find outstanding invoices for that customer so you need to do the following:
1. copy the CRN from customer payment side
2. on the Xero side select "Create" tab
3. paste the CRN into "Who" box, (use Ctrl V, not mouse paste, doesnt work, ask Xero why, if it did you could automate the reconciliation)
4. this will now show the customer name, which you can copy and paste into the "match" box to list all outstanding invoices for that customer.
5. allocate the payment to the oldest invoice, or multiple invoices.


I know the above is a bit agricultural but it works, however may not be suitable for everyone. We had many (hundreds) of EFT payments every month from customers who did not use any reference and/or paid from a parent company name that was different from the operation we invoiced. This workaround resolved 90% of those issues.

This workaround is not suitable if you require a new CRN each time based on your invoice number.

Des Hill