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A Xero series on how to market & grow your small business.

Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) -   in Small Business

The Xero marketing team often get asked marketing-related questions when we’re out and about so we thought we’d capture some ideas and share them with everyone in a little web series.
What are your thoughts, ideas and questions on marketing and growing your small business?
Full details on our blog here - Can I ask you a few questions about marketing? - post your questions on the blog or here on the community and follow the series as we seek to unfold and answer all things marketing.
Sounds like a good idea. Good luck with it.

Judith Peiroten  

Hi Dan,

I've just put a new post up on blog.xero.com with some discussion questions. Take a look here and feel free to ask any questions :)

Courtney Lambert (Xero Staff)  

Hi Courtney, great article. Not sure about redirecting the discussion to this forum - I think that most people who read the blog article expect any resulting discussion to be part of the blog. It also restricts people who are not currently Xero customers from contributing to the discussion. So I'll post my comment on both this forum and the blog.

I thought it was a great overview article of the marketing mix, and your observation that most people fail to put enough thought into Product and Place is an interesting one. I'd be interested though to hear some of your Xero marketing mix thoughts around this. For example, the 'Place' part of the mix is significantly different for Xero than it is for the incumbent competition. Your channels through accountants and online partners is a completely different strategy to the incumbents. What is your thinking about 'Place' for Xero and what other channels do you think are important? And how does that affect the other elements of the marketing mix for Xero? In summary, would love to hear some of your thoughts about Xero and the marketing mix.

Kelvin Hartnall  

Hi Kelvin,

I've posted over on the blog but I'll post here too if anyone else is following along at home :)

You’re right that being an online product we don’t follow a ‘boxed software’ retail distribution model as some software companies do. We have two main markets: accountants and then direct to small business owners. To market to small business owners, we have an online strategy e.g. SEO. SEM. We have less of a reliance on traditional, paid advertising which is often a requirement to get retail support in a bricks and mortar store. Hope that answers your question and keep an eye out on the blog. Thanks.

Courtney Lambert (Xero Staff)  

The latest post in the series now up on our blog - Small business marketing: differentiation and positioning. Love you comments there or here!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Please can you let me know if there is one central area all the marketing blogs, podcasts and video links are available at? It doesn't seem to be at the 'Can I ask you a few questions about marketing?' page. Searching for the term ‘marketing’ in the Business Blog brings up 10 articles written since 2012, of which four have the title ‘Small Business Marketing’. Were there any more articles written and did the podcasts and videos go ahead or was the project abandoned? Thanks for your help.

Clive Perilly  

@Clive, it sounds like you're wanting to know a bit more about marketing at Xero. The best place to ask these kind of questions is in the Partner Marketing section here on the Community. As you’re a Xero Partner, you should be able to see this under the topics list on the right. Let me know if you need anything else.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I am a Xero partner and a certified advisor and I started my Bookkeeping Company in October 2013, I would like to have more work through Accountants but also to find more small businesses interested to take my services.
I am working from home but offer also a mobile Service and can come to your office too.
I am french, my englsih may not be 100% but I understand my work.
your marketing area is surely very interesting.

Sylvie Eymin