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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 12 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and GoProposal, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About GoProposal

Price more profitably, give more value to your clients & grow your business. The only software that automates the entire signup & fee review process. For more information, check out GoProposal.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with GoProposal, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, email hello@goproposal.com.

GoProposal has really helped us price appropriately and provides our clients with more transparent pricing.

Liam Aspeling  

We've been using goproposal for about a year now and it has been fantastic. We signed up as were looking for software that could easily put together engagement letters for us but goproposal has, in fact, helped us so much more than that.

It is now far easier for us to price work consistently and fairly and it has helped us see that many of the things we were doing before for free are actually chargeable pieces of work. Our fees have gone up as a result meaning we are in a better position to give our clients the service they deserve.

Pamela Phillips  

Brilliant software, really helped me to get my pricing and sales process to look both speedy and professional from the get go. love how they are always looking to add improvements and take onboard community suggestions.

Ben Rendle  

GoProposal will make an immediate positive impact on your accountancy practice. We are used to advising clients on their ROI. My experience is that this is the best investment in technology used to run my business that I have made. It will not only enable you to develop a transparent and consistent method of pricing and producing service proposals, it will also challenge your preconceptions on how you interact with your clients at every level of the professional relationship. The ethos of the team behind this software is an example to anyone providing services - they are responsive, proactive and constantly looking for how to improve their product and the customer experience. I would recommend investing the time into getting the GoProposal framework right because once it is in place, it is quick and easy to flex to changes in your business or your clients' own needs.

Carolyn Burchell  

We've been using GoProposal for just a few months here at CloudAccountant.com, and it has made a significant difference to the client experience. We've always known we give clients good value but unless you make that clear, they won't know! Clients are now clear on what they're getting and are aware of the additional services we offer. We're now reviewing all clients and increasing prices where appropriate. Which is to all clients... I recommend James Ashford's YouTube videos if you want some guidance on how to manage the conversations with clients. The outcome is better for your firm, your staff, and most importantly your clients.

Duncan Lloyd  

We've tried all the different proposal tools and they seemed pretty good at the time. What we now get from GoProposal though is something much slicker. It's perfect for using in front of your clients which creates a great, transparent experience. It also creates the engagement letter automatically which saves a tonne of time

We're now getting clients signing up in the meeting, saving time and reducing the sales cycle. We also find clients wanting to buy more services because everything so clear.

Paul Barnes  

If you want to get professional proposals out to clients and prospects that can be prepared by anyone in your team (as they will love it) with the most flexible pricing methodology possible completed in no time at all then you must try GoProposal.

We've been using the tool since early 2017, have totally customised it for our practice and used it as a basis for a professional corporate brochure that is enabling us to sell more services to existing clients and also wowing prospects. It even allows you to describe the full business journey to a client/prospect, promotes the next services your clients should be looking to add and provides instructions to clients and team members on the next steps to be taken.

And along with all that it includes multiple letters of engagement and a client sign up process that takes one click.

One last point. It gets developed, FAST. If you think of a new feature that would improve the app then they'll add it. Simple. Also integrates very well with Xero for repeating invoices or one-off work. Thanks for giving me the ability to scale a big part of my role across my whole team :)

Paul Meades  

I first came across GoProposal before it had even launched as product, when it just a glimmer in the eye of James Ashford during a webinar with The Profitable Firm. To see it a year later and to see how much it's grown and how far the app itself has developed, still astonishes me. I'm not actually an accountant, but ever since the product launched I have advocated it to accountancy firms I work with a PF and accounting friends I know locally. As a client of a firm also, I can see the immediate it value and the confidence it brings a prospect during that initial meeting. I couldn't recommend GoProposal enough - Whether you're an accountant, or a creative agency, the results are phenomenal!

Tom Wardman  

We've been waiting for pricing software like this for years. Awesome tool and great support. Highly recommend. Shaun Walsh - Former PWC Chartered Accountant and Fractional CFO.

Shaun Walsh  

We only launched our accounting business in August, and knew that pricing and the production of terms of engagement could be a major pain point, both for us and our clients. I was lucky enough to find GoProposal via a friend of mine on twitter, and whilst I know that this will sound like a cliche, it's been a total game-changer for us. The app itself is a great piece of engineering and I still get excited when a client signs up (which they do via integrated e-sign), I get an email and then the invoicing is automatically generated in Xero. This works brilliantly alongside the GoCardless integration. The amount of time we save, plus the overall experience we're able to deliver for clients is brilliant.

James and his team are super-helpful, constantly developing the product. James' background as a designer means that he really listens to his users, and we're delighted to be early adopters of GoProposal. Couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Alasdair McGill  

I'm becoming familiar with all this cloud software but on first viewing this software, it felt like I was in "Cloud Cuckoo" ! Way out, exceptional. From running through the specific pricings with clients which you model yourself (from some excellent value pricing templates provided from a leading accountancy firm My Accountancy Place), to producing really lush looking proposals which have been designed to look like your Practice is the modern forward thinking firm to be with.

Within the software you can put detailed engagement letter text for each service element and so your full proposal and engagement letter with T&Cs is produced there on the spot with client truly WOWed. You have the ability to gain client approval there and then through electronic signature or email it to them directly for further consideration and follow up.

A truly great find (found through James Ashford's book "Selling to Serve" which is exceptional guide/introduction to the modern accountant's sales systems.) and I am excited to be currently setting it up to use with my imminent telemarketing campaign starting in October.

Douglas Quinton  

Fantastic flexible functionality, a very strong plan of developments & extremely responsive to user suggestions through a goldmine of a Facebook group. The founder James Ashford is a marketeer & has a very clear vision on how to help accountants and agencies improve revenues with clients and convert new prospects using the tool.

Martyn Hodgson