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You Are Doing Good

Started by Adrian Shiel -   in Tell us how we're doing

I like the feel of the system and the fact I can access it from anywhere.
I like the fact you now have this community forum.
I like the fact I get upgrades without begging for them from the supplier.
I like the enthusiasm shown at the Roadshow.
I like the fact I did my UK payroll while sitting on my couch with my tablet in hand at 23:00 last night and it posted straight to my bank and xero.

My only concern is how applicable Xero is to larger organisations. I think for a practice and bookkeepers it is one of the best approaches I have seen. But we have grown from 5 to 30 employees in 2 years and the processes need to move with this, I am a little worried that Xero won't scale much further or possibly won't scale quick enough for a rapidly evolving company like ours. Report builder, more detailed user access levels...

That might be intentional as the roadshow suggested your strategy is to compete at the smaller end of the market i.e. hit the many for a lower fee is better than try the few at a higher fee.
I am glad your business is growing and expanding, but I am sorry you feel that your business is too successful for Xero. Have you spoken to Xero about your needs because I know alot of happy account managers and business managers in Xero would like to learn more and expand with all businesses. There are many accounting firms all over the world that deal with clients as big as your business. How do you know if you never ask.

Kathy-maree Bartle  

We have become another converted member of the Xero family. We run a very small practice with a focus of assisting small businesses that have major problems and "we are doing good" . Although your charges are very very reasonable I find it hard to convince some of my "troubled" clients to spend the extra to in us online. Have you guys got some solutions as I would like to expand my Zero base

Phil Higgins  

I explained to all my clients the benefits of being a Xero client, I offered a 10% discount and showed them physically what they can do and see and then explained that it is a joint venture between them and myself. I also explained the security, the bank feeds and the ability to see it all then and there. As I was confident in what I was saying it then became easier for my clients to trust that I would never do the wrong thing by them. Good luck, hope all goes well for you.

Kathy-maree Bartle  

I love the system and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

would be good to get a development plan for when new features are due to be introduced

Trevor Spink  

@Adrian - it's great you're enjoying success! But you're right, we're a small business accounting system and while we want to be with you through your entire journey we won't be upset if you decide to transition off to a mid-market or enterprise system. If Xero really wasn't meeting your needs we don't want you to be left with a wholly unsatisfactory experience. Whether or not Xero is right for you as you grow might depend on different businesses and what you need from a 'bigger' system - if you're looking for a fully integrated product because you need more functionality or you're moving to a complicated workflow process, your reasons for re-evaluating Xero might be different. In your case, the finer-grained user permissions and report building are things that we do get asked about and we're figuring out how me might include these in a way that wouldn't be too complicated for small business as well. We're using Xero and growing too! This isn't really a yes or no answer I know!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

@Trevor - thank you! Development plans are tricky - we're constantly prioritizing and taking up opportunities for quick improvements when they present themselves and juggling things around if testing results in something that isn't up to scratch - all across lots of streams of work on at the same time. We list in the Release Notes for each release what we're working on for the next couple of releases which is as far out as we're willing to go so as not to disappoint if the order of things change!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)