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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

3.3 out of 5 stars
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If you are a user of Xero and Infusionsoft by Zapier, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Infusionsoft by Zapier

Connect Infusionsoft to Xero with Zapier. Perform lots of time saving actions like creating an invoice in Xero from an Infusionsoft invoice, check out Infusionsoft by Zapier.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Infusionsoft by Zapier, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Zapier or this page for information on connecting Infusionsoft by Zapier to Xero.

I want to integrate Xero with Infusionsoft (using Zapier) to update Infusionsoft customer fields / tags when a customer pays us so that we can send them a thank you email. How do we do this?

Ross Fitzcharles  

Been using Zapier for couple of years for Infusionsoft and Constant Contact. Flawless. Just started using Zapier, PayPal , Infusionsoft and Xero. Now getting added information into Xero. Works great....

Gary Tryzbiak  

Connex for Xero syncs customers, inventory, products, and orders between Xero and Infusionsoft. Sign up for a free trial at connexfx.com/home/trial

Joseph Anderson  

We also use Zapier to push invoices created in Infusionsoft into Xero.

We use the New Invoice (with line item support) trigger but this does not really recreate line items for the invoice. It creates one line item subtotal rather than the unit price and the quantity.

After talking directly with Zapier they confirmed that the issue is the Infusionsoft API ... it doesn't make the Quantity field available so we cannot recreate the line item. Zapier is doing the best it can with the visible fields from the API.

The other issue we have with this integration is that incomplete invoices can be pushed into Xero as Zapier automatically checks for a new invoice created in Infusionsoft every 20 minutes. If we are processing a manual order in Infusionsoft, where you first save the order, then add the line items, an incomplete invoice currently being created gets pushed through to Xero if Zapier dials in. Then we have to go back into Xero and tidy it up.

We avoid the tax issue mentioned in the previous post by making line item totals within Infusionsoft as tax inclusive and stating that on our Infusionsoft invoice. We then tell Zapier that the totals are tax inclusive so that Xero can strip the tax off properly.

Overall the integration saves time, but it is a very incomplete solution. Infusionsoft is very popular within the US and I would have thought that a Xero API integration would be a sensible strategic move.

We were already using Xero for 2 years before moving to Infusionsoft. Had it been the other way around I may have considered Quick Books as it appears it has a direct integration.

Geoff Peterson  

The integration between Infusionsoft and Xero by Zapier is really poor.

Zapier does not allow you to map Infusionsoft products to Xero line item.

Zapier pushes through tax as a line item which throws out your accounting software.

I've contacted zapier a few times, but they have not done anything to make it better.

I would look elsewhere.

I've found a fix! The team at workato.com helped me make the sync below. The only catch is you need to name your products the same inside infusionsoft and xero. It even filters out the GST line items.


It's not through zapier, it's trough workato.com

Steve Osborn  

I use Zapier to push invoices and/or charges to Xero from Infusionsoft as they are created. This is the main functionality I can see with the integration. It's based on using the Product ID to keep it pretty clean so when you create one-off invoices for payment inside Infusionsoft, there is little way to accurately map what you've charged for to an appropriate revenue account without manually updating in Xero.

I will also say that you can't push line item detail over to Xero from Infusionsoft using Zapier. You can tell it what one line of revenue should go to and if you want to create an offer that has a discount or promo in it, there is no way to push that over and account for it separately. We like using Xero to that level of detail so we can conduct financial analysis within our accounting software vs. relying on multiple system reports to bring the whole financial picture together.

In addition to the limited sales invoice zaps I use it to keep my Xero and Infusionsoft contacts for actual clients up to date. If they receive an "active client" tag inside Infusionsoft for services they push to Xero as we are predominantly pushing only service invoices over. We are testing product sales, but that could get crazy as our list builds over time.

There is little else I feel Zapier can do to help integrate Infusionsoft and Xero better. When all the parameters are set in motion and it works ------ it works and that is good.
I REALLY appreciate Zapier but using a third-party to integrate a CRM + sales tool like Infusionsoft (that has well over 30,000 customers using it) with Xero is just so odd to me. I still can't believe there isn't more demand and better direct integration out there without paying for an app or third-party service. The third-party solution can get a bit pricey as you add products and offerings as each one is a "zap", which ruins the competitive advantage of Xero and those of us in the virtual space where this is our target market.


Jessica Mae Stafford