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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and NextMinute, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About NextMinute

A powerful cloud job management system! Native apps for all devices. Scheduling, jobs, tasks, estimates, quotes, invoices, & so much more!
For more information, check out NextMinute.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with NextMinute, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact NextMinute email support.

We are new to using Next Minute but have used XERO for many years. Next Minute has been a great change from using our old Accounting software. We have reduce the amount of paper we use and saving files to particular jobs has been made a lot easier. The support team have been wonderful and always get a reply. They are open to suggestions of changes or additions to Next Minute.
Our company are pleased to be using Next Minute and very happy we made the change.

Jess Francis  

I really like Next Minute and super easy integration from the Next Minute end. Xero however needs to pick up their game in terms of some system clean ups.

There is a major issue with the contact imports when trying to integrate Xero with Next Minute OR in fact any integration because Xero auto creates contacts from any transaction line item I record when nominating the who I have made a payment to. Xero should allow the user to nominate whether you want a contact to be created or not when processing in Xero. For instance when you process a transaction for the diary or BP, a contact file is recorded. I had to do a massive work around to clean up my contacts before I imported them into Next Minute - or I would have ended up with erroneous xero contacts for every transaction in Xero.

Sally Cox  

We have been using Next Minute since March 2017 - it is the main essential tool to managing our business, all our staff have job information at their finger tips, including plans, health and safety and can add in extras. Quotes can quickly be turned into invoices and synced with Xero.
Now the calendar works with jobs, we can see bottlenecks and plan our month easily. I update all supplier pricing for quotes, with templates customised it is an efficient and effective process, and a professional face of our business to our customers.

Libby Blackley  

Since switching to NextMinute a few months ago, our landscape contracting business has gone from strength to strength. Being able to accurately capture costs incurred on the job such as labour time, materials used and machine hours has proven to be invaluable, enabling us to employ and manage new staff efficiently and effectively and reinvigorate our cashflow.

Being able to send invoices out with a few clicks (after a bit of initial setup) has proven to be revolutionary for our cashflow. Previously we handed in bits of paper with time sheets, receipts and what have you - it was a mess. It was really hard to capture all costs associated with a job - an absolute headache for the billing/admin staff. On top of that we are able to part invoice from a quote/estimate or actual costs - its a very flexible system that plays the way you want to play.

The only downside to NextMinute is that it is a reasonably new piece of software, and as such still has some growing to do - but don't let that deter you. The team are really responsive to sensible suggestions and have implemented huge improvements since we started using it only about 6 months ago. Any bugs, once they are notified, are fixed promptly.

The NextMinute staff we have dealt with (Sam and Devon) are awesome, and always ready to help as soon as you need it. They can even log you into a screen sharing session where they can guide you through the steps needed to achieve your goals. Simply awesome guys! Keep up the great work!

You may not necessarily be able to go surfing at the end of the day (as per the latest NextMinute promo vid :) ), or gain more time with friends & family, but what you do gain is total control over your business!

Martyn Dench  

We are using next minute and find it easy too use.
The support team are top notch.
I love how diverse the software is.

allen newson  

Next Minute has been easy to pick up on and has been a great tool for tracking projects and creating quotes. The boys all have a log in on their phones, they can see projects and tasks assigned to them and clock their hours against each job. It has cut down my admin time and seamlessly links with my xero account to avoid double entering. Anna at Free Up set up our account for us which made it so simple to transition over to, It has been really good for us so far and I highly recommend switching over

Tracey Evans  

I recently signed up a client of mine to NextMinute, so they can use it to manage recurring maintenance jobs. I have been so impressed with the features available and how easy the phone app is to use. My particular client is not so technology savvy so his main requirement is something that he can actually use and use well!
Being able to receive new job notifications, add photo's to jobs, manage time sheets, complete and invoice jobs all within the app and sync invoices with xero is a massive timesaver!
Very impressed so far!

Haley Wilson  

We are a building construction company and have been using Next Minute for the past 12 months. We have found using Next Minute for time-sheeting for our builders and charging up expenses to jobs has made our invoicing processes so much more streamlined and accurate. It saves us hours of administration time each month particularly that these charges can then sync with Xero and be sent direct to the client as invoices. Happy Next Minute customers!

Julie Pollock  

Next minute has been amazing so far. As our business grows with more staff and more jobs it was becoming way to hard for me to keep track of everything and everyone. The lads find it easy to use and very helpful for them in their record keeping for their apprenticeships as they can add notes and photos very easily to any jobs they are on. Sam has been so great talking me through everything and assisting me when I have been struggling. There are so many features of Next Minute that I keep finding the more I use it. Great system! Thanks Next Minute.

Bec Ruthven  

Sofar have found it helpful, I'm sure there is a lot more aspects I need to learn to become more efficient. Have found David very helpful when ever I have a question!

Monique Pinny  

Exceptional service from Sam at nextminute. Took his time out to have a sit down session and took me through the whole thing. Easy to use and great for small business like me to watch my cost throughout projects. Thanks again.

Tanu Magasiva  

We have just recently started using Next Minute as we needed a better way of managing jobs from start to finish with somewhere to store all the relevant information for that job that was also easily accessed by anyone in our team. The customer service provided by Next Minute has been Next Level! They are so helpful and supportive and they are right here in NZ! Learning new software is always hard, but they have made it so easy to understand the huge amount of amazing functionality that Next Minute offers. I love the integration with Xero it saves me so much time and hassle and they are always improving and adding more features. I wish I found Next Minute sooner!

Danielle McKain  

We use NextMinute for all our job tracking, timesheets and invoicing, it integrates really nicely with Xero for invoicing and payments, looking forward to the timesheet integration as that will save me so much time! Highly recommend NextMinute, the customer support team there are so helpful and responsive, they have listened to us about how we want to use the software and taken our suggestions on board to continually improve the product!

Rachel Dunlop  

Next Minute is such a great tool for keeping track of costs and time sheets, love that it lyncs with Xero. Their support team are amazing as well!

Lauren Maroulis  

I rely on NextMinute to pull my subcontractor time sheets together by task/job - it has been a life saver .. and huge TIME saver! Their support has been awesome too -Definitely recommend!

Maree Anthony  

Nextminute was recommended to us more than 2 years ago for our Electrical Business for many reasons, the product features are are brilliant and well suited, it's user friendly, integrates seamlessly with Xero and also that the customer service is excellent - and NZ based !! The integration with large suppliers (JA Russell) is also a huge admin time saver and the entire catelogue can be imported. Highly recommend NextMinute.

Rob Mills  

Next Minute has been a important tool for our Building business. I save time trawling through paperwork and chasing timesheets to invoice our clients. The integration with Xero makes it easier for our accounting too. Highly recommend

Matthew Cutts  

My job has halved by using Nextminute and Xero It is so easy to see where each customers is at

Melanie Maitland  

I haven't used it to it full capacity, but it has achieved what I needed and that was to monitor my staff and get the workflow arranged. I have been using it to monitor costs of jobs, which is also an eye opener and extremely useful

Leilani Sell-Mitchell  

The interface between NextMinute and Xero is so user friendly and a great time saving application.

Dawn Ohama  

We have started with "next minute"
What a difference having a helicopter type view of all our projects and the time saving is huge for me.
Started early the other day had a quick pre-purchase inspection to complete,set up job did report then loaded files then left.
Went down the road and had a coffee while I waited for coffee completed the invoice and sent it away.
Job done quick simple!

Marcella de Wys  

Nextminute is a fantastic service, Syncs so easily with Xero. Nextminute has completely streamlined our business.

James Bowie  

Next Minute has been a real asset to both companies I’ve implemented it into. While setup differently for each company it has certainly simplified the job tracking process and associated charge-outs. With constant ongoing upgrades the software just gets better all the time, ensuring it encompasses simplicity while providing necessary detail for the end users. I’ve found the templates are easy and quick to modify, and the fact it integrates with Xero is a huge benefit. Overall a very beneficial and efficient job management software system.

Keren Roigard  

Next Minute has been such a great asset for our growing company, I would say that NextMinute is beginning to outweigh other construction software programs especially now they have integrated their software to be compatible with the likes of Xero.
I find that these US based programs are really slow on our internet connection.
I’ve been using NextMinute which is NZ based and it’s very fast.
I would recommend it to others to have a look at NextMinute and all the amazing features it offers.

Hollie Gill  

NextMinute has provided an easy to use tool to help me manage and track my jobs, quotes, timesheets and invoices. Having an integration with Xero makes life simple and reduces duplication of effort. The timesheeting function is one of the simplest to use I have come across, with such an intuitive interface no training was necessary. I love the online knowledge-base as it provides a wealth of information and videos to cover the comprehensive suite of functions. I would recommend NextMinute integrated to Xero as it is a perfect combination of the best products on the market!

David Falconer  

Love nextminute! It's a great product that simplifies everything from job & people mgmt, to quotes and invoices in Xero! The templates are especially versatile and it offers just the right customisations in all the right places to fit into any business process. With the continuous stream of improvements coming from the nextminute team, the suite just keeps getting better and better - a definite boon to productivity through process improvement.

Andre Charbonneau  

Next minute is a new tool we have adopted this year and are excited to make the most of its capabilities.The support with getting it off the ground has been terrific and we have really appreciated the quick response times in helping us get to grips with it.
As Next Minute is linked to Placemakers this was one of the reasons we chose to go with Next Minute.Its great that we can bring across all stock items for quoting jobs quickly. Managing multiple jobs whilst quickly communicating the on site requirements is fantastic. We look forward to embracing the full benefit as well as informing our new clients that we have a great system in place that is tailored for our business.

Dan Grimshaw  

Hi, not only do I use NextMinute but I am actively promoting the product to tradies. I know many tradies who start early and when they get home their day is not done. They have 4 hours of quotes and invoices to do. This not only makes them tired but causes problems at home with their family. Everyone I have introduced to NextMinute love it because they now have 4 hours a night to spend with their wife, kids and family, not to mention they are not so tired or stressed. They say that quoting on the spot has provided them with more work plus invoicing on the go means they do not forget and actually have more money in the bank. Other features they like is scribbles, voice activated text and being able to upload photos of the job into it's own folder. The best tradie app on the market!!!

Jeanine Hind  

NextMinute has been a great tool for generating quotes. NextMinute has a user-friendly layout and format. The system was easy and straightforward to get my head around. Being able to create a split between labour and materials is useful, as is the ability to break out quoted info into sections. They sync feature with Xero is double easy! I set it up in minutes. I will be using the Pre-builts template area a lot moving forward. I think this will be a real time saver for quoting in my new business.

Grant Hazelwood  

Next Minute has been an amazing time saver for me to schedule my contractors. Because I have a large number of scheduled tasks each week and therefore invoices to raise, the fact the there is an integration with Xero cuts down on my administration time. It's easy to generate the invoices in Next Minute then sync these with Xero.

Lynn Sangster