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Online Invoices - Custom Domain For Invoices

Started by Jordan Chavis in Feature Requests | Idea

I would like to request the ability to add a custom domain / map my domain to the invoicing function.

For example, when I send an invoice through Xero, instead of the link reading http://in.xero.com/ I would be able to map to my own domain, ie http://ie.mydomain.com

This would be helpful for two reasons - 1) to the client / customer it looks as though they are visiting a subsection of our site - which increases their trust in the link (even if on a subconscious level) AND 2) for branding purposes, it increases our brand equity.

I'm sure almost every business can benefit from this (seemingly) small feature.
Merged: Private/White Label of Online Invoicing

Is it possible for Xero to allow the private/white labeling of the online invoicing experience as seen by my customers. This would include custom domain and mail server options and removal of the Xero logo from those pages. Take a look at BidSketch... they've implemented this perfectly.

Mark Bagley

Would love to see this as well

Stefan Pretty

Have you considered a custom payment gateway ?
Kind Regards
Henzard Kruger
Certified Advisor and API developer
Picahoo cc - 0711304241 - henzard@picahoo.co.za

Henzard Kruger

I completely agree here. I've been on another invoicing platform before moving to Xero. On that platform I could easily choose a subdomain where invoices could be viewed. For example:


This maintains branding and keeps things inhouse. All I needed to do was add a DNS entry to my domain and that was it!

Alex Moss

Good spotting, have merged now thanks!

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)

I would really like to see this.

Matt Lovett

This thread was merged with the other one, and the other one has been archived?
I would like to see this as well.

James Grummell

@James when merged, the other thread becomes 'archived' - we just want to keep all the feedback in one place! Make sure you add your vote if this is something you want to see.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

What is this 'if' thing? Of course 99% of people who know what white-labelling is will want this feature.
Voting is only useful if 99% of your user base is actively using the forums or have stumbled upon this thread.

That being said, now that I have FOUND this thread, please vote yes on white-labelling EVERY user interaction.

Carston Leishman

White labelling is definitely something I'd like to see. To be honest, it's a mandatory feature for something like online billing.

Customers should never know what systems I use, unless I choose to tell them.

Michael Seamons

I would love to move to Xero but when reading about this still being an issue makes me hesitate.
Ofcourse all invoices and interactions shall be branded with our name.
If xero was a free service I would accept it.

Oskar Hjert

How is this not already a feature? Very odd.

Mark Hughes

I agree White Labelling should have been one of the first features available. Most other packages have this feature available.
The only thing I could think of for the hold up in offering this feature is that it's free marketing for Xero. Every time a invoice or account is sent out it's potentially another business being presented with the Xero brand. Call me a cynic but...

Gavin Smith

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Crazy Tom

common add this please! then all the end user needs to do is add an SFP record. done!

Jarrod Vassallo

We use so many other services where we can do this and we know other online accounting services offer it. Would really like to see Xero put this in place.

Darren Hickman

Would love to see white-label for online invoicing / payments and emails.

Xero not having this feature is making me look elsewhere....

Daniel Gillen

Xero seems slow to add features like this. But it's really important. I agree with the above sentiment. Telling people which invoicing system we use leaves us open to an easier breach if there is every a security issue with Xero. Information disclosure. I'd argue it could be a GDPR issue too. Although this is why I don't send the invoices via Xero. That and the fact I can't brand them.

Eoin Oliver

The online invoice is going to give that away regardless of the domain.

I would give up on this request, it is never coming.

It doesn't make sense for Xero to bring this in, this will help grow their business and they already have a huge customer base so clearly its not turning that many customers away.

I really don't see it as that much of an issue, its not like using Xero looks bad a lot of large companies use the platform. It's not like you've got a message saying your using free accounting software .e.g. Wave or similar, therefore looking unprofessional.

Matt Lovett

I totally disagree. Xero could end up in the spam filter but my domain is less likely as I have already been interacting with the client. Plus I also want custom invoices. Custom invoices are a higher priority for me to be fair. But given so many others are able to integrate this service it should be something Xero can achieve. It's not like everyone will implement it because it requires a DNS update and not everyone will be technical enough or motivated to do this.

Eoin Oliver