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Integrate Xero API with Microsoft Flow

Started by Michael O'Toole in Feature Requests | No plans

Microsoft Flow (https://flow.microsoft.com) is a drag and drop programmable logic engine (similar in many respects to Zapier). Xero should consider integrating their API into flow allowing Xero actions to trigger workflows in Office 365 and vice-a-versa.

Imagine this scenario:

Issue an invoice from Xero > Flow grabs the PDF of the invoice and stores to a SharePoint Online Document Library.

(We're doing the above currently - by CC'ing a shared mailbox on all invoices and running a flow to take the attachments and store them in folders in SharePoint by Year and Month folders) this would be nicer with a direct API integration as it would allow (for example) existing invoices to be captured via API for invoices sent before the email workflow above is put in place.
Hi Michael! This request will be better suited in our Developer Community where one of our API team will be able help. Feel free to add this request over here.

Kavi S (Community Manager)

Both our internal organisation and our client would really benefit from this feature also

Drew K

This would be brilliant. Microsoft Flow is so simple yet powerful. Having Xero integrated would make my world so much easier.

Brett Crowther

This would really be helpful guys

Sivenathi gqibitole

This would be incredibly useful.

Brett Crowther

Has this been developed yet?

Martha Atito

Yep super useful please

Nick Evans

Hi everyone, as at the start of this convo we have a Developer community as well where API requests like this are best homed.
I'm going to close the request here so we can point across to the best place for updates.

Looks like an idea for integrating with Microsoft Flow's been started that you can join in on. If there's any news around this the team will be able to share on this with you all there. 🙂

Kelly M (Community Manager)