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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 20 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Expend, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Expend

The automated expenses & smart payment card solution that makes managing company spending a doddle. Instant, easy and accurate expense data. For more information, check out Expend.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Expend, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only. For general help check out the Expend help centre.

We have recently started using Expend and it has cut down lots of admin time for all involved. Highly recommend!

Annmarie Andrews  

I concur with the other 5 star reviews in that using Expend cuts down on admin time, increases security, eliminates receipt loss and is super easy to use. On top of all that, the support has been amazing - often I get a reply in minutes. They are always super friendly and no question is too simple or too nitpicky: I get the feeling that every one of them are proud of their product and welcome any way to make it better.

J Tidy  

We've been using Expend since early this year and have found it meets our needs well. It definitely cuts down hugely on admin time and makes it easy to manage cardholder spending limits.

Rachel Kerr  

We have been using Expend for about 6 months and i cannot speak highly enough of the product and the team at Expend. Their help desk is incredibly responsive both to queries and suggestions to future functionality. The Expend cards, apps and dashboard work perfectly. All of our team adapted to expend cards and the app very quickly and it has meant that we no longer have missing receipts and our actual expenses spend has fallen as a result of the control we have through the expend app. 7 stars in my opinion!

Gavin Preston  

We are using Expend for a few months now and we are extremely happy that we have found this system! Highly recommended!

Ellie Fauzer  

We have been using expend for over a year now. It is so simple to use and really has helped us get rid of the Fridays in office trying to sort out weekly receipts. Its integration to Xero is seamless, we would heartily recommend it as a way of keeping track of expenses and receipts for a small to medium sized workforce.

Vic Craske  

Expend is simply amazing, it makes managing our petty-cash so much easier. And also replaced our company credit cards. The interface is simple and easy to understand. The phone app makes submitting your receipts super easy. And I really have to comment on the level of customer service, its definitly one of the best. The response time is super fast so, if you're in a bind you can expect a friendly and helpful member of staff to answer straightaway.

Yuriy Maksimyuk  

We use Expend internally and have recommended to clients. The real-time notification is great for capturing details about your expenses as soon as they're incurred—rather than 6 weeks later once you've lost the receipt. The online approval and instant posting to Xero mean no wasted time, paper or money—I can't recommend it highly enough.

Terry Hopper  

I am a new user and Expend is a great solution for everyday needs! Where have you been all my life?

Alex Adderley  

Great concept, missing a few bits that would really make it a killer app. Fast customer service anytime there have been questions.

jody nesbitt  

I have tried a number of different card spend reconciliation apps and Expend is by far the best. The main advantage over competitors (e.g. Pleo) is it's Xero API integration. Whilst all other apps with APIs only really pass one-way information from the 3rd party app to Xero, Expend creates a live link between the two - transactions immediately appear in both and update in both.
It is also the best option for users - they can see their card spend immediately and see what information and receipts they haven't submitted.

Rowan Brandreth  

We have been using expend for only a short period of time and it has made a lot of admin tasks easier. The integrated system with Xero is extremely helpful.

Emily Sarsfield  

Having looked at other expense cards, we settled on expend. It had the features we were looking for, ie separation and control of card funde, and direct integration with xero. The interface is really easy to use. Its made managing our low level purchases and expenses rally easy, which is invaluable given our organisation is mainly run on a voluntary basis.

Daniel Eastham  

I've been using Expend for nearly a year now and have found it useful in more ways than I expected.
It's just for myself as an IT contractor, but now mostly living abroad means that when I do on-site visits back to the UK, I don't have to fill my luggage with receipts, which as I'm a bit careless often end up getting torn, wet or lost.

I just pick the Expend card whenever it should be a company expense and within seconds I get a ping on my phone which has the transaction details in. This would be very useful in the case of fraudulent use I would think, but also as a reminder when I've signed up for a subscription service.
Then it just takes a few seconds to take a photo and categorise the transaction either right away or I usually do on the train back that day.

The card is loaded directly from the company bank account, this makes it easy to keep track of overall costs for a trip.
It is also useful though that I've never had the card rejected when travelling and that there are no foreign currency fees - the instant notification in pounds saved me from activating a season train ticket instead of a return when I got the mental conversion 10x out!

The few times I've needed support they have been friendly and efficient. Would recommend.

Andy Hancock  

Expend is amazing - we used to have a ramshackle system of dogeared receipts being paid back whenever someone got round to it. Now we just top up the card and forget about it. Can't believe we didn't do it before! Super-helpful, super-friendly staff, talked us through the setting-up process. Brilliant, totally recommend!

Phoenix Garden  

As an expanding business we've been searching for some time for a card system that would allow us not only to have multiple users but also provide us with the ability to monitor and track expenditure all through one dashboard that links straight through to Xero. Expend offered a solution to our requirements. The system was easy to set up and navigation around the site is very user friendly. For me what sets Expend above any other Company of this kind is the superb support service provided by Colin and the team. The team are responsive to feedback and very much in tune with the market. I highly recommend this service.

Anna Zielicka-Hardy  

Expend.IO, Colin and the team have been great and quick to responding to any queries.

After searching the market for over 1 year to find a suitable system, this product has been a dream come true. We had a few teething issues but they were quickly dealt with by the team, I highly recommend this to any financial controller with large teams. Perfect for capturing receipts and tracking expenses. Also allocating money to staff members is straightforward.

Adam Maiy  

Expend is a great system. It makes handling employee expenses an automated dream. No more chasing invoices/receipts and having to lend cards to staff. The system is easy to use and intuitive. It also helps that the team are nice to work with.

Matt Jones  

We've been using Expend for a couple of months now and have recently added another 2 cards. I've really appreciated the quick turnaround on getting new cards and the ease of moving funds between cards as needed. The feed into Xero is working well and I'm seriously considering rolling Expend out further, perhaps even as a replacement for some of our less well used credit cards. Customer service and technical support has been really good and I'm glad I chose Expend.

Steven Hunt  

After thorough testing we now recommend Expend to all our clients. Those clients that have been using the Expend cards have seen noticeable time savings and increased cost allocation accuracy especially where the cards have replaced petty cash. We now spend less time chasing for receipts as the mobile app allows instant attachment and upload to Xero. The new dashboard allows easy allocation of funds to cards and new card requests. Lost cards can be easily cancelled and replaced. This is an excellent Xero add-on.

Chris Farrant  

We have a small business with 4 employees and have been using Expend for 6 months now. We are finding Expend makes managing expenses and spending so much easier than what we used to do with multiple credit cards feeding into Xero. Everything is tracked and accounted for in real time. No more missing receipts and cumbersome expense claims like we had before. It is super easy and has given real peace of mind that everything is accounted for and updated properly. This product is amazing. I don't know what I'd do without it!

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