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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 87 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Satago, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Satago

On demand business finance combined with simple but powerful free tools to help Xero users get paid faster and understand customer credit risk. For more information, check out Satago.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Satago, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Satago support centre or this page for information on connecting Satago to Xero.

I purely was looking to engage with Satago for spot invoicing I don't really see what it offers outside of Xero for the other automation, reminders etc though I have to say I haven't used it for this purpose so cannot comment. Spot invoicing was in general painful I have finally given up and I'm looking to close my account, even that isn't a straightforward affair on the platform.

Mark Hurren  

I've just tried to link my Xero accounts with Satago. I have two small businesses and have connected the business name in Satago with the incorrect business in Xero (so business 1 has synced with Xero business 2).

Is there an easy way to remedy this?

Aside from that, this looks like a great system.


Matt Hudson  

Hi Yvan,
We are having some technical problems today due to a database upgrade. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly - apologies for the inconvenience - we know this is delaying Xero imports.

As for Satago - we are not in any trouble. We were recently acquired by Oxygen Finance: http://www.oxygen-finance.com/oxygen-finance-secures-landmark-acquisition-satago/

The original Satago company was put in to Administration - Satago is now Satago Solutions Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxygen: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09520338

Steven Renwick  

Just tried signing up to this. Sounds so awesome.

Unfortunately seems to be a bit flakey... and further research implies they may be in trouble? Companies house says they're in administration.

(Edit: Thanks for the update Steven... combination of the technical issues and the companies house status had me speculating. I shall try again later.)

Yvan Seth  

This program is fantastic! I love this product and would recommend to anyone looking for an efficient and straightforward debt recovery program. My favourite feature is the seven days prior reminder.

Brodee James  

Really impressed with this product. Satago and Xero work really well together.

Highly recommended and works seamlessly with Xero.

Vishnu Thanayan  

We haven't used Satago long but we are already seeing the difference in how it is helping us to run our business, making chasing invoices as effortless and painless as possible.

Sarah House  

Signed up to Satago to help keep on top of invoice chasing. Does the job well and by telling customers what they may have to pay in compensation and interest if they don't pay on time seems to help encourage payment which is ideal.

Would definitely recommend if you have any issues with getting payments in remotely on time.

Damon Oldacre  

I left Satago about 12 months ago because our small business couldn't afford to pay the subscription fee (we were just starting to take our business seriously and had to cut costs to grow). Now we've grown and I wanted Satago back - so I went to sign up. On doing so I've found out it's NOW FREE!? Wow, so super impressed with the Satago team. This piece of software is 110% revolutionary and our debtor collection was solid when we used it. I can't wait to get back to that point. Thank you Satago, you are literally the extra person on my team that I can't afford. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Brad Holder  

Satago has saved me so much time, it is absolutely a must for debt management, the link to Xero is seamless and after a few months there is a definite improvement in our invoices being paid on time. Thanks Satago - great product

Kim Deere  

I have been trialing Satago for about 4 weeks now and i must say for what i have seen so far it is a brilliant piece of kit. I have now been recomended to my clients as i think they will most likely use more of the features thank i do and i know they will love it too!!

Neisa Reid  

We are using Satago ourselves and we now recommend it to all our clients.
It is easy to use and certainly reduces the debtor days.

Derek Williamson  

The Satago app is amazing. It was very easy to setup but I didn't need to worry because they called me to help make sure I used the app correctly. By using this application our debtor days have reduced already and it has joined up the accounts and credit control function in our business. I would definitely recommend its use.

Flat Fee Recruiter Accounts  

This is really simple to use and helps us to keep a better eye on monies owed. I like the automated statements and thank yous for payments - impressed so far!

Accounts Department  

Great product, great customer support - even for the free version.

Matthew Pennington  

Great product, quite easy to get started and use. Saves so much time now I don't have to print chasing letters & statements, which in turns saves us money as a company. Great for the 4 Directors to keep track of the debt collections and any notes I have made on specific clients. Everything is automated once the basics are set up so no time wasting. I would recommend to any company using Xero to use Satago as an add on.

Lauren Morgan  

I really like Satago. It is quick to set up and really interesting to see where your customers are in the risk spectrum - there were a few surprises! I really like the finance option - neat and clean. Certainly helped with a few slow payers to up their game a little! It fulfills my 3 A (aggregation, automation & API) criteria beautifully! I would recommend the service.

Emma Campbell  

As business that initially provided outsourced credit control to our core accountancy clients, and now offer credit control as a standalone service to a wider number of business, Satago is a perfect fit within our offering. The integration with Xero is excellent, and the functionality of having conversations with debtors saved within the system is great, both for our own reference, and for allowing our clients to see the level of activity across their sales ledger. The reports are also more user friendly than the sales ledger function of Xero. Whilst none of our clients have yet used the invoice financing option, I don't think it will be long before someone does. Finally, Satago has been a great addition to my own business, allowing me to 'outsource' my own credit control to someone in my team!

Martin Bown  

Having never used a service like this before it was quite nerve wracking, but the constant communication and transparency put me at ease. I would definitely recommend the service to others.

Sindy Foster  

Easy set-up and links with Xero seamlessly. Keeps a track of outstanding invoices and calculates late payment fees - very useful for the odd client that delays payments. Saves having to chase them manually when the Xero reminders have run out.

Lynda Fussell  

Helps me get my money, simple.

Nathan Roberts  

Although I don't have major issues with chasing invoice payments, Satago is just as useful as if I did. For the smaller invoices that might get overlooked, Satago provides the perfect back up. You can customise pretty much every aspect of the emails that go out, the system helpfully sends you an email to let you know that some messages are due to go out, meaning you can control whether someone is chased or not, which is a brilliant feature. So many companies send chase letters automatically, whether you've had a conversation with them or not, Satago allows a more flexible approach. The instant finance function is certainly a rival to others we have seen, and although we don't need it at the moment, it's useful to know it's there.

It saves me a job each month sending statements as well, not a huge job with Xero, but one more thing I don't have to do.

I have spoken to a number of the members of staff both online and on the phone and all have been very helpful, efficient, approachable and knowledgeable. They completely understand the challenges of credit control and have developed a system any invoicing business would find useful. I have recommended it to many suppliers and companies I work with. The integration with Xero is spot on. And all this for free, so perfect for SMEs.

Lucy Moss  

Our small graphic design business struggles with chasing payments I was desperate for some help with this. Xero links cleanly with Satago, the accountant set it all up for me with templates and suggested timings. Seamless and easy. I'd recommend it to any small business.

Adele Langston  

Great free product to chase outstanding invoices, now taken to the next level with invoice financing which is an absolute breeze once setup.

Alexander Green  

This is a great add on to Xero, really easy to set up and excellent customer service. I had been looking for a system that sent automatic reminders and this does it all without me even having to think about it; no more chasing payments. You cant print a letter so email addresses for customers is a must but you can easily copy and paste. If you dont want a reminder sending, you can just untick from the daily list. Noticed a significant change in how quickly debtors pay almost immediately. Has made my life so much easier and best of all its free!!

Marianne L  

Great system, and major asset to my company. Saves me time and money chasing payments up for me.

Phil Jebb  

Top quality customer service.

Thanks to the live chat feature on the website, my query was answered and solved within two minutes of googling the word "satago".

Joel Barnett  

Really like Satago as you can set it up knowing the clients are being reminded & most importantly thanked for paying. The sending of monthly statement option is great

Robert Hill  

Satago works really well and works quietly in the background chasing payments in a very effective manner.

Paul Youngs  

At Valued we have been working with our clients to improve cash flow and Satago Invoice Finance has been a tool we have implemented at many clients with amazing success

The whole sign up, implementation and results driven process has been made so simple by the team at Satago and we would have no hesitation at all in recommending the product as part of the cash flow improvement system

Stephen Paul  

Helpful people and great integration. I like the fact it checks with you before the reminders get sent. It would be even better if it said on the email who it was due to be sent to as this would save you having to log in to check. As my bank feed refreshing lags behind by a few days in Xero, sometimes clients have already paid so I don't always want all my invoices chasing.

Lucy Whitaker  

Good software and integration with Xero, seem to be nice guys to deal with as well.

Abdul Miah  

Satago almost makes debt collection fun. The ability to see when someone has opened their invoices is invaluable when making approaches for payment. The support team are great, always quick to respond and very friendly.
I couldn't fault it when we used to pay for it, so now its free I can't see why anyone wouldn't use it.

Michael Woolsey  

I really liked this product. It has great functionality, its easy to navigate and have a very structured system of chasing invoices.

Rohan Brown  


David Horwich  

Chasing invoices use to be a nightmare; I would have to dedicate half a day twice a month to send reminders and statements. Satago runs in the background and I don't even have to think about it unless someone replies to one of the automated emails. Saves me time, head space and best of all means more cash in the bank! Thanks guys :)

Jessie Giladi  

Love Satago - it really is set and forget and handles our business requirements with ease.

Jodie English  

Satago has made a huge difference to my £1m business. We service lots of small accounts and it was easy to miss overdues. Satago presents me with a daily activity list of client contacts, all personalised , and I simply agree them or not. Individual clients can be approached in different ways ie by invoices by statement , not at all, thank you for paying etc. Credit Control is no longer a chore and our debtor list is shortening by the day. Satago is without doubt the best thing that has happened to my business since we converted to Xero.

Paul Woodhead  

I have used Satago very successfully and it has made a dramatic difference to our historically untidy debtor book.

Easy to use and none of our clients have been upset by chasing them either. For a free service it cannot be bettered!

David Glaser  

I'm very happy with Satago.
Simple, easy, saves me huge amounts of time and decreases the burden on cashflow.
I'm also impressed with the ease to set up and the customer service levels.
It's already saved us a potential bad debt when we were told of an order to wind up on the same day as receiving an order from the customer.

Vince Pol  

Easy set up and excellent integration with Xero.


Satago & Xero - an excellent integration. I have been using Satago for a short period of time and it has already produced excellent results in imporving cash flow. The new feature where you can flag really old debts to be chased repeatedly at your choice of interval is a great feature. Couple this with a very neat conversation feature linking to emails and you can track chasing money. An excellent benefit to any company....Excellent and easy recommendation

Roger Barber  

I LOVE Satago - It has made life a lot easier for me. Having inherited the finances for the business, credit controlling was extremely time consuming.
It has become an essential part of our little business.
It is easy to navigate, works seamlessly with Xero and provides the tools for us to improve.

There is always help at hand when needed from the team at Satago..... They are very accommodating

I would 110% recommend this to everyone!

Lisajay Baker  

This is an excellent tool with great functionality. I detest having to chase debtors and the structured and reliable way that Satago automates this saves time and energy as well as having reduced our average debtor days. I wholeheartedly recommend it and the fact that it is now free is an even greater commendation.

Patrick Vigors  

Satago is becoming an essential tool for our business very quickly. The integration is super smooth and once up and running no work whatsoever. After I had set up the automated emails - ca 20min work, it's saving me hours each month and our clients pay faster!

Michael Langguth  

Strongly recommended!!! Satago is easy to use and quick to set-up. This is very valuable to my credit control team with everything being automated and this has also helped us reduce our debtor days. Steven and the team are very friendly and supportive.

Priya Patel  

We've been using Satago since we migrated to Xero. Our motivation was that we needed a better system to automate our collections process while identifying "blocked" invoices—ones that were being ignored by our clients. As a result, the accuracy of our cash flow projections has significantly improved.

Daniel Young  

I have been using Satago for the past 3 months and it has greatly improved collections efforts. The use of bill reminders and thank you notes has helped immensely.

Jason Banks  

Bill reminders to forgetful customers - automagically! Satago works out of the box with Xero. I was surprised how easy setup was. Produces professional looking emails to people with unpaid/overdue bills - and they respond! And it's free (at least for Xero).

James Kent  

Even though this is now a free app, I'm reviewing it as if it were a paid for app.

I evaluated a few systems and found this to be right up there with the Debtor Daddy's and Invoice Sherpa's of this world. When you then factor in the summary reports fed from Experian such as suggested credit limits and risk scores it is the obvious choice.

If that wasn't enough, when I started to configure the system on a weekend I had almost immediate and helpful responses including on a Sunday. Now that might not be essential, but when else do most of us get to set new systems up these days.

When we moved to Xero we lost debtor control functionality and our debtors grew unnecessarily simply for want of a reminder. Satago has now put us back on track and also gives us outline visibility on risk with existing and new customers. It is easy to balance automation and exception be that at invoice or client level.

So don't be put off by the fact that it is free! I don't know how it is free but for as long as it delivers the current functionality, I don't really care if Satago is the sprat to catch some invoice finance business or for Experian to gain full subscribers or anything else.

Thanks Satago.

Mark Evans  

A great add on. It is very easy to set up and link to Xero and straightforward to customise. Sometimes all a customer needs is a gentle reminder and Satago does this for me, freeing up my time. And to top it all it's now free!

Matthew Cawkwell  

Amazing - will probably save us the cost of employing somebody to chase debts in. Will definitely be recommending it to clients also. Very easy to use, can tailor the emails, reminders sent to you before emails are sent is good.

Jamie Playford  

Review: Satago – To pay a creditor, satisfy a creditor.http://whichaddon.com/reviews/review-satago-to-pay-a-creditor-satisfy-a-creditor/

Steven Renwick the founder and CEO of Satago, comes from a family that was in the construction sector, which is often rife with late payments. My sense is that Steven drew from these family experiences and frustrations and the result was Satago, an innovative solution that really connects with the daily tasks of chasing money as the end user.

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

The implementation of Satago with my own account and that of my clients has largely been a "set and forget" process, which is great. It has certainly achieved some results in terms of improving the slow payers: The constant nagging is making them pay just to stop the email from rolling in!
Simple concept but well executed and is the perfect add on for improving cashflow without even needing to get one's hands dirty!

Chris Gascoyne  

We have reviewed and trialled most of the "debt collecting / credit control" Xero add ons in detail, both for our practice and for our clients and have found Satago to be the most comprehensive and easy to use. They also seem to be developing new features quickly which is a most encouraging sign. Highly recommended.

Marc Lawson  

Using Satago helped sort out customer records and solve allocation differences between our records and our customers. The automated replies and ability for clients to leave comments on the invoices has sped up communications and repayments. Lovely bit of kit and worth the monthly admin fee ;)

Daniel McGuren  

After having to reduce headcount and personally take on all book keeping and credit control duties, I was looking for automation tools to make my life easier (work smarter not harder!).
Satago does everything I need -
Flawless integration with Xero
Automated reminder emails
Very good overview of your ageing debts
Integrated with Experian - flags those potential future problems.

I can't find any fault with the system, maybe the email template signatures could be improved and I would personally have preferred Credit Safe ( just because I am used to it). These are such small points, really I am just being picky.

Satago has saved me countless hours chasing invoices and has genuinely improved collection rates!

Jonathan Moore  

Great product, very simple and takes away the hassle factor with client. Since using it my debtor days have reduced from over 35 to less than 25. Have to remember to re import the data though

Martin Norbury  

Sataga has helped to improve our cashflow and chase invoices automatically. Previously we struggled with time to do this, so Sataga has saved us countless hours.

Neil Dennis  

We've been using Satago for just a short time and it's already helped us chase thousands of pounds of overdue invoices. Really impressed with the ease of use but especially the customer support.

Russell Davies  

Satago speeded up our process of chasing payment for invoices. Through the automated letter posting and reminder emails. Also the Credit review of all our customers is a great help.
The combination of Xero and Satago is a great and very easy to setup.

Stuart Crane  

Really impressed with this product. Satago and Xero work really well together. It's easy to customise and set each client's settings. I'd tried other similar add-on's but non were as easy to set-up and use as this.

David Lee  

I love satago, this has made my life so much easier with everything automated. The guys at satago are a delight to work along side and new features are added often. I can't wait for more clients to hop on board.

Jaime Hamilton MICB  

Satago has revolutionised our process of chasing payment for invoices. Not only through the automated reminder e mails but also the detailed reports available relating to debtors.
The combination of Xero and Satago is a powerful one and I would certainly recommend each product on it's own but specifically the two combined.

I have given it a deserved 5 stars but that doesnt mean Satago can rest on its laurels!

Liam Dighton  

Now been using Satago for a couple of months and the improvement in cash flow is amazing. We always find it hard to find credit controllers and when our last one left we decided to automate. This has saved us time and money and works beautifully with Xero, wish I had started using it long ago.

Heather O'Reilly  

Easy to use and automates the invoice chasing process - what's not to like!

Liya Fateh  

Incredible. So useful, so effective, so easy to use.

Truly brilliant user experience. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Jack Collins  

This is a Satago review - been using it for a month or so. It is so fantastic. I have recommended it to friends and clients. Thank you guys for all your help.

Johanna Lueders  

We have been using this for just under a week and are hugely impressed on so many levels. Already we are seeing 'difficult' customers paying and have reduced our past-due by 62%! And those that haven't yet paid, have asked for more time or at the very least contacted us which in-and-of-itself is a huge improvement over past communications. It's true that those that have paid, none have paid the fees, but hey, at least the invoices are paid after all it doesn't say 'Bank' or 'Charity' after our company name! There are a few very minor adjustments that Satago are now aware of that need to be implemented, but even then their response to queries and suggestions is faultless. I would NOT and will NOT hesitate to recommend this company.

Bob Cudmore  

We have always found credit control taking up too much of our staffs time. When we decided to run with Satago it helped us to improve debt chasing and automate statements (which was the main reason for choosing it!) Since its implementation which was done by my bookkeeper we have now also started to use the credit checking and profiling of debts. The easy to use reports have been great and i would highly recommend this software to any busy that wants to save time and automate simple credit chasing tasks.

Andrew Sewell  

The integration was pretty smooth and quick. I love Satago's idea and find it very useful, however, there is still a lot of manual input needed. I would like to see notes & expected payment dates from Xero in Satago, as I shouldn't be sending automated reminders to customers who already confirmed they are sending us money.

Zuzana Bednarikova  

So excited to have Partnered with Satago this week. I've connected 121 with the team and look forward to working with them to collect debts for my clients. I love the connection with Experian and other features which Florian would be delighted to share.

Jenny Johns  

Satago is not just about giving credit control capabilities to small businesses that could otherwise not afford them. Satago's ultimate purpose is automation and that benefits any business. If an email system can automatically remind your customers when their invoices become overdue, you are not relying on people to be present or to have the time and tenacity to keep chasing, you'll have a system to automatically do that for you, on time, every time, without delay. Any human element that you then introduce just further compliments what Satago will do for your credit control.

Paul Barnes  

Satago is an awesome product loved by me and my clients (I run a credit control company)

Easy to use and navigate, easy to bring invoices and customers in and out of the chase process, fantastic reporting including risk rated and at a very, very reasonable price

I switched over from another organisation and have not looked back.

Great team based in the UK as well who are always available for quick answer

Love it, love it!

Geoff Davis  

"Cash is king" is probably the truest aspect for any business, this is a fantastic application to help you manage your debtors, get paid quicker and improve your working capital. It is easy to setup and use. You can have multi users also and one of our clients has said this is like having your own credit control department for a fraction of the cost, something every small business could do with. Added to that experian credit checking reports built into the software this adds a whole level on top.
Florian and the team have been fantastic in supporting us and I would highly recommend contacting them to see how they can help your business and your clients.

Aidan Malone  

As a new user to Xero i found it to be fantastic as it was easy to use and within a very short space of time my accounts were all up to date and balanced.

As a small business this was fantastic, but the only issue i had was chasing clients for payment and keeping up to date with this. I then linked this with Satago and within the first day of activating this i had instant results !! after using this for 1 week i have now got my outstanding accounts down by 50%. I have also spoken to my clients and they are very impressed with the way they have been reminded / prompted to pay invoices.

I have now customised this with my own logo and branding which helps to keep my brand in my customers eye when chasing accounts. It really is like having another person working in the background and as a small business i only wish i had started tis a year ago !!

The programme is really user friendly to use and the telephone support has ben really helpful which is great as its nice to be able to talk to someone, unlike some programmes out there, and i may add the telephone support was really me asking a few questions which when answered enabled me to brand my invoices .

I would highly recommend all business to use this and any new business switching or starting with Xero to add this as a standard... its just simply great !!



We used Debtor Daddy for about 6 months and really liked it but we've now switched to Satago and don't regret it. What motivated us was a mix of features that were better executed and extra features which didn't exist in Debtor Daddy:

Extra features:
- Multi-org: Debtor Daddy doesn't do this but we have 4 instances of Xero (one for each subsidiary), which required us to have 4 Debtor Daddy instances. That meant extra overhead managing all the different subscription and I much prefer the idea of having it all in one. This trend to allow multiple Xero instances is rising among Xero add-ons
- Multi-users: Debtor Daddy doesn't support that and it's handy given we have 6 people in our finance team
- Letter reminders: not critical for us but still handy
- Access to the Experian base: that one is definitely a bonus and our finance manager's going to love this.

Better features:
- email templates: the ones in Satago are fully customisable (therefore fully translatable) and have more placeholders we can insert
- The UI design is better and easier to use for non-technical finance users

Lucas Dussurget  

Unbelievably efficient piece of software that chases the debts whilst you are busy chasing the business. Great for startups and small companies like mine when cash flow is the killer.

Really easy to set up each customer individually so that you treat them in the way that you usually do. I now remind my customers to pay the day before payment is due rather than chase them when they are late. It works and it means that my bank balance is always positive. Can't recommend this highly enough.

Integrates really well with Xero

Jerome Pugh  

There are ways and means of "working smarter" in your business by the automation of laborious manual processes. Debt collection falls into the category of a "pain point" in the business - unless you are of a particular mentality (debt collectors, credit controllers!) debt chasing is one of those tasks that needs to be done regularly but is not always the most pleasant or rewarding task on the to-do list.

Enter Satago - this just eases the pain and automates the process. With the ability to tailor email messages based on the aged debt and the ability to send statements automatically (but with advance warning and full control), this is a huge time saver. As well as using in our own accounting practice, we have recommended it to clients. One signed up with us as a client because we took away his biggest bugbear - that of chasing money.

It is always refreshing to talk to people that listen and then act - and Steven and his team at Satago are hugely approachable, receptive and appreciative of any feedback or suggestions for enhancement - and they do it!

Highly recommended.

Kevin Salter  

We've been using Satago for over a month now and won't be stopping our subscription anytime soon.

Beautiful UI, strong and simple integration with Xero, and the service has made a dramatic impact on our success with getting clients to pay on time. The team are quick to respond if any issues arise and the level of customization is impressive.

Dan Symons  

I'm loving Satago so far. It's fairly easy to use and I've been surprised by how many people respond to the emails. We still have to chase up the more difficult payers but using Satago helps us to gently nudge everyone without effort as well as allowing us to easily identify the accounts which need more attention. Highly recommended and works seamlessly with Xero.

Susan Witterick  


We have tried several similar offerings, and this one is by far the best. Not only is the integration and interface really user friendly, but the support is outstanding too. We have now found a way to offer this to our clients as a bolt on service and intial feedback has been excellent.

This product will streamline the way you work, reduce your debtor days and massively increase your cashflow. So in my opinion absolutely essential for any small business if you want to grow and take things to the next level.

I would highly recommend you give this product a try.

Paul Pritchard  

Only just stared using it and wow .... customers i would have chased have paid. Not only paid but with the "invoice due in 7 days" email going out many paid early. Debt was always the last job in the office and now we have a full time person on the job - Satago

Great work 10/10

Marcus Carter  

World Changing! I can't recommend Satago enough!! It has revolutionised the way we do business within the two short weeks we have been using it - no exaggeration! AT LAST Reliable, Professional, customisable, personal and fair AUTOMATIC Debt collection! FANTASTIC! It has fully delivered!! I am shocked at how well our clients have taken to it and very thankful at how reliable and transparent the process has become for me as MD! Integration with Xero is very simple they make a GREAT TEAM! The functionality is spot on , incredibly simple to pickup and wonderfully over delivers (not over engineered big difference)! I feel lucky to have found it and can see that this is just the start - terrific value for money (Experian Integration is Fantastic!)! Two words - It delivers! I am fantastically happy with this software it is a game changer for us and recommend that you try it i don't think you will ever regret it! Very Important too GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT! I am very impressed and delighted to be using SATAGO!! Thank you Steven , Florian and Team!

Ed Christopher  

Easy to set up and navigate. Steven and the team are very accommodating and accessible so suggestions made are normally implemented quickly and queries resolved promptly. We have no issues with using the software and will be recommending it to our clients.

Jon Jenkins  

Satago solved a really big problem for us; chasing invoices was the bane of my life. We are really pleased with how it's working for us and it lets us concentrate on actually running the business. It integrates with Xero very well too which is why it was a no-brainer for us to use.


Varun Bhanot  

I have to say how impressed I am with Satago - the set up was easy and painless and the customer service second to none. Within a day of my free trail the money started had coming in. I would definitely recommend Satago to anyone who offers credit terms to customers.

Ann Spickett  

Satago works really well. It automates the process that many SMEs only get round to when cash is getting tight. It is easy to set up an use.

Brian Gibb  

Chasing late payers is a tiresome burden that can now be automated thanks to this great credit control add-on. We use Satago here at CloudBook Accountants and it saves us many hours each month.

We love the fact that once it’s set up with Xero, you don’t have to go back into Satago unless you wish to cancel a reminder before it’s sent to a customer - Satago email you the working day before a reminder is due to be sent. Even setting it up is just a case of clicking a few buttons, but you can also spend more time and tailor pretty much everything.

Paul Colman  

As an outsourced credit control supplier we are always checking out platforms that can help our efficiency and reduce our clients’ dso.
Satago is a perfect fit, their ethos and passion reflect our own. The system is easy to navigate, works seamlessly with Xero and provides the tools for us to improve our service.

The Satago people are easy to reach, approachable and extremely helpful. Steven and Florian fully understand the challenges in the credit control industry and have developed a system that will help any business struggling to get paid on time.
With the economy improving & businesses showing more confidence it is even more important to get cash in on time to enable growth. The Satago system is an invaluable tool in helping to achieve this.

Chris Gibbons  

I really liked this product. It has great functionality, was easy to navigate and gave a very structured and easy to follow plan to chase debts – something which I normally hate doing and currently don’t offer to clients as I never quite knew how to approach it. Armed with this piece of kit I feel much more confident systematically dealing with late payers, and knowing that the system will stay up to date and record all my efforts in an easy to access format. I know that some desktop products have their own credit management facilities. Some of these I have dabbled with previously, but none have been so easy to set up and apply as this.

Alex Smith