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Pinch Payments

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 27 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Pinch Payments, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Pinch Payments

Automated Direct Debit and Credit Card payments for standard or recurring invoices. Full account reconciliation. For more information, check out Pinch Payments.


For integration support, contact hello@getpinch.com.au

Impeccable customer service + technical wizardry

We've only just signed up with Pinch Payments and are consistently impressed by the level of thought and consideration that is placed into assisting our billing functions. Onboarding was a breeze with clear and straightforward instructions - our sales representative Bill was really kind and helpful and giving us all the information we needed to make the decision to partner with Pinch for our billing.

The portal is refreshingly well made and easy to use. Being able to send pre-approvals to collect payment information is great for us so we don't waste time setting clients up for payment and most importantly reconciliations are done automatically via the terrific Xero integration!

If you are looking to take the next step with your business' billing solutions, I highly recommend you give Pinch a go - their system and workflows mesh so well with ours that it's opened so many possibilities with us to further improve our processes and in some cases even think about new pricing models.


Moe Hassan  

Gosh have just signed up with Pinch Perfect and can't believe how easy it is to setup so I can offer clients a variety of payment options...highly recommend!

Kate Baring  

Easy to review, easy to set up, and does the full range of cards unlike most others out there. Well worth your time to check this out, greatly simplifies my debtors and simplifies by internal accounting team. Would recommend them over any other payment processor out there.

Ryan O'Shea  

Easy to set up, and easy to use.
Fees are on par with other providers and it's great to support an Aussie company.

Heather Quinn-Jackson  

Pinch is so quick to set up and easy to use ongoing.
Love the auto reconcile of payment fees, saves me time and money on bookkeeping. And love that I can pass the fees onto my clients!

J Brettell  

Paul and the team at Pinch Payments are great to deals with and the after sales service fabulous. At this stage, we have one client using Pinch and it has already made a big difference to the AR. So easy to set up and integrates well with Xero. Highly recommend.

Nicole Ralph  

I've found Pinch Payments to easy to use and manage. But the best thing I've found is the absolutely fantastic support term and the non-pushy sales team. They simply want to help and nothing is ever to much trouble for them.

Luke Bragg  

I had previously investigated automatic direct debit options for our business, and ended up completely frustrated with the complexity, phone interviews, and need to set up a new seperate bank account (what the actual hell?). With Pinch it was as easy to set up as my previous experience using Stripe, yet it offers so much more. The dashboard allows me to see exactly what's happening at any point in time, and the email notifications are a welcome sight that payments are on the way! I use Xero in our business, which Pinch integrates with beautifully—invoices automatically get marked as paid and reconciling works perfectly.

Ben Johnston  

Easy to use, easy to install and we get our recurring invoices every month without fail. COuld not recommend highly enough.

Craig Helmers  

Pinch Payments the game changer, allowed me to now direct debit my clients on a monthly basis with little fuss. The team at pinch were more than happy to assist with the set up and demonstrating the functionality of the software. Certainly will be showing my clients the power of Pinch

Laz Kiriakidis  

help auto-mated a lot of admin work, thereby reduce time consumption significantly.

Christopher Le  

Pinch Payments is a game changer. We wanted to offer card payments either via a direct debit set-up or once off and oncharge the fees. Pinch Payments makes this a breeze and clients love the ease of use. Once activated it shows on your invoices in Xero nicely with a pay now button. Highly recommend!

Samuel Burmeister  

I'd highly recommend Pinch payments for a couple of reasons;

1. It's the perfect platform for subscription based businesses by using recurring invoices in Xero and having Pinch automatically take payments from Credit Cards and Australian Bank Accounts.

2. The guys running the platform are extremely helpful and made the setup and everyday support easy and smooth.

Gavin Reddrop  

Pinch Payments was easy to use, reliable and consistent and allowed us to introduce direct debit to the sceptics amongst our clients. It enabled us to save valuable administration time and feel confident that building regular and steady income without having to chase our clients was realistic for us!

Paul's considerate and thoughtful replies to our email contact helped us more than he knows!

Ryan O'Hare  

I'm a month in and very happy. I needed a way to automatically debit my customers on a regular basis. Xero had GoCardless listed as an approved payment partner under settings. I tried this and it was a total nightmare to compete the on-boarding as they had an incredibly complicated compliance process. With Pinch, i completed the setup and integration in under an hour. I first thought - "what's the catch?" but there is none. Customer support also excellent.

Sam Walker  

I run a tutoring business where we need to charge for each lesson. Sending invoices for each lesson and then needing to follow us was a hassle. Pinch was super simple to set up and once the once the customer fills in the form things work really easily. I also like that you can charge the correct surcharge to the customer.
I'd like to have the ability though to customise the emails that my customers receive using templates.

Jesse Whelan  

We moved over from a much larger Transaction provider and found Pinch to be way easier to integrate into our Xero invoices than anything else we found in the market. The dashboard and user interface is extremely intuitive and our customers have been extremely happy to use it. Whenever we've had feedback or suggestions, the Pinch team have been quick to respond and help us out.

Kevin Calitz  

The thing that impressed me most when I first started using Pinch was the excellent customer service and support. They even changed something in the set-up that wasn't the message I wanted my customers to see.

John Naismith  

Great way for clients to pay me when they need to.

Belinda Litster  

Pinch is a great platform and priced well for what it offers. We have been using it in our business for over 18 months fully integrated into our Xero file. It allow us to set-up monthly charges for clients, pass on the costs and automate all the bookkeeping involved in this process of collecting funds from clients.

The other great benefit of the application is you can speak to the team and they have built out features we required over time. Ensuring it is a fully integrated application into how we run our business around collections.

We would recommend Pinch to everyone, we have a large amount of clients now using the application as well.

Robert King  

Pinch Payments are the best and most cost effective solution 9th Day have found for recurring direct debit payments. Pauls personal and prompt service had us set up easily and quickly... it has been a refreshing experience that stands out from other providers in a sector that is often impersonal and lacking in support.

Richard Plowman  

Pinch helps us get paid smarter. Easy interface to setup with customers that isn't too intrusive, easy to track payment updates and super simple reconciliation when those funds come through Xero. Would recommend over anything else in the market!

Andrew Barnes  

We're a SaaS business who had an existing integration into Xero and wanted to charge credit cards off the invoices we were generating. Previously we used Stripe, but it meant we needed to manage two systems. Pinch has helped a lot, we don't need to manually handle anything. Paul is also very responsive and helpful - strikes me as a very customer-focused business owner which resonates well with my views. Highly recommended.

Vincent Fletcher  

Non-tech me had no trouble setting up the integration with Pinch Payment. It just happened seamlessly. Now, we've just had our first payments just glide through too. The reconciation of multiple invoices was automated leaving the bank reconciliation soooo simple. Love it!

Sharyn Csanki  

Happy to recommend Pinch Payments - unexpectedly easy to setup and add as an extension to Xero, and works very well. One of those "set and forget" services that you don't think about much because they 'just work'! Easier for clients too, they don't need to do anything once they've accepted the agreement (but they still have control). Win all round really.

Tony Phelps  

Paul & the team at Pinch Payments are awesome, we moved over from Ezidebit and our payment options have never been easier. We highly recommend this system and have been getting our clients to move across as well.

Paul Hopkins  

Great system and most of all pricing and service. We were using couple of other providers before which made us do quite a bit of manual work to get the bank reconciliation right and also the fees were pretty high. Pinch Payment takes care of all this saving us a lot of time.

We use Pinch Payments in both our businesses (Digital Glare and UnifiedAR)

Kaushal Gunaratne