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Disbursements / On-charging / Billable expenses

Started by Thomas Bombotas in Feature Requests | Done!

Hi, my client has migrated across from quickbooks. In quickbooks when processing an expense he was able to assign it as a disbursement to a specific client. When he then went in to raise an invoice to the client he was able to see the related disbursement and choose to add that to the invoice. Is there any way to do this in Xero?
Official Xero Reply
Happy to let you know that the next update to Billable Expenses is here.

You can now assign Billable expenses to your customers from Spend Money transactions.

Few ways you can get to this:
- While reconciling a spent transaction: Find and Match > New Transaction > Spend Money, or under Create > Add Details.
- Under a bank account: Manage > Spend Money.
- If you’re in a region where you can create Checks/Cheques, you can also assign expenses from within the add Spend Money option there.

Relevant reporting for Billable Expenses is on it’s way - again, we’ll keep you updated here. For now, we aren’t working on the specific option to add and track a mark-up on Billable Expenses, but we’re keeping an eye on the demand.

So, thanks again for all the passionate feedback! We’re going to mark this request as Complete now, but if you have any suggestions to this functionality please add a new Feature Request and add your feedback.

Sonya Jones (Xero Staff)