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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Infoodle, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Infoodle

Infoodle can help you reduce administration, improve communication and track donations within your church or not-for-profit organisation. For more information, check out Infoodle.com.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Infoodle, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email Infoodle or this page for information on connecting Infoodle to Xero.

The Infoodle team have been outstanding. They handled the transfer of our data into infoodle and held our hand all the way, as we intergrated XERO with infoodle. They always have fantastic customer support.

Infoodle and XERO are excellent. They are perfect!

Well Done Infoodle

Paul Flack  

I use Infoodle for the Gift Aid functionality. If does a fabulous job and massively simplifies the process of reclaiming gift aid. And it does this for a very modest price. There is some preparation to do in Xero - putting donors with a gift aid declaration into a dedicated group for example, but this doesn’t take too much effort and it is a one off task. Then the software goes to work and your gift aid submission is ready to transmit directly to HMRC.

The support from Infoodle is excellent. Ask a question and they couldn’t be more helpful.

So all in all a highly recommended app to complement Xero. It saved me many hours of what was previously a detailed manual process. A game changer.


This is an excellent product and works seamlessly with Xero. As a UK charity, we were looking for a way to manage Gift Aid with Xero and Infoodle is the ideal fit. Easy to setup and the support responses have been excellent. Online training has also proved very useful. Very quick to get up and running and saves a huge amount of time. A straightforward solution - it does the job extremely well. I can highly recommend Infoodle.

Glenn Roberts  

We've been using Infoodle for a year now. There are lots of things it does very well, and it is getting better all the time. I love how responsive they are to feedback and ideas! (They've incorporated loads of my wish list into product improvements already). I think the killer feature for us is the integration with Xero. This makes it a stand-out product for charities/non-profits like us, where managing our donors and receipting them becomes a breeze due to the two-way link-up and syncing between Xero and Infoodle. We are using it as our main CRM for keeping tabs on our donor support base. It is used for a variety of communications including emailing (both via Mailchimp and directly from Infoodle), mailings (mail merge, labels or export csv/excel), organising people and tracking info; and even gathering data through Infoodle's own web-based forms (a bit like Google Forms but straight back into your database!). All cloud-based so no need for installed hardware (goodbye old MS-SQL server we had installed on-site previously). Licensing is based on database size, not per user, so we can finally afford to have all staff able to access our data for no extra cost... instead of just two licenses we had for our previous expensive crm product. Based on my positive experience at work, we've also just started rolling this out at church too, and in that sector it is even more powerful as that is where it started out.
(Rating 4.5 stars out of 5 - got to leave them room and motivation to keep improving!)

Mike Doragh  

I manage the finances for a UK church that operates as a charitable company. Xero is perfect for our accounts, the missing link has been a line to HMRC for gift aid claims. Well no more, I have recently subscribed to the Infoodle Gift Aid pack. It did not take long to set up, it imports the relevant transactions from Xero and creates my monthly gift aid claim which is easily checked and filed, all for £5 per month! Thank you Infoodle, also for your prompt replies to my questions while I worked through set up and my first claim to HMRC.

Rennison Andrew  

I run a charity and find that the tracking of donations and the issuing of donation tax receipts runs simply and seamlessly using Infoodle and Xero. When I had a number of questions during the initial setup and learnings the support was super quick and my questions were addressed with ease and professionalism. Thank you Infoodle for making things so much simpler!

Arthur Warner  

I have two church clients and have been looking for a software that would tie together daily accounting needs with the accumulation of congregational donations and the ability to provide year end tax letters. Infoodle, integrated with Xero, gives me what I need for accounting functions and provides the church staff with so much more. We are just getting started, but the staff at Infoodle have been great. They provide timely responses and are very helpful.

Denice Eaton-Heim, CPA

Denice Eaton-Heim  

Processing end of year tax receipts for donations has always been a stressful and time consuming task. After changing our accounting package to Xero and implementing Infoodle this is now an uncomplicated and easy process. The staff at Infoodle are very approachable, easy to contact and can explain things in a way that is easily understood. Thanks Infoodle for the awesome product it is accurate, time saving and easy to use!

Karryn Greenway
Accounts/Tauranga Elim Church

Karryn Greenway  

I love using Infoodle! It literally is the piece of the puzzle that every DGR charity and NGO needs. It is well set out and extremely powerful, building receipts from Xero reconciliations with ease. Best of all is the family-feel of the Infoodle staff; they are personal and very helpful. Thank God for Infoodle.

James Sikkema
Treasurer // HIS HARVEST

James Sikkema  

I was dropped in at the deep end with my new role at Harbourside Church - but the wonderful people at Infoodle went above and beyond to make sure I was ready to conquer the massive task to provide receipts for all our donations at year end. I haven't known any other system of donor management, but I am so happy with how it all works together with XERO, I don't have a need to look beyond Infoodle. Thank you to all the team for their patience with me, and their cheerful and prompt responses to all my questions.

Debbie Smith
Management Accountant / Harbourside Church

Debbie Smith  

Strongly recommend Infoodle, we have been onboard with Infoodle for few months now, very happy about the implementation, seamless changes for our all key stakeholders, staff have been very happy about the system, easy to use, reporting system is great from management perspective. Most importantly ongoing supports are the key element for our satisfaction, very quick turnaround time for any questions, customised functions for us, tailor-made, great service.

Recommend for any business who is looking for better ICT cloud based solutions, painless implementation, talk to Infoodle team, this might be the best strategic decision you have ever made.

Ngā mihi

Managing Director / Licensee of Happy Tots Limited

Steven Xue  

As the accountant, I recommended Infoodle to a Not for Profit organisation to replace their old donor management access database. The combination of Xero and Infoodle have been great! No longer do they need to double enter transactions into two systems, massive day to day time saving.

Ashley Birkbeck  

Hi Todd, this is a review thread for Infoodle and you're only able to post once. If you have questions for Infoodle, I'd suggest emailing them using the link above or checking out their website. If you choose to use Infoodle, I'm sure they'd appreciate a review from you in future. Thanks.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I am using Xero for companies in IE, SE and US. However, I would like to use it for my church as well. Does Infoodle track donations? If so, I assume they can be exported into Xero, correct? Thanks for your help.

Todd Renner  

We're using infoodle finance primarily for recording tithes and offerings against specific names with the purpose of simplifying tax receipts at the end of the tax year. It has made my life so much easier. Thank you infoodle for a brilliant product!

Sandra Bruin