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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 361 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Chaser, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Chaser

Automates invoice chasing and streamlines your credit control process, to get you paid on time - in less time. Xero App Partner of the Year 2016 and three-times Cloud App of the Year winner (2017-2019, AWEB Awards). For more information, check out Chaser.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Chaser, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out Chaser Support.

Chaser is perfect for managing and personalising an automated process around invoice collection. We found it super easy to set-up and get started and it had an impact on our business from day one. The support team are fantastic and you get real personal support from them in timely fashion. They really care. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who has Xero and is looking to improve revenue collection. If you are reading this and wondering whether or not you need Chaser I would just go for it.

Tony Harris  

Chaser is a great app that is built for Xero users, very easy to use and will pay itself off on the first month, it's a real boost to our collection manager.

Idan Kfir  

After some consideration we decided to give Chaser a try and to be honest we haven't looked back! If you need one app to recommend your clients or to simply use with Xero yourself, I would say choose Chaser. It is intelligent, easy to use, comes at the right price and most importantly does what it promises to do.We immediately saw increased communications with clients, sensible billing/debt queries and also an improvement to cash flow. There are so many useful features and ways to tailor your own experience that it really can work for any size/type of business. Take the pain out of debt chasing and employ the effective tool that is CHASER.

Xero Administrator  

This is a great app that has really helped my clients keep on track with tasks we require them to complete. Thanks Chaser!

Katrina Spinazzola  

Chaser has been an invaluable addition to our fintech stack. We used it ourselves first and once we saw the instant benefits we were then able to confidently implement it for some of our clients. It is not just the improvements to cash flow that are valuable but it is the time it saves you to run a thorough and effective Credit Control process that is priceless.

Will Jarvis  

Great app, something we've been using for a while now. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a solution to automate their debt collection. The added element of an automated email when an invoice is reconciled, thanking the customer for the payment, is a nice touch.

Populate Social  

We have only recently started using Chaser for the client, and results are already there! We love the fact that the statements also get sent with the invoices + you can set up different level of email reminders: first ones from accounts payable department, and then - from someone senior!

Farid Gasanov  

Chaser is a brilliant add on and has really helped with creating a seamless credit control process!

Leah Blake  

We absolutely LOVE Chaser!!
We've been using Chaser for just over 1 year now and have seen amazing results both with our own credit control but that of our clients too - our clients love how we chase their debts and the benefits the improved cashflow gives them.

Michaela Hippey  

We have been working with Chaser for about 2 years. The automation has reduced effort required for manual debtors chasing and also helps with addressing queries such as copy invoices thus improving cashflow.

The support staff are responsive, helpful and understand their product.

We are very happy with Chaser. It is a cost effective solution that we would to other businesses.

Giving a 4 star rating as there is always room for improvement ;-)


Nova Arnachellum  

We have been using Chaser for our own debt collection and it is an easy and time effective system to use. When it came to rolling the app out to clients, the help of the team at Chaser, and in particular Hannah Waumsley, has been invaluable. We love the fact that you can tailor emails for that personal touch, that you can boost cash flow at the touch of a button and can save time chasing payments - and we are confident that our clients will absolutely benefit from the system too.

Juliet Wylie  

We have been using Chaser for a while now and the improvement in credit control has been exceptional. We joined the Chaser academy to be able to provide an excellent Virtual Credit Control service. We had the support from George Atkins to grow our Virtual credit control service and his support has been absolutely fantastic, from health scores to certifications and pricing he has helped dramatically! We can not wait to finish Chaser academy with a great start to VCC and to grow in the future.!

Tyler Boston  

Chaser has been a valuable asset to my processes. Having Chaser has helped me keep an eye on my outstanding invoices without having to be involved in the daily process. The integration with Xero is just brilliant, it works smoothly with the automatic sync with Xero which keeps the account up to date before any chaser are used. This is a must have to anyone using Xero.

Jeremy Ferendinos  

This is really helpful and timesaving for any business with debts to collect - an invaluable aid.

Margaret Middlemass  

We have just finished our 12 weeks with Chaser Academy. Initially we used Chaser for our own internal purposes to see how it would work for our credit control. It's so simple and easy to use saving us so much time not having to chase outstanding invoices as once you're set up it does most of the hard work for you....even thanks your clients on your behalf. We are now ready to roll out to our clients and we know it is going to be a great add-on for us to our services. Many thanks to the whole team at Chaser for guiding us through the process and especially Alex you were great....your time and patience was most appreciated

Carol Gough  

We have been using Chaser since 2015 and it has helped us, and our clients, save time by automating the credit control process. We love the way you can tailor the emails to give them a personal touch, and our clients love the 'Thank you for your payment' email. More recently, George has been amazing in helping us introduce Chaser to more of our clients.

Joanna Russell  

I have just finished the first Chase Academy. It has been very informative and the support has been amazing, especially from our account manager, George. It's very easy to set up and works wonders in boosting cash flow.

Jay Strange  

We set a client up using Chaser to be used instead of employing a new member of staff, the results have been great, lots of old debt has now been collected and the company have saved money from staffing costs.
They are really pleased with how simple the software is to use!

Hannah Crocker  

We have been through the first 'Chaser Academy' and are just beginning to get our clients set up on Chaser. The support from the team has been fantastic, with George coming to help us in the office for a day to get set up. We are excited to start using it with gusto in the New Year.

Ros Kearney  

We have been using Chaser for over a year, but I only took over the role a little over 4 months ago. I didn't know how to use Chaser at all, but the help I received was very detailed and really helped in guiding me through the set-up process to using Chaser as a tool. They are very responsive on emails and calls, which naturally makes it that much easier when communicating. Would highly recommend this tool to other clients and accountants out there!

Carmen Amados  

The software provided by chaser free's up our clients time to concentrate on other aspects of their business. It seamlessly integrates with Xero and although it is an automatic software it adds the personal human touch. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to reduce their debtors and increase their cash flow.

Kaya Henry  

We have been using Chaser for a number of years now and think it is a brilliant tool. It is very easy to use and has saved us time especially with the automated emails. We have noticed a significant increase in payments after the emails are sent out as well. The fact that is it linked with Xero works very well. The thanks for paying emails that are sent, go down well with our clients too. We would definitely recommend Chaser and a VCC system.

Samantha Westlake  

Working with Chaser has been a really pleasent experience and is a great add on for your accounting softwares. Cash flow is very important within a business and Chaser is a great solution to help with this! Highly recommended.

Tara Howell  

Amazing software, we use internally and implement into our clients businesses. The level of customisation per business for their debtor chasing needs is brilliant and means Chaser can be implemneted in any business. It has saved us hours of labour time per week in manual debtor chasing. Hannah has been an amazing help with our chaser journey and given us all the guidance we need from the Chaser team.

Megan Hunt  

We have been offering Chaser to our clients to help them chase their debts and increase cashflow. Not to mention to save them time so they can do other things with their time. It's a brilliant product and all clients can see the benefits in using the software. The Chaser team are brilliant, they are willing to help and very supportive.

Charlotte Ing  

Chaser is becoming part of our core app offering to clients. The software is brilliant and a must for any businesses who want to boost their cash flow but also just want to gain some of their day back!
I also want to mention that the team at Chaser are amazing. So supportive and are always willing to help out as much as they can - would highly recommend!

Ellen Walker  

In my 8 years as credit controller, I have never had much trust in automated chasings. I was very sceptical as every customer is diverse and there are so many different situations to deal with (especially when working for big brands with a very complex structure). I thought the idea of Chaser was more fitted to small size companies, but I decided to give it a go anyway... The program itself is so user friendly that I could make all the basic setups in 1 afternoon My assistant, without any training, can move around the website very easily.
Due to the complexity of the business, I applied many changes to the initial schedules to have everything working the way I need. The amazing team behind Chaser helped me to find the best setups for me and they continue to support me and assist me with every requests. Chaser is a must-have tool for me now. It allows me to save a lot of time and the response is great!...5 stars, just because I cannot give 6.

Rossana Vittorielli  

Fantastic software. Really well thought throw and I would say it's an invaluable tool to helping your business cashflow. ChaserAcademy and Virtual Credit Control takes Chaser to the next level. Great software backed up by a great team!

James Reid  

A great bit of kit for all businesses who need some sort of credit control function. The integration with both Xero and QB is excellent and the team there have been absolutely brilliant in helping both with this and the Chaser Academy!

Robin Johnson  

Absolutely love this product and in particular the team that have helped us put this in place for our clients. As we all know it can take a lot of persistence to get clients to fully engage and clients operate at different levels of understanding but the team were amazing and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us alongside Chaser. Specific mention for Alex Chenevix Trench without who none of this would have been possible. A star in the making if not already!

Graeme Tennick  

We have used Chaser for a number of years now. It is simple to use and very effective. This software integrates seemlessly with Xero and allows us to chase debtors easily and gets results with minimal effort!

Emma Unsworth  

Chaser is awesome. It takes the pain out of invoicing and pays for itself many times over in saving credit card fees. It's a finance professionals dream and I would recommend it highly.

Rusty Fette  

Great product - easy to set up and use. Saves time and helps get cash in faster. What more could you ask for!

Andy Turpin  

We have been a Chaser Client for nearly one year and it has been one of our best investments as it has saved me so much time, I am spending very little time now chasing clients for money. We are so impressed with Chaser we offer this to our Clients as a service, a win win on both sides.

Andy Pike  

Chaser is an absolute must for any business. No other product gets close to Chaser in terms of functionality and ease of use. Chaser connects to Xero with ease and setup is straightforward. Our clients absolutely love using Chaser as they immediately see the benefits with improved cash flow, reduced debtor days and less time being spent on chasing debts allowing clients to spend more time on what they love doing and growing the business. The improved cash flow allows businesses to grow quicker than ever before.

It is also important to mention that the team at Chaser, led by David, is absolutely brilliant. There is always the concern for accountants that when bringing in something new, is the support there when queries or problems arise. The support and advice that we are provided is invaluable and the team always spend the necessary time to ensure that we are taking the correct approach and providing the best service possible to our clients. Beth has been amazing with helping us setting up clients and just being on the end of the phone to help. We are extremely excited to be working with Chaser and "chaser academy" that will continue to enhance our overall service to clients.

Chaser is a must and should be part of the "core apps" that accountants recommend to their clients.

Paul Lodder  

We have been using Chaser internally and have had a very successful roll out to one of our clients via our new virtual credit control offering and have seen a dramatic improvement in debtor days as well as a significant time saving in performing credit control tasks. We have saved half a day a week internally. The support we have had from the Chaser team to get up and running has been amazing - in fact we were so impressed with their onboarding support that we are using some of their approach to improve how we onboard clients - and I was surprised that getting started was so straight forward. The integration with Xero is excellent and extremely reliable. This is one of the best apps in the Xero eco system.

Georgi Rollings  

We started to use Chaser for our own internal purposes to begin with to get an understanding of how it works and whether our clients could benefit from it. We have found Chaser to be a very simple and effective piece of software to save us time. We will be continuing to use it internally but are now so pleased with how it worked that we are going to start recommending to our clients.

Mike Jefferson  

We implemented Chaser into a Practice we purchased 2 years ago. It had aged ledger of £60k. £20k current month, £40k historic.

The ledge now stands at £20k current, 95% of which are now on DD so our exposure is literally nothing.

The automated credit control ensures the unwelcomed task of debt collection is done without fail. Historically we would spend 2-3 days a month chasing debt, we now spend less than 1 hour per week.

Chasers flawless integration with Xero also ensures our ledgers have to be up to date as debt is chased off it automatically.

A superb product and one of only 6 to make our recommended App Stack

Phil Ellerby  

We have only recently introduced Chaser for our clients, but have been so pleased with it. It's straightforward to use and already our clients are singing its praises. We've had fantastic support in getting everything started from Chaser, particularly as there were some really old debts than needed to be chased tactfully. We love the fact that everyone gets a thank you for paying too. Fantastic software, highly recommend

Samantha Sinclair-Day  

I am not the best at chasing old debts until 100 days old, but Chaser has taken the pain out of this, so easy and the amount of customers that have now paid quicker then before is brilliant. The automated emails chasing is just so streamline. A BIG THANK YOU chaser team.

Andrew Aston  

Chaser is an amazing tool but most importantly their customer service team is far beyond excellent!! Highly recommended!!

Dimitris Kakkavas  

The time Chaser saves on credit control is amazing. We love the functionality and how easy it is to use and customise. The clients we added it to saw their debtor days drop significantly. The support team are really friendly and helpful and it's great that our feedback is taken onboard.

Wendy Parkin  

A great and user friendly tool to help small business' chase their overdue invoices in a professional and timely manner. Anything to help small business cash flow is key and we regularly recommend the software and implement too.

Rebecca Duale  

Chaser gives a structure to credit control and is very customisable so the chase messages look like they've come from you. It cuts a lot of time out of the process. A nice touch is the inclusion of 'thank you for paying' emails. It also picks up on 'expected payment dates' in Xero - so they can be updated at a single point there and it affects the credit control.

Patrick Leavy  

Chaser made an immediate impact on our aged debt collection - the professional appearance of the emails obviously had a positive effect on the actions of our slightly slower paying clients!
We use the system currently to send statements to our clients every month and the team at Chaser really stepped up to help us make that work with a multi partner business, all of whom want slightly different timings for their clients.
Looking forward to using more and more of the functionality in-house - as well as bringing this product to our clients as part of a suite of software to help them manage the finances of their businesses too.

Elisabeth Saunders  

Loving Chaser. So easy to set up and implement and so effective. Clients respond better as the emails are more personal. We've had a lot of success in getting payments from clients in our own practice - takes the pain away of having to chase myself, finding the time and working out what to say! Highly recommend and actively rolling out to our clients themselves.

Cheryl Sharp  

Our accounting/finance team's favorite software of 2019. Saves us hours each week and is just an amazing product. Seriously can't recommend it more.

Kasey Powell  

Chaser has been a massive success with our clients. It really is straight forward to use and once it is set up starts to deliver on it's promise straight away. Every client using Chaser has seen a reduction in their debtor days. The integration with Xero is seamless and the whole process, from invoicing to receipt of payment, just works.

Neil Stevens  

Great app for my clients, where some would set a side a few hours a week to do the debt chasing the application is providing the solution and the late payers are paying and they have a extra 3+ hours a week to be more productive and earn more money!

Chaser staff are need a shout out as they are there to help with anything and everything to make sure I am getting the most out of Chaser and my clients.

Ryan Ebbage  

Best time-saving system I have put in place in my business so far!!
No longer do I have to go back and forth to un-paid invoices to check if they have been paid, leading to clients not really pushing payment to the forefront of their agenda.
In its first week of action for us we saw 9 un-paid invoices settled straight away and contact made from 90% of the other un-paid invoices.

Once set-up is complete, just let it do its thing!!

Joss Sullivan - Norcliffe  

Chaser does in a fraction of the time what was taking hours and hours out of my working week. Not only does it save me time chasing but also automatically thanks clients for their payments, so more time saved, whilst still maintaining a good relationship with the client. Simple and easy to use it intergartes wirth Xero seemlessly it's a no-brainer- you need Chaser in your business!

James Robinson  

I use Chaser in my business and love it. I also recommend it to all my clients. The reminders are very flexible and customisable. No one is ever offended and it works! People pay on time. Customers love the thank you emails when they pay too.

Julie Bickerdyke  

An excellent system which takes the stress out of chasing payments! As we are a team of 3 we are not always in the office together so by adding the notes it helps us all keep up to date and on track with our customers accounts. Not quite sure how we coped before it!!

Kerri Emm  

As Cloud Integrators, we had a need for, not only an internal accounts receivable integrated product for our own monthly invoicing, but also to be able to recommend to our clients for their own debt collection management and to our accountant and bookkeeping network for their clients.
Having reviewed a number of products, Chaser clearly was the outstanding choice.
We were able to get Chaser setup ourselves with some assistance from the Chaser Success team. Their response was excellent and explanations clear.
The interface to Xero works well and is one of the best we have seen.
In our case we needed to set up multiple chasing scenarios and then move clients between them as circumstances change. This is easy and quick to achieve.
What is particularly pleasing is the knowledge that every account is being managed professionally by Chaser.
The 'thank you for paying' message has particularly been received well with many clients actually replying back positively to those communications.
Internally our average days for collection has dropped significantly and our outstandings down to less than a third of previous!

Overall the integration of Chaser into our accounting procedures has been most beneficial and we plan to recommend this to our Cloud Integration clients where appropriate and to all of our accounting partners for them to recommend as well.

Peter Klein  

Simply genius!

Perfect tool to use for chasing payment all whilst not having to do very much at all.

All the little things that have been considered are amazing and the support from Chaser, should you have any questions, is incredible.

Helena Westall  

Great add on which allows business's to automatically chase overdue invoices with a personal touch and non-robotic. It is brilliant for lowering aged receivables and improves cash flow.

Finlay Keigher  

As an accountancy firm we offer credit control as a service to our clients. Chaser has allowed us to streamline the entire process whilst having a bigger impact for our clients.

David Arden  

Easy to use and a great help for small businesses streamlining their finances.

Abusina Qureshi  

A wonderful solution to the real problem of getting paid on time.

Automated but personalised, great customer service. Always improving.


Paul Barnes  

Being new to Chaser, I have been very impressed with the functionality of it. The personalised emails and scheduling that you can cater to your needs are very useful and the thank you emails that are automatically sent when a payment has been received (reconciled in Xero) is also a nice touch. It has definitely saved me heaps of time.

Jess Barrett  

We have been using Chaser as a practice ourselves and our debtors were at their lowest their have ever been after 12 months of use. As a practice they have been very supportive in getting our clients set-up and the most efficient structure for each client and have enabled us to roll out an efficient service to our clients. Chaser has a great integration with Xero and means that our clients can be provided an efficient bookkeeping service alongside an automated credit control service. If there have been hiccups along the way then this has been resolved quickly and efficiently by the chaser support team. Would definitely recommend Chaser to anyone.

Joseph Cutting  

We found this very easy to setup and it is very flexible to configure. It has already helped get quite a few payments in, so I would definitely recommend it.

Tom Higgins  

The response rate is better than any other software we've used. I love that Chaser thinks about the things that matter, how to get paid and support your business

Hannah Good  

I think my favourite thing has to be the thanks for paying messages. It's such a nice touch and our clients have been blown away by the positive response to those alone. Can't recommend enough.

Joshua Hendy  

Chaser has helped save a massive amount of time for us and our clients. The easy integration and automation makes what was previously a very arduous task for us, super super simple.

Louis Phillips  

We had Chaser up an running within a few minutes and it's been a massive asset to us and our clients. The team are also hands on and friendly!

Craig Bailey  

Great and easy to use. Sometimes too effective, but makes it easy to constantly remind customers to pay!

Alastair Collier  

Simple to set up and use and the statistics around improved cash collection speak for themselves. Not to mention the amount of admin time it has saved my clients who can now focus on increasing their revenue rather than chasing it!

Nathan Embleton  

If you're not using Chaser, you're missing out on recovering 80% of your debtors book like we did. Sometimes clients simply need a (regular) gentle prod to remind them to pay their bills, and that's exactly what Chaser has done for techCONNECT!

Arno Joubert  

very good add on to xero gets people responding and paying faster

Becky McBride  

Integrates seemlessly with Xero, and has had a profound effect on reducing the time it takes to collect invoices. We run an efficient finance team, and Chaser allows me to spend my time on other things knowing that debt collection is in safe hands. An added bonus for me is the pre-due communications which have allowed me to get in front of any problems (missing PO's, missing invoices etc) and still enable our invoices to be collected on a timely basis.

Mark Yates  

We have been using Chaser for a couple of months now, and have really noticed the positive difference it is making to our credit control. The product was really easy to set up and get started especially the smooth integration with Xero, and we had support contact from Chaser every step of the way. It has saved us so much time and really boosted our cash flow

Bryony Vaughan  

Chaser is an intuitive software that has greatly assisted us with our debtor process. It is user friendly and has been a huge time saver for us!

Felicity McGlinn  

We pride ourselves on simplifying our processes and making it easy for clients to transact with us. Equally, we seek out partners that share that view; and Chaser is one of them.

Setup took less than an hour. Sean was very responsive at answering the odd question. What I love best is that its a great example of how automation can exist alongside "people jobs". Our clients respond to the Chaser reminder; and it arrives in my inbox for me to respond. Easy.

The integration with Xero is superb; and the flexibility to provides with respect to escalations is really helpful. All our clients' stakeholders remain informed of the status of their account with us.

I would recommend this product to any business wanting to effectively manage accounts receivable.

Alan R  

Chaser is a fantastic app for any business, no matter the size. Once you spend a bit of time setting it up it requires very little input but the results are huge! Definitely one of the most useful tools for any business.

Katina Byford-Winter  

My firm loves recommending Chaser. Their support team are excellent and their software is very flexible so you can adapt the debt chasing to suit the debtors particular circumstances. This means a tailored approach rather than bulk messages to all debtors improving client relationships with a personal touch.

Jeff Huggins  

Chaser is easy to set up and very user friendly - I would highly recommend.

Lara Golds  

Chaser is a great system to help businesses with their credit control. The software is very user friendly and we would highly recommend this to our clients.

Krissi Baker  

Simple, fluid interface to ensure that debtor chasing is as easy as possible.

Feedback from clients have been great and the support team are always on hand with any queries which we may have.

Raymond Cheung  

Easy to use and a great help for small businesses with debtor chasing. Would recommend.

Alannah Morley  

A great app that I would recommend to any business.

Amber Constable  

We have recently come on board with Chaser. The integration with Xero is extremely comprehensive and well thought through. Our favourite feature is the automatic refresh between Chaser and Xero before each chasing email is sent! This means customers are not chased for invoices they’ve already paid, which can be a worry when switching to cloud software.

Matt Portt  

Chaser is a great tool for a small business. It makes the debt chasing process a far easier task. I would highly recommend this app!

Alex Cracknell  

Chaser is a really simple to use app that is great for businesses that need help with their debtors.

The team have always been really helpful in any of our queries and a pleasure to work with.

Paula Nurse  

We use Chaser ourselves, and have also introduced several of our clients to Chaser as a welcome alternative to manual credit control. It really is a revolutionary app and makes you wonder what you were doing before. One example is our client Oliver's Mill who have been able to expand their credit control beyond just the most severely overdue invoices, while simultaneously reducing the time spent on it by 90%. Chaser is firmly positioned at the top of our app stack.

Emma White  

We have used Chaser as a critical tool to offer credit control services to clients. Really quick to get going and bring those debts in! On boarding is easy as they help you with the setup and great ideas for templates, and the interface is really easy.

One of the best apps available on the market, and we have great feedback from our clients.

Hayden Winters  

Chaser is excellent to helping the key factor in small business, that being making sure cash is coming in to help grow their business! Would highly recommend.

Huw John  

We offer our clients the option of using Chaser for their credit control and have had amazing feedback. The user experience is great as it is easy to navigate and intuitive. On the rare occasion that we or one of our clients does have a question, the Success team are always on hand to answer! It’s great to see an app like Chaser who are providing a much needed service in our industry.

Alex Falcon Huerta FCCA  

At Blu Sky, we see Xero as a platform which helps Blu Sky become an integral part of our clients business’s through the deployment of addons which solve key client issues.

Ultimately, we build these platforms to get clients more cash, faster!

Therefore being able to impact and advise on payment methods, services and credit control is critical. Chaser is our go to credit control app for any industry as it is so simple and easy to use and works perfectly for all businesses who operate payment terms.

All of our clients who currently use it have given great feedback, as have their respective bank accounts! As an accountant, having a defined, proven strategy to be able to impact clients bank accounts is imperative and Chaser has become a key cog in our client cash collection process (and our own!)… we couldn’t be without it!

Sam Wood  

Great product and is such a time-saving addition to any business! Once setup you can just leave it to get on with the credit control with little input at all

Julian Day  

We love using Chaser, its polite persistence with the personal touch takes the time out of manual credit control. I particularly like the "thank you for your payment" email that clients receive, adds to our already client focused care.
Update 17/12/19: I have just finished the Chase Academy and have learnt so much, George has been a great help throughout, going above and beyond for us.

Kelly Virgo  

Chaser has Improved our cashflow and taken down our debtor days. Its saved me time (and money) by enabling me to concentrate on other important aspects within our business and the thank you email after payment is something I always wanted to incorporate by never had the time to do! I have never had any issues with Chaser, it integrates with our Xero software so well!

Emma Johnstone  

I like Chaser and better still our clients like Chaser. It's clearly been developed by people that know credit control and how to manage the collection process well. The application brings structure and discipline to communications with debtors. I'm seeing very positive results following it's introduction to clients. Chaser Support Team are also great to deal with.

Pat Mac Sweeney  

We love Chaser and all the guys there too. Easy and intuitive to use and is really effective at collecting debts. We love the thankyou it sends when debtors pay. A really nice touch. It is way cheaper than a credit controller and doesn't have sick days or forget to chase. It syncs beautifully with Xero (and others). A must have as an add on.

Deborah Whitaker  

A brilliant system with so many valuable aspects to it. They really have thought about the needs of the user and how they can manage their debts more effectively.

Alexandra Neller  

Chaser is a brilliant tool. It's integration with Xero (and others) is genius. The autonomy is key to saving time and resources in a business but the best thing about Chaser to me is the personalisation available to this automation. We don't just recommend it to our clients, we use it ourselves! The staff are also first class, they are very quick to respond and very friendly and helpful. Chaser is the way forward #welovechaser

Keely Stone  

Chaser is our favourite app. Got to chase that money!

Ali Netherwood  

Great easy to use piece of software, clients love it!

Max Whiteley  

I initially did a 14 day trial and was impressed not only by the quality of the software and its effectiveness in getting people to pay but also the quality of their support both during and after the trial finished. We have subsequently upgraded and hopefully over the future will see more people paying on time. What I like most id the tight integration with Xero which means that Chaser pulls the info directly from Xero so not re-keying involved. Once you have set Chaser up it does all the hard work for you and you don't need to worry about having to chase people yourself as the software does it for you.

Andy Dickens  

Initial impressions are very positive. The onboarding support provided by Chaser via a video call was exceptional. I am now looking forward to getting the full use out of the software.

Jordan Taylor  

Looking forward to using Chaser after hearing so much about it. Its good to see Chaser offering training courses for the app and also providing an accreditation at the end. The automated process of chasing clients will certainly help us manage our cash flow; no doubt this will give us free time to be put to greater use elsewhere.

Harshil Kanji  

Farnell Clarke LOVE Chaser! We have been using it internally to chase our adhoc invoices now about 3 threes and now we use it for our clients.
One client was struggling with cashflow and within a days he was amazed at how much money was in his bank! It was so simple to setup for him and monitor with the integration with Xero. Why would you not want to help your clients to grow with getting their monies in - polite persistence pays!
One of the nice features is the thank you email customers receive in return for paying - the amount of replies we get back saying thank you for saying thank you is quite funny!
PS - David and his team are all super awesome guys. Always ready to help and make our lives as easy as possible.

Frances Kay  

Chaser has some great customised features that helps to save time when it comes to payment reminders. It is very intuitive and allows for personalised emails which is very effective.

Killian O'Flynn  

Great System - Saves a lot of time and very easy to use. Would strongly recommend

Daniel Fleming  

Great system, saves so much time and really user friendly

Lynn Drummond  

I have just started using chaser and find it easy to you and very effective. Debt control is a nightmare but it makes you look at it properly and the response rate is very high. I work part time so there is never enough time to do debt control and chaser is like an assistant! :-) Love it!

Julie Hegarty  

Having recently come across Chaser and completed the accreditation I'm really looking forward to using this with clients - It has a user friendly interface and there's no doubt it will save a lot of time and effort with credit control.

Briony Simpson  

My experience of Chaser has been excellent. Rarely do you get technology which does a better job than previously as well as saving time, as well as strengthening processes in the business. One of my clients saw a their aged debtors halve within 3 weeks of starting to use Chaser and now it is up and running it should maintain it at this level for a fraction of the time which was previously spent calling and sending letters to customers. You will wonder how you lived without it!

Huw Bowles  

An incredibly user friendly software, excellent for managing credit control with the bonus of a great integration with Xero! We would highly recommend using this to others.

Harry Dakin  

Amazing software and saves so much time! Very user friendly and easy to implement. We would & do highly recommend Chaser to anyone looking to manage credit control!

Jenna Privett  

Chasing customers for payment is always time consuming. We have been using Chaser for almost 3 years this has saved a lot of time.

Salesh Narayan  

I have been user Chaser now for just over 6 months and it is a fantastic piece of data. It has helped fantastically with the company cash flow, the reduction of debtor days. The information that it provides very clear and precise. The ability to make and save notes and diarised clients to call back is an exceptionally useful tool. As it also links into Xero which is also a fantastic and very useful piece of data. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to others. The quality of the customer supports is 100%.

Allen Rake  

We have been user Chaser for over 3 years now. It is very effective, and saves a lot of time which allows me to do other, more productive tasks. I particularly like the "expected payment date" feature, and the "thank you for paying" email is a nice touch too (I even get thank you for thanking us emails from our clients!). Being able to "pause" is also an excellent feature. I don't need to contact the support team too often, but when I do they are very helpful and quick to respond.

Elaine Roche  

We've been using Chaser for around 5-6 weeks now and it has been amazing. Chasing money is a difficult thing to do, but chaser takes all the hard work and stresses out of the process. As others have said, cash flow is a major factor for small business', and chaser really helps you get on top of it. Can't recommend it enough.

Ross Hughes  

I've used chaser previously and decided to integrate this software in my new role! I've always found chaser effective when chasing for payment and it's so easy to use!

Fung Ly  

Quite simply, this software is fantastic. Easy to set up and really user friendly. The effect on our cash flow was immediate and our outstanding invoices have reduced significantly. 100% recommended

Cath Bell  

We have only been using Chaser for a couple of weeks so far but have already seen good results. Customers have been responding to our chasers and we have been receiving more payment confirmations. Once the initial set up was complete, we appear to be saving a lot more of our time on a weekly basis. We would definitely recommend it!

Sophie Dance  

Chaser is a fantastic debt chasing piece of software. Its easy to use, very flexible and most importantly the support received from the team has been amazing. Integrates with Xero easily we've seen clients debtor days tumble. The product never stops developing with the team keen to continue adding to an already superb product.
Can't recommend this app enough

Stuart Hurst  

We adopted Chaser a while ago as we carry out credit control on behalf of some of our clients which we found to be a time consuming process. Chaser has revolutionised that process, saving us time but, more importantly, providing our clients with a better service and improving their cash flow. We've also now adopted Chaser internally for our own benefit.

David and his team are so personable. The support, training and advice that they've provided have been excellent and they're a pleasure to do business with.

Dave Hailey  

Such a great product, we have been using for about a month now and are now able to use the time we usually spend writing emails or making phonecalls to debtors for other areas.

Elle McLarnon  

Making the computers do the leg work!!!

Found it to be a little miracle worker, making the process of Credit control a lot less stressful! having the personal touch is welcomed and speeding up the collection process! The Thanks for Payment email is being liked a lot!

We are so excited to start using this all the time!

Victoria Harden  

Chaser has been a very welcomed addition to our Xero Add On partners. We carry out credit control on behalf of some of the clients and this involved sending spreadsheets to clients and emailing each customer. Chaser has revolutionised the process, not only saving time but providing transparency to our clients and improving their debtor days.
The support provided by Chaser has been excellent. Really hands on providing us support and training every step of the way. Really impressed - thanks to David and his team

Marie Pegram  

Chaser is very easy to use and implement which is to a large extent down to the support we have received from Chaser in terms of training and initial implementation. We see chaser as an important tool to support both our clients using it directly and allowing us to offer to outsource the credit control function of our clients businesses.

Nathan Keeley  

Chaser is "the" cloud software provider to ease the burden of debt recovery and aid cash flow. Businesses can directly link the software with their sales ledger and use an automated system to chase and recover debts. With on average 80% recovered automatically this significantly reduces time spent by business staff. The remaining 20% can then be left with the business or outsourced through an advisor.

Ryan Pearcy  

Chaser is great! Automated debt collection with a surprisingly human touch. Easy to use software takes hassle out of chasing customers and saves valuable time. Love the 'thank you for paying' chaser, customers really appreciate it. If you have Xero, Chaser is the debt collection add-on for you!

Michael Hennan  

We are using Chaser for all 3 of our companies and the way it links to Xero is brilliant and seamless. The customisation of email templates and scheduling is extremely useful especially as we have some customer that are the same across companies, this means that the emails can appear more personalised from each individual company. Also the ability to escalate the sender works well in order to prompt responses on very overdue accounts.
Any queries have been dealt with very efficiently by the Chaser Team.
In summary we would recommend Chaser if your looking for a system to chase invoices in a tailored and personable manner.

Jen Sills  

Having changed from Sage to Xero and Chaser all in one go we were unsure at first if we were doing the right thing. We are a very small team and we have no IT "wizard" so it was a big step. System changes are always a worry but I can honestly say we have not looked back. Chaser has been by far the best thing we have done in terms of managing our credit control. The setup is easy and straightforward. I wasn't sure if the before due reminders and the thank you for paying notes were going to be required, but having given them a try, it's amazing how well they have been received by our customers. I'm being thanked for our thank you! It's great the Chaser can automatically attach a statement of account with each chase as this has saved us a job. I love the way that any response from the customer is automatically logged so you can easily keep track of the communications. This feature is great when you are having the more firm and difficult communications. Using Chaser has definitely saved time, improved payment performance and enabled us as a team to manage our credit control more effectively. Do not hesitate to sign up to Chaser I cannot recommend enough!


Lisa Fantom  

Brilliant and efficient service. Does everything as promised with no small errors. Has definitely produced responses and allowed money to be collected without any effort. Also, the team are so helpful and friendly.

Charlotte Jakes  

Chaser has taken all the hassle away. We've only been using it for a couple of months but already we are being paid quicker and a lot of old outstanding payments have come in.

Malcolm Pitcher  

STRESS! Was what i use to have when it came down to collecting payments. So simple yet so effective and the link with Xero is possibly the best we have (we probably have 5-6 providers that reconcile with xero).

Chaser has in all honestly really made a huge impact in getting payments in, on time, whilst keeping customers happy.

Their own customer care is also fantastic.


Michael Coates  

Chaser have entirely changed the way we manage accounts receivables. We work and communicate as a team in the system everyday as new information comes in. Most importantly I have found that customers respond to message much more than when receiving traditionally automated reminders. The ability to customize e-mails for different reminders makes all the difference.

David Madie  

I've been using Chaser for over a year now. It's super simple and straightforward. It's put me at ease, I used to login to my bank and regularly check to see if I had been paid. Then there was the annoyance of having to chase. It's a bit uncomfortable, as they are a client and I don't want to nag them. Life after Chaser is a massive improvement, and I'm no longer compelled to constantly check my accounts, I know that if someone is late, Chaser is on it. Thanks, Chaser!

nopadon wongpakdee  

By Far the best thing we have ever used in terms of credit control
it pretty much automates our Credit control,
requires almost no input and the guys are always on hand to help if you just give them a call
they will go out of there way to get stuff done for you!

highly Recommended

Lee Barry  

Easy to use and a huge timesaver!

Andrew Gierer  

Chaser completely removes the pain out of debt chasing. It is really easy to set up and manage, and the seamless integration with Xero makes it a very effective system.

Most importantly however, it has helped achieve results. The time chasing debts has been hugely reduced, and old debts are being settled.

I particularly like the wording of the templated messaging, and debtors have responded well to this. The 'thank you for paying' message once the debt has been settled is a really nice touch.

Well done Chaser, a great product!

Emma Hall  

Easy to use, gives your customer a gentle nudge, saves you time...what's not to like AND a brilliant team supporting the product.

Jonathan Gaunt  

As the user who sent the first ever CHASER I have been using the system for 3 years now. Its really easy to use and keeps track of conversations about payments. The email comes out reminding you before the reminders go out so you can amend if needed. Its definitely improved our aged debt. A no brainer really

Gail Bainbridge  

I have been really impressed by the positive impact that Chaser has had on our collections. The main features that we like are: the HQ so that we can see the history against each invoice; the ability to automatically escalate; and that the emails sent contain pdf copies of the invoices issued.

Jonathan Fryer  

This is a really useful software saving a lot of time in chasing clients for late payments. It is very easy to use, hence setting up the email templates (including place holders) is very easy and efficient.
Although it automatically feeds from Xero all overdue invoice, you can still have as much control over it as you want. For example, we have several invoices which although are very much overdue, we don't want to chase because we have already discussed the issue with our client. In this case, Chaser has a very good functionality for stopping the chase.
Overall, we are really happy with it and it has definitely reduced the time in chasing the unpaid invoices and collecting cash.

Beatrice Durgheu  

Chaser has improved our debtor ledger balance so only 2 customers now have late payments out of a monthly invoice issue to 150 customers. My team are no longer tied up chasing late payments - a job everyone hates. I adore the feature where I`m sent an email with the list of customers that are about to be chased so that I can cancel the email and not piss off a particular customer, if needed. The support at Chaser is excellent although I think we`ve only had to use it a couple of times as it mostly operates itself without issue.

Jessica Pillow  

We had advised clients to invest in Chaser and they saw the benefits. 12 months ago we moved over to Chaser ourselves and our debtor days are now at the lowest they have ever been. It gives the clients who would normally pay a polite nudge, but also those who don't normally pay several reminders. Excellent extension to our credit control department with improved efficiencies.


Chaser takes the pain out of spending hours on the phone seeking payment from clients. It saves a lot of time & is easy to use & understand. It has also been the catalyst for in-house change at some of our supported clients. They soon learn when their billing processes aren't working as expected and then can make changes to fix them to improve client experience & cashflow

Tony Underwood  

Chaser is a fantastic add-on. It didn't take long before we realised it's benefit to our business; immediately tightening our revenue collection process and delivering to our top-line. This should be part of Xero core, highly recommended.

George Hagivassilis  

Chaser is a dream software! Our firm has been using the software with a number of client's and I have just set up my first client on it and could not believe how easy and intuitive the software is.
The support team were great and always there when needed (not that we really needed to call upon them).
The integration with Xero is seamless, the chasing templates are fantastically setup & worded, I love how you can turn off chasers per customer and/or invoice... I could go on forever!
Chaser has brought many efficiencies to our debt collection service and I don't know what i'd do without it

Kathleen Piachaud  

Following a successful and painless migration to Xero, with the superb project management assistance of our Accountants, A4G of West Kingsdown, we immediately, on their strong recommendation, implemented Chaser as our first Xero integration app with its prime function to assist our credit control operation.
From the day we signed up for the free trial period Chaser were in touch to meet with us, assisting greatly with set and up and launch of the service. Contact with them has remained proactive and positive on their part throughout.
The smart automation within the app and extensive easy customisation options (email templates, schedules, escalations etc) make it an incredibly intuitive tool from our non-techy user perspective. We can refine our messaging within the templates as we learn from Chaser’s reporting which narratives are most effective.
We have found the client response levels to our now scheduled, consistent and structured approach via Chaser have risen considerably. Rarely does a chasing thread remain unanswered after the escalated second email and many receive an update in return after just the first. All this for far less manual intervention from us which is a crucial element in our Chaser investment given the time constraints our Finance Team are under.
Our internal discussions, which led ultimately to deciding upon Chaser, acknowledged that although our approach to cash collection was in no way negligent, it was in need of improvement - but without budget in place for an increase to head count. Given the reality of these circumstances even our first provisional research into Chaser showed it to be a likely solution to this dilemma and it has proven to be so.
Aside from the core credit control function Chaser also provides very useful help with maintaining accuracy of the Xero’s core information. Specific examples include client responses to Chaser flagging where they claim payments to have been made and where we may be “out of step” with their records. These can be investigated faster than previously. Also, client records with missing email addresses or contact names are immediately alerted in Chaser as it attempts to sync with the Xero data. These can be completed immediately.
In short Chaser is now an integral part of our business and we can already barely remember life without it.

Gary Fordham  

Chaser has made a significant change to our debt recovery process. It has helped us keep on top of our outstanding payments and focused our minds on what we have unpaid. With its automation it has eased the time we spend but has produced fantastic results in clients responding (and paying!) what is owed. The management information Chaser has developed has been extremely useful in assessing our priorities in chasing our debtors. The Chaser team are innovative in their ideas and forward thinking in their initiatives to help improve an area of the business that can be both time consuming and demoralising in its outcome. Chaser has given our business energy in recovery and enthusiasm in its results. A fantastic product!

Steve Morris  

At great piece of software to help with debt chasing / credit control. Highly recommended to our clients.
Having used the product i know how easy it makes credit control. Can really help ensure cash is collected.

Carl White  

A brilliant service that is easy to use and has immediate impact on your cashflow. It is simple to set up and very little effort to maintain and operate.

Plus they offer great customer support

Ross Williamson  

Chaser is a fantastic system which we have both used ourselves and recommended to our clients for years. It's easy to set up and provides a real benefit.

David Oliver  

Chaser - what a great addition to the team! Chases very politely and gets the results - payment! New update with ChaseFeed presents the immediate actions that require human intervention. Looking forward to the next updates.

Richard Sambrook Smith  

Great product, allows powerful automation yet simple and intuitive communication with customers. Can be customised and configured to suit our complex chasing requirements.

We use it for our own business, as well as clients.

Olly Evans  

As a Finance Director, credit control is such an important concern for me. But finding the time to do it properly has been a perennial challenge. Receivables and debtor days were building up. This constrained us from growing as quickly as we'd like as a business. That was until we introduced Chaser.

Chaser is a fantastic credit control solution that we simply would not be without. It integrates brilliantly with Xero and is really nice to use. I love the flexibility we have to chase some groups of customers and invoices differently to others. I personally was surprised at the how high the quality of the automation was. That was a key concern for me in starting to use Chaser. Whilst the ability to automate our chasing was obviously appealing, I was concerned about losing the human touch and the emails being clearly automated. With retrospect, I shouldn't have worried. Customers reply to our chasers just like they do to our normal emails! It's great.

The Chaser team are great and really eager for and responsive to feedback. I also love the reporting information I get within Chaser as a credit control CRM. As an FD, being able to see the complete history of all emails sent and the replies back and forth within Chaser is invaluable. I feel so much more informed as to how we're doing with our credit control.

Chaser really is a fantastic product that every finance team should have at the heart of their credit control process.

Vicky Westbrook  

Great product and the company is very responsive and open to feature requests

Tom Napier  

Really easy to use and the staff are super friendly and helpful.

Quyen Javier  

I love Chaser! Many years ago, I employed an Office Manager who would chase clients for payments. With Chaser I can do it for a fraction of the cost and can control exactly how often people get chased. It is just brilliant for giving people helpful reminders, it usually only takes one or two reminders to get payment. Just brilliant!

Clive Loseby  

I've been using this app for well over a year now and couldn't do without it. It is so easy to use and means I can concentrate on my work knowing my clients are getting reminders each week to pay their invoices. I also love how it sends a thank you after payment has been made. All I have to do is make sure I have reconciled on the morning the reminders go out. I can also review the list of clients that are being reminded that day, just in case I would like to add or remove any. It's a great app that I would highly recommend to anyone.

June Barnett  

This is a fantastic app which takes the hassle out of chasing debts. As a small business, we really rely on prompt payment from our clients, so this app is invaluable!

Emmeline Engels-Rollinson  

Chaser has been a massive asset to our credit control process. Most importantly they're very engaged with their customers and keen to make the product better at every opportunity. Couldn't recommend more.

Kier Kemp  

Chaser is a fantastic and easy solution for chasing debts and we have had a much better response from our customers with the personalized emails. It has saved us money and time with the easy and simple chase options.
Love it!

Sophia Phokou  

Very pleased with the level of automation we have been able to achieve with Chaser, from payment reminders, to "heads up your card is about to be charged", to "thanks for your payment" - excellent flexibility.

George | Futurebooks  

Chaser is a brilliant way to be on top of your receivable. In Firefly Learning we use it and it works perfectly for us. It is a 5 stars resource with no doubt.

Álvaro Arranz  

Chaser is a great add on, it has improved debt collection and saved us time and effort, easy to use and set up, we highly recommend it.

Monique Oxley  

Chasing debtors is so much easier and more effective now with the Chaser system. We recently had to pause them and it was quite noticeable during that time - the money wasn't coming in quite so readily. I would recommend Chaser to all medium to large firms. Keep up the great work.

Julie Overall  

Chaser has automated one of our most annoying processes- and the outcomes are great. We love it and our clients appreciate it- particularly the thank yous on paid invoices!

Amy Ashton  

A great add on. Very easy to use and good time savers. Worth the money.

Abby Salt  

We have been using Chaser for sometime now and have found it very easy to use and has been effective is chasing outstanding debts.

June Hughes  

Chaser is brilliant! easy to use. They are all really helpful if you have any questions and always like to hear what you have to say about using it so they can make it even better and easy for you to use. I have been doing credit control for 16 years and100% recommend this to any of my clients to get there collections in order and kept on top of. GO TEAM CHASER.

Claire Kimber  

Great software that works. Cash flow will improve with this app.

Kevin Bannister FCCA  

Chaser is a very nice and polite way to remind customers to pay and has decreased overdue debtors in our business by an average 50%. Many customers reply with a “thank you” on our “thank you” emails for payment and reminders to pay. It’s easy and not time consuming app once it is set up properly. The tech team are very helpful and quick in replies. Also, we receive a list of upcoming clients to chase and we can adjust it if we want or don’t want to chase just yet.

The only down side is that we would also like the original statement to be attached from Chaser using our specific headed paper (same as we do from Xero), however it seems that Xero don’t provide Chaser with the ability to download copies of our statements, so Chaser produces them with the plain appearance & we have to send the real statement manually form Xero.

Elena Leary  

Chaser is a great tool for businesses to chase debtors. Since we implemented Chaser we have reduced our outstanding accounts and days overdue for those slow at paying. The result is a better cashflow. I would recommend Chaser to any business needing help with debt collection.

Scott Murray  

Chaser has been the most valuable tool for our business in our revenue collection process. We have seen a remarkable decrease in late payments since we started using Chaser.We found Chaser incredibly easy to setup and customise, for the 2-3 hours we spent in setup versus the days each month we would spend manually chasing customers it is well worth the little effort getting chaser going.Thanks Chaser Team, you have made our cash flow reliable and saved us countless hours of people power.

Wanna Accounts  

Chaser is an incredibly simple and completely automated debt collection tool. The setup is easy, and once set up no further intervention is required. In our case, the effect on cash flow was almost instantaneous.

Mathias Kopp  

After months of calling my client's debtors, I wasn't getting enough money in for the effort made. I had told them about Chaser but they didn't want to "automate" but agreed to a trial. Within 2 weeks, old debts started to be paid, the best part that we started getting genuine responses to our emails with an expected date of payment. Debtors are lazy and respond to a 'personal' email rather than a cold statement. I've now introduced Chaser to another client with hundreds of old invoices dating back about 12 months and the money is coming in. Thanks to David and the team !

Darren Jackson  

Chaser has made debt collection not only easier, but more effective. We have been using it for the past several months and have had an only exceptional experience. Brilliant!

Jennifer Bui  

Really amazing way to connect with customers and collect on payment. Great stuff.

Clayton Kossl  

Does what it says on the tin!! Particularly great for chasing those little invoices that otherwise get overlooked. Personalised messages usually generate a positive response. Highly recommended!

Peter Bell  

We have been using Chaser for over a year and a half along with a couple of our clients and absolutely love it. Our cashflow is so much better now as we can leave the debtors to be chased by Chaser and know we will get paid on time.

Debbie Demooy  

Our clients find Chaser a great way to keep track of the slow paying customers, and saves staff time telephoning and emailing to chase invoices on a regular basis.

Hayley Kingsnorth  

At some point our debt was getting out of control and we were spending lot of time contacting customers. Chaser has changed our life, within a few month are debt was greatly reduced and the best thing is that it's automated so it has save us hours every month. We have done a great amount of customisation, it's very flexible. We do a lot of direct debit as well, we use Chaser to warn customer when we're about to do the debit.

Thomas BRESSE  

LOVE this add-on. So effective at Credit Control

Amy France  

Very convenient software for chasing debts. Has really taken the pain out of getting invoices paid on time.

Sheraz Arif  

chaser has been a super useful and effective tool in chasing in payments from customers. USed in combination with the invoice reminders from Xero It has allowed us and free'd up a lot of time staff would otherwise spend manually chasing in payments with likely less success.

As a growing small business its great to be able to use that time more effectively on other tasks whilst just monitoring the job chaser does for us without any input or amending from staff !

Lindsay Fraser  

We were recommended to try out Chaser by our accountants and couldn't be be happier! A gentle prompt from Chaser usually is enough to nudge people to pay, and clients have certainly appreciated the automated thank you emails following reconciling payments. Would highly recommend!

Warren Moore  

We have been using Chaser for almost a year now. Very easy to set up and use. Great product for set and forget accounts receivable.

Doug Booth  

We have been using chaser for nearly two years now and we could not do without it. It's a very simple process to get it all setup, even easier to manage and administer which is always really helpful when you have to wear many hats as a small business owner. Chaser’s seamless integration with Xero accounting software also makes it exceptional, thank you.

Sonny Cutting  

I am a one-man band and have been using Chaser for a couple of years. I compared it with other add-ons available and Chaser won hands-down for ease of use and the ability to customise the email content and scheduling. It is so beneficial to know that I don't have to chase up the late-payers manually, because I am prone to forget.

Mark Donovan  

Chaser is an excellent system in my view.
The flexibility couldn't be better - not only for clients, but even specific invoices can be tailored to the style/frequency of chasing - or not at all.
It's important to get the set up correct, both for your company and the clients. Thereafter, there is little input needed. We've had a number of positive payment-related responses from clients directly as a result of the Chaser email.
And if you've overlooked something - the advisory email Chaser sends out the day before chasing payment gives plenty of time to log in to the system and make any adjustment.

Elizabeth | Perudo  

We've been using Chaser for the past 3 months and have found it to be a great benefit to our business. We've received much more of a response from our customers in terms of payment time and communication to reminders, it really has taken the strain out of chasing!

Becky Williams  

Takes a little setting up but the Chaser team helped me out a great deal. Once it's running it's great. I wouldn't be without it now.

Simon Freeman  

We are a 40 person business with just myself running the Finance side. We identified a need for something to help with our credit control and we had Chaser recommended. It is a great tool that is simple to set up and runs in the background as you get on with your daily tasks.

I would recommend Chaser to anyone who needs an affordable credit control tool to help them reduce their debtor days. It does not eradicate the need to do credit control and pick up the phone to your customers, but it will assist you greatly during the working day.

I would not hesitate in recommending this bolt on if you already have Xero.

David Rowland  

Since we started using Chaser we have noticed a significant improvement in our debtor days, and its nice that we now never forget to thank our customers for their payments. Chaser is a really simple way of keeping everybody focussed on debt management without upsetting anyone.

Paul Fisher  

We were recommended Chaser by another company who used Xero. It took a little time to set up but is now saving us time and resources in chasing unpaid invoices. The only tip which caught us out initially was setting the days and time chaser actually chases under "Timings", the day/s must be in highlighted in grey for chaser to send chasing emails on that day.

Jeremy Wyatt  

9 March 2017

Dear Chaser

We are dropping you this line because we here at Absolute Caulker wanted to give you some great feedback, which we are not sure you receive often enough!

Since adding your program in May 2016 to our Xero file we have noticed such a big turn around in client outstanding payments & because your program is very user friendly we would like to say a big thank-you to you Chaser for working behind the scenes and really nailing what is required for chasing payments with a perfect attitude.


Norelle Keem  

Fantastic collection app! We have been using Chaser now for about a year and a half, and our debtor days have reduced dramatically. There is something about the personalised look of the emails that clients get that encourages prompt payment.

Allison Gardiner  

Hi, we trialled 2 other debt collection solutions before we got to Chaser. Chaser is rock solid and an integral part of our weekly escalation process in 2 companies I'm the virtual CFO for. Through this process we've "educated" our clients, and they now know that when we're on it and that when (ie Chaser) says something, that's what happens. Thanks Chaser, thoroughly recommended.

Remco Marcelis  

Chaser has been a massive help for us. Since signing up our debtor days have come down considerably and cash flow has improved. Would recommend it to everyone.

Marc Tobias  

Chaser has revolutionised how we and our clients chase debtors. Unlike the Xero templates, sorry guys, which looks completed automated and come from @xero.com, the emails from chaser look personalised and the fact you decide when the emails are sent makes a huge difference in the response rate. This has dramatically reduced our debtor days and reduced the time we use to spend chasing old debt, it’s a WIN WIN!

I would recommend this to anyone, even if everyone pays on time, that extra contact with your clients is important. And the fact that it looks personal and not manufactured from a template, which is it, makes it very genuine and sincere to the reader.

Paul Rawlings (nimbus)  

Darby & Associates Chartered Quantity Surveyors in Dublin, Ireland have been using Chaser in collaboration with Xero since April 2016. It is a fantastic system that takes away a lot of the day-to-day headache of chasing invoices for payment. The personalised messages come accross very genuine, and I often get more replies from the automatic "Thank you" messages than the original chase! I can 100% recommend Chaser as an add-on tool for Xero

Eoin Darby  

Excellent product and an essential part of the broader Xero app infrastructure. Does exactly what it's supposed to do in an unfussy way. Very easy to use and, once configured, just runs in the background. Higher recommended for anyone who has debtors to chase. I also like the ability to send a "before due" email to remind those clients on direct debit that a payment is due - consequently, very few payments "bounce".

Mark Drage  

chaser has been brilliant for chasing those bad debtors that do not want to pay on time, it was very easy to set up and now it runs itself, cant fault it yet great service and look forward to our growth with chaser

Bridge Flooring  

Chaser is easy to use and speeds up our receivable turnover! Their Xero integration and customer support are both excellent!

Adsmatic Finance  

Brilliant add-on, every small business should have it. Who likes calling people who owe you money - not me, I just set Chaser up and it runs on remote control. Super simple and easy to use and it does the work while I sleep.

Robert Simkus  

I have been using Chaser for over two months and am delighted with the manner in which it has assisted me in chasing clients; especially late paying clients that always required constant reminders to prompt them to pay.

amrish patel  

Chaser is great. It does a wonderful job of reminding clients about overdue invoices and thanking them for paying. It saves us (Dr Logic) a lot of time and makes our operation consistent.

Roman Marszalek  

For reliable accounting services in Sydney, trust Chan & Naylor, the experts in property, financial, management as well as SMSF accounting.

Chaser is a great add on for Xero and very simple to set up and even simpler to use after that. Can highly recommend.

Chan Naylor  

We have been using Chaser for a while now and have no complaints, it has taken the hassle out of personally chasing payments and helped reduce the amount of late payments, which in turn has freed up quite a bit of my time. Its relatively easy to set up and once up and running it basically takes care of itself.

Paula Cockram  

I've been using chaser now for a year and it really has freed up my time. It takes a little time to set it up as you need to start with but then it's simple. I rarely have to login or have any intervention and it does what I need it to. You can schedule a number of emails and word them all slightly different making them personal yet getting the point across. We invoice every two weeks and have payment terms of 48 hours so this software really is a godsend!

Gemma David  

Chaser makes debt collection easy and more personal, which is more effective in collecting outstanding debts.

Craig Anderson  

Using Chaser has definitely reduced remittance time by our clients. With a large client base, the automated reminders definitely make all the difference, and result a definite improvement for cash flow

Robyn Payne  

Chaser not only takes the manual effort out of credit control, but ensures the task is carried out regularly and thoroughly. It appears so personal to customers that they often respond with payment dates, meaning the Chaser schedule requires a little maintenance on a weekly basis to reflect updated expectations. The thank you emails sent after payments are reconciled is a nice touch and customers respond positively to those too! We have found using Chaser for the bulk of our routine reminders to be successful, leaving us time on concentrate on the odd tricky situation directly. The Chaser support team have provided prompt & clear guidance when asked - so a very cost-effective tool all round.

Anna Figiel  

Chaser has automated a job that I hate and therefore avoid doing; chasing debt. It's easy to understand and quick to set up. Once running, it only takes a few minutes a week to maintain, and really brings results. A great app that I'd thoroughly recommend.

Elliot Smith  

It's just so easy! I just switch it on and feel safe in the knowledge that my invoices will be chased in a sensible fashion.

Two great features that stand out:

1) The day before the chasers are due to go out you're sent an email detailing what chasers are scheduled to be sent the following day. This gives you an opportunity to pop open Xero to see if any of your invoices have been paid. This means that even though chaser is 'automatic' I know that I've got an element of control.

2) When an invoice is paid, a nice email goes out to the customer thanking them. This is such a nice touch (and something that I didn't normally do before chaser) that I find a lot of our customers respond to that email in a positive fashion.


Chris O'Sullivan  

Simple and painless to set up and integrate. We liked the templated emails but did tweak them a little to suit our style and also the timing of them.

The first time we used Chaser the money just seemed to pour in.

It has been lovely ever since as it has automated one of those jobs that we never have enough time to do or keep putting off.

Della Hudson FCA  

I figured how to use Chaser, set it up and had it running in less than 60 minutes.

Does what they have said it would and very easy to use. Nice bit of tech. that we will definitely keep.

Michael Renton  

Chaser has impressed us from day one, seamless instant integration with Xero, it behaves just as you would expect and hasn't let us down once.

We can't recommend it enough!

Jon North  

Chaser has been fantastic for BlueGlass - huge timesaver + we collect cash quicker!

Re:signal Ltd  

Chaser is awesome. It has made a huge difference to our cash collection, it lowers staff stress levels, helps us build better relationships with our customers (everyone who pays gets a thank you!) and brings in the money 43% faster. If you are a small to medium enterprise with more than 20 invoices a month you should use this amazing service.

tom hilditch  

At MAS Accountants, the original accounting office for small business, we understand the importance of managing your cash flow, so much so, that we thought we would practice what we preach and implement an add on to xero for the management of our debtors.

After some market research and seeking advice from an extremely trusted source, we were steered down the path of Chaser.

The implementation was seemless and took no more than 15 minutes including the personalisation of all Chaser emails etc., and a few days ago we had our first chase.

The response from our clients has been phenomenal and it was better than I expected, so a big thumbs up to the team at Chaser.

Our business, like many of our small business clients is growing, and we will produce close to 2500 invoices this year, so the need for personalised debtors control was a must, and let me tell you Chaser delivered in no uncertain terms.

I can highly recommend Chaser not only to all our small business clients, but to all small businesses who have a need for managing their cash flow and debtors.

John Corias
Senior Partner
MAS Accountants

John Corias  

Collecting money is NOT my favourite thing. But Chaser has made it so much easier.

From the friendly reminders to the increased positive communications with clients. We are using 3 different schedules now which makes it VERY easy to customise for our different types of debtors.

Accounts at TradiePad  

After months of telling accountants to use Chaser for their clients and themselves (based on the rave reviews of our other accountant clients), we finally pitched in ourselves and turned Chaser on for our own business. The results were staggering. We had £3k come in within an hour, and over £6k within two days. The payments were made, marked as paid in Xero, and we even had a few emails from clients thanking us for the reminder.

The personalised nature of the emails, and the customisation of the friendly reminders, means that your clients aren't put off by pushy automation. They're merely given an opportunity to pay something they intended to sort out, but perhaps forgot about or missed somehow.

We've fully integrated Chaser with Xero, Gocardless, Stripe, and Directli - so it's a beautiful system that most of all makes paying extremely easy for our clients.

Karen Reyburn  

Chaser is very effective and huge time saver. An excellent product.

Accounts Eric Jones  

We were lucky our accountant introduced us to Chaser as it has had an enormous positive impact to the cash flow of the business.

Being able to automate debtor collection with a human touch is essential for any business. Highly recommend.

Steve Penfold  

Chaser has now been implemented for a number of our clients and the impact on their debtor days has been amazing.

Kevin Sewell  

Chaser is a wonderful software which automates credit control. The whole concept of polite persistence pays really works. David and the team are very open to suggestions and are so helpful in getting Chaser set up. A must have add-on if you are offering credit control services.

Sarah Jones  

We were privileged enough to meet David in the early stages of Chaser being designed and built, therefore were one of the early users. Chaser has come a long way since! Chaser is a fantastic product that allows businesses to create a fully automated credit control department, where all communications with customers can be calibrated to their requirements. Working with Chaser this well, we include this app within our finance toolkit, meaning clients are highly recommended this app. A definite must for businesses struggling with outstanding debts from customers.

Hayley Bradshaw  

Chaser has been great. The notifications are a great way to confirm that no reminders go out to the 'sensitive' clients in error. The flexibility of the letters have worked well with our business terms. All round, our debtors are looking much healthier.

Christina Gazecki  

Chaser has been fantastic. It has saved me so much time. Customer communication has much improved which helps plan cash flow etc. I would definitely recommend this time saving add on.

Jill Barnicoat  

Chaser has helped take away the headache of constantly chasing invoices and I have noticed an improvement in my payments coming in on time. Would highly recommend

Sharon Leonard  

As the office administrator, Chaser has helped hugely in managing our credit control without me having to do a thing! It is a great tool for prompting clients to pay their invoices on time as well as issuing gentle reminders for those that might have overlooked them. I would definitely recommend Chaser.

Erica Spencer  

excellent product improving your cash flow

Deborah Smith  

Our firm has been using Chaser for about 6 months now and have found it to be a great tool to cut down on the admin time involved in chasing up overdue invoices.

Ben Fletcher  

Ken Bell Accounting have been using Chaser for a year now and have had considerable success in getting invoices paid.
It is important to follow up those who manage to get to the end of the schedule without paying but Chaser allows you to focus your own efforts on these folk whilst those who just need a nudge are covered by the Chaser schedule.

Ken Bell  

It has helped our business chase a lot of overdue invoices, a very useful tool.

Doug Newman  

We're a small brewery in London and cannot exaggerate the difference Chaser has made. We now get our invoices paid on time and don't have to worry about awkward calls and emails. It does it all for us. Most importantly, we can leave it to get our invoices paid and spend more time making beer!

Jack Hobday  

We use Chaser and I would highly recommend it. It helps us manage customer reminders for unpaid invoices in an efficient way. It has certainly made the whole process a lot easier and helped cash flow!

Andrew George  

Chaser has been a great addition to our xero platform and it has enhanced the way that we monitor and track our invoices. Once set up it's easy to use and requires minimal management whilst it is diligent in prompting us before anything is chased. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Chris Powell  

Chaser is a user friendly system, yet very effective. It's easy to set up and to configure. It's reliable and effective. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any of our clients.

Amanda Wilcox  

Chaser has proved to be an invaluable asset to our debt collection procedures and has improved cash flow

Alan Breeze  

Chaser has added great value and eased the accounts receivable process drastically for my team and I

Heidi Young  

Chaser is a user friendly system making it seem very simple, yet very effective. It gets great results for clients, who are happier with the knowledge that this automated system is improving cashflows.

Lucy Butters  

On the whole Chaser is a great platform that has helped improve the operational efficiencies for my clients which use it. Great add-on to cloud-based accountancy software

Brent Morrison  

We've been using Chaser for many months now. It is easy to set up and to configure. It's reliable and effective. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Sarah Verge  

Helps me get paid quicker and has improved client communication.


Gary King  

We have been using Chaser for several months now - it is sooo easy to setup and get start chasing down those slow payers - in the first month we estimate that it halved our outstanding invoices! It is just a great program that works! One less thing to remember to do each week! Keep up the good work...

Duncan Bascombe  

We have been using Chaser for a couple of months now, and it has really made a difference! It was simple to set up, create your own templates, and has dropped the admin time of chasing receivables each week from around 7 hours to 1 hours. They have a great support team and make it quick and easy to get all your questions answered.
I would definitely recommend.

Jess Kitchin  

I have been using Chaser for probably a year now and its been fantastic. Its taken the hassle out of chasing payment and now all I get are emails from late payers which start "So sorry for being late, all paid now!"

Accounts @ Yolk  

Such a brilliantly easy product to use and so so effective. In terms of integrations with Xero this one has to be right up there.

Matt Hay  

Chaser is a fantastic product, that saves so much valuable time and resource, when it comes to chasing late payments.
Very happy with the service!

Tracey Weaver-Hawes  

Chaser is great, it not only saves you time it also ensures that your bank balance is healthier. We like it so much that we will be offering it to our clients as well and starting a credit control service with Chaser at the heart. We are running a workshop to tell our clients all about this as I think all business owners should know it exists as they may need it at some point in their business growth.

Nikolai Naylor  

Chaser has saved us time, significantly improved cashflow and improved customer service at the same time. Very satisfied customer.

Daniel Pinter  

Very happy with CHASER as a product and with their support team. Five stars.

Valentina Chemodanova  

CHASER is awesome! - our Debtors are under tight control for the first time in 60 plus years. The CHASER to Xero integration is seamless and the functionality of CHASER is upgraded in real time. The Admin. Team time saving is amazing and our cash flow has been greatly improved.
We found CHASER in the Macpherson Report: "How to Run a Highly Automated Xero Firm " which is a must-read for Accounting Firms who are moving to the Cloud:

David Cartwright  

Effective& hassle free debt collecting.

Chaser is great, it saves us the time going through aged receivables & contacting each and every debtor individually.

We love to be cc-ed in "escalated" email to be aware of the long overdue invoice what requires a human touch such as a phone call.

We're pleased to refer Chaser to many more of our clients.

Reception Counting Sense  

We use and implement Chaser to many of our clients, easy to use and simple interface with an important function.

Definitely consider as part of your core systems.

Matt Flanagan  

I have been trialling with a client for the last 3 months. Typical UK SME being bullied around by larger £bn+ international companies on payments. They commented to me that "they now value chaser more than they do me.....well almost" having reduced debtor days from over 100 to under 60 in 3 months freeing up over £30k of cash which we strategically reinvested in an additional sales FTE to complete the virtuous circle. Cash and meaningful employment for someone. I love cash but I am more proud of the latter. Awesome.

Paul Layte  

I had a particular client in mind and have been using it with their accounts for 6mths now. It has completely turned around their outstanding debtors and keeps the cash flow rolling, making me look really good.
I'll be using this for all my clients.

Andrea Wenborn  

Chaser has taken the unpleasant and time-consuming task of chasing down invoices entirely out of our hands. Being able to automate the process while still retaining an authentic and genuine feel to the reminders has been invaluable, and saved our time and our customers's money. It's user-friendly, very effective, and run by some great guys!

Mark Wallis  

Has had a fantastic effect on our cashflow. Have recommended to others. Great app

Tom Sandford  

Fabulous company, they keep up to date with all our invoice chasing so i know it's taken care of even if i'm away on holiday! Highly recommend them and the support is amazing too. Every company should use them!

melissa zadussi  

Just started using Chaser as a precursor to rolling out to our clients - The results...

We banked £3,792 within an hour of the first chaser cycle

Many thanks, a great start!!

Will Farnell  

Absolutely amazing results! I was expecting big things but the results blew me away, thanks so much to the Chaser team for pushing us to hit the CHASE button.
This will be an amazing tool for every single client we work with. I love a GAME CHANGER.

Clinton Cowin  

We use Chaser for multiple companies for almost a year now. What works really well for us is that the automated emails do seem human, as opposed to computer generated, which improves response. Furthermore, the email logs for each invoice and customer acts almost like a small debtor-CRM of sorts, which helps us track what, if anything, the customer has promised. All in all, this is a very helpful tool to improve cashflow.

Shiv Narayan  

A great solution to help manage your cashflow. Once set up, Chaser integrates superby well with Xero achieving significant results in a short space of time. Highly recommended!

Richard Suswain  

The experience of Wow clients with CHASER has been very positive - with almost immediate results. The functionality CHASER offers is a complete personalised debt chasing solution - if you're serious about managing your cashflow, CHASER is a no-brainer really.

Paul Bulpitt  

Very helpful - thank you!

Simon Hay  

Review: Chaser, build strong relationships by chasing with Chaser and Xero

Chaser utilises the principle of polite persistence to achieve its objective as a Xero Addon solution for debtor management. In my experience as a company accountant for many years, I think I would have to agree with this philosophy. The key however is how it goes about achieving this objective. In this review I hope to answer that for you.

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

Absolutely brilliant add-on to our business. We have been using Chaser for around 2 months now and it has had a massive impact on our dead collection lead time. I would probably simply be repeating what everyone else says, as it is simple, but great. And it works.

Ben van Rooyen  

We have been using Chaser for two weeks now. Using Chaser has had an immediate impact on our debtor collections. Old invoices were chased up and clients paid. Our debtors balance is down and manageable and the bank balance is now strong. I was impressed with the polite but firm wording of the templates. Chaser also pointed out the missing contact details in our Contacts listing. We are so impressed, we have recommended Chaser to clients who are having continuing issues to debtor collections.

Robert Renting  

Very happy - has streamlined our chasing process.

Alex Scovell  

It's a great add-on, we use it for our business and have recommended to our clients. Our clients love Chaser.

Sarfraz Fayyaz  

Great add-on, all small businesses could potentially benefit from using this as it eliminates the need for calling clients who have outstanding debts. We have invested the time to set Chaser up and it runs like clockwork. Very simple and easy to use and it does the work so that you do not have to.

Andrew Thompson  

Our agency has been using Chaser for some time now and we are incredibly happy with the results. The once cumbersome and time-consuming task of chasing late payments has been made super easy thanks to Chaser. Their customer support is 5star too which is refreshing. Thanks David.

Jaclyn Amoroso  

We've been using Chaser for a few clients for the last few months and they love it! It's taken us very little time to show them how to set the system up and use it. Clients have loved the simplicity and most of all they've loved the results they are getting from using it!

We are now in the process of recommending and rolling Chaser out to all our clients who get paid on credit. fantastic system and great support - well done Chaser!

stuart ramsay  

We have used Chaser for about 3 months and the cash flow has never looked better! It's so flexible and customisable. Great! :)

Rob Tapp  

Used Chaser for nearly six months. Reduced our Debtors substantially. Simple and straightforward but powerful. The template letters are excellent and work without causing upset customers. Excellent speedy support

Syd Stewart  

There are a handful of add-ons that I personally recommend and Chaser is one of them. The effect it has had on my cash flow makes it worth the monthly subscription. I save time reviewing my debtor list and sending out statements each week. The software quickly becomes an essential part of your business management. Highly recommended.

Julien Smith  

Chaser is a superb piece of kit, it has transformed the credit control for my company and the best part is I don't have to do anything for my clients to pay me!

Caroline Hill  

Chaser is a brilliant tool to use in your business. We have been using it over the last couple of months and have noticed a significant improvement in unpaid invoices since implementing Chaser. We have been so impressed with the effectiveness of Chaser since using it internally that we are actively encouraging our clients to use it and also incorporating it as part of our package offering to various verticals. We love the human touch that the chasers have and often receive apologetic emails from our clients for overlooking the outstanding invoices. The integration with Xero is excellent and the added advantage of adding a copy of the invoice with the chaser email makes it easy for our clients. Congratulations to David and the team on creating an excellent product which helps businesses to improve cashflow in a highly effective and human manner.

Andrew Collins  

We've started using Chaser over the last few months and have been astonished at the response from clients. They respond, they are polite and they pay! They seem to react really well to the (seemingly) personal emails and not be able to just ignore us when they read how many days outstanding the debt is. Its the gentle nudge, embarrass you into it debt collection method and so far its working very well for us.

Katharine Thompson  

I took some time evaluating Chaser against other similar solutions available and was really impressed with how simple the software is to setup and start chasing debts.

Chaser makes debt collection a breeze by fully automating the debt collection process but what is most exciting is that it works, I have seen clients improve their cash flow dramatically! When I first started using Chaser myself for my business I was amazed how responsive my bad payers where, they were calling me!

I recommend Chaser to any business who has a debt collection need because this software is simple to use, packed full of features and will have a real effect on bringing in the cash sooner.

Bryan Garrard  

Chaser has been great for our internal collections. Not only has it saved me tons of time from not having to send out reminder emails, but our clients respond more timely and more often to the chaser email, than they used to (with the same message).

Accounting Manager  

We used Chaser for the last 6 months and ticks all the boxes for our company from being user friendly to the ease of integration with xero.Does all the work in the background..It saves us hours of time when it comes to chasing our payments.100% recommend it.

Mel Makdessi  

We've been using Chaser for a couple of months and have been really impressed with the ease of use and the results we've achieved. I'd recommend it.

Sean Rennick  

I met David when Chaser was in development and was fortunate to enough to have a very tiny role in it's development. Even before Chaser was born - David (and his team's) passion for the product and the customer was evident.

Chaser does exactly what it says on the tin - simply, beautifully and accurately. It does that because the team at Chaser have a deep knowledge of the market and the needs of the customer.

I am slowly rolling Chaser out to my own clients and can confidently say that Chaser has reduced the time I spend on my own credit control by at least 80%. Other than post receipts - I do very little credit control myself - Chaser does it all for me.

A fabulous job guys, I look forward to seeing Chaser grow and develop in the future.

Lisa Dickson  

A really useful add on that takes the pain out of credit control. It's very easy to use and customisable and saves us a lot of time.

Harriet Formby  

Chaser is great! It saves so much time by sending emails automatically. I like the reminder before the emails go out just to check that all are correct. Also really like the thank you email after the payment has been received. It really is a low maintenance and effective system.

Ruth Garrad  

An excellent piece of software that makes chasing unpaid invoices easy. And the support, little that is needed, is personal and responsive.Highly recommend.

Tom Hart  

Chaser has taken the hard work out of chasing Debtors. Its reduced the time we used to spend chasing Debtor by 50-60%. The way its done this is those debtors that have inadvertently missed paying, as soon as the email goes out, we get payment into the account immediately. In the past we had to "get around" to sending out the emails or make the phone calls, but now it just happens. Those Debtors that are a challenge, will always be a challenge no matter what system you use but by using chaser, we only have to concentrate on those challenging ones!!

Stuart Yarndley  

Chaser is a tool that chases debts automatically. The last word being the most important, manual ways of working takes up significant time is removed by using Chaser. This frees up time to add even more value to our customers.

If you have not used Chaser before and you have a lot of invoices to be paid then you may not be as efficient as you would like to be. Give it a try. I believe that recommendations are great but you will be even more delighted once you realise how much time you were spending on basic admin, removed by using Chaser.

The email templates to chase debts may be personalised. A lot of my clients feel that I am sending them a personalised email because of the friendly approach I am taking. After all the are a number of good reasons why debts have not been paid.

Simon Misiewicz
Optimise "Property" Accountants

Simon Misiewicz  

This system does exactly what it says it will do, with a polite, friendly approach and we can quickly and easily customise or cancel the reminders going out as needed. Our clients appreciate the friendly 'thanks for paying' email and many send a pleasantly surprised email back! The 'thanks for paying' email is particularly helpful for our clients who pay a monthly subscription - they get confirmation of payment received as well as a copy of the invoice as soon as we reconcile.

David and his team are friendly and approachable, and always take time to reply to any queries or support questions very quickly. We can certainly recommend Chaser to anyone looking for an easy Xero add-on for credit control and cashflow.

Carbon ACC07  

We trailed Chaser a while back and found it a very effective system particularly realising late payments – we have recently re-subscribed following numerous e-mails failing to provide a response from clients – literally within 10minutes of re- using chaser we received 2 emails from hard to contact clients apologising and advising payments were on the way. There is definitely something powerful about an automated system and we would certainly recommend Chaser to anyone wishing to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Doug Glass  

Our company started using this plug-in about 6 months ago and it has saved us countless man hours setting up repeat schedules to automate much of our credit control. David and his team have taken all of our feedback into account and have continued to deliver a great service. Highly recommended.

Andrew Lobel  

We were introduced to Chaser at a recent Xero Conference and liked the idea of a more stream lined system that chased debtors regularly on our behalf and with the bonus of being linked to real time Xero. We have found staff at Chaser to be most helpful in providing online Skype calls to familiarised ourselves with the system, helping us work round problems we faced at initial set up in relation to our specific debtors list and have offered a great customer service and response times to all our queries and questions raised. Chaser have offered solutions to our unique debtors situation and in helping us to get set up and started. We initially decided to trial with a few debtors at first on Chaser, then filtering more onto it each week. We have been pleasantly surprised by the quick response clients have made through Chaser since using the system and within the first three weeks we had collected half of our outstanding fees chased during this time. Definitely worth the initial time spent setting up to see the rewards of old invoices be paid so quickly

Sarah Morris  

Top system, so many add ons solving problems that do not exist half the time but THIS ONE is top draw, tried it with a couple of customers and will roll out to more ASAP. Thanks Chaser for addressing our credit control needs.

Andi Smith  

Software is moving so quickly and is aimed at making your our life easier. Chaser does just that: It saves you time and improves your cash flow. What else would you want? Using it in your business is no brainer in the 21st Century.

Paul Miller  

We have been using Chaser on our own practice and a our clients for a few months now and have nothing but good things to say about it! The software integrates perfectly with Xero and truly helps you take control of your debtors. The team at chaser are fantastic to work with and help you get the most out of the software.

Jordan Jewitt  

We have been using Chaser for the past few months and I have to say that we are so happy that we decided to use them. Our invoices are being paid so much quicker which is great news. Their customer services is brilliant and would definitely recommend Chaser a great Xero add on.

Tyra Legge  

I like how it humanizes the process of following up invoices. Also following up multiple invoices with the option to pay and saying thank you when they paid.


Brad Golchin  

Chaser offers an all-encompassing solution to remind customers about payments automatically. Not only does it organise one's personal chasing schedule more efficiently, it also provides felicitous email templates and suggests on how to express oneself friendly but appropriately. Chaser has really helped us to get that money in. I couldn't imagine working without it!

Vlada Tcharyeva  

Chaser is a great add on for Xero - very simple to set up and even simpler to use after that. Can highly recommend.

Daniel Richardson  

I've recommended Chaser to one of my client who was spending many hours per week trawling through her long client list and sending statements. Now with Chaser, most of the chasing is done for her and she has more time to spend on more rewarding tasks. The team was also really helpful throughout the set up process and very open to feedback for future development. I'm definitely going to recommend it again!

Melinda Cann  

I strongly recommend the use of Chaser, very easy to set up and has taken the headache out of collecting debt. It helped to sort out an aging debt balance in a really positive way and the website is so simple use!

Rob Garlick  

Been using this for 3 weeks and have reduced my outstanding invoices by 50%!! Very slick system, good support and does the job! I like that you can chase specific invoices, customers and have personalised emails. Customers love the thank you email also! Would highly recommend.

Adam King  

Im not a great one for advocating these types of products but I had to make an exception for Chaser.io. This product has quite literally saved me a huge amount of time and reduced my debtors by over 50% in just over a week. the response we get is much better than chasing debts ourselves and the ease with which we can do it is miniscule. I can highly recommend Chaser.io to anyone struggling with aged debtors.

Mark Haslam  

So we tried Chaser on our own invoices and halved the debtors in a week!!! - wow - that result is so easy to sell to clients - amazing what a bit of communication can do for cash flow - thank you so much for this brilliant system.

Harriet Ilott  

Since we started using Chaser less than a month ago it has halved our outstanding debtors. Amazing! Has had a massive impact on our cashflow, which is great for business. If you have issues with debtors, you need this NOW!

Mark Mildren  

A great add on, and saves me hours over the course of a month on chasing customers. Great customer support also. Fully Recommend.

Signature Brew [Accounts]  

We have been delighted with Chaser! Credit control has been a continuous problem for our B2B company, primarily due to the time and discipline that it takes to chase debts manually.

The Chaser system sends reminders that are polite and efficient, with copies of invoices (and statements where required), so even our most prickly corporate customers find the service friendly yet compelling. Every chase email and customer response is stored together to give a great summary for management review, and the software is simplicity itself to use.

The effect on our debt book has been profound, with an immediate and sustained improvement in debtor repayment. Customers have been contacting us to promise payment instead of being chased by us. Amazing!

If you just get one add on for Xero, make it this one.

Mark Jones  

Having spent far too much time in the past chasing unpaid invoices, we were keen to find something that would take away the time consuming process of chasing in debts. We meet David from Chaser at a recent Evolve event in Birmingham and signed up the following day. Since we set up our account we have had great success and now get paid more regularly and mostly within our payment terms. As with other people on here, there will always be clients who will still ignore you but Chaser has greatly improved our cash in and reduced our debtor days. We would highly recommend it as part of your day to day process of debt chasing

Paul Thompson  

We've been using this at work since the start of the year and what a difference it's made. Intuitive. Simple. Easy. It really does what is expected of it. We've seen customers who have been a bit 'awkward' become a lot more amenable to paying. It's not perfect - there are some that just don't pay - we have other options for those - but time and again, Chaser works.

Fiona Wexel  

I've added Chaser in to a client over the past week and have been extremely impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of this tool. Customers are genuinely paying faster and the ability to schedule tailored responses for each invoice going to save huge amounts of time and money for this client. They are already delighted we've introduced this alongside Xero. Recommended for anyone selling on credit.

Niall McGinnity  

I started using Chaser for my own firm and have had incredible results. Clients that I had to spend hours running around calling, emailing, etc. trying to get them to pay a bill now have become timely payers with extremely little involvement from me. Before finding Chaser I was contemplating needing to hire someone to deal with my receivables and collections and now it is no longer an issue. The "thank you" emails to clients after they paid is a great touch- it is so considerate and something I never did before! I highly recommend this app!!

Bette Hochberger  

I had tried a few invoice chasing software before as the outstanding invoice list was just getting larger and larger. None of the other platforms were a effective as this. Within 2 days, we were already getting overdue clients paying their bills and apologising for being late.

When I first looked at it, I thought it was a bit simple but trust me, this clearly works.

Definitely give it a go as it has hugely helped up.

Thanks and keep up the good work Chaser!!

Gareth Christian-Lim  

We started using Chaser a few months ago to assist with one client for whom we were trying to do credit control. Debtors would ask us to call back which isn't always easy.

With Chaser we get immediate response from debtors, add this to the automatic reminders sent as often as you wish and the nice thanks for paying email has made such as difference.

Following this positive experience we introduced other clients to Chaser and they in turn have reaped the benefits within weeks.

David is always on hand to help with queries and he is very open to any suggestions.

Philip Donnan  

Been using Chaser for 1 week now and what a difference it has made! It has ensured that clients are kindly reminded about having invoices outstanding. The system is highly customisable so we can adjust as we see fit.

Love the product and couldnt recommend it enough!

Robert Adelman  

Got to say that since implementing Chaser we haven't looked back. It was easy to set up, is flexible in terms of how it chases outstanding debtors and has achieved great results. The ability to send a cc to a designated person means that we can personally follow up any debtors who haven't responded to the initial automatic emails without having to sit down and pore through a debtors ledger.

Since we implemented Chaser we have seen a 14.8% drop in our total Debtor days outstanding and a staggering 30.3% improvement in our debtors over 90 days. This has been achieved over just a 2 month period.

We have now adopted Chaser as one of Zerobooks Core Service partners and will be our recommended addon partner for all Poole Group clients looking to improve their debtor collections.

Well done to David and the team on delivering a great product that provides flexibility, delivers efficiency and definitely improves a businesses cashflow.


Greg Tuckwell  

Just started using Chaser, I tend to put things off, thinking oh that will be really hard to implement (it wasn't!). I knew the product had legs when David explained it to me in Xerocon 2013.

David was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone and we had a client up and running in no time! We now have 3!

Very Easy to use and it takes the pain out of picking up the phone and asking "please pay me"

I have already had positive feedback from the clients I set it up for and I look forward to getting our clients invoices paid.......on time!


Chris Cheeney  

So easy to use, very flexible and works perfectly! Has effortlessly reduced my debtor days!

Alex Zaccaria  

Having spent a crazy amount of time with several (3?) flaky Salesforce developers creating my own late payment chase system for (my also crazy custom invoice solution I had built within Salesforce) I was very keen to have a late payment chase system in place for the joyous day that I switched off Salesforce's life support system and moved over to a XERO / Capsule CRM set up.

Chaser works very well and correspondence with Chaser support has always been brisk and cheerful.

Hence the 5 star review!

Jules Standen  

When looking at Credit Control add-ons we researched & tried many systems but decide on Chaser in the end. Its simple, clean & easy to use interface was the winner for us. We have been running Chaser for 8 weeks now and what a change! Our credit team now have very little do do(!) so can focus on the more important things and the results in reducing Aged Debtors has been beyond even our expectation. I can highly recommend Chaser to all XERO users. The guys at Chaser are also great to communicate with and are always there to answer any questions.

Francois Roux  

Really strong accounts management add on. We can always tell internally when the 'chasers' go out as we see payment notifications flood through to email, saving so much time and pressure internally. In addition, a great recommendation to our clients as a value add.

Dan - Ocius Digital

Waypoint Client Support  

There are a handful of add-ons that I personally recommend to all clients and Chaser is one of them. The effect it has had on my cash flow alone makes it worth the monthly subscription. Add onto it the time saved reviewing your debtor list and sending out statements each week and you'll quickly realise what an essential part of your business management this add on is. Highly recommended.

Paul Woodcock  

In my opinion, a beneficial and cost effective add-on. Even if you do not have major issues with your invoices being paid, the ability to have the system working in the background and just giving those customers a little nudge every now and then is great. Amend your templates, set your 'chase' schedules and sit back.

Simon Robinson  

Chaser is simply fab! It does exactly what is says on the tin - chases invoices automatically. Yet, very personally, so our customers think that I am sending tons of personal emails each week chasing and thanking them for payments, when in fact it is my small little secret: it is all done by chaser.io.:) I like the fact that we can send chasers based on companies, thus if we have 4 different invoices due at different times for the same client, chaser handles it beautifully and sends one reminder, rather than bombarding clients with due/overdue/etc. email per each invoice. This is the main advantage for us. Try it now and experience the benefits of chaser.io for your company.

Packaging Mode Accounts  

This is such a good add-on. I truly believe that Chaser emails are sent with a little bit of magic. Even though I regularly send statements from Xero, the Chaser emails have had a far greater response, clients apologising for not paying sooner! It has definitely improved credit control, and the thank you email when clients have paid is a lovely touch. Clients are thanking me for thanking them. The support is brilliant too, first class!

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

This really is a brilliant extension to Xero. Xero does little in the way to facilitate reminding clients they need to pay their bills, and it does take a tremendous amount of time to keep emailing them. Chaser does all that for you - great service!

Jeffrey de Visser  

We are very happy with Chaser the product and the people. If you're using Xero for invoicing, it's hard to imagine a situation where it wouldn't be useful and cost-effective.

Peter Marshall  

This product just works out of the box with very little set up and more to the point is extremely effective, the results that we have had so far means that we will be referring Chaser into all clients where it is appropriate. Keep up the great work.

Tony Miles  

Chaser is a wonderful time saver. It allows the polite and persistent chasing of your sales invoices.

For our own part we found it improved our debtor days. Sending out a polite reminder just before due date certainly makes more clients pay on time.

This is ideal for the busy person because, once your templates are set there is nothing to do unless you don't want to chase a particular client or invoice.

The fact that the chasing e-mails can contain the original invoice is helpful as it ensures that the client cannot say they haven't had the invoice.

Brian Mason  

Fantastic software !! I tried a few others but Chaser is easy to use and effective, It allows me to collect overdue payments efficiently whilst still (should I wish) maintain full control .

Johanna Guest  

Thank you, Chaser. Now that I don't have to follow up with overdue invoices, I've got more time on my hands to drink coffee with my clients and write reviews about awesome software that makes my job easier and my business more successful.

Marc Viljoen  

Absolutely Great Product !! We spent a little time on getting this set up, but the ease of use has made this a very simple and easy solution to adopt. The service from their team is absolutely splendid, and we will now start the process of recommending this add-on to clients. I love the prior to invoice email, requesting whether there are any problems with the invoices before they become due and really love the 'Thank you' emails sent to the customers after they have paid. A great add-on for any business!!

Angelique Wright  

Wow - what an amazing add-on! We have fallen in love with this company and it's product. After investing a small amount of time to set up the clients/invoices that need chasing, you have set up your credit control system for life. We have saved so much time and money on credit control already with the added bonus of having an fantastic response from our clients who have paid up! Do not hesitate to use this product - you have nothing to lose and loads to gain.

A4G Bookkeeping Subscriptions  

Awesome - love the fact that with multiple invoices outstanding Chaser sends just one invoice and attaches a statement too. Easy to set up and the cashflow coming in is fab. Chaser automatically sends "Thank you" emails when payments are received and we're getting email with "You're welcome" and apologies for late payment. Great add-on.

Amanda Fisher  

We've been using Chaser for the last couple of months and I can honestly say our bank balance has never been so good without any input other than Chaser's amazing regular reminder emails. It was easy to set up and clients reply as if the emails had been direct from myself, which is a great selling point to those clients who also need it. Impressed...a lot!
ps...the support is excellent too, such a lovely bunch of really helpful people :)

Jayne Smith  

Chaser is the best chasing software that I've encountered - it's incredibly simple to set up, with a great UX. Integration with Xero was seamless and the suggested email templates were so spot on that they hardly needed any tweaking.

Payments have since been on time and we've even managed to crack a couple of badly overdue accounts since starting to use Chaser which is great!

One of the best features is the automated thank you email, sent after payment is made - something I always strive to do but hardly ever have time for with the volume of clients that we have, meaning that Chaser has been a great tool for customer relations too.

Great product guys - I'll be referring you to anyone and everyone!


Emma Rodzik  

We love Chaser!

It has been a breath of fresh air using Chaser to manage our debtors. The app has saved hours of my time reviewing debtors and chasing them all individually. The app makes it super simple to schedule and edit reminders. The escalation feature is also really cool.

Looking forward to the next feature release :)

Well done guys!

Sam Ellis  

We've been using Chaser for a few weeks now, and today took out a subscription for the 50+ package.

David and team have been really helpful in the early niggles getting things right, and the service is really working for us! Payments have been quicker, and it's automated approximately 2 hours of my week, plus reduced payment concerns.

I really value this service and entirely worth it.

Computer Geeks Accounts  

We have recently subscribed to Chaser after the success of our trial run. The set up was very user friendly and David and the team were super helpful. We couldn't quite believe the positive response we received after our first chase went out and the thank you for paying emails are a such a nice touch. We would recommend Chaser to all!

Rebecca Hitchen  

We have been using Chaser for a few months now, and we are really happy with this easy and effective add-on that integrates seamlessly with Xero. Cash flow is really important to any business, so Chaser has really helped with our debtor management with very little effort needed from us. We have also had some great feedback from clients regarding the automatic ‘Thank you for paying’ emails. It’s a great, simple to use system.

Business Buddy  

I have used Chaser and another Xero addon for chasing payments and Chaser is much better. It makes prompting customers for payment an automatic process and we have found that they are responding and settling invoices straight away. We'll be rolling it out to as many of our clients in 2015 as possible.

Daniel Bell  

We have been using Chaser for a few months now and are very pleased with the ease of use and the customer service is fantastic. Very quick to respond to questions which is great when you are becoming familiar with a new service. It has taken the hassle out of chasing our debtors which frees up my time to get on with running the business not having to worry so much about the cash flow. Our customers have really enjoyed the "Thank You" feature which does help with customer relationships. Best of all it links to Xero so big tick for me. Well done Chaser. Any chance I get I refer you my clients.

Melanie Dowie  

I have been using Chaser for 5 months now, and am beyond impressed. Not only has it taken the hassle out of chasing invoices, it is able to remind/thank our customers too. This process has improved our relationship with clients, ensuring they are aware of the payment due date, days before it falls (something that was difficult to maintain previously). I have already recommended Chaser to other companies, and having experienced how helpful and friendly the staff are, I would not hesitate to recommend again.

Daisy Lloyd-Wilson  

I have been using Chaser for just over three months and find it particularly effective at gently 'reminding' regular customers that we need a payment. It was simple to set up and saves so much time that used to be spent phoning, or producing 'begging' letters, to chase relatively small amounts of cash. The 'Thank you for paying' feature has generated many positive responses too. Customers are delighted that I have taken the time to acknowledge their payments (and all without lifting a finger!)

Jill Loughton  

Chaser has proven to be a highly effective way for us to manage our active invoices and has helped us resolve many more accounts than would be possible without it. The time saving element of the software is crucial to our company. This is a fantastic add-on to Xero, with the automatic transfer of invoices proving to be particularly helpful!

Gail Ward  

We have been using Chaser since August '14. I highly recommend implementing it into any businesses' Xero setup. It has saved us many hours and is very easy to use. Within a couple of months we noticed a dramatic decrease in debtor days. It has more than paid for itself financially, in fact there is a definite return on investment.

The interface is very clear and intuitive. We have had positive feedback from our clients as they are impressed with how efficient how credit control systems are. With the direct bank feed into Xero, once the payment has been reconciled, Chaser can be set to send out an automatic 'Thank you for paying' email. This is a great feature.

Implementing Xero in my business was one of the best business decisions I have made and in turn, implementing Chaser for our credit control has proved to be an excellent decision.

Jonathan Fox  

We have been using Chaser a couple of months now and are very happy with the results. Very clear and no-nonsense chasing of invoices which definitely improves our debt collection. Cheers!!

Frank Sanders  

Been using chaser for a couple of months now and it is a massive time saver for us. Well worth the money and has seen our average time to pay for customer reduce.

The software is easy to use and setup. 10/10.

Matt Stephenson  

I have been using Chaser for a few months now and have found the software to be very user friendly and we have noticed an increase in the number of clients who have paid without any input needed from us. We've also had a few people pay us before the due date when a reminder has been automatically sent to them to remind them that the due date is approaching.

Mark Melville  

I have been using Chaser for the past couple of months and have found it really quick and easy to use. It has saved me countless hours with chasing invoices manually.

I recommend this software for anyone who finds chasing invoices a tedious task as this will make your life a whole lot easier.

Looking forward to the new design coming out with brand new features.

Bradlee Mhatre  


Everything Considered.

An Absolute Revolution.

For the first time since starting my company I have fingernails again.

I don't think these guys realise what a gift this is.

It is not just a product.

It's magic.

Liam Burgess  

G'day from New Zealand... Been a Xero user for some time now, well it is a NZ product lets not forget ;-) in fact if you have forgotten we are also the World Rugby Cup Champions.!

We had been looking for a such a program as Chaser for a little while now, does everything it says it does with no hassel, great product - Super back up if needed all in all a triple A+ product.

Tauranga Horological Ltd  

We're liking Chaser a lot. We've saved a few hours a week from when we were manually sending payment reminders straight out of Xero. The only bugbear initially was that we couldn't give clients the link to their online invoice (the pay now button!) as they would have got previously. That got fixed this week!

Scott Bradshaw  

This is one of my favourite add ons! I was initially impressed with the layout and how easy it is to navigate and understand the process - I was further impressed with the results.

Chaser is definitely worth more than 5 stars.....My cashflow (along with my clients) is about to get a whole lot better.

Steve Plumb  

Brilliant add-on, every small business should have it. Who likes calling people who owe you money - not me, I just set Chaser up and it runs on remote control. Super simple and easy to use and it does the work while I sleep.

paddy gahan  

Well I've only been using Chaser for a few days but it has already resulted in a very late invoice being paid. It took me 15 minutes to set up and was really easy. Very happy now my invoices are being chased with so little involvement from me.
I think this is a very good app and recommend it highly.

Jonny Daymond  

Just got back from holiday and wanted to share my experience with you

I've spent about five minutes each day reconciling bank on xero

The chasers went out and what a pleasant surprise I had whilst the family and I sat down for tapas next to the beach, money came in for about 15% of our debtors

I also had three debtors tell me they will pay me in the next few days

All with me doing nothing

The system does exactly what it says on the tin and is brilliant

Thank you for helping me to maintain healthy cashflow while I am on holiday

Stephen Paul  

Credit control takes up valuable time so when David approached us to trial Chaser I was very excited. The system Chaser have built uses the same time scale process I use so the idea of automating the debt collection was very appealing. I have been using it in house and have started rolling it out to my clients - very very positive feedback. I particularly like the automated 'Thanks for paying' email. Its a great system!!

Emma Fox  

Cash flow is key to business success – Chaser has allowed us to take a back seat on our debtor chasing, allowing us to focus more on growing our business. It’s user friendly, intuitive interface takes full control of chasing our debts, with minimal input from our accounts department!

Luke Farren  

At last, software to take the hassle out of chasing debts. Chaser’s seamless integration with our Xero accounting software is excellent and its ability to send out a variety of automatic chasing letters by email has already speeded up our debt collection. An email thank you, sent automatically when our clients pay is a nice touch as well. We will certainly be recommending this product to our clients.

Penny Rowden  

We have been using Chaser for our own debt collection for the last month and have found it a very easy but effective system to use. It has really taken the pain out of chasing in money from customers. You need to spend the time setting up the system but once it is up and going it requires very little input.

Carol Lewis